The process of removing a hot tub from your backyard is not difficult, but there are some important things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure the area has been drained properly and that any water left behind will be cleaned up by professionals. Secondly, evaluate whether you want to send it off for recycling or if you would like to sell it as-is before making the decision on what action should be taken with an old hot tub. Lastly, make sure you have all the proper permits obtained first so that during this time when building contractors are working around your home they can do so without damaging anything else at all..

The “hot tub removal service near me” is a process that can be done by anyone. The process involves digging up the hot tub and removing it from your backyard.

Removing a hot tub from your garden — at least one that isn’t inflatable – is a difficult undertaking. The easiest approach to remove a hot tub is to hire a professional, but if that isn’t an option, there are a few measures you may do to remove it effectively on your own.

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Things to Think About Before Removing a Hot Tub

Before moving a hot tub, there are a few things to think about:

Hot tubs aren’t cheap: You probably spent a lot of money on your hot tub when you got it. When you’re planning to move it, make sure you do it as cautiously as possible. After all, it was an investment that you didn’t want to lose and that you may be able to resell or reuse in the future.

Weight: Moving a hot tub from one location to another is difficult due to its weight. When empty, a small tub typically weighs about 800 pounds. When it’s full with water, it may weigh up to 6,000 pounds. With this in mind, make certain that all of the water is drained before transferring. Make sure you have the proper tools to remove a hot tub after the water has been entirely drained. Dollies, ropes, and straps are examples of machinery in this category.

Hot tubs are rather huge in size. All manufacturers, in general, have a minimum and maximum size for their tubs. A modest tub, for example, might be 5 to 8 feet long. Please keep in mind that this tub may accommodate 2-4 persons. Their breadth ranges from 5 to 10 feet in most cases. Before you transfer your tub, take these measures into account.

With all of these factors in mind, you’ll need to figure out the best manner to transport your tub. If you’re certain that you can handle it on your own, take these steps:

How to Remove a Hot Tub in 12 Easy Steps

If you’re a visual learner, you may use the following video to aid you before we get into our removal guide:


So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Secure a Moving Vehicle in Step 1

A customized trailer is often used by professional movers to transfer a hot tub. To remove a hot tub from your garden, you may either hire one or rent a moving truck. Consult your owner’s handbook to determine the precise size of your hot tub. You must verify that the car you rent has adequate space to accommodate the tub. A truck or trailer of 15 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet should be adequate in most circumstances.

To make your job simpler, make sure the vehicle you hire includes a loading ramp. The good news is that there are several rental firms that can provide you with a vehicle that meets your requirements.

Step 2: Obtain the Appropriate Moving Gear

To begin, you’ll want two heavy-duty furniture dollies. This kind of equipment may be rented from several rental providers. The dollies should be able to support up to 800 pounds of weight. Second, you will need four four-inch-by-four-inch pieces of wood. These planks of wood will be used to raise your tub just enough for the dollies to roll beneath it. Finally, you’ll need a long piece of rope or some sturdy straps. They’ll be utilized to keep the tub in place when you put it onto the dollies.

Step 3: Recruit Reliable Assistants

You won’t be able to remove a hot tub by yourself, of course. You’ll need to enlist some assistance since you won’t be utilizing professional movers. You have the option of enlisting the help of friends or hiring many persons. The minimum number of participants is four. This indicates you’ll need at least three more individuals to assist you with the work. To reduce the chance of an accident, enlist the assistance of at least six individuals.

Step 4: Examine the Exit Route

When you relocate, certain exit pathways may be difficult to navigate. Take a trip along the escape route that has been laid out for you. Keep an eye out for any potentially dangerous locations or obstructions. To plan your retreat, thoroughly assess the surroundings. Consider if you’ll have to carry the tub over grass as you leave your yard or whether you’ll be going up or down a slope. If you need to transport your tub up or down a flight of steps, you should hire a professional. Stairs are difficult to navigate, and things may quickly get perilous.

Step 5: Turn off the water supply to the tub.

Now that you’ve got everything set up, it’s time to unplug the tub from the power supply. Make sure the power cable is coiled and tucked away. On the side of certain tubs, there is a storage compartment for the power cable. When you move the tub, check sure there are no cords hanging from it. Dangling wires have the potential to trip one of the movers and cause damage to the tub.

Drain the Tub (Step 6)

You can’t take a hot tub out of your garden if it’s full of water, but emptying one isn’t as easy as draining a bathtub. So, what’s the best way to go about it? Reading your owner’s handbook is the best way. All tubs come with instructions for draining them effectively and securely. To turn off the water supply, you usually need to open a side panel.

To drain the water, you may use a long hose. Drain the water at a convenient location in your yard. You may drain the water into a street gutter if you’re near one. This technique may need the use of extra equipment, such as a water pump.

Cleaning and Drying the Tub (Step 7)

Cleaning a hot tub is a simple process. The first alternative is to use a cleaning that the manufacturer recommends. Alternatively, an all-purpose cleaning may be used. To prevent harming the surface, clean with a soft cloth. After washing it, rinse it and dry any excess water. Ordinary bath towels may be used to finish the drying process.

Step 8: Assemble the Cover

A removable cover is included with the majority of hot tubs. Before you remove a hot tub from your garden, make sure you move it and pack it. You may reattach the cover once you’ve relocated the tub. Some tubs may not have a cover that can be removed. You’ll need to unscrew the lid using the suitable screwdriver in this scenario. Remember to keep the screws in a secure location.

Step 9: Arrange the Wooden Pieces

We previously discussed collecting four wood pieces in preparation for dismantling your hot tub. This is the point at which you should make advantage of them.

The most risky and difficult task is moving the tub. At each corner, each of your volunteers should elevate the tub slightly. You should be able to put a piece of wood at each corner if the height is just right. The goal is to raise the tub off the ground so that you can slide the dollies beneath it.

When the tub is resting on the pieces of wood, it should be approximately 4 inches away from the circle. Ascertain that the tub is securely resting on the wood planks.

Position the Dollies to Remove a Hot Tub in Step 10

Slide the dolly underneath the tub’s front section. Make sure you fasten it with the rope or straps. Place the second dolly in the tub’s rear area. Secure it in the same manner as the first dolly. When you move the tub, the rope or straps should keep it from slipping off the dollies. This is a crucial step since it will decide whether or not you damage your tub. This procedure should be performed cautiously, and the tub should not be moved until the dollies are firmly fastened.

11th Step: Transport the Tub to the Truck

The landscape from your starting point to your completion point will be mostly flat in the best-case scenario. The rolling should be simple now that any barriers have been eliminated. Keep in mind that the rope or straps will assist you in keeping the tub steady. You will, however, need to move it with caution.

To keep the tub stable, your volunteers should hold it. Begin moving the tub toward the car or its future home. Make sure you move carefully so you don’t end up damaging it.

When confronted with a difficulty, avoid making any sudden moves. If you have to pass through a little gate, for example, don’t make any hasty judgments. Simply come to a halt and find out the best approach to get it through without causing any harm to the property.

Step 12: Take a Hot Tub Out of the House and Load It Into the Truck

One of the most perilous procedures is loading the tub onto a moving vehicle. In this instance, you must be especially cautious since even a little error might result in the tub being destroyed or your assistants being injured.

The tub should be pushed up the loading ramp. The ideal way to achieve this is to have one person in the lead who can provide direction. The remainder of your team should be pushing it from the rear.

Make sure you’ve secured the tub once it’s inside the vehicle or on the trailer. To secure the tub, use the truck or trailer’s sidewalls. If you believe you will be unable to properly remove a hot tub and place it on the trailer or in the vehicle, get assistance. Keep in mind that your and your crew’s safety is the most important consideration.


If you have the correct equipment and enough help, moving a hot tub from your garden may be a breeze. Before you remove a hot tub, make sure you read the owner’s instructions.

If it’s a huge tub, you may need to obtain some more help or equipment. Any hot tub should be able to be moved successfully from your backyard using these instructions. If you have any reservations about your abilities to transport your hot tub, get expert assistance from experienced movers.

The “free hot tub removal near me” is a service that helps people remove their hot tubs from their backyards. The company offers free estimates and can remove the hot tub for free as well.

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