The following guide is to help you prevent your dog from digging under your fence.

The “cheapest way to keep dogs from digging under fence” is a popular question that has been asked many times. The best solution is using fencing or another barrier, but the cheapest way to keep dogs from digging under fence is to use a water hose and spray them with it.

If you have a dog, you should know that dogs like digging, and one of their favorite areas to dig is beneath your fence. This may be aggravating since holes in your landscape are unsightly, but you also don’t want your dog to escape. The good news is that there are steps you can do to reduce your risk of this occurring. We’ll talk about how to stop a dog from burrowing under a fence in this post.


What Causes Dogs to Dig Holes in Fences?

There are a variety of reasons why dogs may dig under fences, and these reasons may vary across breeds and kinds of yards. It will be simpler to figure out the best strategy to stop your dog from burrowing under the fence if you can figure out why he is doing it.


If you leave your dog alone for an extended period of time with no playmates or toys, he will grow bored, which is when burrowing through the fence becomes the most enticing option. Canines, especially puppies and other younger dogs, have a lot of energy, and if they don’t have a chance to release some of it, they may get quite restless.

You must ensure that your dog gets lots of exercise and that you have objects in your garden to keep them occupied.

Looking for Solace

When a dog is left alone at home for an extended period of time, it might grow quite nervous. They’ll be prone to pacing, barking, or engaging in other disruptive behaviors like digging holes. They may even attempt to flee your garden.

Other dogs may be searching for methods to be safe from the elements. They might be attempting to remain cool in the mud, shield themselves from the rain, or locate water. Make sure your garden has some shade areas and that your dog has enough water to last the whole day.

Exploring and Hunting

Terriers and Dachshunds, in particular, like hunting insects and other wildlife. You may want to attempt to get rid of these pests in your garden, but be cautious since certain chemical-based remedies might be poisonous to your pet. Rats and squirrels, for example, produce smell trails that might interest your dog and drive them to dig in that area. Your dog may be attracted to the scent of a female dog.

Dogs like exploring, so if they see anything appealing on the other side of the fence, they may dig holes to get a closer look at whatever has piqued their interest.

How Do You Prevent Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Fence?

Because most dogs are natural diggers, you won’t be able to completely stop them from digging, but you may be able to urge them to dig elsewhere other than beneath your fence! Here are some of the most common methods for keeping your dog from digging holes in the fence.

Maintain Your Dog’s Activity

Dogs, like humans, need exercise, so take them for walks on a regular basis and play with them as much as possible. Toys like as food puzzles, balls, and chewing toys should be kept in your garden to keep them occupied. You may want to explore obtaining another dog for them to play with if they are a really sociable dog. They will be less prone to dig holes if you supply them with alternative activities.

Keep Your Dog Well-Trained

You must teach your dog that digging through the fence is not appropriate, therefore if you notice them doing so, sternly remind them that it is not acceptable. However, you must use caution when disciplining dogs since they may be seeking your attention, and any punishment may encourage them to continue doing so. Always compliment them on their positive conduct to help them understand what is acceptable and what is not. If you’re having trouble with anything, you may wish to hire a professional trainer.

Establish a Digging Zone

If your dog is prone to digging, you may want to create a separate digging zone in your garden that is far away from your fence. Fill a wooden sandbox with loose sand or dirt, and then hide toys and other treasures so kids have something to look for while they’re digging. Because you don’t want your favorite puppy to choke on the plastic, wood is a wonderful material to use for the sandbox. When your dog is digging in the digging zone, be sure to praise them or even offer them a reward, as this will encourage them to keep digging.

Existing Holes Should Be Covered

If you already have any holes under your fence where your dog likes to dig, plug them with stones, bricks, or something else that they won’t be able to dig through. You’ll need to consider your dog’s size, since a few tiny pebbles may not be enough to dissuade a huge dog. You may also cover the holes with their dog droppings from around the garden, since dogs don’t normally dig this up.

Landscaping might also serve as a deterrent to digging. You may create a stone walkway along the fence’s edge or plant more shrubs. The thorns on rose bushes might serve as a helpful deterrent. Landscaping will not only reduce the likelihood of digging, but it will also improve the appearance of your garden.

Make use of a repellent spray.

Dogs dislike the scent, which may also cause them to sneeze, so sprinkling red pepper powder or capsicum spray around the border of the fence can help keep them away. They will be less likely to dig as a result of both of these factors. Every couple of weeks, you’ll need to reapply the dog repellent spray. You may either buy pepper spray from a pet shop or prepare your own at home. You might also use stuff like orange peel or vinegar, which don’t have a nice aroma.

Getting in the Way of Your Fence

If your fence is see-through, blocking your dog’s vision with bamboo or outdoor cloth may occasionally assist. They won’t be able to see other dogs, or even people, on the other side of the fence, luring them over. Your dog may want to explore beyond your yard, but they won’t know what they’re losing out on if they can’t see.

Wire for chickens

Using Wire for chickens can be an inexpensive way to stop your dog from digging holes under your fence. If you bury Wire for chickens in a ditch along the fence line, this should stop your dog’s digging attempts. Take care when doing this, though, as you don’t want your pets to get injured. An alternative is to place chain link fencing on the ground and anchor it to the fence’s bottom. This will not be pleasant for your dog to walk on, so they are likely to avoid the area.

Electric (or Invisible) Fences are fences that are powered by electricity.

Electric fences are installed along the boundary line with subsurface wiring. When your dog goes too near, they will get a little electric shock, which will stop them from crossing your border and digging holes in your fence. Other invisible fences are meant to make a high-pitched noise that only your dogs can hear. This loudness will be enough to deter them from approaching any farther.

Last Thoughts

We all adore our pets, and keeping them safe is crucial! Digging holes in our fences is not only unsightly, but it also jeopardizes our dog’s safety. Because each dog and yard are unique, figuring out which strategy works best for you will need some trial and error. Hopefully, you’ll figure out what works best for you, and you’ll have a happy, healthy, and safe dog that doesn’t dig holes in your fence any more!

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