The Polaris 280 is a dependable and automatic pool cleaner. It works efficiently and effectively to deliver unbelievable results. This unit’s advanced features will impress you and your family.It is extremely easy to install; you can have your pool cleaner connected and running in no time at all. This versatile product is suitable for almost any in-ground pool. It will increase the lifespan of your pool and keep you safe and healthy. This pool cleaner is powered by double jets and a separate booster pump designed especially to improve its overall efficiency.

The Polaris 280 pool cleaner sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums. As well as being affordable, this unit delivers an exceptional clean. It will clean every inch of your pool in virtually no time at all. This unit is aided by a 31’ hose to ensure no part of the pool is missed. If you are looking for an effective and user-friendly pool cleaner, this is the product for you.This unit can trap both large and small debris. Your pool will be as clean as the day you bought it. Its one of a kind filter bag makes it even easier to operate. In addition, this feature prolongs the life of your filtration system. You will love the excellent performance of this pool cleaner.


Polaris 280 Features:

Dependable, automatic, in-ground pool cleaner
Double jets
Separate booster pump
Unique filter bag
Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums to deliver the best clean possible

The Polaris Pool Cleaner Reviews:

Customers agree that buying the Polaris Pool Cleaner is a great decision. This is one of the best pool cleaners available on the market today. It is very reliable and effective. You will be impressed by its exceptional performance and all the unit has to offer. Reviewers love that it can easily adjust to different pool environments. In addition, once it is installed there is very little maintenance. This unit is extremely impressive. Customers appreciate its well-designed make and high-quality parts. This product is perfect for a wide range of needs and various pool sizes.

The setup is very easy and this Polaris pool cleaner comes with excellent instructions. Your unit will be up and running in no time at all. Once it is installed, this product works quickly and effectively. This machine is extremely safe to operate. Unloading the leaf bag is also exceptionally easy. Customers were impressed by how efficient it is. There were very complaints from customers; almost no one had anything negative to say about this unit. However, one reviewer found that it doesn’t clean the bottom as well as it cleans the sides. Others pointed out that the Polaris 280 is more expensive than other Polaris pool cleaner models, but it is definitely worth the additional cost.

With minimum maintenance, this is perfect for almost anyone. It cleans very well and is easy to set up. This machine delivers exceptional results. If you are looking for a top of the line pool cleaner, the Polaris 280 is definitely the automatic pool cleaner for you.

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