Gas airsoft guns are a popular choice for players as they offer the ability to shoot without having any sort of CO2 cartridge. However, despite their popularity and ease of use, there is no one best gun because every player has different preferences that make them happy. The following section discusses what gas airsoft guns have shown in the past year and talks about some potential future big trends in this category.,

The “best airsoft guns 2022” is a list of the top gas airsoft guns that are available on the market. These airsoft guns will provide users with a high level of performance and accuracy.

Participating in airsoft war games is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Knowing you won’t be hurt (badly) makes battle a lot more enjoyable. If you’re thinking about getting into this burgeoning sport, you’ll need to equip yourself with the finest gas airsoft guns.

This is where we can help. We’ve put up a fantastic resource to assist you in making your decision. They’re an excellent addition to your arsenal, providing greater range and power than their gasless brethren.

In our assessments, we focused on pistols since they are an excellent stepping stone to more powerful weaponry later on. Before you go hog crazy, start with something you know you can easily handle. If you’re going to be playing competitively, a pistol is a terrific addition.

After reading our evaluations, continue reading for an in-depth look at what makes a great gas airsoft pistol. This will assist you in determining what to look for in your search for the best match for your requirements.

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1. Umarex Enforcer of the Combat Zone


1911 A1 Black Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun

  • The all-metal build is ultra-realistic.
  • Blowback from a slide is really realistic and enjoyable to shoot.
  • Up to 345 fps with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs
  • A 12-gram CO2 cartridge provides power (CO2 NOT included)
  • In every scenario, an adjustable hop-up will keep you shooting straight.

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The Combat Zone Enforcer is a well-designed weapon. It features a 15-round magazine and is semi-automatic. It is, in fact, a clone of the XDM 3.8 Compact.

In that regard, the first thing you’ll notice is how little it is. Your hands neatly wrap around it, providing you excellent control. It’s just 0.95 pounds and weights a smidgeon under a pound.

The process of loading is straightforward. To release the clip, push a button on the gun’s side. The BBs are inserted into a little indentation on the clip. They’re kept in the track by a spring-loaded slide until they’re ready to fire.

The door that contains the CO2 cartridge is one of my favorite features of this rifle. A slide-out hatch is used on a variety of vehicles, and it comes out quite quickly. This one is more comfortable to hold and adapts to your hand more naturally. A twist-screw tightens the cartridge in place once it’s in position.

The Enforcer has some fairly impressive blowback when shot. The trigger will most likely be the most noticeable problem. It feels longer than it needs to be, and after a lengthy period of usage, your finger will undoubtedly be strained.

Things We Enjoy

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Accessories’ rails

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Mostly made of plastic
  • Long-acting trigger

Colt 1911 Rail Pistol No. 2


Colt 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol, 380-390 FPS, Black, with Adjustable Hop-Up and Blowback

  • WITH 0.20g ammunition, POWERFUL CO2: 380-390 FPS
  • READY TO USE: Shoots 6mm ammunition and is semi-automatic. There are 14 rounds in the magazine. 100 BBs are included as a beginning set.
  • REPLICA: constructed entirely of metal for a realistic appearance and weight. It weighs 1.9 pounds.
  • HOP-UP ADJUSTABLE: generates a back-spin effect on ammunition for increased firing distance.
  • BLOWBACK ACTION: delivers a terrific, genuine kick. Ideal for use in training or simulation.

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Colt has you covered if you’re searching for a powerful Heavy-duty weapon. The 1911 is a metal-on-metal pistol with attractive engraving. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and sassy. With the exception of the orange plastic tip, this object seems to be the actual deal.

Colt incorporated several unique characteristics to the 1911 Rail Pistol that make it stand out. For one thing, the views are covered with brilliant white dots. This makes it even easier to see through and better line up your shots.

The handle is wonderful in and of itself. It’s not black like the rest of the weapon. Colt utilized a brushed brown hue that turned up to be extremely stunning. You’re given a skeletal trigger that works nicely with the model. It will feel perfectly at home against your finger.

With the touch of a button, the magazine is released. It also holds the CO2 cartridge and BBs. This is a great creative and original way to utilize the magazine.

Both sides of the handle include a safety lock. This is a fantastic feature that isn’t seen on many airsoft guns. The safety trigger is usually only on one side. When you hold the pistol, there’s a safety trigger integrated into the handle, just like on other 1911s. The rifle will not fire until this is put in.

The hammer is made of metal and is quite durable. Breakdown is a breeze with a sliding release. This is something you don’t see very frequently, so it’s a significant positive.

At any one moment, the 1911 may contain up to 19 rounds. Trying to load BBs may be a pain, particularly if you’ve got a dozen or more in. You have to battle to get rounds in because the spring is strong.

Things We Enjoy

  • Design that is appealing
  • Heavy-duty
  • It’s fantastic.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Loading BBs is a bit of a pain.

3. Glock 19X Umarex



  • Injection molded polymer frame is lightweight and sturdy, with a durable aluminum alloy slide. GLOCK-licensed, featuring full rollmarks on the slide and branding molded into the frame
  • The ergonomics, function, and handling are all identical to the original; Airsoft green gas is used to power the machine (green gas NOT included)
  • Features a GLOCK Gen4 type frame with finger grooves eliminated, realistic blowback action, and typical GLOCK sights.
  • At up to 300 fps, it fires 6mm plastic airsoft BBs.
  • Excellent for airsoft, target shooting, and as a training aid.

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I’m a big fan of the 19X. The color is the first thing you’ll notice. It features a unique tan paint job that sets it apart from the others. It has a military-style appearance to it.

The magazine has been improved over prior versions, allowing for more gas and bullets to be stored. I appreciate how the slide is a little shorter. It’s a robust and strong sidearm as a result.

The magazine release may be configured for left- or right-handed usage. It can contain up to 18 rounds of ammunition while also housing the CO2 cartridge.

It’s big and bulky and It’s fantastic. releasing and inserting the magazine. It has a really good weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap like some of the other magazines out there.

The grip seems to be powder-coated by Umarex, which is a pretty unique feature. Outside, everything is made of polymer, even down to the trigger, giving it a light yet strong feel. Heavy-duty metal is used inside.

The trigger is a little more difficult to pull, but it only has a small travel distance, so it’s not a significant concern. It also features a lot of rails for accessories and add-ons.

When you’re firing the gun, you get a really smooth kickback. It It’s fantastic. to hold and even better to shoot. It has a wonderfully snappy feel with each shot fired. Everything feels sharp and precise.

The blowback is rather strong, so if you’re just starting out, this could be a little too much for you. You may want to start with a less powerful weapon and work your way up to the Glock 19X.

Things We Enjoy

  • Design is fantastic.
  • It’s a nice kickback
  • Excellent equilibrium

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • It takes some courage to pull the trigger.

Blowback Walther P99

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The Walther P99 Blowback airsoft pistol from Umarex is back. It’s a close clone of the original Walther P99.

The body is all plastic, but the drop-out magazine is metal. It’s able to hold up to 15 rounds at a time. The total weight of this gun is 1.5 pounds. This weight feels really comfy to hold, as it gives the gun Excellent equilibrium. It is a double-action pistol, meaning it cocks and drops the hammer.

On the P99, Umarex boasts 380 frames per second. In actuality, you may expect to pay between 320 and 330 dollars. It has a lovely textured and curved handle that your hand can easily hold.

The trigger, slide release, and mag release are all metal, while the frame is composed of polymer. The magazine’s release is ambidextrous, which I like.

The stick mag has a wonderful, solid feel about it. It’s also simple to load. A slide-down catch and a slot to insert the BBs are included. Loading isn’t as difficult as it is on some other spring-loaded models.

You also get front and back sights to assist you line up your sights properly. In the grasp, the CO2 is concealed. When you’re ready to replace a cartridge, you’ll appreciate how easy it ejects the old one.

Things We Enjoy

  • Affordable
  • Good repercussions
  • Accurate
  • Fantastic publication.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Changing the cartridge is a pain.
  • It takes some time to become accustomed to Trigger.

5. Glock 19 Gen3 Elite Force



Glock 19 Gen3 GBB 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun by Elite Force

  • The GLOCK 19 is a smaller variant of the GLOCK 17; the G19’s grip and slide are both shorter, making it easier to handle and carry.
  • The ergonomics, function, and handling are all identical to the original; Airsoft green gas is used to power the machine (green gas NOT included)
  • The traditional ergonomics, take-down method, metal slide, drop-free mag, and genuine blowback action will appeal to shooters.
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at speeds of up to 290 feet per second.
  • Excellent for airsoft, target shooting, and as a training aid.

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Umarex has created a fantastic reproduction of the Glock 19 Gen 3. Everything is just how it should be. You’d have a hard time telling them different if it weren’t for the plastic orange tip.

The trigger has a built-in safety that requires you to apply just the right amount of pressure to get it to fire. When firing, the slide kicks back really nicely and the gun just It’s fantastic. to shoot. The slide does hang up quite a bit when you pull it back but seemed to loosen up over time.

The magazine is a work of art in and of itself. It seems to be in fantastic condition and has a wonderful weight to it. It’s where the ammo and the gas are kept.

At 290 FPS, the overall frame rate is a little low, but it’s more than acceptable. It reached a peak of roughly 280 during testing. I think it’s close enough.

To assist you line up your shots, the sighting features lovely white paintwork. This is a fantastic addition to these Airsoft weapons that I like seeing.

The Glock 19’s overall ergonomics are excellent. This makes it quite enjoyable to handle. It has a great sense of balance, exactly like the actual thing.

For those who are just beginning started, this model is an excellent option. It’s ideal for beginners and won’t overwhelm you like some of the more complicated weapons on the market. It’s worth a shot. It’s a terrific investment that should last a long time.

Things We Enjoy

  • The recoil is tremendous.
  • Excellent for training.
  • Nice re-creation
  • Durable

Things We Don’t Appreciate

What to Look for in an Airsoft Gun that Uses Gas

It’s never been simpler to get your hands on a high-quality gas airsoft pistol. When there are so many options, it might be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re searching for. We’ll go through the essentials here so you may have a lot simpler time shopping.


Blowback airsoft guns are the most realistic in terms of operation. The slide kicks back with each shot fired, much as on a genuine pistol. When the magazine is completely empty, it will glide back and lock into place. The majority of airsoft guns on the market are blowback models.


These will either have a revolver or a fixed slide configuration. Because there are fewer moving components, these firearms are typically less costly. This also improves the gun’s dependability.

When opposed to its blowback counterparts, non-blowback pistols’ triggers are often longer and seem less realistic.

A word of warning: non-blowback firearms have a lot of power. Using them in war games could be a poor idea, since they can inflict a lot more damage and injury.


This is critical. Across the board, there are a plethora of various sorts of triggers. Which one you choose is mostly up to you. Some demand a significant amount of strength to engage, while others do not. If you’re new to airsoft guns, it’s best to start with a simple trigger and work your way up.

Many triggers come with built-in safety mechanisms. To get the pistol to fire, you must apply precisely the perfect amount of pressure.

Before you leap straight into playing war games, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with this step. Some people may find it inconvenient and aggravating to use. Many people, on the other hand, prefer this form to all others since it more closely resembles real-life sidearms.


We focused on pistols, although rifles are also available. Here’s a link to a list of some of the greatest firearms. If you already own a rifle, you may wish to acquire a pistol to carry by your side while playing war games. This is useful for switching between firearms quickly in the midst of combat.

Because airsoft rifles are sluggish, the pistol is a fast and convenient solution when you’re on the go. Furthermore, many gamers choose to solely use pistols while playing. You can’t go wrong with having one in your inventory.


Gases used in gas airsoft weapons come in a variety of sorts. CO2 is the most common. These are available in tiny canisters and are reasonably priced.

The most powerful blowback comes from compressed propane combined with silicone oil. When you pull the trigger, the gas is released via a series of valves. The BB will then be propelled through the chamber by it.

The Top Paintball Hopper Manufacturers


Founded in 1972 and located in Germany, Umarex makes a huge selection of guns, airsoft guns, and replicas. They are behind many popular guns, such as Walther, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Glock, and more.


CYBERGUN has been around since 1983, but under a different moniker. They changed their name to CYBERGUN in 1999 and continue to provide some of the finest airsoft weapons on the market.

Army of the past

This Hong Kong-based firm produces some excellent airsoft gun replicas. To more precisely resemble their real-life counterparts, they often employ genuine metal pieces.


What Will You Do With Your Gas Airsoft Gun?

This is quite significant. It’s possible that your rifle can fire farther than the region or facility permits. If you’re going to play in a public location, you should find out what their velocity restrictions are before charging in with your pistol drawn.

When it comes to utilizing your new gas airsoft pistol, you have three options: indoor, outdoor, and plinking. When it comes to indoor fields, the boundaries are usually lower. They allow between 350 and 380 frames per second on average.

Outdoor fields are often taller. They typically allow between 400 and 450 frames per second. If you have firearms in your arsenal, you’ll be more suited to outside fields than inside ones.

When plinking with your airsoft gun, all bets are off. Plunking, for those unfamiliar with the word, is when you go to your backyard or another private property and fire at different targets from distance. Shooting cans or fixed targets, for example. Make sure you’re firing away from people and traffic at all times.

By adjusting your pistol’s spring, you may now increase the velocity of your gun on your own. Unfortunately, saying it is much simpler than doing it. This generally requires disassembling the complete pistol, but it is possible. Because this is a somewhat involved procedure, we’ve put up a tutorial that should cover all you need to know about adjusting your FPS.


You should have a simpler time choosing your gas airsoft gun now that you know what to look for. If you’re a complete newbie, start with something simpler and work your way up. Don’t go overboard and get the largest, baddest pistol you can find.

Get to know a weapon that you can simply grip and fire. You may go on to the next step after you’re comfortable with it. The greatest gas airsoft guns are well-made and should last you for years. We hope you found our information useful. Have a good time and be safe!

The “best gas blowback airsoft rifle” is a type of airsoft gun that uses compressed gas to propel the pellet. This type of airsoft gun is popular for its accuracy and power. The best gas blowback airsoft rifles are usually used in military games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most realistic airsoft gun?

A: Most airsoft guns are made of plastic, but they can be very realistic to the human eye because of their size and weight. This includes weapons such as M4s, AK-47s and UMP45s.

What is the best airsoft gun in the world?

A: There is no best airsoft gun in the world. It all comes down to personal preference, what you feel comfortable with and have experience with.

Which airsoft gas is best?

A: That really depends on what you are using your airsoft gun for and how much money you want to spend. if you just play at home, CO2 is more economical than green gas due to the lack of maintenance requirements with Co2. If however, playing outdoors frequently or in a game that requires grenade launchers and high-powered rifles (like CQB), then Green Gas will be cheaper because its easier to refill from canisters/cylinders.

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