Composting is the process of breaking down organic waste into a reusable soil amendment that can be used to grow plants. While compost bins are not hard to come by, making your own bin or buying one from an outdoor store may prove cheaper and more eco-friendly than using commercial composters. To help you make sense of these options, we’ve created this guide for the best compost grinders for home use in 2022

The “compost shredder” is a machine that grinds organic waste into compost for home use. The “compost shredder” is one of the best options in 2022.

You can have a difficult time finding the best composting grinder. Some individuals attempt to compost using wood chippers, but this does not work. To properly dispose of your food leftovers and turn them into nutrient-rich plant nourishment for your yard or garden, you’ll need an actual composter. Each of these composters is simple to use, efficient, and specialized.

Stop browsing the internet for the proper composter; we’ve got it covered. Each composter on this list has been compared to others on the market and has come out on top as our favorites for one reason or another. Each of these composters may help you manage the quantity of compost you need in your life, from your kitchen to your luxurious garden outdoors. Increasing the growth of your plants while lowering your carbon impact. So, let’s have a look at our selection of the finest composting grinders.

1. A Fantastic Cooking Composter


Food Cycler Platinum Kitchen Compost Container with Indoor Food Recycler

  • NEW AND IMPROVED – Monitoring System for Filters Now Included – Never be concerned about changing your filters again!
  • Composting kitchen trash is simple with our all-in-one food composter. Kitchen waste is reduced by up to 90% of its original volume.
  • Shredder for Kitchen Compost In less than 3 hours, compost becomes a valuable soil addition.
  • Kitchen compost container that is odorless and ecologically friendly.
  • There is no need for venting, draining, or additives.

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Look no further if you’re seeking for an odorless composting grinder that doesn’t need venting or emptying and features a Monitoring System for Filters. Every time you ground your surplus food to a pulp, this small kitchen grinder delivers a tremendous punch. Of course, some things should not be composted, but it may easily rip apart the meals that are OK. This little grinder is designed to make your life easier.

The built-in Monitoring System for Filters alerts you when it’s time to replace your filter, and with no odor, venting, or draining needs, this little composter will go unnoticed by visitors, friends, and family. However, this model has significant design problems that might cause to breakage, and some people don’t believe the ground up food particles to be true compost. Regardless, this little machine does an excellent job of turning your food waste into something useful.

Things We Enjoy

  • Monitoring System for Filters
  • There’s no need for venting or emptying.
  • Odorless

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Some people don’t think it’s compost.
  • There might be some design problems.

2. Compost Bin Mini


AEROPLUS6000 Compost Bin by Exaco

  • Compost container with various chambers and adjustable ventilation for summer and winter.
  • Because of its 3-phase system, the waste is combined and aerated two times by gravity, saving time and effort.
  • A unique “active” aeration system is built into the walls, which enables regulated air flow for maximum microbial activity.
  • Wind protection with large filling and removal flaps
  • To keep animals out, a hinged lid with a rotating handle “lock” is used.

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This tiny composter is somewhat bigger than our first, earning it a place on our list of the best composting grinders. You can simply hang this bin inside a kitchen cabinet if you use the hanger attachment that comes with it. This container is Dishwasher-friendly and will keep insects at away while you compost. Unfortunately, some customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. Some people report that food adheres to the rolling lid, while others allege that this machine just grinds the food into a pulp and does not produce compost.

Others, on the other hand, have been extremely pleased with this little machine; some use it as a composter, while others use it as a pre-compost alternative; in any case, this small machine does the job.

Things We Enjoy

  • Using a larger kitchen
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Defends against insects

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Food might cling to the rotating lid on occasion.

3. This Ingenious Compost Bin



Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Unit with Compost Bin, Joseph Joseph 30060 Intelligent Waste Totem Max, 60 Liter/16 Gallon, Stainless Steel

  • Totem Max 60L 2nd Generation features a vertical design that saves space and has two chambers to enhance waste and recycling capacity. Totem Max unit dimensions (inches) with lid closed: 15.35 L x 14.5 W x 32 H; Totem Max unit dimensions (inches) with lid open: 15.35 L x 14.5 W x 43.8 H
  • At the top, there’s an 8-gallon general garbage section, and at the bottom, there’s an 8-gallon multi-purpose recycling drawer.
  • A detachable bucket with hooks for fastening garbage liners and breather vents that make bag removal simpler are included in each compartment.
  • The detachable compost container with cover holds 0. 8 gallon and may be kept in the general garbage compartment, the multi-purpose drawer, or on a kitchen counter.
  • The carbon filter within the lid may be replaced to help reduce smells. Includes ten years.

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This bin is a fantastic compost bin in general, but it does more than simply decompose your old food waste. This bin also functions as a recyclable container, allowing you to keep your belongings tidy before taking them to the trash, earning it a spot on our list of the best composting grinders. It makes your life simpler in general since your compost and recycling requirements are taken care of. We particularly like that this bin contains 16 gallons in total and that the carbon filter helps to eliminate odors.

However, everything has a drawback, and this small compost container has two. First and foremost, quality control has to be tightened up; drawers and other elements seem to be slightly off in certain units. Second, when you acquire things like this, the customer support isn’t outstanding, which makes it tough if you have a malfunctioning device. Fortunately, most units aren’t defective, so you shouldn’t have any problems with this versatile kitchen composter.

Things We Enjoy

  • Total Gallonage: 16
  • The carbon filter aids in the elimination of smells.
  • Ideal for all recycling requirements

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Inadequate quality control
  • Customer service is lacking.

4. This Garden Composter for Outside


Miracle-Gro Small Composter – Outdoor Garden Compost Bin with Compact Single Chamber (27.7 Gallon)

  • NO SPACE? – NO PROBLEM! Do not allow a lack of room prevent you from composting! The outdoor compost bin tumbler from Miracle-Gro is compact enough to fit in even the smallest areas! The capacity of 27.7 gal (105L) is ideal for a balcony, porch, patio, or rooftop garden. Finally, you can compost wherever you are!
  • TURN FOOD WASTE INTO GOLD FOR THE GARDEN – Make rich, fertile compost from kitchen and garden trash — the gardener’s prized “black gold!” Thanks to Miracle-patented Gro’s aeration method, you’ll get ready-to-use compost in only 4-6 weeks. Internal mixing bars hasten decomposition, making it simpler than ever to produce a happy garden!
  • REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT – According to studies, around a third of the world’s food supply is wasted. You may help alter that by using Miracle-mobile Gro’s compost box. Save your biodegradable food leftovers, assist the earth, and make some delicious compost for your plants!
  • HASSLE-FREE ALL YEAR – Why is composting considered a seasonal activity? The heavy-duty nature of Miracle-Gro allows you to keep your compost working all year! The strong structure provides a tight seal while the sturdy side-locking mechanism allows for simple loading and unloading. You won’t have to worry about hazardous pollutants since the plastic is BPA-free, food-grade, and UV-protected.
  • With a pair of multi-purpose gardening gloves, you can achieve your gardening objectives! Latex-free, water-resistant, and with a non-slip grip, these gloves are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Scotts and Miracle-Gro will help you develop your green thumb.

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Unlike the others on this list, this composter is not intended for use in the kitchen. This is a little outdoor garden composter that you can use to turn your compost into a tasty treat for your plants. Because of its small size, it can be used almost everywhere, reducing your carbon impact. There are also complimentary gloves included with every purchase, which is a nice touch. It also keeps little pests out, and despite the fact that you must tumble your compost, it is a rapid and effective composter.

However, some users are dissatisfied with this little composter. Because of the difficulties in putting it together, some people say it is not a high-quality composter. We haven’t observed any problems that can’t be attributed to human error, but it’s always good to be aware of possible problems. Regardless, this composter is lightweight, small, and simple to operate, earning it a spot in our list of the best composting grinders.

Things We Enjoy

  • Design that saves space
  • Aids in the reduction of carbon emissions
  • Purchase includes a free pair of gloves.

Things We Don’t Understand

5. This Composter That Looks Like A Barrel

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With seven cubic feet of room to work with, this composter can compost quite a bit, earning it a spot on our list of the best composting grinders. This beast comes already completed, so you won’t have to battle to put it together, and its 12-inch wide twisting lid is pet and kid friendly, making it an ideal choice for anybody who composts on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, there is always a disadvantage, and for this gigantic composter, the disadvantage is rain. It’s critical to keep this composter out of the weather since water build-up might prevent the food from decomposing, resulting in a foul odor. If you can keep it out of the rain, you’ll have a great technique to generate a lot of compost in a short length of time.

Things We Enjoy

  • Completely assembled
  • Safe for pets and children
  • The 7 cubic foot capacity

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Rainwater may accumulate within the container.


Composting has a long history; in 1905, Sir Albert Howard suggested the notion of churning the ground together during decomposition, resulting in the Indore technique of composting, which was just the first stage. In 1924, Rudolph Steiner promoted composting as a good way for farmers and gardeners to assist their crops to develop. Several composting systems have been created via exploration and trial & error.

The first was the Indore technique, which included turning five-foot compost mounds every six to twelve weeks. This is the most simple method of composting, yet it still works.

The University of California Approach is a little different; it was created under the direction of Dr. Gloueke and is quite similar to the Indore method, but on a smaller, speedier scale. Because decomposition occurs more quickly in California due to the heat, rotating more often is required.

The biodynamic approach is the third and final way, and it is the most used nowadays. It uses compost tumblers, elevated bins, compost in a bag, and a variety of other technologies to create the most widely used compost systems to date.

Composting is a vital activity in the environment because it allows living species to benefit directly from it by utilising it for nutrients as they flourish and develop. Using a fantastic composting grinder, such as the ones on our best composting grinder list, may help with all of this.

FAQ on Composting

Q: When will my compost be ready?

A: It depends on what it’s going to be used for, but it’s normally ready to use after it’s been broken down to the point where it’s black and crumbly, with a lovely earthy odor.

What Can I Include In My Composter?

A: Only soft organic materials such as leaves, hay, vegetable clippings, and other green plant waste should be put to a composter to generate compost. You could even include cardboard. Composting meats and entire fruits and vegetables is not recommended.

Q: How can I get started making compost if I’ve never done it before?

A: It’s really fairly simple; all you need are some biodegradable waste, such as veggies, leaves, or the like, and a space to stack them. It’s also a good idea to have a shovel or pitchfork on hand to throw the pile with. Composting is actually that simple.

Q: What Should I Do During the Winter?

A: It depends on whether or not your compost freezes. If you don’t live in a region where the ground freezes in the winter, you’ll need to maintain churning your compost since it will continue to decompose. If you do freeze in the winter, you can keep your compost pile running, but it won’t begin to break down until the weather warms up.

Q: Why does my compost have a foul odor?

A: If your compost smells awful, it might be a combination of problems. Your pile might be overly damp, lacking in air circulation, or containing much too much nitrogen. Because it’s really a mound of decomposition, it could also stink a bit, but the previous three possibilities are just as legitimate and likely to create a problem. These issues may be solved by adding dry materials, flipping the pile over, and adding brown materials, in that order.

What should I do if my compost attracts critters?

A: A well-managed compost pile seldom draws inquisitive animals; one possibility is that you haven’t been properly caring for the pile. Another possibility is that you put anything you shouldn’t have in the pile, such as meat or animal fat. No matter how frequently you flip your pile, animals will be drawn to it.

Q: Do I need a compost container to compost?

A: No, you don’t need a bin of any type; both the Indore and University of California techniques are done outdoors without one. While it’s ideal to have a dedicated composting space, you don’t need much more than a pile on the ground to get started.

Q: How often should I flip my stack?

A: It depends on how quickly you want to use it. If you want to use it right away, spin it often. If you have lots of time, don’t worry about rotating it as frequently; the minimum required is 6 to 12 weeks, but you may turn it as often as you need. When selecting when to flip your pile, you’ll need to consider the heat, the cold, and other elements. You might also use one of our recommended composting grinders.

Last Thoughts

Finding the finest composting grinder is a difficult task, and there are several composters available. There are a variety of composting alternatives available, ranging from those that live in your kitchen to those that tumble in your garden. Are you looking for a small, easy-to-use kitchen grinder? Or do you need a bigger, more powerful garden composter? In any case, you’ll find the composter you need on our list to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

You don’t have to compost using these composters if you don’t locate one and would rather look at some of the other composting options in the education part above. When it comes to breaking down plant material for your personal use, they typically function quite effectively. The most crucial aspect is that you choose a composter that is ideal for your requirements. You’ll find an excellent composter for your requirements on this list, ranging from little kitchen solutions to massive outdoor ways.

The “green cycler” is a composting grinder that can be used in your home. The following are the top 5 options for this product in 2022.

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