As technology advances, so does the variety and size of pests. To find a plant that’s perfect for you garden or to keep your home pest-free, check out this list of plants with natural deterrents and tricks!

The “plants that repel ticks” is a list of plants that can be planted to avoid ticks. The top 10 picks and tricks are listed below. Read more in detail here: plants ticks avoid.

Ticks are an annoyance and a potentially hazardous garden visitor, since they may transmit almost a dozen different bacterial infections. Ticks may wreak havoc on our dogs and even ourselves if we don’t take the right measures, burrowing into the skin and feeding off of their live host.

You already know how successful plants can be in repelling pests if you’ve read our Plants That Repel series. Plants may help keep your yard free of unpleasant guests, from mosquitoes to flies and ticks. In this post, we’ll go over ten of the greatest plants for repelling ticks (while still looking amazing!).


Beautyberry No. 1


The American Beautyberry, our first tick-repellent plant, is a lovely shrub with brilliant green and purple berries. Not only does this plant live up to its name by looking stunning, but it’s also just as powerful (if not more so) at repelling insects as DEET.

When you’re strolling through wooded regions, crushing the berries and leaves and putting them on your skin is an excellent approach to keep ticks away. Beautyberry’s benefits, however, aren’t restricted to ticks. Beautyberry is effective in repelling all types of biting insects, including mosquitoes and biting flies.

Beautyberry seeds may be found on Amazon or at your local plant nursery.

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2. Garlic


When it comes to cooking with garlic, most of us like the pungent fragrance, but pests like ticks are sensitive to it. Garlic is a natural antibacterial that works well in repelling ticks (as well as mosquitoes, fleas, mites, and flies) when applied as a spray.

Simply mash 3 or 4 garlic bulbs in a blender to produce garlic spray. For maximum strength, mix 1/4 cup garlic juice with 1 cup water — or just spray the garlic juice straight onto your yard.

3. Geranium Rose


Rose Geranium, another plant that has been proved to repel ticks as effectively as DEET, has powerful compounds that insects find unpleasant. Although the oils are acceptable to use straight to the skin, you may make a spray using Geranium oil to cover a larger area.

Simply combine 2 tablespoons witch hazel and 30 to 40 drops Rose Geranium oil in a 2-ounce container to make a Rose Geranium oil spray. Fill the bottle with water until it’s completely full.

Rose Geranium oil is available on Amazon or at your local health food shop.


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Daisy Fleabane No. 4


Fleabane Daisies are well known for repelling fleas, as their name indicates. They are, nevertheless, effective in keeping ticks and other insects at away. Fleabane Daisies alone are enough to turn your yard into a no-bloodsucking zone. When you’re outside, though, you may crush and massage the Daisies over your or your pet’s skin.

Fleabane Daisy seeds may be found at your local plant nursery or on Amazon.

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Marigolds, number five


Marigolds are beautiful flowers with vibrant colors, fiery petals, and a pleasant, mild aroma. They make great garden companions and may brighten up any space. Did you know, however, that they may also ward off annoying insects?

Marigolds are resistant to lice, roaches, fleas, and ticks. Their aroma is enough to drive the small animals away, and unlike the other plants on our list, there’s no need to crush the blossoms and massage the mixture over your skin. It’s enough to just have flowers in your house and yard!

Marigold seeds may be found on Amazon or at your local plant nursery.


Marigold Flower Seed Mix – 1000 Seeds from Outsidepride

  • This miniature marigold seed combination is a proven method to bring a low-maintenance dwarf marigold to your flower bed, container, or raised bed. To achieve an even longer flowering time, declining petals were removed. Butterflies will return to the blooms on a regular basis. To enhance a prolonged bloom time and keep plants compact, remove spent blooms from marigold plants.
  • Our most popular marigold combination, Tagetes patula mix, is an annual that grows well in USDA zones 3 to 10. By sowing Marigold seeds in the early spring, you may enjoy bright flowers all summer long. This seed combination produces tiny, compact plants with orange and yellow blooms. These little plants are ideal for edging the front of a sunny flower bed, as well as baskets and containers.
  • Low-growing plants During the whole blooming season, marigolds blossom quickly and attract pollinators quickly; nevertheless, they do not attract deer!
  • When seeds are kept fresh and in full light, these heritage, non-gmo seeds sprout quickly. Marigolds aren’t picky and may thrive in a variety of environments. These plants, on the other hand, will grow in rich, well-drained soil with lots of sunlight. Prior to planting, generous quantities of organic compost or well-aged manure should be placed into the soil to dramatically boost flower health . Maintain a moist but not damp soil.
  • 2 to 3 seeds per plant, or 5 ounces per 1,000 square feet, should be sown. Gently push the seed into the soil and lightly cover with starting dirt. After the seedlings have grown large enough to handle and have been acclimatized to outside settings, transfer them outside after the threat of frost has gone. After the last frost, sow immediately outside in prepared beds. To enhance a prolonged bloom time and keep plants compact, remove spent blooms from marigold plants.

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Lavender is number six.


Lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender It helps us sleep, freshens up our houses and clothing, and produces a relaxing atmosphere. The odor, on the other hand, is intolerable to ticks. That is why lavender is an excellent plant to include in your garden beds.

Planting lavender is a great way to keep ticks at bay, but lavender essential oil is generally a more powerful alternative for when you’re out and about. With or without a carrier oil, lavender essential oil is perfectly safe to apply to the skin. When applied to the skin, the aroma serves as a persistent reminder to ticks not to bite!

Lavender seeds may be found at a local plant nursery, and lavender essential oil can be purchased at a health food shop or on Amazon.



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7. Thyme


Thyme, for example, is a tasty element for humans, but it is a tick’s natural nemesis. Thyme is a sun-loving plant that grows quickly. It’s tough, and it can turn even the darkest thumbs brilliant green. They work well in widow planters, around the home or on the terrace, and as companion plants in flower and food gardens.

If you’ll be strolling in especially wooded regions, mix Thyme essential oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and apply it to your skin.

Thyme may be bought at your local plant nursery, and essential oils of thyme can be purchased on Amazon or at a health food shop.


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Lemon Grass, No. 8


Lemon-scented stuff, as we’ve noted in past bug-repelling articles, is wonderful for keeping unwelcome pests out of your yard. Lemongrass has a powerful aroma that ticks can’t stand, but it’s not so strong that it overpowers your yard or interferes with the odors of your other plants.

While the plants themselves are effective tick repellents, the essential oil is considerably more concentrated and would be more suited for wooded treks. When used without a carrier oil, Lemongrass essential oil may be irritating to the skin. Coconut oil is a fantastic carrier oil with natural insect repellent qualities.

Lemongrass has the potential to upset both people and pets. Lemongrass may upset a pet’s stomach if they eat it, so be cautious and keep boisterous pets away.

Lemongrass plants may be found at your local plant nursery, and Lemongrass essential oil can be purchased at any health food shop or on Amazon.


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Rosemary (nine)


This plant, like thyme, is delicious to humans yet repellent to ticks. In fact, this tick-repelling herb is so repellent that merely scattering Rosemary sprigs about your yard or house is enough to keep ticks at bay.

Rosemary grows well in tiny areas and makes an excellent companion plant. They thrive in the sun and may be grown in window planters, tiny porch pots, or let to spread naturally across your yard.

You’ll also have a tasty herb to use in your traditional Italian cuisine. What more could you possibly want?

Rosemary may be purchased from a local plant nursery or on Amazon.



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  • Tiny, strongly aromatic & flavorful leaves, blue blooms
  • Herb garden, flower border, pots, and a short trimmed hedge are all examples of garden uses.
  • Culinary use: Italian & Mediterranean dishes, vinegars & oils, breads
  • For the greatest results, plant in full sun.
  • Plant during spring & fall

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Mint Plants No. 10


Ticks despise peppermint, spearmint, and catmint. Mint plants are very scented, and the cooling feeling is uncomfortable to biting insects such as ticks. Ticks will stay away from your family and pets if you plant mints around your house, in your yard, or in your garden.

Mint essential oil is also a great treatment for waking up in locations where there is a lot of bush. Mint essential oils, on the other hand, may irritate the skin if used in big amounts. Mint essential oil is best used in conjunction with a carrier oil like coconut oil.

Mint plants may be found at a local plant nursery, and mint essential oil can be purchased at a health food shop or on Amazon.


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  • Joyful, peaceful, balanced, and uplifting are some of the characteristics of this scent.
  • Citrus arrived in Florida around 1565, but it was only after Spain surrendered Florida to the United States in 1821 that it became a major business. Orange Essential Oil has compounds that may make us joyful as well as invigorate, cleanse, and concentrate us.
  • Use a few drops with your favorite soap, shampoo, bath product, or household cleaner. For a cheerful impact, add 10 drops to a diffuser. For winter festivities, blend with Organic Rosemary Oil.
  • Baths, body and skin care products, exfoliating scrubs, room sprays and air fresheners, linen sprays, chest salves, and cleansers are all examples of applications.
  • USDA Organic Certification and Non-GMO Project Verification

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How to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard

Let’s look at some additional strategies to keep ticks from taking over your yard now that we’ve covered the 10 greatest tick-repelling plants:

  1. Leaves should be removed in heaps. Ticks prefer to hide in leaf heaps because it provides them with a secure spot to lay their eggs.
  2. Grass has to be cut. Ticks like to hang around in tall grasses and weeds. When your kid or pets brush up against these tall grasses, there’s a risk a tick may join them. As a result, maintaining a well-kept yard is always a good idea.
  3. Take cautious in the presence of wild animals. Ticks are carried by deer and other animals, and if they get into your yard, they’ll bring the bugs with them. Ticks may be kept at bay by using ways to deter deer from straying too close to your house.
  4. Take out any garbage or furnishings. It’s important to remove any old furniture, keepsakes, or rubbish from your yard and dispose of them properly. These items provide ticks with a safe haven.
  5. Toys and play equipment should be kept away from trees. Ticks may be attracted to your children’s playground toys if they are near trees. Toys should never be left in forested areas.
  6. Build a wall between your house and the woods. Ticks will be deterred from migrating into your property by erecting a 3-foot wide barrier of gravel or wood chips between your residence and the beginning of the woods. Although we favor gravel, wood chips may also be used.
  7. Use insecticides in your garden. If you have a serious tick issue, implementing the above steps and applying the appropriate insecticide to your yard may be an effective tick-reduction strategy.


Last Thoughts

Ticks are a potentially hazardous pest. They prey on our families and pets, and they spread illnesses that have no place in our backyards. Tick-repelling plants are a natural and safe approach to keep the small creatures away without breaking the wallet or putting your family in danger. Ticks may also be deterred by keeping your yard clean and tidy so they don’t have a place to hide.

We hope you liked our post on the finest tick-repelling plants!

Pennyroyal is a plant that has been used for centuries to repel ticks. It’s a top 10 pick and trick for your backyard! Reference: pennyroyal ticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plant do ticks hate the most?

What plant keeps ticks away?

A: There is no plant that will keep ticks away, but there are things you can do to prevent them from infesting your yard. Ticks tend to live in moist areas and so keeping the grass cut short around your home would help by lessening their habitat

What smell does ticks hate?

A: Ticks hate the smell of rosemary.

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