Using a weather station at home can help to alert of minimum and maximum temperatures both inside and outside of the home. The Oregon Scientific weather station provides these features and many more, giving the user a complete – but affordable, view of the weather in the local area.


Features of the Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station include:

– Includes easy to read weather warning messages including heat warnings, wind warnings, fog warnings, storm and frost warnings
– Self-setting atomic clock ensures accuracy through the readings
– Minimum and Maximum temperature memory that can be easily set by the user to create reminders based on the thresholds
– Compact size makes it simple to use the device both indoors and out
– Backlit view for low light conditions or to create ease of use at night
– Indoor temperature/outdoor temperature capabilities from up to three remote locations that can be programmed
– Lightweight design at just 12.8 ounces

With a compact and stylish design, the affordable weather tracker has the ability to measure temperatures both indoors and out. Frost and fog warnings make it the perfect choice to monitor outdoor weather while the humidity and temperature rankings make it just as suitable for indoor use. The versatile temperature and weather monitoring station makes it simple to measure temperatures and more.

The Oregon Scientific weather monitoring system comes with the ability to monitor up to three locations, which is quite impressive for the affordable system. Additional sensors are available separately – the original package includes one sensor with the remote monitoring system. Additional systems can be placed through different areas of the property or the home, effectively monitoring the temperature and other aspects of the weather.

Before leaving the home or before leaving the bedroom you can be aware of the temperature through each of these locations, helping to get dressed in the morning.

Easy to use and read with the large icons and backlit display, the popular weather monitoring system can give you the leg up on the weather, preparing for the day with a simple glance at the remote sensor.

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