• Motor: 187cc
  • Clearing width: 20”
  • Clearing depth: 12”
  • Throw capacity: 33 feet
  • Weight: 82 pounds.
  • Warranty: 2 years

You might think you already know this Honda blower. But it’s just that you read about its brother in my other review. The gap between the previous one an the HS720AM is the price and the chute adjustment. Here we have a more affordable model, but it is still expensive for a one-stage machine. Paying less, you give up the joystick and the chute adjustment. With this one, you have to use your hands to adjust it with a bar.

The rest is quite similar. Well, this is a great blower for moderate snowfalls, let’s say not much than one foot tall. It is much tougher than other one-stage blowers, and you will see it throwing snow at a larger distance, and giving larger bites. It is a gas blower, so it requires some upkeep, not as much as a 2-stroke motor. It has a 4-stroke engine, so fuel blending is not needed.


  • Starts quickly
  • Clear capacity: 1,800 pounds a minute
  • Throws snow 33 feet away
  • Great for light snowdrifts
  • Easy upkeep
  • Light
  • Comes with a good warranty


  • Unaffordable
  • Chute is manually adjusted

If you like Honda, and you can overlook adjusting the angle of the chute and can afford a bit more, the Honda HS720 fits your requirements.

Not much snow to clear and yet eager to own the top Honda blower you can get on your budget? The Honda HS720 one-stage thrower is your perfect deal. Like many one-stage blowers, the Honda HS720 has semi-self-propulsion, because the auger runs into the snow. It lodges a 190cc Honda 4-stroke engine capable of throwing the white dung 33 feet away. It has a 20” clearing width and a 204° adjustable chute that allows you to throw the snow where you want.

Honda is a worldwide prestigious brand of power tools so now I’m going to show you five of the best Honda snow blowers in the current market.

When we talk about power tools, we can’t help mentioning one particular brand that shines for its high quality and customer service, above all. We’re talking about Honda, which is not only responsible for some awesome sport and urban vehicles, but also for some advanced power tools that include a series of snow blowers.

Why is Honda so cool? It’s all about quality and solidity. Pay a visit to an engine repair station and you will find engines from several brands, but most of the time nothing from Honda. Ok, they may be a more expensive purchase, but with a little care you won’t have to repair it or replace it in your whole life. Isn’t it a great lifetime purchase?

How to fix any issue with the Honda HS720 Snow Blower?

The Honda HS720 is made of durable components and has a smart design thought out for the common user. But like any other quality machine, it may have some normal issues that seem more serious than they really are. Issues may come from a maintenance overlook, and some of them might be a not working electric start, problems with the auger or the discharge system. They can be a headache but they are mostly easily solvable by either using your wit or asking Honda official service for instructions. Before you hold your head in despair, check some common issues with the Honda HS720 and their possible solutions.

1. Electric starter not working

The electric starting is a best-selling feature on the Honda HS720, because it allows you to start the engine quickly and in any condition. When the starter doesn’t work, it is probably because of one or another usual reason. One is that the electric output just doesn’t have the energy required to power the starter. Another is that the power cord is damaged. To ascertain which is the problem, use various electric outputs. If the starter is still not working, you should buy an OEM Honda starter cable.

2. Electric starter is working but the motor doesn’t start

While the starter misfunction may be caused by an insufficient electric output or a defective cable, there are other issues that can prevent the engine to come to life. Sometimes, it is the engine who is unwilling to start, leaving some users confused and clueless of how to deal with this problem. Of course, the first thing to check is whether the engine has enough gasoline. If not, and you add gas, it should start at the second try.

If it has enough gasoline, we have other things to check to diagnose the problem. The fuel tank may retain old fuel that is refraining the engine from starting. Empty the tank and refuel it with fresh gas. That should be enough. If it’s still not working, make sure that the motor switch and gas valve are on and turn them on, in the case that they’re off. Also, check that the spark plug is properly capped.

3. The auger doesn’t work

Though the engine is running, the auger may be not working. When that happens, it might be because the system is jammed at some point. Look at the unit’s intake and chute, gears, and the auger lever. You will sooner or later find the object or clog of snow that is jamming the system, and once you’ve removed it, the auger should work properly. It can also be caused by a broken gear. You should call Honda technical service to replace the gears.

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