This is the perfect project for people who want to change up their room but are short on cash. These rope lights will cost around $10 total, and you can use them with or without RGB bulbs so that they’ll work in any room.

Rope lights are a great idea for the bedroom. They can provide light and decoration. Here is a list of different types of rope light ideas that you can try out in your bedroom. Read more in detail here: rope light ideas for bedroom.

Rope lights are a fun and easy way to spruce up any space for any event. When it comes to creating atmosphere and ambience, these simple-to-install, low-cost lights make a big difference.

There are a plethora of rope light designs to choose from. These bright lights may be wrapped around trees, strung along stairwells, and used to transform an average porch into something spectacular. Bedrooms, TV spaces, and hallways may all benefit from ambient lighting. Your creativity is the only limit!

We’ve put up a list of 27 ideas with photographs to get your creative juices flowing when determining how to utilize your rope lights. In this post, we’ll also discuss LED lights, string lights, and other lighting options!

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Ideas for Rope Lights

Lights with a Clear Rope


Lights in a transparent plastic tube are known as rope lights. This makes the lights more weatherproof and simpler to wrap around trees and other objects. There are waterproof variants for outdoor usage as well as lightweight inside ones.

Lights with a Clear Rope are a very versatile option and can be used, for example, to wrap around trees or outline your doorways. They’re easy to shape, and look great. You can’t go wrong with this timeless option.

Rope Lights in Different Colors


These Rope Lights in Different Colors are great for decorating large areas and outdoor spaces. A large roll like this can cover a lot of ground. The color can be from the bulbs, but often the plastic tube that the lights come in are tinted. Either way, Rope Lights in Different Colors are awesome.

Rope Lights in the Shape of a Star


Rope lights are ideal for shaping into different forms and patterns. Another benefit of rope lights is that solid tubing is much simpler to shape than a tangled string.

Create a pattern out of wire or an existing item to form an elaborate design, then wrap the lights around the pattern. This approach may also be used to create word art.

Pendant Lights with Ropes


This is a fresh take on rope and pendant lighting. The chord on these pendant lights is coated with rope. These would be perfect for a western-themed event or a rustic setting like a barn dance or a cabin.

Indoor Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Lights Ainfox LED Rope Light 150Ft 

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This 150-foot rope light is ideal for use in outdoor settings. Because they are waterproof, they may be used both inside and outdoors. The rope comes with 1,620 LEDs, but you may trim it down to size after you’ve finished putting it. If you need to cover a broad, continuous area, this is an excellent option.

Bulbs made by Edison

Mix and Match Bulbs made by Edison


Bulbs made by Edison have made a stylish comeback. This new lighting with energy-efficient bulbs (or LEDs) has a clear dome that makes them look like some of the original light bulbs that Thomas Edison first began producing.

Bulbs strung between the limbs of the trees


The finest natural hangers for stringing your lights are trees. With the addition of a string of lights, what would otherwise seem to be frightening trees at dusk transforms into a wonderful garden.

Lights Against the Sky (Lights Against the Sky)


As the sun starts to set over this partly clouded sky, many threads of light create a lovely twilight impression. Once it becomes dark, the dramatic impact will be amplified. What a string of lights can do to brighten your surroundings is quite wonderful.

Crossing a Street with Lights


These lights, which flash back and forth across the street, provide the ideal setting for a nighttime walk in this tranquil village. There’s nothing quite like walking along Main Street and seeing faint glittering lights.

Dinner Party Lighting


The mood created by these sparkling lights is ideal for a dinner party. They dress up the dining area and offer the patio a refined, pleasant, and inviting feel.

Lights for a Romantic Wedding


Weddings may go on until the sun sets. Fortunately, preparing ahead and adorning outside with these lovely lights adds to the mood against the night sky’s background of trees.

At the Beach: Lights


Pallets might be used to construct your table. You may be sitting on the sand, but at least you took the effort to decorate your seaside picnic spot with gorgeous lights. You may remain for the talk, but the lights will give your evening an additional shine, and they are really welcoming.

Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights by Brightech Ambience Pro


Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights – Hanging, Dimmable 2w Vintage Bulbs made by Edison – 24 Ft Commercial Grade Patio Lights Create Cafe Ambience in Your Backyard – Black

  • EDISON FILAMENT BULBS IN PATIO LIGHTS CREATE GREAT VINTAGE “ITALIAN STYLE” BISTRO AMBIENCE: Set the ambiance in your patio by stringing Brightech Ambience Pro market lights on a pergola. The exposed filaments on these Edison strings give off a warm light evocative of old world bistros. The lights are bright enough to grill without a torch, but not too bright to be distracting. Perfect for a romantic meal or entertaining!
  • Make a Beautiful Canopy with Gazebo Lights, Decorative Also for Indoor Spaces such as Bedrooms, Kitchens & Dining Rooms: Use vintage bistro lights for a light canopy at your wedding reception, birthday party, or other event. You can also string them straight, or wrap them in trees for unique shapes. Increasingly popular as indoor lighting too, for bedrooms, bars and restaurants. — Bulb Spacing: 3 Feet. — Connections: Up to 8 strands total.—
  • STRAND LIGHTS FOR YOUR EXTERIOR IN HEAVY DUTY, COMMERCIAL GRADE WEATHERPROOF: According to reports, these lights are weatherproof and have survived gusts of up to 50 miles per hour! Ambience Pros are made to last thanks to Brightech’s industrial-grade WeatherTite Technology. The rubberized, flexible cable is thicker than a typical rope and is UL approved. Leave these lights on display all year long with confidence.
  • PLUG IN 8 ENERGY SAVING BALCONY LIGHTS: To save money on your power cost, deck up your deck with the finest LED Lights from the Carnival. They’re 2 watt LED standard base lights with outstanding efficiency. Our LED lights are suitable for both domestic and commercial use, and they never become hot, even when left on for long periods of time. (Please note that this item is only for usage with 110v.)
  • BRIGHTECH’S 3 YEAR PRODUCT Guarantee: We proudly stand behind all of our goods and provide a three-year warranty. This will protect you if the product stops operating or has any problems during the first three years.

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These Brightech Ambience Pro Bulbs made by Edison are the perfect choice for outdoor decorating. These are heavy-duty, commercial-grade lights that come in long 24 or 48-foot strands. These would make the perfect addition to any outdoor patio or garden area. They’d also look great hanging from a gazebo or pergola.

Copper String Lights

Copper String Lights in a Jar


Copper String Lights are all the rage. These lights are little, LED lights mounted on small, bendable strands of copper. Most of these lights are low power consumption LEDs and are generally battery-operated. You can do practically anything you’d like with them, but they do look great in a mason jar.

Jar of Fairy Lights


These Jar of Fairy Lights are very similar to the copper string lights, except they’re lighter in color. They’re referred to as fairy lights because of how small and delicate they are (just like the sparkly pixie dust left behind by fairies).

Copper Wire Fairy Lights with Battery Operation



LightsEtc has eight different modes. Waterproof Copper Wire Fairy Lights for Room Wedding Garden Party Wall Tree Decoration 2 Pack 33 Feet 100 Led Fairy String Lights with Battery Remote Timer Control

  • Package Included: 2 Pack 100 Led 33 Feet fairy string lights, 2 pieces remote control & 2 waterproof portable battery cases.
  • Modes and brightness: There are eight different modes on this LED fairy light. Combination, In waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Flash, and Steady on are the ten brightness levels. To change modes, use the remote control’s 13 keys or the button on the battery cover.
  • Auto Time Setting: 6H On/18H Off, the light will turn on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours. These copper wire String Lights with LEDs may last up to 60 hours on a single charge.
  • Battery that may be taken anywhere Operating: String Lights with LEDs are powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), and are ideal for use as a DIY decoration for parties, Christmas gardens, patios, and homes of all shapes and sizes. They are also a great option for wedding festival holiday decorations.
  • CE certification ensures that the waterproof rubber is properly placed for outdoor usage. If you are not pleased with your LightsEtc fairy copper string lights, please contact us using Amazon message box at any time.

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With this 2-pack of 100-count copper wire fairy lights, you may construct your own fairy lights. Not to mention that they’re battery-operated, waterproof, and come with an 8-mode remote control. These lights are a wonderful way to add a touch of enchantment to your house.

String Lights with LEDs


String Lights with LEDs are a wonderful thing. They come in so many different colors and configurations. They’re generally used to light up an area under a counter, cabinet, desk, or a media area.

Many of them also come with remote controllers or iPhone applications, allowing you to operate them using your phone.

Nets of Light


Nets of Light are another creative innovation. Having a patchwork net of meshed LED lights is the perfect tool for covering large areas and keeping your lights evenly-spaced.

Net-lights may be wrapped over a fence or thrown on bushes to create a beautiful effect.

Trees with Rope Lights

Light Rope Around Palm Tree


Wrapping a rope light around a tree is not only easy, but it also has the potential to be rather spectacular. LEDs don’t use a lot of energy, so you can leave them plugged in all the time. If you’re going to place lights outside, make sure they’re outdoor LED lights and that any connections to outlets or extension cables are covered in waterproof material.

Check out our Outdoor Ideas for Rope Lights article for more!

Wrapping Lights Around Tree Trunks and Branches


The use of two different-colored strands of rope lights wrapped around the whole circumference of these trees gives a stunning impact for this city plaza at night.

After lights are stretched among the branches of trees, they sparkle even when the leaves are gone for the winter.

Palm Tree with Colored Lights


Who says your palm tree’s lights have to be all the same color? Beautiful hues are appropriate for such a lovely tropical setting. The palm tree is draped in colourful lights that provide a festive ambiance at any time of year.

Ideas for Rope Lights in the Home

Kitchen Lighting in the Backyard


If you have an outdoor kitchen, a few strings of lights may add ambience and make it more usable at night. These lights are utilized to accent the bar area as well as to embellish the patio umbrella.

String Lights for the Bedroom Wall


Using string lights to emphasize an accent wall is a lovely and unique way to make your area stand out. This is a common technique to dress up a wall without having to spend money on painting or rebuilding.

String Lights for the Pool


These days, the number of swimming pool possibilities is nearly limitless. Even if your pool is outdated, you may spruce it up with some additional lighting. As the lights flash over the river, they contribute to the outdoor mood and beauty.

Lights in the Rafters


When refurbishing, reclaimed wood and unique accent pieces offer the ideal mix of old and modern. Lighting may also be used to showcase magnificent ancient features. The rustic rafters are beautifully contrasted by these little white bulbs.

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED Warm White & Color Changing Café String Lights



Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED Warm White & Color Changing Café String Lights, Black, 24ft., 12 Premium Impact Resistant Lifetime Bulbs, Wireless, Weatherproof, Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial Grade, 37791

  • Choose warm white for year-round use or colors for holidays and special occasions to create the right ambiance in any indoor or outdoor setting. Backyards, porches, balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, gazebos, gardens, home accents, offices, dorms, cafés, bars, restaurants, venues, tailgating, parties, camping, and more
  • Color modes are selectable: choose from a single color, a two-color combination, or a selection of predefined color options. Wireless remote control for color selection, dimmability, and 2 or 4 hour timeout settings are included. 2200K color temperature Plus color changing
  • 12 long-lasting, impact-resistant acrylic Edison type bulbs won’t shatter if dropped, walked on, or blown about in the wind (IP66). Construction of commercial grade and UL certification Listed for permanent indoor and outdoor use, and built to survive year-round exposure to the outdoors, so you only have to put them up once.
  • The Enbrighten Seasons Café Lights are backed by a lifetime guarantee and outperform the competition with quality long-life, cool-to-the-touch, and energy-efficient LEDs that eliminate the need to replace bulbs. These Edison-style cafe lights are useful and long-lasting, with a charming retro touch.
  • Simple to install with flexible mounting choices, put on a flat surface or hang from above (mounting hardware not included); Linkable up to 750 feet and easy to install with flexible mounting options, mount on a flat surface or hang from above (mounting hardware not included); Enbrighten Café Lights include end-to-end connectors, allowing you to join numerous sets together to create the optimum length for any installation. The heavy-duty grounded power cable has an 18″ lead-in from the plug to the first bulb and a 6″ lead out from the final bulb to the female mating connector, ensuring constant 24 inch spacing between each light throughout numerous strands.

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Enbrighten Vintage Color-Changing LEDs are ideal for illuminating a patio or a dining area with an umbrella. They’d look great on a front porch, too. They’re tough, waterproof, and come in a variety of colors. Isn’t it amazing?

Creative Ideas for Rope Lights

The Light Curtain


There’s no reason why you can’t get creative with your lighting options. This The Light Curtain creates a magical backdrop for any outdoor setting. These would be great for a wedding, an outdoor party, or any event where you’d like a dramatic effect.

On the Boardwalk, there are lights.


Lights can transform the ambience (and they’re also useful) whether you’re a company or have an outside patio. The installation of these little white lights adds a gleam to any room, brightening any mood and delighting any imagination.

Lights from the Carnival


Attach strings of lights to the top of a post and run them to the ground to create a lively, carnival-like tent look. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in a wonderful light-filled tent?

Rope lights can be a wonderful way to create ambiance and make your space your own. Hopefully, these Ideas for Rope Lights will help spark the creative giant within you and you can come up with some wonderful ways to use lighting to decorate your home.

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The “led rope lights outdoor” is a type of rope light that can be used outdoors. It has been around for a while and will continue to be in the future.

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