Get your chill on with this DIY rink guide.

The “outdoor hockey rink” is a great way to stay active this winter. It’s also a lot of fun for the whole family. Here are 10 steps to help you make an ice rink in your backyard.

How amazing would it be to have an ice skating rink in your own backyard? Is there someone you care about who enjoys ice skating or hockey? Why not construct your own ice rink? We’ve created a special guide for you! We’ll go over the resources you’ll need and coach you through the steps to create one in your own backyard in our “How to Build an Ice Rink in Your Backyard” guide.


Why Would Someone Want an Ice Rink in Their Backyard?

Perhaps you want to plan a fun night in the backyard for your children, grandkids, or significant other. Making an ice rink for them during winter would be a fantastic surprise. Perhaps you or a member of your family participates in an ice sport, necessitating the use of a backyard ice rink during the winter months.

Whatever your motivation, we have a step-by-step guide to get you started.

How to Build an Ice Rink in Your Backyard

Step 1: Locate Your Ideal Location

First, you must choose a location for your ice rink. Are you looking for it to be level? What size do you want it to be? Make a note of the dimensions of your area. That way, when you go to the shop for materials, you’ll have correct measures. This is an excellent time to begin cleaning up the area where your rink will be located. While constructing or skating, ensure sure there are no pebbles, debris, or anything sharp that might puncture the liner.

Step 2: Collect your materials

It’s time to acquire supplies now that you’ve located your ideal location. The majority of these goods, if not all, can be bought at your local hardware shop. You may construct your ice rink out of a variety of materials. We’ve listed the materials you can use below, along with what they’ll be utilized for. The amount of each material required will be determined by the size of the structure.

The following items are required:

  • Hose (Water)
  • Sprinkler
  • Plywood, timber, iron smooth polysteel planks, or PVC may be used to construct a rink wall.
  • Make sure you purchase a liner that is completely white. This will assist keep the ice from melting as a result of the sun’s UV radiation. It should protect your lawn as well as reduce heat absorption if it is completely white.
  • Iron steel brackets might be used as support boards. If you create your own support boards as they do in this thread, 24’s will also work. They’re utilized to keep the rink’s walls in place.
  • Screws – Don’t forget the screws if you’re using items that need to be connected together.
  • Corner Brackets – These will aid in the bracing of the rink walls.
  • 32°F temperature – Of course, freezing weather is required for the water to freeze.
  • Skating requires at least 3 inches of ice.

Determine which items from each of the above-mentioned sources will work best for you.

When Should You Build Your Ice Rink? Step 3: When Should You Build Your Ice Rink?

You should start preparing your ice rink a few days before the weather turns cold. This way, when it begins to get cold outside, you’ll already have it set up with water in it. This would also ensure that the water froze uniformly.

Step 4: Prepare Your Ice Rink

It’s time to put your ice rink together. Below are some basic suggestions; however, if you want further assistance, here is an article with some useful advice.

  1. Make sure your rink is level. Make sure the area around your rink is clear of debris, pebbles, ice, or anything else that might cut the liner.
  2. Construct the rink’s perimeter. Check out this article on how to make a rink out of PVC.
  3. Your rink’s walls should be braced. Brace the walls of your rink using the support boards you choose.
  4. Place your lining on the table. Make sure it extends beyond the rink’s boundaries. Keep in mind that you’ll need something to keep the liner in place. Wait until you’re ready to fill it with water before laying it down. Ensure that it reaches the ground beyond the barriers. Do not secure the liner to anything until it has been completely filled. While the water freezes, use temporary clasps to keep the liner in place.

Fill Your Rink With Water (Step 5)

Now it’s time to have some fun. You’ve constructed and reinforced the walls. Your liner has been laid out and is ready to use. It’s finally time to add water to your rink. It’s important to remember that you’ll need three inches of ice to skate on. Remember to weigh your water and ice.

  1. Water should be added to your rink.
  2. Keep an eye on the water as it freezes!
  3. Enjoy your new ice rink in your backyard!
  4. You’ll have to rip it down after the water thaws.

Decorating Your Ice Rink (Step 6)

You will need illumination in order to skate in the dark. When it comes to decorating your great new outdoor ice rink, the options are unlimited. We can’t help but notice the abundance of rope or string lights. They’re a terrific source of light that you may use whenever you want. Plus, when placed correctly, they make everything appear fantastic.

See our earlier article on rope lights for more information. To improve the appearance of your ice rink and backyard, see our earlier piece on Winter landscaping ideas. Will you be planting any of the Winter plants listed in the article? Make sure you have enough seating for yourself, your family, and your guests. That way, you can relax while keeping an eye on whomever is still on the ice.

Step 7: Taking Care of Your New Ice Skating Rink

Maintaining your new rink is crucial. After all, you’ve just put in a lot of time and effort into your most recent endeavor!

Step 8: Take Pleasure in Your New Ice Rink

The long and arduous task has finally been completed. Your ice rink is up and running. The water has solidified into ice. There are plenty of lights and all the decorations you like or require. It’s now time to have some fun! Grab your skates, hockey equipment, and warm clothing and go to your backyard ice rink!

Step 9: When to Dismantle the Ice Rink

When the frigid weather has passed and the ice has melted, you should store your ice rink. Consider switching out your white liner every year. All of the other items should be saved for next year’s ice rink.

Step 10: Dismantling Your Ice Rink

When it’s time to pack up your rink. First, drain the water. After the water has been drained, you may begin dismantling your rink. Starting with the brackets and braces is a good place to start. Place them in the storage room. Moving to the walls and storing them in a secure location is also a good idea.


We hope our “How to Build an Ice Rink in Your Backyard” guide helps you complete your ice rink with ease. Enjoy your new ice rink and make lots of memories!

The “ice skating rink” is a fun activity to do in the winter. It is also a great way for children to stay active and exercise. Here are 10 steps that will help you build your own backyard ice rink.

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