In this article, we’ll go over the differences between these two very popular games. From rules and regulations to cost-effectiveness, you’ll be able to decide which game is for you.

Spikeball vs Slammo is a game that has been around for a while. It’s a complete comparison of the two games in 2022. Read more in detail here: board ball vs spikeball.

Have you ever seen Spikeball or Slammo being played in a park, a gym, or on the beach? Are you eager to get your hands on a circular net game? Spikeball or Slammo: which is better? We’ll compare Spikeball with Slammo in this post.

First and foremost, you should be aware that both games are governed by the same set of rules, more or less. Spikeball is the first firm to produce the round net game. Take a look at the Spikeball’s Origins below for additional information. Spikeball has exploded in popularity in recent years, with events debuting on ESPN in 2018. For those in a rush, here is a concise overview of our ideas.


Slammo vs. Spikeball

  1. Ball Quality Is Better In Spikeball: The Spikeball balls are constructed of a thicker substance and feel much more durable. Slammo balls, on the other hand, have a higher bounce.
  2. Spikeball Net Legs Can Be Folded: The legs of a Spikeball net can be folded. This means that the legs may be folded and stored easily. The Slammo net legs are rigid and cannot be folded.
  3. The standard Slammo game set comes with three balls, plus an extra training ball. One Spikeball is included in the basic Spikeball package. For a few more dollars, you can now get a Spikeball gaming set with three balls. Just make sure you get the right amount of balls when you buy the package.
  4. Slammo has a far lower price tag than Spikeball. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, Slammo could be the way to go.
  5. Overall Quality of Spikeball: While Slammo continues to increase the quality of its equipment, the original Spikeball still provides superior overall quality. The Slammo Pro set’s most current version boasts 200 percent stronger materials.
  6. Lifetime Warranty: Both Slammo and Spikeball include a lifetime guarantee. Any damaged components will be replaced for free!


Spikeball’s Origins

Jeff Knurek came up with the idea for Spikeball in 1989. Tomy, a Japanese toy maker, promoted it. However, owing to outmoded technology, its popularity waned. When Chris Ruder played the game on a vacation to Hawaii, it made a return. He decided to bring the game back to life and give the old equipment a fresh lease of life. Spikeball Inc. was founded by him in 2008. It swiftly developed from a basement business to a $1 million corporation that caught the attention of Dick’s sports goods. The company’s most significant boost came from its inclusion in season 6 of the popular reality TV program “Shark Tank.” Other firms started selling spikeball games as a result of their rising popularity. The game’s name was changed to roundnet in order to preserve Spikeball Inc.’s trademark. Many people, though, still refer to the game as spikeball. Slammo, Bounceball, and Revol are among of the other manufacturers that offer roundnet sets.

What exactly is Spikeball?

Spikeball Inc. is a trademark for the game that is currently known as Roundnet. It’s a game that’s a cross between volleyball and foursquare. The net is replaced by the Spikenet, a tiny circular trampoline-like net on the ground. Typically, the game is played with four players: two against. two. The purpose of the game, similar to volleyball, is to rally the ball to the opposite team until it cannot be returned effectively. The ball must bounce on the Spikenet rather than being hit over a net. There are no bounds in volleyball, unlike volleyball! Players may spin around the net and hit the ball in any direction they like.

Spikeball Instructions (aka Round net)

To begin, spike the ball onto the Spikenet so that it ricochets back at your opponents.

  1. The opposing side may return the ball to the Spikenet and opposing team with up to three hits.
  2. When one side successfully scores a point, the round is ended.
  3. If the serving team wins the point, they must serve one more. The serve goes to the opposite team if they lose the point.
  4. When one side scores a specified amount of points, usually 11, 15, or 21, the game is over.

In Spikeball, the goal is to score as many points as possible.

The In Spikeball, the goal is to score as many points as possible. is similar to Volleyball scoring. Official rules are included in the game sets as well. When the opposing team cannot successfully return the ball, the opposing team scores a point. There are a few ways to score in Spikeball. Points are scored when the ball hits the ground, rim, or bounces more than once on the net. In all of these cases, the team who did not hit the ground, rim, or bounce more than once scores the point. Also, if a team does not return the ball to the net within three touches, the opposing team scores a point. A “hinder” can also be called if a defender at any time blocks the offensive play by colliding or impeding the player. In the case of a hinder, the point must be replayed.


One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to create variants to shake things up. While these versions aren’t often utilized in competitions, they might add some excitement to your game! These are also excellent handicaps to provide for players of different skill levels. Call one or more of these variants before the ball is delivered. Here are some examples of variations:

T-Rex Arms: All players must put their arms up to their wrists in their shirt sleeves (wrists at armpits). Then go back to using the standard rules.

Players must play with their “off” hand if they are ambidextrous.

Trampoline Shirt: During the second hit during a rally, players use their shirts to bounce the ball.

Pirates Booty: For the length of the point, all players must hop up and down on one leg.

Players can only strike the ball with the back of their hands.

Call it harder, better, quicker, stronger, and if a team can perform a push-up in the middle of a rally and still win the point, they gain an extra two points.

Feel free to add your own twist to the game and make it your own. The sky is the limit for your imagination!

Pros at Spikeball

  • Set of the original game
  • The overall quality has improved.
  • Balls are composed of a more robust and heavier substance.
  • In Spikeball tournaments, this set is utilized.
  • It’s ideal for serious spikeball players.
  • The spherical net has foldable legs.

Cons of Spikeball

  • More expensive than other sets on the market
  • The amateur is not provided for.
  • Balls don’t have as much bounce as they used to.

Sets for Spikeball

There are a few different types of game sets to choose from. Here’s a rundown of the different sets, what they contain, and how they vary. If you’ve decided that Spikeball is the game for you, read our entire Spikeball set review.

1. Rookie Spikeball Kit

This kit is intended for beginners and children. The net and balls have been made 50% bigger to make play simpler. This is a fantastic option for younger players or those who are just starting out. A 45″ net and frame, a big textured ball, a carrying bag, and instructions are included with the package.


Spikeball Rookie Kit – 50 percent larger net and ball – Can be played in the yard, on the lawn, or on the beach – Designed for New Players

  • Spikeball is a fun and energetic 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game with rules similar to volleyball that is played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach, or gym. To help you get started, the instructions provide basic Spikeball regulations as well as four alternate game rules.
  • NEW PLAYERS IN MIND – THIS GAME WAS CREATED WITH NEW PLAYERS IN MIND. It’s a lot easier to get started now that the equipment is bigger and the regulations have been changed!
  • It’s simpler to manage, pass, and spike a 50 percent bigger ball with increased texture.
  • It’s simpler to start points and keep rallies going with a 50 percent bigger NET.
  • SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX SHIPPING! If it’s a surprise, choose “Ship in Amazon Packaging” at Checkout.

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2. Spikeball 3 Ball Standard Kit

The normal three-ball kit includes a 36″ net and frame, as well as three 3.5″ balls. A carrying bag and instructions are also included with this set. Instead of having a textured surface, the balls have a smooth surface.


Spikeball Game Set (3 Ball Kit) – Outdoor, Beach, Park, and Indoors

  • Spikeball is a fun, lively, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game with rules similar to volleyball that is played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach, or gym.
  • Spikeball is a great game to play in the garden, on the beach, or even in your living room!
  • THE PRODUCT IS STRONGER WITH FOLDABLE LEGS. These legs may take a beating from errant dives and falls. Bonus! They make storing Spikeball in your trunk, closet, or garage a lot simpler.
  • ADJUSTABLE NET — Play at tournament level or customize the net tightness to your liking. Newer players should have more bounce, while experienced players should have less bounce.

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3. Pro Spikeball (Tournament Edition)

Spikeball Pro Tournament Edition is primarily aimed at experienced Spikeball players. One registration to the Spikeball roundnet association is included with the purchase of the kit. Texture has been added to the Pro-balls to improve control and spin. To resist falls and dives, the structure and legs have been strengthened. It also has a more sturdy backpack. With the supplied pump and gauge, you can make sure your balls are correctly inflated. This established it as the benchmark for tournament play.


Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) – Upgraded Stronger Playing Net, New Spin-Additive Balls, Portable Ball Pump Gauge, Backpack – As Seen on Shark Tank TV

  • ACTION FOR FOUR PLAYERS — Spikeball is a fun, aggressive, and competitive (if you want it to be) two-on-two game with volleyball-like rules. Outdoors, inside, on the grass, in the yard, at the beach, at the gym, at the tailgate, at family gatherings, on holidays, nearly anyplace and for any occasion.
  • RIMS AND LEGS ARE 33% STRONGER – Less prone to break from an accidental fall or dive. The playing surface is more stable.
  • BETTER BALLS – The Pro Balls now have more texture, allowing for additional spin and control on hits.
  • SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX SHIPPING! If it’s a surprise, choose “Ship in Amazon Packaging” at Checkout.
  • FOR ALL AGES – Spikeball may be customized in a variety of ways to engage the whole crew. There’s always a way to have fun.

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Q: Can you tell me where I can get Spikeball?

DICK’S sports goods was the first to take up Spikeball. It is still available for purchase there. Spikeball may also be purchased at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. However, before going inside the shop, double-check that the set you want is available.

Q: Can you tell me where I can play spikeball?

A: If you’re with a bunch of buddies, go play in any open area! If you want to play with other people and become a part of a community, download the free Spikeball app to meet players in your region. Joining the Spikeball Roundnet Association Facebook Group is another excellent alternative. Tournaments in a variety of sectors are often advertised here. Members of the organization may also point you in the direction of serious players in your region.


What is Slammo and how does it compare to Spikeball?

GoSports created the Slammo game set. Slammo is a multiplayer roundnet game. From 1989 through 2008, Roundnet was known as Spikeball. Slammo provides roundnet equipment at a lower cost than Spikeball. The roundnet game regulations are the same for both sets of equipment, while the written instructions for Slammo and Spikeball may differ.

Pros of Slammo:

  • Affordably priced- acquire a whole set for less than its main competition.
  • Ball bounces well.
  • The XL set has the biggest roundnet on the market.
  • Excellent for inexperienced players.

Slammo’s Downfalls:

  • Quality may not be able to sustain a lot of use.
  • The balls are not as hefty as those in the Spikeball set.
  • This is not the set used in official Spikeball competitions.

Sets of Slammo Games

Slammo is the most cost-effective alternative. Slammo, on the other hand, has just as many, if not more, set choices as Spikeball. Slammo offers a set for any occasion, whether it’s a nephew’s birthday, a family gathering, or a collegiate tournament.

1. Slammo

A net, two ordinary balls, and one training ball are included in the traditional Slammo set. The training ball is a little bit bigger than the other play balls. This is a great place to start.


GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) – Outdoor Lawn, Beach & Tailgating Roundnet Game for Kids, Teens & Adults

  • SLAMMO is a fun outdoor lawn game for both children and adults. 1 slammo target, 2 competition size balls, 1 training ball, travel carrying bag, and game rules are included in this set.
  • WHAT IS SLAMMO: Slammo is an action-packed 2 on 2 volleyball-style outdoor game in which teams have three hits to bounce or spike the ball to the net. It’s great fun for family and friends to play in the yard, at the beach, during cookouts, and while camping.
  • ACTIVE FUN: Slammo is an entertaining game that is ideal for having fun and even breaking a sweat, as well as cross training for a variety of different sports. It is also a unique gift idea for kids, teenagers, and adults.
  • Dimensions of the package: 22.0inch (L) x 12.0inch (W) x 4.0inch (H)

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Slammo XL (Slammo XL) (Slamm

Slammo XL is great for beginners or group play. This set comes with a largest net of all the Sets of Slammo Games at 48 inches. The net is large enough that you can even play with a larger group up to 4 vs. 4. The 3 balls that come with this set are larger at 6 inches.


Green GoSports Slammo XL Game Set with 48″ Net – Great for Beginners, Younger Players, or Group Play

  • 48-INCHES GIANT SLAMMO The net has a surface area that is 75% greater than the normal Slammo – Beginners, longer rallies, and bigger groups will benefit from easier gaming. Play two-on-two, three-on-three, or four-on-four.
  • LOW PROFILE RIM: The innovative Hook System allows for a low profile rim that reduces rim shots while also concealing net hooks.
  • LEGS IMPROVED: 200 percent stronger than normal Slammo, with rubber feet for optimal stability on any surface (grass, sand, concrete, gym floors)
  • HIGH BOUNCE NET: The net has been improved to allow for higher bounces and more Slammo.
  • Patent applications are pending.

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Slammo Pro is the third option.

A net, three (9cm) competition balls, a pump, and a carrying bag are included in the pro package. This set has a 200 percent stronger re-engineered construction than the original. Rubber foot grips are also included for improved performance on nearly any surface. The low-profile rim is designed to cut down on and eliminate rim shots.


SLAMMO PRO Game Set by GoSports – New and Improved PRO Set includes 3 PRO Balls, Pump, and Carrying Case.

  • NEW FOR 2019: The Slammo Set is a no-compromise set. Stronger frame, reinforced legs, and a net with a high bounce
  • LOW PROFILE RIM: The innovative Hook System allows for a low profile rim that reduces rim shots while also concealing net hooks.
  • LEGS IMPROVED BY 200 PERCENT Rubber feet provide optimal stability on any surface and are stronger than conventional Slammo (grass, sand, concrete, gym floors)
  • HIGH BOUNCE NET: Improved net allows for more slammmmmmos and higher bounces.
  • Patent applications are pending.

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Last Thoughts

Spikeball and Slammo are two excellent options for playing roundnet. The game’s creator, Spikeball, is the game’s original creator. Spikeball offers a variety of game settings to pick from, based on your skill level. The legs of the Spikeball structure may easily be folded. Slammo provides comparable gameplay at a lower cost. Slammo has three gamesets to choose from. The slammo balls are claimed to bounce higher. Spikeball is a good option if you are seeking for overall quality. Slammo is a decent alternative if cost is your primary motive. Check out our KanJam Review if you like Spikeball.

In the “how to play slammo” article, it is explained that the game of Spikeball and Slammo are similar games. They both involve using a ball to hit targets with a mallet. The main difference between the two games is how they are played. In slammo, players stand on their own side of a wall while in spikeball, players stand on opposite sides of the wall.

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