To deal with giant snowfalls, you need a snowblower alike in power to clear your front doorway. If you have a foot or more of snow on your driveway each day during winter, a robust two-stage snow thrower like the Husqvarna ST227P is a must-have tool.

To deal with giant snowfalls, you need a snowblower alike in power to clear your front doorway. If you have a foot or more of snow on your driveway each day during winter, a robust two-stage snow thrower like the Husqvarna ST227P is a must-have tool. This gas-powered machine provides a clearance width of 27” that will allow you to have your large driveway clear at no time. This is a two-stage model with 12” steel auger that lifts fresh as well as compact snow, pushes it into the thrower and then ejects it off the snow chute. The intake, which is the plow-like case that holds the auger, is 23” tall and can support up to 2Ft high snow drifts. It comes with 15” tires that are perfect to steer on snow gently without scratching your yard’s floor.

Gas-powered and self-propelled with 6 forward velocities and one backward velocity. It has a power steering that helps with handling, and a start button that makes the work more dynamic while you don’t have to startup the machine each time you move. It doesn’t only provide power, but the Husqvarna ST227P also offers many handy additions that make your task less cumbersome. For instance, the headlight allows you to work early in the morning or even late at night.

Among all the great features this machine has to offer, the heated, height-adjustable handles are one of my favs. You will still need gloves when working in the cold dawn, but it really helps making it more bearable. For clearing stony or sandy soils, it has skid shoes to put at the bottom of the machine to change the height. It prevents little stones from getting into the snowblower.

A 4-cycle motor in the interior of the snowblower pumps more than 250cc of fuel through the appliance. It can contain up to 0,71 gallons of fuel, which is a very efficient consumption for being so powerful. The snowblower generates about 15 foot-pounds of torque when working, which is enough power to clear huge drifts in minutes.

The Husqvarna ST227P is a sturdy 2-stage machine backed with a powerful 4-cycle engine. Pumping more than 250cc of fuel, you can be sure that it will cut through fresh snow drifts easily. Having a clearing width of 27”, this battle horse can clear wide surfaces in minutes. This is the ideal choice for large residential spaces with plenty of snow to clear. It has a 23” tall intake and a 1Ft wide auger to inject snow into the thrower. This machine has some additional features such as a headlight and heated handles which is a very thoughtful trait for gloomy, freezing wintery mornings.



The Husqvarna ST227P offers more power and a wider clearing capacity than units before it in the 200 line. These improvements are significant when you want to clear particularly wide surfaces of your driveway or doorway. The power driving helps you turn the machine effortlessly, causing less stress. Ingenious design traits like engine settings, oil monitoring and height adjustment will eventually make handling and upkeep easier. For people with big removing needs, the Husqvarna ST227P could be the answer to their problems.

27-inch snow removal per pass

Beside the ST224 and its 24-inches clearing width, three more inches might seem unimportant. But yes, this makes a difference when you have a large surface to clear and above all when it must withstand hostile weathering. Throwing white dung away can be fun at the first days of winter, but as it goes by, the aim becomes to finish as soon as possible. Three extra inches width will be appreciated then.

30% stronger than older models

Maybe you don’t care how far your snow blower throws the snow, but the 8,5 HP motor in the Husqvarna ST227P will remove the snow effortlessly, no matter whether it’s fresh or icy. This superior motor is 30% more powerful than the previous models of the Husqvarna brand, and this will come in handy while handling heavy and compact snow.


Husqvarna is famous for its quality standards, and the ST227P in not the exception. Throwing snow wears out components, and weak parts will soon be spoiled. The Husqvarna ST227P is fully made of durable and reliable materials, suited for the extreme conditions it is exposed to. They are all well integrated and the only uncompliant component might be the plastic control panel.

Frequenty asked questions

Where is the Husqvarna ST227P made?

Husqvarna’s snowblowers are made in Sweden, and tough most Husqvarna products are made in Europe, they decided to go to America to manufacture some of their models. In the case of the ST227P, it is made in McRae, Georgia, US.

The plow truck always leaves a compact snowdrift at my driveway. Can this snow blower remove that?

That is the hardest kind of snow to clear, and actually yes, the Husqvarna ST227P will slide through the dense, solid drift left by the plow truck. I recommend you use this method to reduce the problem furtherly. Make a clear zone in the road in front of your driveway and move the snow up the street. As the plow truck passes, it moves the snow into the clear zone and then keeps moving it beyond your area instead of moving the snow into your driveway.

Do I have to assemble it?

The assembly process is minimal and takes between 10 to 20 minutes to do it.

User reviews

Reading customer feedbacks helps us find out the pros and cons of an artifact. After experiencing the performance of their snow thrower, most of the Husqvarna ST227P users feel happy with their acquisition. We should take a look at those happy comments.

Customers leave good reviews on their snow blower being able to handle their snow problems at their driveways. One user says that the Husqvarna ST227P fought with a 30-inch snowfall and after a while it cut through it. The compacted snow drift left by the plow truck at the driveway was also removed. Many users regret that the ST227P gets the job done too quickly. Even one funny user said that he threw the snow back onto his doorstep to keep playing with the ST227P!

Easy usage is another highlighted feature of this product. Many customers like the way it starts so easy, even when starting manually. They know the snowblower will run when needed.

Driving it is easy due to the power steering function and the many different gears for the different snow and gradient situations.

Not all customers loved the Husqvarna ST227P. Because of that we must focus on the aspects that caused discontent among users.

The auger belts tend to break, and that, of course, puts the machine out of service till the belt is replaced. Unluckily, it has a fractional serial size that non-OEM pieces won’t fit. We have different levels of satisfaction during the fixing process since the upkeep work during winter is very frustrating.

Plastic pieces, for example the control panel, handles, and cord ties, tend to break often. And this has as a result the loosing or movement of control cables that give in exchange a difficult operability. If the control panel breaks the speed selector is restricted, and handle breaking just gest things worse.

Insufficient power takes over this complaint section. Since most customers find that the power of the Husqvarna ST227P is amazing, users that complain about it might be having a manufacturing problem or require a bigger appliance to deal with their amount of snow.


More powerful engine, broader clearing capacity per pass, power steering, great working, and a cutting-edge design define the Husqvarna ST227P snow blower as one of the best options for users with high snow clearing exigencies in terms of amounts of snow and size of the surface to clear.

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