For customers searching for a way to measure the weather from home, the La Crosse Technology WS-9611U-IT Wireless Sun/Moon Forecast Station comes equipped with easy to read forecast icons. With weather being displayed more than three hundred feet away and the easy to read forecast icons, it has never been easier to learn the temperature and more – from other sides of the property.

The technology allows for the forecast to be created from more than three hundred feet away, displaying the information on a handheld device that can be mounted to the wall for ease of use or used on the top of the desk for a desktop weather monitoring gadget.


What are the features of the La Crosse Technology Wireless Sun/Moon Forecast Station?

– Includes popular remote sensor technology used to monitor weather at home from a remote location
– Auto updates for daylight savings time through the use of the atomic included in the model
– Wireless sensor is able to relay information up to 330 feet away from the remote sensor and is designed to measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures
– Sunset and Sunrise determination for a large number of North American cities and included moon phase display throughout the weather center
– Forecast icons throughout the design make it simple to determine the weather conditions at a glance

Customers can choose whether to use the popular weather station through indoor or outdoor use, allowing it to measure areas of the home for temperature and moisture through the inside or using it to measure areas of temperature and humidity outside.

The versatile monitoring system can monitor weather, and much more throughout the icons – allowing the person using it to determine the sunset and sunrise times, moon phases and many other factors that can determine the whether – or affect the outcome.

Compare the list for the moon phase display and sunset and sunrise times for the cities available to ensure that your city is included in this list. This can increase the features and create a portable weather station that offers much more than the traditional temperature reading in and out of the home.

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