The electric screwdriver is a machine that uses an electromagnetic field to provide rotational kinetic energy, which when used in conjunction with a torque converter, transmits power through the shaft of the tool. This device has been around for over 100 years and will continue being one of the most popular tools in households across America.

The “best cordless screwdriver 2022” is a tool that every handy person should own. The best electric screwdriver for the home in 2022 will have many features, such as being cordless, powerful and light weight.

For many applications, a classic manual screwdriver is an excellent option. Using a manual screwdriver is ideal for tinkering with electronics, tightening a single screw in a piece of furniture, and completing fine, delicate jobs. When working on a large project, such as constructing your own chicken coop, you’ll need something with a lot more speed and power.

We set out to uncover the greatest electric screwdriver money can buy to assist you get your hands on the proper tool. Six different screwdrivers from six well-known brands are suggested. We’ve also put up a purchasing guide to assist you in making your decision. Let’s get this party started!


DW268 by DeWalt


6.5-Amp DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun (DW268)

  • Screw gun gears are helical-cut steel and heat-treated for extended life and durability.
  • For metal fastening tasks, the DEWALT screw gun offers a high-capacity motor.
  • The drywall screw gun’s Versa-Clutch torque adjustment technology tunes in the appropriate torque required to drive fasteners without peeling or breaking.
  • Two-finger trigger for added comfort and convenience
  • For task durability, the nose and gear case are made of metal.

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The DeWalt DW268 (225w) is a powerful screw gun built for demanding operations like steel construction and screwing into cedar. However, for light-duty applications like electronics or furniture assembly, it’s powerful and costly.

The motor generates 6.5 amps, which is more than most screw guns but lower than a high-powered drill. It’s a wonderful alternative if you’re attempting to drive a lot of screws fast, such as when constructing a deck. DeWalt provides a 50-pack of #2 Phillips bits as an alternative, which are well-engineered and will survive hundreds of screws before needing to be replaced.

Of all, the most powerful driver on the market isn’t necessarily the best option. When screwing into soft plastic or plaster, for example, you may need to back off. The DW268 has Torque adjustment and speed to handle this, allowing you can utilize it for even the most delicate operations.

This is a corded drill, so you’ll need to be near a power outlet or extension cable to operate it well. However, you’ll never have to change batteries or worry about running out of power. You can keep going as long as you have power. You can manage almost any job with this much power.


  • Motor is really powerful.
  • Torque adjustment
  • Rubberized grip for comfort
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


Milwaukee, WI 2401-20

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Milwaukee’s M12 range of tools includes the Milwaukee 2401-20. These are 12-volt power tools with the goal of cramming as much power as possible into a small area. Milwaukee, like many other companies, has created a slew of equipment to go along with the same battery and charger.

If you currently possess Milwaukee M12 tools, the 2401-20 becomes an appealing option. If you don’t, you’ll have to purchase a battery and charger, which will significantly increase the cost. However, you do receive a lifetime guarantee, so this may be your final electric screwdriver purchase.

If you’re acquainted with Milwaukee products, you’re aware that they have a near-unrivaled reputation for quality among power tool makers. The 2401-20 is no different. This screwdriver includes a motor that delivers 13.5 foot-pounds of torque at a maximum speed of 500 RPM, which is very strong for its size.

This driver has a robust metal belt clip that enables you to effortlessly take it up and down a ladder or have it close at hand when moving back and forth between chores. This, paired with the small size, makes it suitable for both rushed tradesmen and homeowners.

The 2401-20’s chuck includes a 14-inch locking design that’s designed for longer bits. Shorter parts should be avoided since just the very tip will protrude.


  • Design is compact.
  • For the small, it’s rather powerful.
  • Trigger variable
  • pistol grip with ergonomics
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


3. Li2000 Electric Screwdriver from Black + Decker


Senco DS332-AC Auto-feed 3″ Corded 2500 RPM Screwdriver

  • High-torque motor with 2, 500 RPM and patent-pending corner-fit feed system
  • Right or left handed adjustable belt hook and tool-free screw length adjustment
  • Bit change with a quick slide button and variable speed trigger with lock and reverse
  • Precision depth-of-drive adjustment with depth lock and patented sliding screw guide
  • Two drive bits, drywall and wood nosepiece, and storage bag are included.

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The Senco DS332-AC is a specialized drywall screwdriver, making it unique in our list. On the one hand, it is very fast since it uses strips of screws rather than individual screws, allowing you to drive one screw after another in rapid succession. On the other side, you’re restricted to drywall and light construction screws, which aren’t suited for load-bearing walls or hardwoods.

There are two alternative techniques to modify the tip. To begin, adjust the screw guide to put the screws at different depths, allowing you to leave them exposed, flush, or countersunk. Second, there are two different tips supplied, one forgiving for drywall and the other firmer for screwing into wood.

The high-torque motor is very strong, spinning at an outrageously rapid 2,500 RPM. In practice, you won’t reach that type of speed under load, but even at half that pace, a 3-inch drywall screw will sink in under a second.

The DS332-AC is a strong corded tool, but it is also somewhat pricey. It’s likely to be overkill for many homes. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a screwdriver this well-suited to the work whether you’re constructing a deck, erecting a garden shed, or sheetrocking a new wall.


  • High-torque, lightning-fast motor
  • Screws that self-feed
  • Drive depth is adjustable.
  • It may be used on both drywall and wood.


Buying an Electric Screwdriver

If this is your first electronic screwdriver, you may want to learn more about what makes one of these tools worth purchasing – or not. As a result, we’ve put up a buyer’s guide to assist you in sorting through all of the characteristics you should consider.

Cordless vs. Corded

In this day and age, corded power tools may seem to be an anachronism, but they still have a lot to offer. They’re usually more powerful than battery-powered tools. Check out this comparison of the corded and cordless versions of an otherwise similar band saw for a fun example. The distinction is obvious, especially at greater power levels that need much more voltage.

As a consequence, corded versions are ideal for tasks that need a lot of power. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about battery life. You can work for the whole day as long as you have access to a power supply. If, on the other hand, you don’t have access to a power outlet – for example, if you’re in a remote wilderness lodge – you’re out of luck.

Cordless screwdrivers, on the other hand, are lighter and simpler to travel. While they don’t have the same power as a corded model, they can handle most projects, especially if you drill a pilot hole beforehand. They’re perfect for climbing and descending ladders because of their low weight and untethered form.

For narrow locations, cordless drivers are also a preferable option. You won’t have to worry about getting tangled in your own line, and you won’t have to drag an extension cord all the way under a crawlspace or under a deck either.

Both solutions have something to offer, and which is best will be determined by the nature of your assignment. However, battery technology is improving all the time, and corded electric screwdrivers are becoming more scarce.

Screwdrivers with pneumatic power

A pneumatic screwdriver is one sort of screwdriver we haven’t looked at yet. We haven’t discussed them since they aren’t electrical, and most people aren’t interested in purchasing an air compressor only to power their screwdriver. If you already have an air compressor, though, a pneumatic screwdriver like the one below may be the best option.

Because they don’t have to contain a motor or as many gears as an electrical screwdriver, pneumatic screwdrivers are very light. They’re also much more powerful, making them ideal for automotive work. To run one, bear in mind that you’ll need a compressor and a high-pressure air line.

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Torque and Speed

There are two primary metrics used to measure the power of an electric screwdriver: Torque and Speed. Let’s take a close look at how each of these measurements works.

Speed is a simple statistic to understand. It’s merely a measurement in revolutions per minute of how rapidly the screwdriver spins (RPM). In heavier materials like oak, the faster the speed, the easier your screws will bite. If you’re driving a lot of screws into a softer material like drywall or wood, it’ll also speed up your job tremendously. The manufacturer’s maximum idle speed is the figure to check for since it indicates the driver’s maximum performance.

Speed is obviously not everything. It’s also important to consider the strength of your screwdriver. Faster, weaker screwdrivers are often better than a powerful screwdriver operating at moderate speed. Regardless, it’s still useful to know.

The torque of a motor is a measurement of its power. It indicates the amount of power your screwdriver can apply in Newton-meters (Nm) in metric and foot-pounds (ft-lb) in English. The more torque your driver has, the harder material it can drill through.

What sort of task you’re performing will determine how much torque you need. A low-torque screwdriver will suffice for working with drywall or wood. When driving a screw into oak, hickory, or other hardwoods, however, a greater torque screwdriver is recommended.

Typical electrical screwdrivers have a torque limit of roughly 20 Nm, however some more powerful ones may reach 30 Nm. In contrast, a mid-torque power drill’s bottom limit is about 30 Nm.

The most crucial thing to look for in most instances is control vs overall power output. As a result, most manufacturers label their screwdrivers as “medium torque” or “high torque” to indicate a broad range.

You can vary the torque and speed of certain electric screwdriver models. This provides you with the flexibility to deal with a broad range of materials and jobs. On a normal screwdriver collar ring, here’s a brief summary of how to change your torque.


For cordless power tools, power ratings are expressed in voltage. Although certain types are compatible with smaller 18-volt batteries, the most popular screwdrivers are 5-12 volts. The more torque your screwdriver produces, the more voltage your battery produces. However, more powerful batteries tend to be heavier, so you’ll have to consider your alternatives.

There is no voltage difference in corded electrical screwdrivers since power outlets are just 110-120 volts (in North America) or 220-240 volts (in Europe and Asia). You’ll have to use watts as a proxy instead. Your screwdriver is more powerful if it consumes more watts.

The basic measure of power for pneumatic screwdrivers is air pressure. The more torque your screwdriver can produce, the greater the pressure it can bear. Set your compressor power greater than the screwdriver’s rating to avoid blowing out seals and O-rings. This will not only damage your tool but will also invalidate your warranty.

Positions of Clutch

We’ve already touched on Torque adjustment, but how do you know how adjustable the torque is?

When an electrical screwdriver motor is activated, it runs at maximum power. They use a clutch to control the torque by sensing how much pressure the screwdriver tip is under and disengaging the gears when that amount is surpassed.

The more Positions of Clutch your screwdriver has, the more control you have over its operation. This is an especially helpful feature when you’re working with soft materials like plastic that are easy to damage.

Accessories and Drill Bits

Without a bit, your screwdriver is obviously useless. The bits that come with most screwdrivers are generally Phillips and standard. However, you’ll need more than that for many uses. But why are there so many different kinds of screw heads in the first place?

Here’s a basic rundown of each look:

  • The most common kind of screw is Phillips head. They come in three sizes and have a nearly universal design that provides lots of security.
  • The earliest screw heads created were standard or slotted screws. They’re useful since you can usually unlock them with a coin, a key, or some non-standard driver. They’re not good for high-torque applications, however, since they’re easy to strip.
  • Torx screws, often known as star drivers, have a six-pointed shape that makes stripping them almost difficult. This makes them perfect for automotive and electronics applications where you need to be completely assured that you don’t lose your tip.
  • Hex or Allen heads are hexagonal and, like Torx, are tough to strip, but they’re also simple to spin with a manual Allen key. Appliances and furniture often have them.
  • Square heads are often used in the woodworking industry. They have a lot of torque, but if you run them too hard, they may strip out.

Check out Real Engineering’s screw head guide for more information on various kinds of screw heads.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Of all, a good screwdriver is about more than simply motors and speed. A comfortable, large grip makes it much simpler to operate your electric screwdriver for extended periods of time. Also, search for a solid location on the screwdriver’s top where you may grasp it with a second hand. When you’re putting out a lot of torque, this will make it easier to manage.

Brands of Electric Screwdrivers

It’s critical to find a brand you can trust when purchasing a power tool. The better the brand, the more likely it will be there next year to uphold its guarantee – and the less likely you will need to file a claim in the first place.

  • Raymond DeWalt designed the radial arm saw in 1922, a strong, contemporary equipment that changed the way carpenters cut wood on the workplace. Raymond went on to establish DeWalt tools with his newfound money. Their first facility, in Leola, Pennsylvania, opened in 1924. The “Wonder-Worker,” a modular woodworking saw that could be constructed in nine different configurations, was their debut product. Black + Decker bought them in 1960, although they still have their own brand and product ranges.
  • Black + Decker – Black & Decker Corporation was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910 by two partners: S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. Originally, it was a small machine shop, but in 1917 the company made its mark on the industry by patenting the modern pistol-grip electric drill, which is still the most popular style of drill to this day. They own several other popular brands including DeWalt and Stanley.
  • Milwaukee Tools was created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 1924. Their M18 and M12 tool lines are among the most powerful in their class. They’re best known for their rugged, contemporary impact drivers. They’re one of the few firms that still manufactures its full product range in the United States, ensuring the highest quality components and craftsmanship.
  • TackLife is a new firm that was formed in 2015 by a group of ten people. Normally, we wouldn’t recommend a Chinese company as one of the “best,” but TackLife has cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval You won’t find TackLife equipment at a physical shop since their business model is purely online.
  • Senco – The springtamp eliminator, a tiny automotive device meant to minimize vibration, was created by American inventor Albert Juilfs in 1936. Until 1947, when they created an electric upholstery stapler for automotive interiors, the Newtown, Ohio firm remained unknown. Since then, they’ve added a range of staplers, nailers, screwdrivers, and other fasteners to their product line.


Before we wind up, let’s address some often asked questions regarding these products. We’ll inform you so you can make an informed choice.

Q: Why would you buy an electric screwdriver rather than a drill?

  • Electric screwdrivers are substantially lighter than drills and impact drivers. There is obviously some diversity; for example, there are several impact drivers that are lighter than your usual drywall screw gun. In most circumstances, though, an electric screwdriver will be lighter.
  • Torque adjustments are finer with an electric screwdriver than with a conventional drill. When drilling into fragile materials like plastic, this is very useful.
  • Batteries for tiny electric screwdrivers are smaller. This means they charge more quickly than a huge 18-volt drill.
  • Many electric screwdrivers come with an adjustable pivoting head that may be used to drive screws into small spaces or at unusual angles.
  • Many electric screwdrivers also include rotating grips. This means you may hold them in a typical pistol grip or straight like a manual screwdriver.

Q: Should I look for any more features?

A: Of course, there are several optional options to be aware of. Here are a few things that will enhance your overall experience.

  • Using LED lights. These allow you to see your work area clearly without having to carry a torch in your other hand. This function will come in handy if you’re working in a dark environment.
  • Additional batteries If your cordless screwdriver just has one battery, you’ll have to wait for it to charge once it runs out. You may always have a second battery charged and ready to go with a second battery.
  • A lanyard, a belt clip, or both are possible options. These are particularly useful if you need to climb and descend a ladder or go back and forth between chores while keeping your hands free.
  • A high rate of operation. This isn’t to mean that you should constantly use your screwdriver at full speed, but having the choice is useful.
  • A carry case or storage bag is more than simply a method to transport your tool from point A to point B. It also aids with the organization of your accessories, ensuring that nothing is lost.
  • DeWalt and Milwaukee, for example, have a lifetime guarantee. However, you must complete and return the warranty registration form, otherwise you may be forced to purchase a replacement tool if anything goes wrong.

What Are the Different Uses of Electric Screwdrivers?

A: You should be acquainted with the following types of electric screwdrivers:

  • Like a drill, pistol-style screwdrivers are bent at a 90-degree angle. This gives you a secure, ergonomic grip and allows you to lean into the screwdriver if necessary.
  • Electric screwdrivers that are precisely straight are known as straight electric screwdrivers. The grip isn’t nearly as pleasant, but the design is more compact, allowing you to operate in tighter spaces.
  • Pivoting screwdrivers feature a hybrid design that allows them to function in both directions. This increases its versatility, but the inclusion of a hinge adds another component that might be destroyed.
  • Drywall screwdrivers are an other animal altogether. They feature a self-feeding mechanism and are designed to drive many screws in rapid succession. This makes them useful for large-scale projects like drywall, but they’re also hefty and need two hands to use well.

Wrap Up

So, after considering everything, which of these screwdrivers is the best?

If you want a single, quality driver that you can use for the rest of your life, we recommend the Milwaukee 2401-20. This 12-volt screwdriver is rough, tough, and ready to rumble. It has a powerful motor for the size, it’s compact, and it has LED lights for easy visibility. It also comes with a Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

The Senco DS332-AC is the way to go if you want something even more powerful. This driver is very quick, allowing you to drive hundreds of screws each minute. It’s difficult to find a more durable, dependable driver for huge jobs.

If you’re searching for a low-cost screwdriver that can tackle light-duty, daily jobs, the Black + Decker Li2000 is a good option. It won’t win any durability prizes, but it’s an excellent value for the money.

Finally, the greatest electric screwdriver will be different for each individual. However, we believe we’ve provided enough diversity that there’s something for everyone.

The “best gyroscopic screwdriver” is a device that has been designed to help people with hand and wrist problems. The device will be able to make the job easier for you and allow you to keep your hands in one place, so you can use them for other things.

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