Airsoft guns are a relatively new product, but they’ve been taking the world by storm. With more and more Americans tuning in to airsoft events, it only makes sense that this category will continue to grow. This article highlights some of the best budget-friendly Airsoft Guns available for purchase today!

The “best airsoft guns $100” is a list of the best budget buys for 2022. It includes airsoft guns, pistols, rifles and more.

Airsoft gun games are among the most entertaining activities available. When it comes to playing the game, the greatest airsoft pistol or gun will provide you with every cutting-edge feature to help you perform better. The list below includes five of the finest airsoft guns under $100. You may use it to aid your decision-making process while looking for a good inexpensive airsoft gun.


1. CYMA M870 Polymer


CYMA Standard M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Full Stock CQB) – Evike Airsoft (60167)

  • This is not a listing for a single Airsoft component. There are no components intended for use in actual firearms. Unless otherwise noted, batteries, scopes, and other accessories are not included. Please carefully read the bullet points and description below. The required blazing orange muzzle tip is already attached. Certain assembly may be necessary, particularly on bespoke models and some bigger Airsoft weapons.
  • Tri-shot mechanism; one stroke of the trigger discharges three BBs.
  • Metal barrel assembly, polymer receiver, and Grip a Pistol
  • Gun, Magazine, and 1x Removable 30rd Shot Shell are included in the package.
  • Tips: If your BBs are jamming, check sure they are clean and lubricated, and that they are high-quality BBs with no seams or bubbles. BBs of poor quality might cause jams and breakage.

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The CYMA Polymer M870 spring airsoft gun is a spring-powered tri-shotgun. It has an 870-style body that was custom-made by CYMA. As a result, it may provide a variety of configurations, stock choices, and lengths.

It has the same spring-loaded technology seen in the M-3 shotgun. The only difference is the appearance.

There is no rubber buttstock on it. This makes cradling the stock in your shoulder / upper chest region somewhat unpleasant. You could also notice that the folding stock is a little shaky.

When the shotgun is pumped, the Polymer M870 features a clearly moving bolt. The loading gate accepts the normal tri-shot shell. Each shell may store ten shots.

You get 30 bullets per shell with a triple barrel mechanism that can fire three shots every time you pull the trigger. This particular model also has sling mounts on the back and front.

What we liked

  • Reloading is simple and quick.
  • Shoots three airsoft bbs at the same time
  • Construction of high grade
  • FPS is excellent for a shotgun.
  • Very inexpensive

Things that bothered us

  • Limited accessories are included.

Airsoft Rifle Crosman Elite Front Line Force

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This is one of the kits you could want for an exciting airsoft skirmish. The package includes a smart handgun and rifle to assist you boost your gaming performance.

A spring-powered 1911 type airsoft pistol is included in the Crosman Elite Front Line Force kit. A spring-powered tactical rifle is also included.

The rifle includes a detachable and adjustable stock and a unique quad railing mounting mechanism. An all-weather detachable synthetic forearm grip and an internal metal barrel provide further durability.

The pistol and rifle are comfortable to grip. We received the impression that it was a genuine gun.

Perhaps because it is constructed with the highest quality components. A belt holster and 1,000 6 mm airsoft BBs are included as part of the kit.

What we liked

  • Rifle stock that is easily detachable and adjustable
  • Several BBs are provided.
  • High degrees of precision
  • It is simple to carry since it has a carry handle.
  • Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials

Things that bothered us

3. Airsoft Gun Package from BBTac

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The BBTac airsoft gun bundle includes a variety of imitation weaponry for clandestine operations (or Black Ops). It includes everything you’ll need to play a shooting game.

The bundle includes an M4 spring rifle. The set also includes mini handguns, a door entry shotgun, and two CQB SMGs. It’s essentially a combination of strong weaponry that ensure long shots without sacrificing precision.

Both the rifle and the shotgun are spring-loaded airsoft firearms. They are capable of firing 0.12g BBs at speeds of above 300 FPS. The remaining weapons are spring-operated and simple to use; all you have to do is cock and fire.

The bundle is meant to be used in serious airsoft games by an experienced airsoft player. Keep in mind that the weapons are Lightweight, making them an excellent choice for novices.

What we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Authentic replica
  • Strong airsoft guns
  • They are more inexpensive since they are packaged.
  • Works nicely with both skilled and inexperienced users.

Things that bothered us

  • The assault rifle is not a fully automatic weapon.

4. Crosman Elite Airsoft Gun (AREKTC)

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This is the whole fighting equipment you should consider for warfare. A holster and a P311 spring pistol are included in the kit. The bundle also includes the P311 spring pistol, small R39 spring rifle, and a bonus grenade ammunition dispenser with 800 12GR rounds.

The Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft is a carbine with a folding stock that is ideal for close-quarters combat. It can hold 350 BBs and fire at a rate of over 320 feet per second. The quad rail mounting system is responsible for this.

The handgun and rifle are attractive and elegant, making them enjoyable to use. They resemble genuine firearms in appearance. They can fire with enough force to give the impression of shooting a genuine gun in terms of performance.

What we liked

  • Pistols feature fixed sights in the back and front.
  • Looks superior and lovely
  • Various components are included in the kit.
  • An adjustable hop-up is included with the weapon.
  • More than 320 frames per second

Things that bothered us

  • When it falls, it easily fractures.

5. Airsoft Gun Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric


M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle by Double Eagle

  • X36 airsoft rifle replica
  • Magazine, battery, and charger are included.
  • Vertical grip, red dot scope, and flashlight were among the additional accessories.
  • With 0.12g 6mm BBs, the FPS is about 250.
  • Ideal for shooting in the backyard

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The Eagle M85P is a fantastic airsoft gun at an affordable price. It’s a reproduction of the X36 airsoft pistol and comes with a charger, battery, charges, and magazine. We enjoyed the sensation of holding the pistol.

The M85P is a stunning cannon to employ on the battlefield in terms of looks. For starters, there are no 100% metal airsoft pieces in it.

The ABS plastic used in the construction is quite durable. For firearms in their price range, it’s acceptable. Even after wearing it for a long time, we noted that it did not readily ear off.

When used in warfare for lengthy periods of time, certain airsoft weapons lose their effectiveness. The plastic construction makes it simpler to transport during games, especially in rocky or slippery environments. Finally, it includes rails on the top and bottom of the rifle that may be used to add accessories.

What we liked

  • Approximately 80 yard accuracy
  • Switch between full-auto and semi-auto mode
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Strong yet soft on the skin
  • Best for shooting in the backyard

Things that bothered us

  • At times, the silencer fails.

Airsoft Gun Education

The following are the most important aspects to consider while selecting the finest airsoft gun:

Firing Techniques

There are three major categories for all airsoft guns when it comes to Firing Techniques. They are spring, GBB (gas blowback gun), and AEG (automatic electric gun). The best gun for beginners is GBB as they are easier to maintain than electric options.

Due of the advancements players enjoy while using a gas airsoft pistol, the prior advantages of AEG are diminished. GBBs are the simplest to clean since they contain fewer components.


Whether or not you purchase one or more attachments depends on your preferred playstyle and role. It may assist you land bullets on your opponents, boost the performance of your rifle, and expand your effective range.

Consider the following:

Your performance will be determined by the weight of the rifle. Although you may fantasize about killing people with a fine gun, its weight may prevent you from doing it successfully. Weight should not be a deciding issue in your decision-making if you have upper body strength.

Take into account the kind of game.

Covering fire, support gunner, and CQB are examples of different games (close quarter battles). Make sure you choose a position that is right for you. Playing as a sniper, for example, is not suggested if you lack patience.

CQB weapons feature shorter barrels to allow you to maneuver around corners. An airsoft sniper rifle is cumbersome and costly. The fact that they are powerful bolt action rifles is a plus.

Support gunners should utilize M60s or other hard-hitting, very heavy machine guns. When covering fire, any assault weapon with a large magazine works well.


Before buying any airsoft gun, you must first determine your budget. After you’ve established a budget, you’ll be able to see which guns are available.

Having a set budget allows you to choose the finest airsoft gun for your money. Look for firearms with the finest performance and quality within your budget.

Airsoft guns come in a variety of styles. Keep in mind that low-cost high-quality versions are frequently of lower quality, dependability, and construction.


Everyone has their own distinct tastes. You may not have a preference if you are a newbie.

It’s a good place to start if there’s a rand and model that appears to suit the bill. You’ll want an airsoft gun that you can carry around and grip comfortably.

You Should Know These Airsoft Gun Terms


Is an airsoft gun that uses 6 mm plastic BBs to shoot. The majority of these weapons are designed to resemble genuine firearms.

Military troops often utilize them during training. Since they are hosted all over the globe, the sport is growing in popularity.


This kind of airsoft gun fires 6mm plastic BBs as ammo. They’re created using a variety of grades classified by weight.

0.20 BBs, for example, are 0.20 grams apiece, 0.12 BBs are 0.12 grams each, and so on. For more powerful firearms, heavier BBs are often utilized.

Blow Back

When you fire a shot, a characteristic featured in the majority of airsoft pistols guarantees that the slide fires back. The purpose of this feature is to make the pistol more lifelike by giving it a “kick” comparable to what you would get from a real gun.

Magazine with a large capacity (Hi-Cap)

An airsoft rifle magazine that carries a large number of BBs. Using this little wheel at the bottom of the magazine, more BBs are driven into the firing mechanism. It’s a magazine that enables you to shoot a lot of bullets with just a few magazines.

Gear Box

The motor of an electric airsoft pistol is coupled to a series of gears. This is the transmission.

They make advantage of the motor’s rotational energy. After that, the energy is transmitted to the springs, allowing the pistol to fire BBs.

This is a critical component of any AEG. The quality of the gearbox determines the gun’s performance.


The majority of airsoft guns include this capability, which enables you to modify the backspin of the BB as it exits the weapon. Backspin allows BBs to go farther and straighter.


It’s an abbreviation. The velocity at which BBS escape an airsoft gun is measured as feet per second (FPS). The FPS is used to determine a gun’s power.

A 0.20 BB is often used to measure FPS. It simplifies FPS rates for many kinds of firearms. Keep in mind that BBS with a low FPS rate tend to improve accuracy.

Grip a Pistol

Any airsoft weapon with a pistol grip.


It’s an airsoft gun with a shotgun-style design. The handgrip is pushed back and forth to load the spring and prepare it for firing. Before firing the cannon, it must be pumped.


The rail integration system is referred to by this word. A system of rails is put on the front of this sort of airsoft rifle.

These rails are used to personalize a firearm with a number of attachments. Special grips, grenades, lasers, scopes, and sights are among the attachments.

The Top 3 Airsoft Gun Manufacturers

Crosman Corporation has been a forerunner in air gun invention since its founding in 1923 in Rochester, New York. At its production base in Bloomfield, New York, the company now employs over 300 people. Crosman also supports thousands of employment in the United States at firms in the transportation, technical services, and component manufacturing industries.

For more than ten years, Evike has been one of the world’s most trusted inventors, innovators, and top distributors of airsoft equipment. Many of the top airsoft brands in the commercial, sports, and training markets have exclusive makers, service centers, and representation at the corporation. Evike’s basic values include safety, innovation, quality, and a personal touch in customer service, according to the company.

BBTac produces some of the best airsoft equipment and BBs available. As a result, it continues to produce high-quality products that are innovative. They are a process-driven, market-driven company that provides and develops cutting-edge solutions and products for its clients. As a result, they routinely surpass their competitors.


Q: How hazardous are airsoft guns?

A: An airsoft gun is incapable of causing physical harm. BBS fire does not have enough power to inflict serious injury. Only if it touches your eyes should you be concerned. To avoid this, we suggest using a face mask while playing.

They might be harmful in social situations. If you carry an electrical airsoft pistol in public, for example, it may seem to be a real gun. It is preferable to use these rifles in the woods or fields where they are controlled.

Is it allowed to use airsoft guns?

A: Certainly! It’s often referred to as a sport. Some towns, states, and nations impose restrictions and regulations. In the United States, for example, California state law mandates that young persons be monitored.

Q: Can airsoft BBS be composted?

A: Airsoft manufacturers have just lately attempted to make BBS biodegradable. The substance does not degrade quickly since it is organic. It disintegrates with no negative consequences for the environment.

Q: Why do people prefer airsoft over paintball?

A: Airsofters constantly claim that their game is the greatest. The same may be said for paintballers. The good news is that both locations are enjoyable.

Both sports are really enjoyable on a broad scale. Airsoft, on the other hand, is “shoulder high above” paintball. So, how does this function? The reasons behind this are as follows:

  • Paintball originated before airsoft.
  • Airsoft firearms are often used by the military in training.
  • Airsoft firearms are more accurate than real ones.
  • Paintball weapons are more difficult to assemble than airsoft guns.
  • Airsoft games are more well-organized than paintball games.
  • In a paintball game, BBs will fire slower than airsoft.
  • When it comes to upgrading, airsoft weapons will provide you additional options.
  • Airsoft weapons are more tactical than paintball guns.
  • Airsoft is a more realistic game than paintball.

Q: What are the best airsoft weapons to buy?

A: It will be determined by a number of criteria. They include the gun’s weight, the role you desire to play, and the price. These considerations should assist you in selecting the finest airsoft gun for your requirements.

Airsoft Safety Equipment

Despite the fact that Airsoft is a simulation of war, it is not without danger! Before you go out and purchase the finest airsoft pistol under $100, think about the extra equipment you’ll need to be safe while playing. This portion of the article will provide a basic list of required Airsoft equipment.

  •  Goggles or a mask for airsoft. Let’s face it: Airsoft BBs are painful, and they may be hazardous if they land in the wrong spot. Always choose equipment that will protect your face. We suggest purchasing a full-face mask for two reasons: 1. it looks cooler and 2. it gives the best protection. If you don’t want to wear a complete facemask, at the very least use goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Shirt, jacket, or coat with long sleeves. Because your arms and chest are the biggest and easiest targets for other players to aim at, you’ll want to protect your arms and skin by wearing a thin, long-sleeved shirt, a light jacket, or a coat (depending on the temperature).
  • Pants. Shorts should not be worn during airsoft engagements. Pants will shield your skin from whelps and will help to buffer the BBs’ impact. Make sure you select a pair of jeans that you don’t mind shredding or dirtying.
  • Military boots or comfortable shoes. Military boots are designed to give comfort and stability in a range of terrains, therefore if you want to have a realistic experience, you should get some military boots. Otherwise, a pair of comfy tennis shoes would do.

Wrap-Up of Airsoft Guns

The best airsoft rifle gun is the Crosman Elite Front Line Force. It has great features such as High degrees of precision and comes with plenty of BBs. The easily adjustable ad removable rifle stock is also a plus.

If this does not work for you, you can opt to go for the M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle by Double Eagle. One of its great features is the semi-auto and full-auto switch.

When it comes to airsoft gun packages, the best bet would be the Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft. The pistols have front and rear fixed sights. Various components are included in the kit. while the rifle has an adjustable stock.

Most consumers wind up buying subpar models since they aren’t concerned about getting accurate information. You may choose anything that fits or comes near to your preferences using this guidance. All of the following firearms and bundles have received excellent reviews on various websites, which is why we suggest them.

The “most accurate airsoft gun” is a great budget buy for the year 2022. The most accurate airsoft guns are great for beginners and intermediate players. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

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