The average cost of a wood fence per linear foot is $2.68, and it typically lasts from 20 to 40 years in the United States.. The life expectancy for a wooden fence depends on how well you maintain your home, as well as where you live

The “how long will a cedar fence last” is an important question to ask. This is because the lifespan of a wood fence varies, and it can be difficult to find an answer.

Wood fences may be attractive, provide seclusion, and keep your property secure, but how long do they last? Although it may seem to be a straightforward issue, there are other aspects to consider, including the kind of wood used, the location in which your wood fence is located, and how well it is maintained.

We’ll look at some of the factors to consider when calculating the projected life of your wooden fence in this article.


Picking the Right Wood for Your Fence

The kind of wood you select for your fence has a significant impact on how long it will endure. If a fence is constructed of low quality wood and is not well maintained, it may only last five years, but if it is made of excellent quality wood and is properly maintained, it may last 100 years!

Although they are more costly than other varieties of wood, cedar and redwood are extremely sturdy and resistant to rot and decay. A wooden fence built of cedar or redwood should last at least 15 years, and maybe much longer if properly maintained.

When it comes to fence, pressure-treated pine is another popular option. Although it is less expensive than cedar or redwood, the fence only lasts approximately half as long since this kind of wood is more susceptible to rot. However, if the pine is repainted or stained on a regular basis, it may substantially increase its life. Fences often employ pressure-treated pine for posts (which can withstand soil exposure better) and more costly cedar for palings.

If you’re on a tight budget, spruce is another choice; a fence built of this wood should last around seven years. Because spruce is light-colored, it is simple to paint. If you don’t paint it, it will become a pleasing dark grey over time.

How to Keep a Wooden Fence From Rotting

Because your wooden fence is continually exposed to the weather, it is quite likely to decay. However, there are steps you may do to reduce your risk.

Wet rot and dry rot are the two varieties of rot that may harm your wood fences, and one is more likely to affect your fence than the other.

When the wood is constantly exposed to moisture, such as rain, snow, or even lawn sprinklers, wet rot develops. As a result, the wood begins to fracture and soften. It also promotes the growth of fungus, which results in a musty odor.

Dry rot happens when a fence is exposed to the sun or high winds in a harsh, dry climate. Even if you apply a protective oil, your wood might become brittle and split easily when the oil wears off.

Using concrete or gravel filler in your post holes to prevent moisture from creeping up to where the fence post hits the ground is one approach to avoid rot. You should also make sure that your sprinkler isn’t shooting water straight onto your fence whenever feasible.

Leaves, grass, and other waste should be kept away from your fence line since they tend to retain moisture, causing your wood to deteriorate quicker. Even while a vine on your fence may seem appealing, it may draw moisture and cause additional harm to your fence due to its weight.

If your fence is made of wood that requires staining, be sure to re-stain it on a regular basis to protect it from the sun, heat, humidity, and rain. Spraying a tiny bit of water on your fence post might help you determine whether it’s time to re-stain. All is OK if the water forms a bead on the outside, but if it soaks into the wood, it’s necessary to reapply the stainer.

How to Make Your Wooden Fence Last Longer

There are various more strategies to ensure that your wooden fence lasts longer, in addition to taking precautions to prevent rotting.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to hire a professional to install it the first time. They can advise you on the best materials to utilize based on your specific circumstances. Appropriate precautions are taken ahead of time to ensure that your fence has the best chance of lasting a long time! Using the cheapest materials during the installation phase does not always save you money over time.

It’s also important to keep your fence in good shape. For example, if rot in a fence post is discovered early enough, you may replace simply the fence post rather than a whole fence. If you stain and paint your fence from the start, you’ll probably need to repaint it every four years and re-stain it every two years.

As much as we like our dogs, they may cause fence damage. You may put a layer of chicken wire at the base of your fence if your dog is prone to clawing fence posts or digging holes. This has the additional benefit of keeping your pets secure as well.

Last Thoughts

Generally speaking, the more money you spend on your fence, the longer it will endure. If you only want to live in your home for a limited period of time, a 50-year fence may not be necessary. However, if you’re building a family home to pass down through the years, a high-quality fence is well worth the expense. If you correctly maintain your wood fence, you should be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

The “how long does pine fence last” is a question that many people ask. The answer to this question depends on the type of wood used, the quality of the workmanship, and how often you will be maintaining it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of a wooden fence?

How often should you replace a wooden fence?

A: I am not a certified professional at this, but some people say you should replace it every 3-5 years. Some other people might say that in certain climates and conditions, you could get away with one or two replacements per decade.

How long does a wood fence take to rot?

A: It depends on the type of wood, but generally a fence should last approximately five years.

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