A great choice for gardeners, the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station can help to give the gardener warnings about frost or freezing in the air that can protect the plants, as well as providing the traditional temperature and moisture ratings to ensure that the conditions are suitable for the garden.

Created to measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures, the popular model of Wireless Weather Station makes it simple to determine the humidity, making it the perfect choice for a greenhouse for indoor use.

With the ability to monitor weather trends and created detailed forecasts, the accurate weather station is a must-have to ensure that the garden is being planted in suitable conditions.


What are the features of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station?

– Stylish and compact black design creates a modern and functional addition to the home and can be used in the office, kitchen or anywhere else
– Moon phases, weather trends and forecasts are all available through the weather station’s compact design
– Ice and Frost alert makes this model the perfect choice for gardeners trying to monitor the weather to protect plants
– Indoor/outdoor temperature display includes humidity and other features
– Automatic clock doesn’t require adjustments for common changes in time, like Daylight Savings
– Remote sensor includes 100 foot range to monitor weather wirelessly

The hundred foot range that is available through the accurate forecasting system can allow the user to remotely monitor the weather outside or inside, within one hundred feet of the property. It has never been easier to monitor the temperature outside in the yard, the garage or even within the home. The sensor is able to provide accurate results which are displayed on the compact and hand held sensor – creating a report that is going to detail temperature, humidity and other important factors regarding the temperature and conditions of the area.

For one of the most popular weather centers on the market, to measure frost and the possibility of ice around the area where the temperature is being monitored, customers should consider the Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station as part of their monitoring needs.

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