For customers searching for a way to track the weather in the local area to a high degree of accuracy, the La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor digital thermometer can help to give you the insight you need into the local weather.

Using innovative wireless technology, the weather information from the wireless sensor that has been placed indoors or outdoors transmits the information to the device, making it simple to check for weather conditions or even decide what type of clothing should be worn.


What are the features of the La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer?

– Radio controlled time and date obtains accurate information from the US Atomic clock to ensure accurate tracking throughout the year
– Remote sensor is able to detect weather from 330 feet away using the signature two part system
– Forecasts weather systems with an average of 75% accuracy based on the air pressure
– Wireless weather station is designed to read indoor temperature, humidity and even remote temperatures through the handy and easy to use system
– Compact size makes it simple to bring the weather station on the go or use it at home for indoor and outdoor use

There is no need to set the clock on the La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Weather Center, as the atomic clock in the model is designed to automatically update the times and dates (even through daylight savings) to create an easy to use model that comes with little to no maintenance.

Using the air pressure throughout the atmosphere, the popular and affordable weather control monitoring system maintains an average accuracy rate higher than seventy-five percent, ensuring that the right clothes are going to be chosen, the garden is going to be safe and that the weather is going to be accurately tracked.

For customers searching for a way to learn the exterior temperatures without stepping outside or waiting for a news report using the popular weather tracking systems are great choices to monitor the weather at home.

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