What is the best airsoft suppressor in 2022? This question will be answered by a detailed blog post.

The “best foam for airsoft silencer” is a question that has been asked many times before. In this article, we will be discussing the best airsoft suppressor in 2022.

The Best Airsoft Suppressor in 2022: Own The Yard

Airsoft suppressors are a popular aesthetic improvement for your airsoft weapon. The legal airsoft suppressors offered in the United States are often referred to as “silencers,” although they do not legally “silence” anything on your pistol.

While airsoft suppressors are quite popular, they do nothing to alter the operation of your airsoft rifle. Rather, they are only an attachment to your weapon that enhances its appearance. This is really for the best, since most airsoft weapons aren’t loud enough to need the usage of a noise suppressor.

This article will go through the most popular airsoft suppressors available on Amazon. You should be able to make an educated choice on which silencer is ideal for your airsoft rifle after reading this tutorial.


1. ACETECH Airsoft Pistol Suppressor Lighter

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The ACETECH lighter is a compact pistol suppressor for an airsoft pistol that adds a wonderful aesthetic touch to your airsoft gun’s appearance. This suppressor is unique in that it not only adds a crisp aesthetic to the end of your pistol, but it also has a laser for tracing where you want to aim the gun.

The suppressor has a counter-clockwise unscrewable plastic cap on the top of the tracer that may be removed. A micro-USB plug is hidden behind this cap, allowing you to charge the suppressor’s laser. When compared to other units, it takes two hours to get a decent charge on the suppressor, which is not a long time.

Aluminum is used to construct the ACETECH lighter’s body and base. The threads are 14mm in diameter and run counter-clockwise. This is a significant plus since it ensures that this silencer will suit the majority of airsoft guns.

In the case that you need a different size for your pistol, you may buy an Adaptor from ACETECH. This suppressor also has an adapter, which is a plus for certain models. Other adaptors for clockwise weapons with threads within the barrel are also available. This gives the suppressor a wide range of applications.

The inclusion of a laser when firing an airsoft gun is one of the major selling factors for the suppressor with a tracer on it. Seeing the laser pointer go off when firing this pistol is incredibly enjoyable. It nearly seems like those movies with high-tech weaponry that have lasers pointed at them throughout the firing. Adding that kind of impact to your gunshot is a great idea.

Tracers are another kind of aesthetic upgrade for an airsoft pistol. They don’t modify how the rifle works, but they make the bullets seem to be propelled out by a massive beam of light. The combination of a tracer and a suppressor on your pistol makes the firing appear lot more dramatic than it would with just an airsoft gun.


  • Battery is rechargeable.
  • Included Tracer


  • One thread orientation only
  • Silencers for foam are not provided.

2. ACETECH Tactical Suppressor for Airsoft

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The ACETECH Predator L Suppressor is a great option for a suppressor that looks good and has a tracer buried within. An 18000 tracer unit is housed within the suppressor unit in this configuration.

The threaded ends on both sides of the shaft of this suppressor run clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. This functionality allows the suppressor to be used with almost any firearm. Foam bits are hidden under the caps on both ends to improve the gun’s silence effect.

If you take the tracer unit out of the suppressor, you’ll see where the batteries should go. This particular item requires four AAA batteries, which may be a drawback if you’re like me and forget to have batteries on hand.


  • Included Tracer
  • Threads in two directions


  • Separate AAA batteries are required.
  • Turning the tracer on/off requires disassembly.

3. Acetech Predator Suppressor for Airsoft


Tracer Unit for Airsoft Gun M14- CCW Thread Tracer Unit Without Sheath Acetech-AT1000

  • The world’s brightest green tracer unit
  • Fits M4, M416, AK47, MP7, MP9, UMP, P90 Rifles
  • Sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM using batteries that last 20,000 rounds or 4 eneloop rechargeable AAA cells that last 100,000 rounds.
  • Only supports green tracer BBs and is FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant.

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The ACETECH Predator airsoft suppressor is unlike any other on the market. The simplicity of having this specific suppressor/tracer combination makes it well worth the investment. The tracer unit is carefully stowed away within the fake suppressor unit for a sleek appearance, much as in previous suppressor/tracer unit combos.

The tracer unit included with the predator is an upgrade from most combos, which is an extra incentive buying this model. The tracer unit included in this model is the AT2000, rather than the AT1800 seen in most combo units.

This Predator variant is a Quick Sketch (QD) model, which means the suppressor may be removed without having to stop fire. This is especially useful if you find yourself changing guns often during practice or play.

The predator has a sleek appearance and appears like a true suppressor. It features a mesh appearance with black metal on black metal for an industrial type feel. This gives the faux suppressor a more authentic appearance than most other variants.

The tracer unit placed within the suppressor needs four AAA batteries, which is one of the model’s potential drawbacks. This implies that the unit must be completely dismantled on a regular basis to ensure that it has adequate power to function. While this is an annoyance, there are several advantages to this model that exceed this one disadvantage.


  • Aesthetic Appealing
  • Quick Sketch


4. Tactical Airsoft Suppressor by ActionUnion


Mini Tracer Unit Lighter for 14mm CCW Thread Airsoft Guns M14 / 10MM CW Thread Pistol BBS Glow in Dark ActionUnion Tactical Auto Airsoft Gun Pistol

  • Material of superior quality: Made of aluminum alloy, it is more robust, has a great texture, and is waterproof. It comes with six UV LED lights that are imported at high power (5W) and may be modified with your own silencer tracer.
  • Green fluorescent bbs or water bombs are supported by this airsoft pistol tracer. 10mm CCW handguns and 14mm CW automatic rifles are both compatible (M14)
  • Running fire with a sustain trace function up to 35 PRS (2100 RPM).
  • Automatically Switches ON/OFF: It would switch off after 40 minutes of inactivity. Battery power indication/led power indicator
  • Built-in lithium battery for USB charging. It has a 6 hour battery life. The battery might last up to 20000 rounds if fully charged.

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The Action Union airsoft suppressor is another item that combines the functionality of a faux suppressor and a tracer into a single accessory for your rifle. Although ActionUnion is a lesser-known manufacturer, every gun accessories lover should know about this suppressor alternative.

This suppressor may be used with either a 14mm or 11mm automatic rifle, making it much more flexible than previous variants. As an added plus, there is no need to buy an adapter separately, making this a really unique option.

The tracer unit can be charged by any USB port, making it a very handy device. Unlike systems that need the purchase of additional batteries. Furthermore, due of the charge capacity, this tracer’s firing life will be longer than others.

In order to save battery life, this item also automatically shuts off after forty minutes. Furthermore, the blinking light may be readily covered while filming to avoid being seen.


  • USB Charging
  • Adaptable Fit


  • Design is less appealing (plain and simple)

5. ACETECH Suppressor for Airsoft Pistols

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The ACETECH Lighter BT, which is a strong suppressor and tracer device, is the final item we’ll look at. This device comes with a number of extra features not seen in other ACETECH products. With these perks integrated, this one has an obvious edge over the others.

The option to discharge both green and red colored rounds is one of my favorite features of the Lighter BT. Almost all of the other troops can only fire green bullets, giving you an edge in bullet selection.

Furthermore, without the acquisition of an extra device, this model may conceal the blinking light. This is an excellent selling factor for this rifle since the tracer’s flashing light will reveal your location if you are firing in the dark.

This model will adapt to the end of a 14mm or 11mm model gun and will fit on the end of a rifle or handgun. Furthermore, it is 100mm long, which means that although it adds to the gun’s cool factor, it does not obstruct your shooting ability or add too much weight to the barrel’s end.

This specific model features pill-shaped texturing around the tracer’s edge and is somewhat thicker than the other ACETECH variants. The end cap features a fake serrated design for extra texture. All of this adds up to the suppressor seeming more genuine.


  • It seems to be a genuine suppressor.
  • Versatile


  • Batteries are required.
  • To Remove, You Must Screw

Buying Guide

Choosing the most practical versions of airsoft accessories is critical for a keen airsoft fan who wants to get the most out of their guns. When it comes to purchasing an attachment for your airsoft gun, there are various variables to consider.

All suppressors marketed lawfully in the United States are very certainly designed only for aesthetic purposes. The legal difficulties are not worth the little adjustments the device makes to the gun’s functioning. There is too much paperwork and licensing necessary to sell and acquire effective suppressors.

What kind of firearm are you looking to purchase?

Keep in mind that different attachments will suit various gun sizes. Before you click the buy button, do some research to see whether that model will fit the pistol you’re purchasing the attachment for. Many of these accessories may be fitted with adaptors to ensure that they fit, but you should double-check this before purchasing.


Some imitation suppressors are constructed with less-than-ideal materials. Plastic is one of these materials, however metal fake suppressors will be much more robust and attractive than other materials. Foam inserts will provide further noise isolation and should be considered when determining which item to buy.

Combination of suppressor and tracer

All of the suppressors in our best-of list are combined suppressor and tracer kits. There are a number of advantages to this, including the freedom to select whether or not to employ the tracer function. In the long term, buying a package saves money over buying two items separately afterwards.

What kind of power source is needed?

Some tactical suppressors that have a tracer buried within may be recharged using a USB charger. Other suppressors need the purchase of extra batteries. This may have a significant impact on both the total cost of operating the tracer and the ease with which it can be used regularly.

Is it a Quick Sketch?

A Quick Sketch suppressor can be convenient if you find yourself frequently needing to remove the suppressor for any reason.

Appearance in Style/Tactical

Tactical suppressors come in a variety of designs. Although the majority of the suppressors have a modest appearance, some are significantly more aesthetically pleasing than others. You may want to look at the ones that have a noticeable visual advantage over the rest. After all, the entire point of getting a suppressor is to make your airsoft pistol seem better.

Brands of Airsoft Suppressors


In the airsoft accessories market, the ACETECH brand has a clear advantage. They are well-known and provide a wide range of airsoft items that customers like.


Though less well-known, ActionUnion produces incredibly high-quality items that consistently get excellent evaluations. They have fewer things to sell at this moment since they have a smaller fanbase.


Q: Does my airsoft rifle need a suppressor?

A: To answer this question simply, no. You don’t need a suppressor on your airsoft gun since it just changes the appearance of the weapon.

Q: How does a suppressor effect my airsoft gun’s functionality?

A: A suppressor will have no effect on your weapon. Due to the regulations governing gun attachments, airsoft weapons are only aesthetic modifications to the gun rather than practical variations.

Q: How do you distinguish between a suppressor and a tracer?

A: Suppressors are designed to seem like actual silencers, but they are only decorative. A tracer is likewise decorative, but when the gun is fired, it fires a cool beam of light.

Q: Should I get a suppressor first and then a tracer?

A: In general, if you anticipate you’ll need both a tracer and a suppressor, you should get both together now. If you buy a suppressor and then decide to buy a tracer afterwards, the tracer may not fit inside the suppressor as well as the combos do when purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Q: What is the meaning of QD?

A: QD stands for a Quick Sketch suppressor. A Quick Sketch suppressor is designed to be able to be quickly removed from the gun and reinstalled in a simple motion. This is in opposition to the traditional look of a threaded suppressor where you have to screw it onto the gun.

Q: What kind of rounds can suppressors handle?

A: Various kinds of rounds will be compatible with different suppressors. Before completing your purchase and buying rounds to go with the suppressor, make sure you read the product description thoroughly.

Last Thoughts

A suppressor is a wonderful item to consider for your first upgrade if you want to add a cosmetic update to your airsoft pistol. Remember that since airsoft weapons come in a variety of sizes, you’ll need to make sure you get the proper one for your gun or that someone sells an adapter to make it fit.

The suppressor is a terrific way to make your airsoft gun appear incredibly nice, so even if you don’t need one, you’ll probably want one anyway. It’s never been simpler to have some backyard fun with a practice gun.

The “qd airsoft suppressor” is a device that can be attached to the end of a gun barrel. This device will reduce the noise and recoil of a gun, making it easier for people to hear what is going on around them.

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