Nowadays, many people’s top priority is finding a gazebo that can fit in their living space. The best hardtop gazebos are designed for an easy setup and storage so you never have to worry about bringing it back into the house when not in use. Let us help you find the perfect one!

The “best hardtop gazebo for snow load” is a type of gazebo that can be used in snowy weather. We have compiled a list of the best ones on the market, and included a buying guide as well.

Purchasing a hardtop gazebo for your yard is a major decision…and a significant investment. While a new lawnmower, shed, or chainsaw could cost a few hundred dollars, outfitting your yard with one of the finest hardtop gazebos on the market might cost anywhere from $2 to $5,000.

Given that a sensible pick will get you a jewel of a gazebo that will be a highlight of your yard for decades to come, and a less intelligent option will get you something that will be fit for the scrap heap only a few months down the road, doing additional study before buying is unquestionably the way to go.

To that end, we’ve put together a selection of the finest hardtop gazebos for 2020, as well as a comprehensive buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the ideal model for your yard.

Our Top 5 Selections

1. Sun Shelter Sojag Messina Gazebo


12′ x 16′ Charcoal Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter

  • Frame is made of rust-resistant metal. in charcoal color
  • Roof made of galvanized steel
  • Mosquito netting with a PVC coating
  • There’s no need to put the roof up for the winter (snow should always be removed from the shelter)
  • Parts and accessories are available for purchase ($$).

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The Sojag Messina Gazebo Sun Shelter is a hardtop gazebo that checks almost every box a potential buyer might want: it’s fashionable and beautiful, has 192 square feet of area, is simple to put up, and is built to last.

This 1216-foot gazebo has enough area for a big, 6-person dining table, plus a couple of lounge chairs and/or a couch. It’s also surprisingly simple to set up for such a massive piece of equipment.

The charcoal finish on this gazebo makes it aesthetically pleasing and simple to complement with other furniture, such as flowery drapes, pastille couches, or rustic wood dining sets.

The Messina also has large roof ventilation panels that help keep things cool in hot weather, a slanted roof design that sheds rainwater rather than allowing it to pool in the roof panels, and integrated mosquito curtains that let you create a bug-free oasis in your yard even when the skeeters are out in force.

While some of the seams between panels and gutters may leak over time, this is a simple issue to solve with silicone sealant.

What’s the bottom line? This gazebo is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for a more large protected enclosure in their yard without having to engage professional installation aid, as well as those who value style as much as durability.

What We Enjoy

  • Charcoal is a trendy color.
  • Materials made of rust-resistant aluminum
  • Mosquito netting that is built in
  • Very large (196 sq. ft.; 1216 sq. ft.)
  • Setup is simple.

What We Don’t Care For

  • Over time, roof panels are prone to (easily repairable) leaks.
  • Quite costly

Sunjoy Chatham Steel Gazebo is number two on the list.



Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo, 10 x 12

  • The 10 x 12 ft hardtop metal steel roof is strong and long-lasting.
  • Mosquito netting is included in the price.
  • Rust-resistant aluminum and powder-coated steel frame
  • Roof with vents for maximum circulation and comfort
  • Item arrives in one box fastened to the pallet and can be bolted down; package updated – Item comes in one box secured to the pallet and can be bolted down. Professional installation is necessary.

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The Sunjoy Chatham Steel Gazebo should be on the top of any buyer’s shortlist if they’re looking for a cheap, compact gazebo with excellent build quality and aesthetics.

This 1012-foot gazebo may lack some of the frills seen on some of its more expensive rivals, but it provides a basic, attractive yard shelter with all of the necessary components to allow you to modify its design with your own add-ons.

The Chatham has elegant lines, low-key design, and traditional elements in a subdued charcoal hue that makes it easy to match with a variety of colours and kinds of furniture.

What We Enjoy most about this gazebo, however, are its confidence-inspiring, sturdy, galvanized steel construction and its versatility, boasting a built-in, dual-hanging rod system that lets you hang both mosquito netting and privacy curtains simultaneously, and a hanging hook in the roof for lighting fixtures.

Finally, since it has significantly greater clearance than most of its rivals, the Chatham is a fantastic choice for people with taller family members, measuring just under 8 feet from floor to roof (a foot more than many other 10’x12′ gazebos). While this may need a somewhat more difficult setup, the additional headroom is definitely worth it in the long run.

What We Enjoy

  • Priced reasonably
  • With proper installation, it can resist gusts of up to 50 mph.
  • Materials that are resistant to rust
  • The galvanized steel structure is very durable.
  • Head clearance is quite high.

What We Don’t Care For

  • Due to the weight of the steel frame, it is somewhat difficult to build.
  • Due to exposure to sunshine, color might fade after a year or two.

3. Sunjoy Bellevue Hardtop Grilling Gazebo


Outdoor Backyard Steel Frame Double-Tier Polycarbonate Top Canopy with Shelves Serving Tables COOL Spot 8’x5′ BBQ Grill Gazebo

  • COMMERCIAL AND RECREATIONAL OUTDOOR Usage: This strong steel structure is ideal for both commercial and recreational outdoor use. While grilling or working outdoors, this building will keep you protected from the weather while yet allowing you to ventilate.
  • WHERE TO PUT FOOD, TABLEWARE, CUTLERY, OR GRILLING ACCESSORIES: The canopy frame has two handy shelves where you can put food, tableware, cutlery, or grilling accessories while working beneath the canopy frame. Enjoy complete vision while working with plenty of headroom.
  • DOUBLE POLYCARBONATE TOP: The hardtop gazebo’s double-tier design shields 99 percent of harmful UV radiation while providing for optimum ventilation, stability, and illumination. Unlike many other polyester canopy top designs, the all-weather, double polycarbonate top is both stylish and fade resistant.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: This structure is robust and rust-resistant thanks to its durable steel frame construction and protective powder-coated finish, making it ideal for outdoor use. This gazebo accommodates most grilling settings with space to spare for food or grilling supplies, with measurements of 8 ft x 5 ft x 7.55 ft.
  • COOL Spot COMMITMENT: From the date of purchase, COOL Spot gives a 1-year limited after-sale protection. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries. Our expert service staff is accessible at all times to offer you with exceptional service.

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Because of its adaptability for tiny yards, this wildcard item on our list deserves to be included.

This 8.15.2-foot gazebo, billed as a “grilling” gazebo, lacks the expansive covering of the other entries on our list but is excellent for individuals looking for a gazebo that offers a shaded area for Barbecuing, a pair of armchairs, and a small coffee table, or who have limited yard space.

The Bellevue has a lot more going for it than its more streamlined proportions. The most significant characteristics of this neat little gazebo are a well-ventilated design that enables smoke and fumes to escape if used as a grilling shelter, shelves that allow you to easily store all of your cooking gear and accessories, and a highly robust and solid steel structure.

Finally, because of its smaller size and lighter weight, the Bellevue is much simpler to put up and could be done by one person on their own (although with some effort and the occasional bad word…!).

While not a true lounging gazebo, the Bellevue is large enough to fit two chairs for those who want to mix up their grilling with some relaxation, making it a very adaptable choice and maybe a better pick for couples looking for a gazebo that won’t dominate their yard.

What We Enjoy

  • Setup is simple.
  • Its modest size makes it inconspicuous and appropriate for smaller yards.
  • Steel structure for sturdiness
  • Good ventilation is essential.
  • Integrated drink and/or cooking utensil shelves

What We Don’t Care For

  • For entertaining guests, it’s a tad on the tiny side (8.25.2 feet).

4. Cedar Wood Gazebo by Yardistry

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With its sophisticated, rustic cedar frame and low-key aluminum covering, the Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo is one for the aesthetes. Few gazebos on the market come close to matching this one in terms of beauty.

But there’s a lot more to this gazebo than just appearances…

The size of this gazebo, at 12×12 feet, makes it the ideal happy medium for individuals who want to entertain friends in their yard but don’t want to have a whole football team over or have a gazebo that dominates their yard.

This elegant gazebo is also a winner in terms of utility, with extraordinarily strong supporting beams, a 1412-foot peaked aluminum roof that provides good ventilation and readily sheds rainfall, and extremely robust, hard-wearing materials throughout.

In Conclusion, if we were purchasing just on the basis of quality, this gazebo would be the clear winner. While the gazebo’s rustic design and bronze-tinted roof may not be to everyone’s taste, the more muted tones and natural-appearing materials make it suitable for those searching for a model that fits in with their yard’s existing elements.

The main disadvantage of this gazebo is the difficulty of putting it together. Because of the weight of the roof and structure, erecting this shelter will need many pairs of hands and might take a day or two.

What We Enjoy

  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Models made of aluminum or steel are more wind resistant.
  • Rustic appeal with style
  • Pre-drilled holes make installation easier.
  • Roof that is well ventilated
  • Materials that are very long-lasting

What We Don’t Care For

  • Setup is difficult.
  • Mosquito netting is not included and must be bought separately.
  • It isn’t the cheapest choice available.

5. Sun Shelter Sojag Sedona Metal Top Gazebo

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The Sojag Sedona Hard Top Sun Shelter can be the gazebo you’re searching for if you’re not sure what size gazebo is suitable for your yard or if you’ve discovered a few contenders that aren’t a good match in terms of size.

While it has a similar look to the Sunjoy Chatham, this elegant, powder-coated aluminum gazebo is available in three sizes: 10′ x 12′, 12′ x 16′, and 12′ x 14′, allowing you to choose a more “custom” fit for the area you have available.

The Sedona’s design is modest, missing the ornamental embellishments, intricacy, and two-tiered roof of the Chatham and other related gazebo types, but its clean lines and dark-brown finish will likely appeal to those seeking a more subdued shelter.

The Sedona also has a PVC-coated mosquito screen to keep the inside bug-free, a second track for hanging curtains, and a trio of internal roof hooks to hang lights and decorations or add a personal touch.

The absence of Gutters for rainwater and the use of polycarbonate roof panels rather than galvanized steel are the only drawbacks of this gazebo.

Steel panels are stronger and more durable than polycarbonate panels. However, those polycarbonate panels do have one minor advantage that may help balance the sturdiness and durability issue: they allow some natural light to seep through, which is a big plus at dark or in the winter when the shelter is used with curtains.

Although the Sedona’s roof provides excellent ventilation, it falls short of its rivals due to the absence of a rain gutter system. While the other items in our review have gutters that direct rainwater to the corners of the roof, the Sedona simply lets rainwater drip over the edges of the roof, resulting in a few puddles around the gazebo perimeter and a few drips on the dome when moving in and out of the sheltered area in the rain.

What We Enjoy

  • Priced reasonably
  • Frame is made of rust-resistant metal.
  • Roof panels made of UV-protected, tinted polycarbonate
  • Polyester mosquito netting with a PVC coating
  • Roof that is well ventilated

What We Don’t Care For

  • For certain people, the 6’4″ ceiling height is too low.
  • The weather resistance and durability of a polycarbonate roof are both lacking.
  • Rain pours over the sides instead of being directed to the corners when there is no gutter.

How to Select the Most Effective Hardtop Gazebos

Is it better to have a hardtop or a softtop gazebo?

Soft top and hardtop gazebos both have characteristics that make them more or less attractive to certain types of purchasers.

To make your decision easier, we’ve included a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of both kinds of gazebos.

Pros of Soft Tops

  • Typically, softtops are much lighter than hardtops.
  • More portable—can easily be relocated to other areas of the yard.
  • If the color of the canopy cloth fades, it may be replaced.
  • Installation/setup is simple.
  • Much more cost-effective

Cons of a Soft Top

  • In heavy winds, it must be put down.
  • Less dependable and steady
  • Weather exposure may cause the fabric of the canopy to deteriorate.
  • Hardtops are less durable than softtops.

Pros of Hardtops

  • The majority of models may be left out all year.
  • Very strong and steady
  • If properly cared for, more durable and likely to last a lifetime.
  • Weather resistance is improved.
  • Typically, hard tops seem to be more attractive than soft ones.

Cons of Hardtop

  • It may be rather costly.
  • Installing is more harder.
  • More upkeep is required

Different Types of Gazebos for Different Purposes

Absolutely. While all hardtop gazebos produce a semi-permanent protected environment, unique traits and attributes make certain types preferable for specific usage than others.

A Den in the Park

If all you want to do is put a couch or a couple armchairs under your gazebo to create a shaded outdoor sitting area, any model with adequate room to cover your furniture will suffice.

The only relevant pre-purchase considerations in this situation are the gazebo’s size and the presence (or absence) of a few desired amenities like as privacy curtains or mosquito netting.


Again, the most crucial issue is space if you want to utilize your gazebo for al fresco eating. While making your shortlist of prospective purchases, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that the goods on your list are appropriate:

  • What is the size of the dining table?
  • Is it probable that I’ll be entertaining a large number of people?
  • In addition to the dining table and chairs, would I prefer a couple armchairs or a BBQ grill?

Hangout in the Hot Tub

A gazebo over your hot tub is a good method to keep the tub clean by keeping leaves and debris out while also ensuring that it is functional even when it is raining.

While it’s critical to choose a gazebo that will cover your hot tub while still leaving enough area for a couple of “poolside” chairs, the gazebo’s material and style should also be carefully studied. Excellent ventilation and rust-resistant materials are the two most crucial things to look for. If the panels are constructed of materials that are not (or are less) rustproof, effective ventilation in the roof will enable the steam from the hot tub to escape and reduce the danger of damage. While treated wood will protect itself from the elements if treated on a regular basis, the heat and steam created by your hot tub may cause the waterproof coating to wear off considerably more rapidly, exposing the wood to weather damage.


One of the most significant benefits of a hardtop gazebo over a soft top is that it may be used as a grilling or smoking shelter. When there is some controversy about the safety of cooking in a semi-enclosed environment, barbecue under a gazebo is absolutely safe as long as you remove any side panels or curtains while cooking and your gazebo’s roof has appropriate ventilation.

Shelves for cooking utensils and a lower ceiling are two additional elements that make a gazebo perfect for grilling. While the first is self-explanatory, the second is worth considering since it will be simpler to wipe up oil buildup caused by the smells from all the delicious food you’ll be grilling!

Gazebo Dimensions

Hardtop gazebos usually vary in size from 1010 to 1418 ft. Of course, the optimal size for your yard will be determined by what you want to place below it and how much room you have available.

If you want to create a protected spot for entertaining guests or use the gazebo to hide a hot tub, a 10’x10′ or even an 8’x8′ model will serve; if it’s just you and your spouse or puppy, a 10’x10′ or even an 8’x8′ model will more than enough.

To give you a sense of size, a 12-foot gazebo is often big enough to fit a six-person dinner table with space to spare.

The Best Hardtop Gazebo Materials

Aluminum, steel, and wood are the three most popular materials utilized in the building of hardtop gazebos. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as features that will appeal to different purchasers.

Aluminum is the most prevalent of the three materials and provides an excellent blend of durability, stability, and a reduced weight that makes setup easier. For increased strength and stability, many aluminum versions include steel elements in the frame, which are frequently powder coated or galvanized to promote rust resistance.

Steel: While steel gazebos are less prevalent than aluminum gazebos, they have the benefit of providing significantly more stability and strength, both of which are crucial qualities if you reside in an area with regular strong winds. Steel gazebos, on the other hand, are heavy, and erecting one may need soliciting the help of half your neighborhood, let alone a few strong-shouldered buddies!

Many purchasers choose wooden hardtop gazebos because of their solid, hefty frames and classic, rustic, natural look. Wood gazebos are often long-lasting, however this depends on the sort of wood used and how much work you’re prepared to put into upkeep over time. Wood gazebos, on the other hand, may need yearly repainting or reproofing, are difficult to put up or install, and are likely to cost substantially more than comparable aluminum versions.

Shapes of Gazebos

The only substantial difference between various arrangements is how simple they are to erect, so the form of gazebo you pick for your yard will ultimately come down to personal choice.

Square and rectangular models, in general, are the best hardtop gazebos for those who don’t want to put in days of hard work before their shelter is ready to use, because these models typically only use four supporting beams (one at each corner) to anchor to decking or paving or sink into the turf of your lawn. In contrast, hexagonal or octagonal versions would employ six or eight beams/posts, respectively.

Sides of the Gazebo

Many gazebo versions are available with side paneling or curtains, whether mesh mosquito curtains, ornate privacy curtains, or hard or soft panels. In many situations, they are offered as add-ons, and the gazebo frame will feature curtain tracks or panel connection points.

Curtains and paneling are useful embellishments for a variety of reasons, but especially if you have nosy neighbors or want to use your gazebo in the winter or shoulder seasons when temperatures are cooler and draft protection is essential.

Mesh mosquito curtains are also a nice addition to have if you live in an area where’skeeters are a problem and haven’t yet sprayed your yard with mosquito repellant.

Is it Important to Look Good?

Yes! With so many alternatives available, there’s no need to settle for a gazebo that checks all the boxes in terms of utility but falls short on beauty.

Of course, what you think looks beautiful is subjective, but as a general guideline, choose a gazebo that fits the current design and color scheme in your yard. If your yard’s other furnishings are all rustic wood, a glass or metal model, for example, may seem gaudy or out of place, and a wooden gazebo, likewise, may appear at odds with an ultra-modern home or sleeker furnishings.

Features to Look for in a Gazebo

The following are some of the most crucial qualities found in the finest hardtop gazebos available:

Roof with vents

In addition to allowing fumes from a barbecue or steam from a hot tub to escape, a ventilated roof is a very useful feature in hotter temperatures because it allows hot air to escape and improves airflow within the shelter, which is especially important if you’re using mosquito mesh or curtains to provide shade from the sun.

Attachment points for decoration

Most of us can turn a stolid, uninspiring gazebo into a center point of our yard with the addition of a little individual “bling.” If you intend on personalizing your shelter, make sure the type you choose includes curtain tracks, shelves, and/or lots of hooks or hanging places where you can hang lights, photographs, or anything else that would lend a personal touch.

Gutters for rainwater

This beneficial feature, although neither a deal-maker or deal-breaker, funnels rainfall to one corner of the gazebo and prevents drips from entering the covered area around the perimeter.


Shelves are especially crucial if you want to use your gazebo as a shelter for barbecues or as an outdoor dining area, since they may be used to store utensils, pots, pans, and dirty plates, as indicated above. Even if you just want to use your gazebo as an outside lounging space, having a place to keep your drink is always a plus.

The Top Brands of Hardtop Gazebos

Sunjoy: This California-based company specializes in outdoor furniture and fixtures, such as gazebos, canopy replacements, bistro sets, sofas and settees, as well as outdoor dining sets and other garden or yard accessories. Sunjoy provides exceptional customer service and thoroughly tests each component of their product before to selling.

Sojag: Sojag is a California-based company that has been making high-quality yet cheap sun shelters, solariums, and outdoor furniture for over 26 years.

Yardistry: This Ontario-based company creates high-quality timber gazebos with contemporary features to improve performance and utility.


Q: How difficult is it to erect a hardtop gazebo?

A: One of the biggest disadvantages of a hardtop gazebo over a soft top is the difficulty of installation. In addition to their much higher weight, most hardtop variants must be “anchored” to the ground, which means they must be secured with bolts or even cement. This, of course, necessitates a lot more installation time, human labor, and maybe even money if you need to engage outside assistance.

In general, wood gazebos are the most complex to set up, while aluminum gazebos are the most straightforward.

Q: Where in my yard should I install my gazebo?

A: Deciding where to install your hardtop gazebo in the yard might take a long time, not to mention a lot of marital trouble if your concept differs from your partner’s! Fortunately, a few location tips may assist in making the selection.

To begin, keep in mind that hardtop gazebos are semi-permanent constructions, meaning they are bolted or cemented into the ground for the most part. Of course, this means that moving them after they’ve been placed will be both nasty and time-consuming.

Also, find a location in your yard where there will be enough room around the gazebo for you to wander about outdoors and where the unit will not dwarf or overpower other elements in the region, disrupting the spatial equilibrium of your yard.

Aside from size and area, the weather is the most significant concern. If you want your gazebo to be a sun trap, place it where it will get lots of sun exposure to the south; if you want it to be protected from the sun, place it where it will be shaded by trees or your house and/or only get sun at specific times of the day.

Finally, keep in mind that the measurements listed in product descriptions refer to the footprint of the base, not the roof, which typically extends at least a few inches on all four sides—something that could lead to disagreements with your neighbors if you plan to place the gazebo against a dividing wall or fence, or a very tight squeeze or sloppy-looking fit if you plan to place the gazebo against your home’s wall.

Q: Is it necessary to maintain hardtop gazebos?

A: Yes, in a nutshell. Whether you choose a wood, aluminum, or steel gazebo, some maintenance will be necessary to keep your yard’s new addition looking fresh for the long haul. However, one of the most significant distinctions between these materials is the amount of upkeep necessary.

While rustproof aluminum and steel models may just need a light rubdown from time to time and the occasional reseal where panels have warped due to weather exposure, wooden models should be repainted every two to three years and reproofed at least once a year.


As we indicated in the opening, purchasing a hardtop gazebo for your yard is a significant investment, and deciding which type to purchase is not a choice to be made lightly.

While all of the gazebos in our evaluation offer something a little different and will appeal to yard owners with a variety of interests, styles, and yard sizes, one in particular struck our attention and stood out among its peers.

Take a bow, Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo 12′ x 12′!

This gazebo receives our selection for a variety of reasons, but most notably for its really gorgeous, appealing aesthetic, excellent robustness and strength, and ability to fit in with the furnishings in almost any yard. This superbly elegant unit is the gazebo for you if you want a gazebo that will last a lifetime and make your neighbors’ models look like sketchy DIY jobs. It’s pricey and takes a while to set up, but if you want a gazebo that will last a lifetime and make your neighbors’ models look like sketchy DIY jobs, this superbly elegant unit is the gazebo for you.

The “best rated hardtop gazebos 2021” is a list of the best hardtop gazebos that we have found. The list includes top picks and buying advice.

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