This simple woodworking project is not only easy and inexpensive, but will add character to your backyard. It’s also a great way to combine both craftsmanship and gardening into one!

The “hollowed out tree trunk planter” is a fun and easy way to make your garden look amazing. It’s also an inexpensive project that can be done in just a few hours.

Give yourself a time to consider a different approach to recycle those tree stumps before taking them out of your yard. You may find a plethora of ideas for bringing tree stumps to life with a drill, a little imagination, and a thumb full of ingenuity. The choices are boundless, from basic birdbaths and planters to eye-catching outdoor furniture and mystical fairy garden embellishments.


A Tree Stump Is Hollowed Out

What do you do now that you’ve chosen not to toss your stump away? Many of the most popular repurposing options include hollowing down the stump.

Step 1: Soften the stump’s wood by waiting a day after a downpour for the timber to become softer and more malleable. The work is made simpler by absorbing water.

Step 2 – Drill holes across the stump area you wish to hollow out. Throughout the segment, space the holes a few inches apart.

Step 3: Using your hammer and chisel, hollow out the stump. Starting at the edge of one of the holes, chip away at the wood. Maintain a 45-degree angle with your chisel. Remove the wood and add it to a compost pile, recycling bin, or mulch pile.

Step 4: Fill in the hollowed region with a smooth surface. Remove the jagged portions of wood from the hollow by chiseling them away. With coarse-grain sandpaper, smooth the sides and bottom and bottom of the hollow.

Step 5 – Clean up any dust or debris from your work.

How to Make a Tree Stump Planter

Planters are an excellent technique to disguise unsightly stumps in your landscaping. The rotting wood from the stump will provide extra nutrients to the plants. The more you water the stump, the faster it will rot. There are a variety of planting and design possibilities for the stump container.

The most typical tree stump concept is a hollow tree stump planter. Directly into the stump, you plant. Using a sharp implement such as an ax or a hoe, hollow out the stump. A chainsaw might be used by those who are skillful enough. A stump that has been around for a long time could already be mushy in the middle, making the work simpler.

Unless you want a narrow planting hole, leave two to three inches around the outside. Drainage holes will extend the life of the stump and avoid root rot later on if the plants get excessively moist. Before planting, a layer of gravel may be placed within the stump hollow to aid with this.

Once you’re satisfied with your planting hole, fill it with compost or potting soil and start planting your stump. You may also arrange your plants in a container that has been carved out of the stump. In the spring, you may sow your seeds straight into the planter or plant seedlings or nursery plants. To add interest, plant a variety of flower bulbs and surround them with different plants.

How Do You Carve A Planter Out Of A Log?

Begin with a log that is completely dry in the center. Drill a baseboard slightly wider than the log to the log.

Carve out the centre using a chain saw, or drill holes and then carve off the edges with a chisel.

Make a second pass with the hole saw until the planter aperture is three inches deep after chiseling off the top layer of hole saw cuts.

Remove the hole saw cuts using a chisel and mallet or hammer when the hole saw has completed its task. The most work is spent smoothing out the edges, but it doesn’t have to be flawless. The most difficult task is to avoid chipping off the bark.

Apply a layer of activated charcoal to the base of the wood log planter in a uniform layer. Air filtering is aided by the charcoal. A drainage layer keeps excess water out of the soil, preventing root and log rot.

DIY Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

In a natural garden, tree stumps may be sculptural. Make table bases, stepping stools, chairs, or even treehouse foundations out of them.

Here are a couple DIY tree stumps ideas:

With a taller-than-average stub, make a gnome dwelling or fairy town.

Constructing the ideal pedestal for a birdbath.

It’s simple to make a board game. Simply paint some pebbles to use as tic-tac-toe or checkers game pieces.

Make a comfortable chair in which to relax with a nice book and a cup of coffee.

An unattractive tree stump in your front yard may be turned into a welcome sign if you’re good with paints or carving tools. You may even paint a stump in the midst of a play area to encourage your children to participate in pretend play.


Landscape and artistic tasks often need the use of specialized equipment. Several power tools, including a chain saw and a drill with an auger bit, are required for the projects covered in this article. This is the drill bit that you’ll use to hollow out the rest of the fallen tree. Nails, screws, a hammer or mallet, and a chisel are also required. Other supplies, like as paint, may be required to finish your project.

The “how to cover a tree stump” is an article with instructions on how to hollow out a tree stump for garden decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a tree stump hollow?

A: You will need a saw, a metal tool like an axe or shovel and some duct tape. Start by making the cuts to remove as much of the wood from around the stump as possible. Next, make one deep cut at either end of your tree trunk with your metal blade, then insert it into the hollow space you have created on either side and pry outwards until you can see daylight through both ends. Finally use your hands or feet to squeeze in between these two sections that are now pushed outward until they crack apart easily enough for you to extract them with little effort.

How do you preserve a tree stump for decorations?

A: Some ideas to preserve a tree stump include building a nice little deck around it, or filling the inside of the stump with soil before covering it in pretty flowers.

How do you make a decorative tree stump?

A: To make a decorative tree stump, you will first have to find a fallen tree that has been cut down and is no longer living. You should then use an axe or other tool of your choice to chop off the top part of the trunk which would create this decorative piece.

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