Men’s shoes are the most commonly purchased. In 2022, women will be driving men out of stores by purchasing more soccer shoes for themselves and their growing families. Women who purchase male football boots might find that they need to buy a new pair every year to keep up with other players’ pace and style as time goes on.

The “best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet” is a blog post by Own The Yard. They review the best indoor soccer shoes on the market and give suggestions on what to buy.

Indoor soccer is a great method to maintain your soccer abilities and feet fresh even when the weather is bad or you don’t have access to a decent playing field. However, like with outdoor soccer, having the correct equipment, gear, and footwear is critical. As a result, the greatest indoor soccer shoes may make or break your footwork and, ultimately, your game.

So, how do you choose the appropriate footwear for the job? That is dependent on your requirements.

Consider one of these solutions for children and teenagers who require cleats to play on grass. If you have flat feet, your selections will be limited and more focused on achieving a perfect, comfortable fit.

Indoor soccer players, on the other hand, have numerous excellent alternatives. We’ll explain how we arrived at our conclusions after we present our top five indoor soccer shoes. We’ll also address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this practical footwear.

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1. Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe by Adidas Performance for Men

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The Adidas Samba Millennium soccer shoe is an updated version of an old favorite, and we think it’s a good one. To be honest, we do have a soft place for oldies as well.

Adiprene inserts are a kind of padding that serves to give more shock absorption and cushioning in this shoe. They’re designed to provide you with the most comfortable gaming experience possible, and they surely deliver.

They have that ageless, classic aspect about them, with just minor cosmetic alterations to the original design. It’s a simple, stylish appearance that may be worn on the court or as part of your usual outfit. They do run a little small, so get a half-size larger than you normally wear, but it’ll be worth it.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Has a traditional look with increased comfort and durability.
  • It has a pre-molded EVA midsole for more comfortable, light cushioning.
  • For all hardwood indoor floors, the outsole provides outstanding traction.
  • The shoe has mild boosted arch support for added comfort and fatigue reduction.
  • They’re simple to put on and take off.

We didn’t care for:

  • These shoes are a little narrower than the rest.
  • You may need to buy a size higher due to the narrower design, particularly if you have broader feet.

2. Puma King Indoor IT Soccer Shoe for Men

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The Puma King brand of indoor soccer shoes is a popular option among players. They equal the quality and performance of the outdoor King versions used by a number of well-known soccer players. The primary difference between this version and the original is the enhanced, indoor-friendly sole.

This shoe is composed of real leather and has a high-quality polish. This polish and high-quality material work together to provide you a terrific, natural grip and better ball control while in play.

The Contents used in this shoe are likewise designed to be long-lasting. They’re made to endure with durable fabrics and meticulous stitching. The sole is a touch thicker than you’re accustomed to, particularly at the heel, but the extra padding keeps you from slipping.

Things We Enjoy:

  • While in control of the ball, the genuine leather uppers provide the most natural grip and control.
  • They’re quite durable when it comes to playing.
  • The heel is cushioned to assist avoid any unpleasant slides or landings.
  • Goalkeepers and defensive players benefit from the durability.
  • Because these shoes are lightweight, they won’t interfere with your playing style.

We didn’t care for:

  • It has a reversed tongue, which may not be attractive to everyone.
  • Because this shoe design runs on the small side, you may need to buy a half-size bigger from your usual size.

3. Indoor Nike Mercurial Victory V Shoes

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Nike is known for their athletic shoes and everyday kicks, and the Mercurial Victory V sneakers are among their most striking indoor models. These ground-breaking shoes are fashionable, inventive, and adaptable.

These indoor soccer sneakers are not for individuals who aren’t looking for top-notch performance. They’re designed for gamers that need to think quickly and participate in fast-paced games. The sole is designed to help with speed and traction.

Keep in mind that synthetic leather does not expand as much as normal leather, thus the shoe may always fit tightly. However, this shoe is lacking in cushioning. However, TPU runs the length of each shoe, ensuring that you have the finest traction imaginable.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Synthetic leather is resilient and lightweight.
  • The non-marking rubber outsole improves grip and general mobility without scratching your indoor court’s hard surface.
  • Soft and micro-textured synthetic leather improves ball control.
  • With vivid colors and additional glitter, it has a striking, appealing appearance.
  • Internal caging keeps your foot from sliding when wearing the shoe.

We didn’t care for:

  • If you’re not cautious, the shoes may fit a touch too tightly in certain places, causing blistering.
  • There isn’t a lot of cushioning in this shoe.

4. Adidas X 15.3 IN Performance Men’s Soccer Shoe

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This is another excellent Adidas indoor soccer shoe, especially if you play on a hardwood floor. It comes in four distinct, highly visible colors, allowing you to express yourself even while playing a game.

This soccer shoe’s textile synthetic uppers provide smooth reliability in the impact zone, allowing you to aim down a shot or pass with remarkable precision. It’s also as tight as a bug, providing all the support you’ll need as you sprint down the court to score your next goal.

The shoes include a strengthened midfoot cage, which is a unique feature. This will provide you with more stability, so if you’re playing an intensive game where you’ll need to make some explosive moves, this is the shoe for you.

The rubber sole is fantastic for providing excellent grip, however it is best used on hardwood or tile floors. Keep in mind that unless this shoe is completely broken in, you may have difficulty holding various floor types.

Things We Enjoy:

  • For increased durability and lightweight performance, 100% textile synthetic materials were used.
  • It has a synthetic lining for a great fit and immediate comfort.
  • For breathability, it has a soft, close-fit mesh top.
  • Even with frequent wear and tear, these sneakers remain resilient.
  • On hardwood floors, the rubber outsole provides excellent traction.

We didn’t care for:

  • As with other soccer shoes, you may need to purchase a half-size higher from your regular size since they run small.
  • They’re best for hardwood and tile floors, but they may lack grip on other surfaces like waxed floors.

5. Diadora Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women

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Diadora has you covered if you’re searching for one of the top indoor soccer shoes for ladies. Their Capitano soccer shoes are available in two styles: flat rubber indoor and turf-friendly. So whether you’re playing on artificial indoor turf or a hardwood court, these shoes are a wonderful alternative.

It’s made with a wider fit option alongside every conventional size, which is fantastic if you require a bigger shoe or just want one for comfort. The top is constructed of a soft polyurethane synthetic material. A fixed cotton and EVA foam insole provides additional cushioning and stress absorption.

If you’re searching for an indoor soccer shoe with arch support, though, you should look at another model. If not, be prepared to use your own inserts or orthotics in these shoes.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Both hardwood and grass patterns are available.
  • For ladies with broader feet or who want a wider fitting shoe, there is a wider fit alternative.
  • The uppers are made of a soft polyurethane synthetic material that is both durable and lightweight.
  • For aesthetic appeal and visibility, it has a vivid coloring.
  • The outsole is made of abrasion-resistant gum rubber that provides excellent grip on hard surfaces while also preventing scuffing.

We didn’t care for:

  • Because the arch support is lacking, you may need to utilize your own insoles or orthotics.
  • It’s possible that the wide size isn’t wide enough for everyone, and you’ll need to size up to achieve the greatest fit.

What You Should Know About Education

You may be wondering how we chose those specific indoor soccer sneakers now that you’ve seen our top picks. What distinguishes them as the best? When choosing the finest soccer shoe for you, what should you look for?

The Field of Play

Indoor soccer is played on one of two kinds of surfaces: hardwood or grass. The kind of field you want to play on will influence the type of soccer shoes you choose. Though, just in case, getting a pair for both sorts of terrain may be equally worthwhile.

You’ll need an indoor soccer shoe with a flat gum rubber outsole if you’re playing on hardwood, linoleum, or vinyl. These soles are comparable to those used on basketball or volleyball courts. They’re non-marking and have a complex, flexible tread that helps you get traction.

Indoor turf soccer shoes are distinct from indoor turf soccer shoes, as you can see by glancing at them. With low-profile studs, they’re more like outdoor cleats. They offer thicker cushioning and may be used on natural or synthetic grass, but not on hard floor surfaces.

The Content

Indoor soccer shoes are made from a variety of materials, which might impact comfort, breathability, and price. Furthermore, certain materials are more or less durable than others. They could also have a distinct feel to them, which will alter your gameplay.

To begin, you need be aware that the uppers of your indoor soccer shoes are made of two different materials: leather and synthetic.

Leather is often supple, flexible, and capable of molding to your foot for a better fit. However, as you break it in and use it, it will stretch, so keep that in mind. Soccer shoes are made from a variety of leathers, including:

  • Suede Leather is normal leather with the top layer removed to give it a softer, more flexible feel.
  • Calfskin leather is less expensive than kangaroo leather, yet it has a comparable feel and is more durable. It does, however, weigh a little more.
  • Full-Grain Leather is thicker and more durable than kangaroo or calfskin leather, but it is also the heaviest. However, this is the most durable leather variety.
  • Kangaroo leather, often known as k-leather, is the priciest of the leather alternatives. It has a wonderful feel and comfort, but it isn’t as long-lasting as the other sorts unless it is treated.

Synthetic leather is generally lighter and thinner than true leather, although it does not stretch as much. However, it is frequently more long-lasting. This style is mostly made out of mesh or synthetic leather.

  • Mesh is lightweight and breathable. Although it is very light, its lesser weight usually means less support.
  • Synthetic leather has a similar feel and playability to genuine leather. Keep in mind, though, that doing so sacrifices some of your touch.

Anatomy and Features

Is it necessary to understand the anatomy of your shoes? Are characteristics possible in shoes? To both of these queries, the answer is yes.

The material of the uppers, the soles, the tread, the lining, and the form should all be considered.

  • Uppers: The leather and synthetic materials that make up the shoe and influence its durability and wearing comfort are referred to as the uppers.
  • Soles: The sole is divided into three pieces or layers, each of which affects your playing style and comfort.
    • The insole of your indoor soccer shoe is the footbed. These may be detachable or not, and they give support and comfort.
    • The midsole is located between the insole and the outsole. It’s a light layer that serves to offer conditioning throughout the shoe.
    • The rubber bottom of your shoe is known as the outsole. This is the component of the shoe that offers you traction, whether you’re playing on grass or hardwood.
  • Your shoe’s tread consists of either flat gum rubber or thick, low-profile studs. The tread should give increased traction and control regardless of the terrain type.
  • Lining: Your indoor soccer shoe’s lining is made of a sock-like fabric. It helps to increase comfort while playing by lining the shoe.
  • The last, a portion of your shoe that sits under the insole, frequently determines the form. It has an impact on how the shoe fits at the heel, arch, and toe.

The Right Shoe

When it comes to sports footwear, the fit of your indoor soccer shoe is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations. Fitting an indoor soccer cleat or shoe differs from fitting a standard sneaker or boot. Because you’ll be wearing these shoes for 60 to 90 minutes during an average game, make sure they fit correctly.

The following are some fitting suggestions for indoor soccer cleats or shoes:

  • For the best precise fit, shop in-store.
  • While trying on sneakers, wear the socks you expect to play in.
  • Consider the stretchability and proper sizing – synthetic shoes will not stretch, but leather shoes will.
  • For the ultimate comfort and fit, consider making your own custom insoles or orthotics.
  • Once you’ve found a shoe you like, try on several sizes to get the greatest fit.
  • Running or walking in your shoes will ensure that there is no pain or discomfort.

Your indoor soccer cleat or shoe’s heel should not elevate. Within the toe section of the shoe, you should have roughly 18 to 14 inches of room. It should be tight around the forefoot.

The shoes should not cause you any discomfort or suffering. If you do, you’re likely to experience additional discomfort while playing, such as chafing or irritation to pressure points in your foot.

Brands of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Some of the greatest indoor soccer shoe brands are ones you’re probably already acquainted with.


Adidas is a well-known brand for fashionable and effective sportswear. They make some of the greatest indoor soccer shoes by designing creative, adaptable, and durable sports footwear.


Puma has been supplying high-performance footwear to sportsmen of various sorts and calibers since 1948. “Forever Faster” is their tagline, and their shoes live up to it.


Even if you aren’t a sports enthusiast, you’ve probably seen a pair of Nikes at some time in your life. They’re high-quality, dependable shoes with a distinct style.


Diadora may not be as well-known as the other names on our list, but don’t be deceived. This brand has been around as long as Puma, and although they began by creating boots, they’ve gone a long way and now manufacture amazing soccer shoes as well.


This is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions concerning indoor soccer shoes. For your convenience, we’ve answered them here!

Which upper is better: leather or synthetic?

A: The majority of indoor soccer shoes on the market are constructed of leather or synthetic uppers, with some combining the two. But which of the two exclusives is better?

To be honest, neither is really “better” in terms of usability. They both offer advantages that may make them superior for your preferences and requirements.

When wearing leather uppers, you may expect a higher degree of suppleness. They also adjust to your feet with more comfort, ensuring a flawless fit while playing. Ball touches are also significantly more constant in these sorts of shoes.

Conversely, synthetic uppers are often more durable than their leather equivalents. This is true for all types of play, and it is attributable in part to their greater moisture resistance. They’re more durable, but they’re also frequently lighter.

You’ll definitely notice kangaroo leather shoes as well, which is a popular material that comes under the leather banner but has some distinct qualities. It has a better fit than both synthetic and conventional leather, allowing you to spend less time breaking in your new shoes. However, it has a tendency to stretch out after a few wears, so you may consider getting a size lower than your typical size.

Q: Can indoor soccer shoes be used for jogging or other sports?

True, indoor soccer shoes are designed to handle short bursts of running and strenuous exertion. However, its construction differs significantly from that of running shoes, basketball sneakers, and other athletic footwear.

Running many kilometres each day in indoor soccer shoes may be dangerous. It’s quite easy to injure or tear the metatarsal bones in your foot, whether it’s in your real foot or merely in your indoor soccer shoes. Especially if you have a habit of running on the insides of your feet.

In any case, you’ll be in an awkward and uncomfortable situation if it gives way while you’re sprinting.

The ideal way, in my opinion, is to have a wonderful pair of shoes for each occasion and keep them separate for their intended functions. This manner, your activities will always have the right amount of steadiness and support.

Q: Can indoor and outdoor soccer cleats be used interchangeably?

A: Because the solution to this question is a bit convoluted, we’ll start here. You may be allowed to use indoor or outdoor soccer cleats in both cases, but only if you’re playing on artificial or natural grass. However, you cannot use them interchangeably if you wish to play on a hardwood floor.

If you recall, we discussed this previously in the essay. The sort of indoor soccer shoe you pick is determined by the type of ground you’ll be playing on, whether it’s hardwood or indoor turf.

So, if you play on indoor turf the same way you would on an outside field, you could potentially utilize the same set of cleats. We recommend utilizing two sets of cleats, one for outdoor usage and the other for indoor use, since stud types might vary and rip up one kind of grass but not another.

You cannot, however, use outdoor soccer cleats for indoor soccer games if you play on a hardwood floor. The outside cleats will scratch the hardwood floor, and you’ll be far more likely to slip and hurt yourself.

Furthermore, you cannot play outdoor soccer with flat indoor soccer shoes designed for hardwood. These soccer shoes are wonderful for playing on firm, flat surfaces, but if you attempt to use them outside, you’ll notice a considerable loss of grip and control.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, we don’t believe you can go wrong with the Adidas Samba Millenniums if you’re seeking for the finest indoor soccer shoes. They have a timeless charm, but with noteworthy upgrades that make them among the greatest soccer shoes available.

The Nike Mercurial Victory V’s, on the other hand, are a terrific alternative if they’re not your taste or you want something more colorfully noticeable. However, since they don’t have much cushioning, the Adidas Performance X 15.3s could be a better fit.

Whatever kind of indoor shoe you choose, our recommendations will provide you with a terrific option. If you’re not sure which indoor shoes or cleats to choose from this list, use our shopping guide to compare features!

The “mizuno indoor soccer shoes” are a great option for players who want to own the yard. The shoes offer a lightweight feel that helps players move quickly and easily. They also have a reinforced toe box, which allows them to withstand hard impacts.

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