Bocce is a great game to play with friends, family and even strangers. It’s also the perfect excuse for people who don’t want to get competitive but still want something more social than your standard board game. Here are some of our favorite bocce games (and scoreboards) that you can use in 2019 or later!

The “bocce ball scoreboard for sale” is the perfect addition to any backyard gameday. It can be used for a variety of games, as well as providing hours of entertainment.

The Best Bocce Scoreboard for Your Backyard Gamedays 2022

One of the most popular backyard BBQ activities is bocce ball. These games, together with Cornhole and Croquet, make up a trio of fun diversions that we’ve all enjoyed while passing the time. Bocce ball is perhaps one of the best; it divides players into teams and provides lots of opportunities to annoy your opponents! However, you can only play Bocce ball properly if you have the necessary equipment. Too few individuals have even basic Bocce ball equipment, much alone a functional scoreboard. How do you determine which Bocce scoreboard is right for your backyard when there are so many to select from?

Fortunately, we’ve already done extensive research and identified the best Bocce ball scoreboards for each situation. We’ve included them all below, along with some recommendations for the best scoreboard for your next outdoor party.

Let’s get started!


1. ScoreTower Bocce Ball Scoreboard and Drinkholder

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One of the most extensive Bocce accessories available is this scoreboard. It features two scoring sides along its vertical axis, each of which contains a total of 21 points, allowing you to play as short or as long as you choose. The numbers are tinted in alternating red and white colours, making it simple to keep track of your progress and move the marker pin up or down according to your current score.

It’s put in place using a small rod or stake with a sharp tip that may readily pierce a grassy lawn or yard. It doesn’t need any screws or other pieces to be attached, with the exception of the drink holder, which requires some finishing before usage.

Drink holder, that’s correct. This is located at the bottom of the scoreboard and is large enough to accommodate any cup or bottle you may like to bring to your next game. If you want something hot on a cold morning or evening, it’s even big enough to put cups inside.

Overall, the scoreboard is quite sturdy, thanks to a powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame that gives it enough weight to keep it from toppling over despite its thin appearance. The scoreboard is composed of weatherproof and waterproof materials that will keep it looking beautiful even if it is left outdoors for weeks at a time. When placed into the ground, it reaches 54 inches tall, which is an excellent height for most people.

Things We Enjoy

  • Overall, very long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t the blower fall over?
  • It has a fantastic drink holder.
  • Graphics have a lot of visibility.

Things We Do Not Enjoy

2. Upright Magnetic Scoreboard Bocce Ball (Masterpiece from the Midwest)

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This scoreboard is a highly cost-effective option. Despite its inexpensive price, this scoreboard relies on magnetism to keep its marking pins in place. Two pawn-type neodymium magnets, as well as mounting screws, are included to hold the primary score card in position against the magnetic back board.

The magnetic pawns are simple to put down the length of a board, and the magnetism strength is strong enough that they won’t slide off easily, even if one of the balls accidentally hits the board. There’s also a circular flat washer on the bottom of the board that you can simply place to keep the magnets and pawns when they’re not in use.

The plate is 3″ x 21″ in size and has a baked white powder coating for added Durability and appeal. The line divider numbering on the board decal is also very durable, utilizing the same paint used on commercial vehicles and certified to endure for many years before wearing off. Even though they aren’t the biggest we’ve seen, the numbers are plainly apparent.

On the negative side, you just receive the plate and not the board. You’ll need to supply a vertical surface for the plate to be placed on, and finding one that’s the right size may be challenging. In our opinion, the low asking price compensates for this flaw. Finally, it’s a really simple and practical Bocce score board. The use of magnets to hold the scoring pawns in place is brilliant.

Things We Enjoy

  • The markings are held in place by magnets.
  • Simple to install on a variety of surfaces
  • Asking price is reasonable.
  • Materials that are long-lasting and durable
  • The pawns are stored in a washer.

Things We Do Not Enjoy

  • There is no mounting board included.

3. Red, White, and Blue House Scoreboard


With Tournament Scoreboard JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders (Set of 2)

  • Orders are processed and sent within one business day through USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Watch the YouTube video.
  • Each set includes two stakes and two supports, which may be used on both soft and hard surfaces.
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble, and comes with a handy nylon bag for travel and storage.
  • Phone, keys, wallet, and other items are stored in the storage compartment.
  • With or without a drink insulator, the JDT Kaddy carries cans, bottles, and other items.

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For admirers of the American red, white, and blue theme, this Bocce scoreboard will become an immediate favorite. This set includes three different scoreboards, one for each primary color. Each board runs from 0 to 21, with two spaces on each side of each number to allow for easy clipping of pins or other marking instruments. You won’t need to bring your own score clips since the purchase includes numerous.

All of the boards are constructed of waterproof plastic and may be used for both indoor and outdoor sports. They are also not designed exclusively for Bocce, but may be used for comparable activities like as cornhole. They measure 3/16 of an inch thick and are UV resistant. This gives them outstanding sun damage resistance, making them ideal for lengthy periods of time spent outside.

Each board has a metal grommet at the top that may be used to hang it from hooks or tie it to wires. Although no stakes or supplies to guarantee adequate attaching are given, you may simply fasten them to them. Given the low asking price, though, we can’t be too upset about this apparent blunder.

Overall, the Durability, versatility, and simplicity of use of these Bocce scoreboards give excellent value. They aren’t very sophisticated, but they are ideal for casual Bocce ball players or those who aren’t concerned with finding a scoreboard that can be permanently mounted.

Things We Enjoy

  • Three scoreboards are included.
  • Each board is UV resistant and waterproof.
  • There are metal hook holes.
  • Very simple to save and install

Things We Do Not Enjoy

  • There are no mounting tools supplied.
  • The numbers tend to blur together.

4. ScoreCaddy by GoSports



Outdoor Scoreboard Keeper with Drink Holders from GoSports – Ideal for Backyard Cornhole and Yard Games

  • NEW AND IMPROVED Structure: As of September 2018, we listened to our consumers and increased the structural integrity with a robust timber construction and cushioned packing to avoid cracks and splits.
  • ULTIMATE OUTDOOR GAME SUPPLEMENT: Upgrade any outdoor gaming setup to wow your friends: Cornhole, horseshoes, washer toss, and more games – Takes less than 10 minutes to put together.
  • 2 TABLES INCLUDED: Each side has its own table, and the main tower has a built-in scorekeeper.
  • 4x CUP HOLDERS: Each table features two built-in drink holders for cups, bottles, or cans, as well as wine glass notches.

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The ScoreCaddy from GoSports is a higher-end, but more costly, Bocce scoreboard. The primary score post and a supplementary drink-carrying caddy are both included. Both pieces are constructed of solid wood and have a durable finish to keep them looking and feeling excellent. They may be used outside without being stored.

The parts take around 10 minutes to put together and may be used for a number of outdoor sports other than Bocce ball. With the purchase, you get two tables, one for each side, and a single main tower with a built-in scorekeeper. The scorekeeper is the biggest drawback we could identify with this selection, since the numbers are tiny and difficult to read from a distance. Because each component isn’t completely weatherproof or waterproof, we suggest keeping them inside or in a garage if possible.

It does, however, come with permanent magnetic pegs for labeling. It also works for a variety of games or more intensive Bocce sessions since the numbers run up to 21. The drink containers are also fantastic, with plenty of room for snacks or other items to be spread out and deep cup cups to keep your liquids safe.

The table, on the other hand, has a four-foot construction that keeps it solid even on uneven terrain. We believe they will be a tremendous hit with larger Bocce ball players or families that like getting together and playing outdoor sports on a regular basis.

Things We Enjoy

  • Two tables are included.
  • Magnetize the scorekeeper
  • For stability, the legs are four-pronged.
  • Constructed to last

Things We Do Not Enjoy

  • Not water-resistant
  • The scoring stats are insignificant.

5. Have a thing for the Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard

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For Bocce fans with a little more cash to invest, the Love Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard is a genuinely fantastic alternative. For starters, it includes score-indicating markings on both sides and extremely high numerals to make it easier to see even from afar. As a consequence, you can put this scoreboard wherever on the court, from the middle to the far end, and you won’t have any trouble seeing how the game is progressing.

It also includes a 48-inch hardwood mounting post, as well as all of the tools and materials needed to assemble it and prepare your game. Two color pegs are included with the purchase, so each team has its own peg to keep the score correct.

The primary scoreboard is also quite durable. It’s composed of a colorful polymer that’s completely waterproof (and can withstand water or shock damage) and UV resistant, so the letters won’t fade even if the scoreboard is exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time. This polymer is also resistant to graffiti. It’s ideal for professional Bocce ball courses or courts because of this.

To enable even longer Bocce ball games, the numerals range from 1 to 20. It may also be used both inside and outdoors. Overall, it’s the finest of the lot in terms of overall quality and simplicity of use, despite its hefty price tag. Only Bocce ball enthusiasts or those who are putting together a professional-looking Bocce court for regular play should consider this.

Things We Enjoy

  • Construction is very robust and UV resistant.
  • Weatherproof and anti-graffiti
  • Installable with a 48-inch mounting post
  • The numbers are legible and double-sided.
  • Two colors of marker pegs are included.

Things We Do Not Enjoy

What to Look for When Purchasing a Bocce Scoreboard

Keep these important considerations in mind while shopping for a new Bocce scoreboard, and you’ll be able to identify superb boards from average ones.

Construction is weatherproof.

The greatest Bocce boards will almost certainly be constructed to endure adverse weather, since few people will bother to relocate their boards inside or into a garage every time it rains or snows.

Bocce scoreboards that can resist all types of weather will last longer than inexpensive boards. Simply leave them up throughout the hot, wet summer months and enjoy them every time you go to play.

Construction is weatherproof. is also valuable because it ensures that other backyard things, like water from a hose or mud from a dog splashing around, don’t affect its quality or cause it to degrade too quickly. These boards are also better for Bocce scoreboards you plan to take to a friend’s house.


Related to Construction is weatherproof., you’ll also want a scoreboard that is built to last. Durable Bocce scoreboards are worth more money since you won’t have to replace the scoreboard as quickly and it’ll take significant wear and tear before showing signs of stress.

Bocce balls may sometimes touch the scoreboard, therefore this may be essential. The game will not be ruined as quickly if the boards are more sturdy. Durable boards are also safer to use in busy backyards with children or animals; boards that break easily may scatter debris over the yard, posing a safety risk during activity.

Finally, waterproof and robust Bocce scoreboards are much more valuable than their less expensive, flimsier cousins. Even if you have to spend a little extra up front to buy a good board, this is true. You’ll almost certainly save money in the long term.


The size of the Bocce scoreboard you choose will determine how well it fits in your yard. Smaller scoreboards are simpler to move to a friend’s home or store in a garage, whereas larger scoreboards can fit more score numbers onto their surface surfaces.

It all depends on the size of your backyard and how big of a scoreboard you want to deal with each time you need to take it out. Remember that smaller boards are often lighter and simpler to install than larger ones.

Type of installation

Some Bocce scoreboards are mounted on a fence or a house wall by fastening the board into tiny holes precut by the manufacturer. These boards may be installed on the garage wall or any other horizontal surface you can think of. Many boards that use this technique of installation also include the screws and/or equipment you’ll need to finish the job.

Some Bocce scoreboards, on the other hand, are intended to be put on stakes. These are simple to put up and may be planted in your backyard. If you constantly remove and store the scoreboard between Bocce games, however, it will create holes in your backyard.

Finally, certain Bocce scoreboards are intended to be suspended from a chain or rope. A simple hook must be mounted on a vertical surface for them to work. These would be great for displaying boards on a patio or in a garage.

Readability of Numbers

Bocce scoreboards are intended to display the game’s score at a glance. The size and color of the numerals, of course, determine how simple this is for all players.

Some Bocce scoreboards feature lower numerals, but they fit more onto a smaller surface space. These are useful since some Bocce games have scores in the 20s or higher. Others may use bigger but easier to see digits, with a lower maximum number.

When it comes to the perfect number size and color, there is no right or wrong answer; it all comes down to personal opinion and the players’ visual quality.

If you buy a scoreboard with numbers that are too tiny to see comfortably, remember that you can always move the scoreboard closer to the players.

Maximum number

This, like the previous component, is essentially a matter of personal choice. Some boards have score maximums of more than 20, while others merely have score maximums of 10 or so. Although stronger players may choose Bocce scoreboards with larger maximum scores for more competitive and dramatic games, neither choice is inherently superior.

Even if you have a scoreboard with a low Maximum number, you can still enjoy games with higher scores than what the board represents by remembering to add a “1” to the front of each number as you hit the teens. Solutions like this exist for every Bocce scoreboard issue you might run into.


Finally, think about if a particular Bocce scoreboard comes with any accessories or extras. These may or may not have an impact on the board’s real quality, but they may help you pick between two very identical boards or entice you to make a buy.

Some fantastic Bocce scoreboards, for example, have drink containers. Even if there isn’t a chair or table nearby, you may carry your favorite chilled beverage out to the yard and keep it safely. Others may connect chains to their marker plugs to prevent them from being misplaced or falling to the ground.

Brands of Bocce Scoreboards


GoSports is a sunny southern California-based outdoor gaming and sports equipment firm. They provide a large selection of high-quality sports products and other accessories to help families and athletic activities perform at their best.

Masterpiece from the Midwest

Masterpiece from the Midwest is a smaller company that only produces a handful of products. But they employ disabled or needful people, so purchasing from them is directly helping workers who need employment most.

Outdoor Scoreboards

Not only do they produce scoreboards for Bocce ball, but also for a number of other entertaining family and outdoor sports. They also prioritize supplying things in vibrant, patriotic hues, so they’ll blend right in with individuals who like traditional American BBQ aesthetics.


Q: Can you tell me how you play Bocce?

A: Bocce ball is played on a court that is 91 feet long by 13 feet broad and is level. These proportions may, of course, be used in casual games. Draw five lines four and ten feet apart on each side of the playing area to divide the space. Make a fifth line in the middle. A back wall of some form should also be placed up at the far end of the court to avoid balls from flying into the yard, but this is not absolutely essential.

Collect the Bocce balls next. A Bocce call set will have eight falls in two colors, as well as one Pallino (a tiny white ball). Form teams from the players.

Bocce ball is played in “frames,” with one team tossing the Pallino or jack to the other. The players then aim to get their Bocce balls as near to the Pallino as possible without allowing them fall beyond the court area. Tosses must be made from behind the 10-foot line on the opposite side of the playing field.

Toss the Bocce ball in an underhanded manner to mix power and control. Giving the ball some air time instead of rolling it is also a smart idea, particularly if you’re playing on uneven terrain like grass.

What is the Purpose of a Bocce Scoreboard?

A: Of sure, it maintains track of the Bocce ball game!

You’ll check which side possesses the Bocce ball that fell closest to the Pallino after each round of Bocce balls has been tossed. The victorious team will have the ball that is closest to them.

That’s not all, however. The winning side then receives an extra point for each Bocce ball that is closer to the Pallino than the other team’s Bocce balls. As a result, winning teams always score at least one point. Then you may get up to four points (since there are four balls per team in a set of eight).

This is then recorded on the Bocce scoreboard. The frame is now “complete,” and you may go on to the next one. The customary maximum score is 12, with the winning team being the first to attain it. You may, of course, exceed this limit if you so choose.

Q: What if the Bocce Ball Lands on the Pallino?

A: It depends on your regulations in this scenario. Some people don’t think it matters. If the frame concludes with your team’s ball still touching the Pallino, you get two points. If the Bocce ball just hits the Pallino and does not stay in touch, nothing usually occurs.

Is Bocce a game that can be played indoors?

A: Bocce ball may be played inside, but it’s best to do it in a gym or somewhere where the ball won’t A) damage the floor or B) bounce too high and fall too far away from the Pallino. Bocce ball is generally best played in an outside setting.

Q: Can you tell me how to pronounce “Bocce”?

A: Because Bocce is an Italian word, you may pronounce it either “Bawt-che” or “Boe-chae,” depending on your taste. Most English-speaking people just named it “Boch-ee.” By bringing this up the next time you play, you might either impress or anger your family members.

Why Do Bocce Balls Bounce So Differently?

A: It has something to do with their structures. Bocce balls are composed of solid resin, which ensures longevity and a gratifying thud when they strike the ground. This keeps them from getting overly bouncy and straying too far from the court’s boundaries. Bocce balls were traditionally constructed of wood.

What Happens If You Cross the Court Line?

A: This is usually seen as a foul. The players will have to decide what this means for the game.


Finally, any of the five Bocce ball scoreboards listed above should suffice for your next backyard BBQ or hangout. Each one can provide you enough precision to keep score (and make sure the opposing team isn’t cheating!) while also allowing you to utilize them outside without having to worry about the weather.

Perhaps you want something inexpensive with a drink holder so you don’t have to continually returning to the patio. In such scenario, the ScoreTower Bocce Ball Scoreboard with Drinkholder is definitely your best option.

Perhaps you’re searching for something with a better level of quality and a more professional appearance. In that case, the Love The Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard is one that pros (and want tobes) will like.

Whatever option you select, we hope you found this tutorial useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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