The best kids’ croquet set for family game day is a durable outdoor product with an attractive design. This comes in handy when you want to play a fun, relaxed game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

The “best croquet set 2021” is a product that will be available in 2022. It is the perfect game for family game day.

Croquet is a delightful game for the whole family to enjoy. When opposed to sports like basketball or football, it mixes strategy and talent in a slower-paced, less competitive manner. All of these aspects, as well as an awareness of the sport’s regulations, are included in the finest kids’ croquet kit. While the sport has seen better days, getting your youngster engaged in it might help to revitalize it.

What are the chances?

Perhaps your kid will take it up and play in a club or league professionally.


1. Harvil Croquet Set for 6 Players


Harvil Croquet Set with Mallets, Balls, Stake Posts, Wickets, and Carrying Case for 6 Players

  • HARDWOOD MALLET WITH COLOR – This croquet set comes with six colorful two-piece mallets constructed of durable hardwood. The chip-resistant bamboo mallet head makes the mallet more robust and less prone to shatter.
  • DURABLE AND RECREATIONAL – Each set includes six brilliantly colored polymer balls in blue, green, red, purple, orange, and yellow. The elastic balls keep the mallets from chipping. The perfect structure and weight of the balls ensures that the games are enjoyable for a long time.
  • COMPLETE AND EASY TO INSTALL – This croquet set includes everything you’ll need for a fun game. It includes two 24-inch stake posts with ball colors and nine heavy-duty steel wickets that are vinyl coated to prevent corrosion.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY STORAGE – The nylon zip-up carrying bag contains mesh bags and elastic straps to keep everything clean and orderly. Simply place all of the components in the bag and go outside to play!
  • DAZADI MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and WARRANTY – Your set will arrive at your door complete with all essential pieces and free of defects and/or shipping damage. In the case of a defect or damage, we will send new replacement components or a full new set for free. You’ll receive a complete refund if you’re still not happy. We will fix or replace damaged components free of charge within the 90-day warranty term.

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The Harvil 6-Player Croquet Set comes with a nylon carrying bag and the standard amount of pieces. It’s divided into sections to keep things organized. Hard wood mallets with a 30-inch handle and 1.5-inch removable head are available. The balls are polymer, but they don’t come in the typical colors, if that’s important to you.


  • The kit comes at a reasonable price.
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on their goods.
  • The mallets have a good balance.


  • Croquet balls do not hold up well to repeated usage.

2. Croquet Set for Six Players by GoSports



GoSports Premium Croquet Set – Full Size for Adults & Kids, Multicolor (CROQUET-01)

  • 6 color mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, 2 end posts, and regulations are included in the complete croquet set.
  • DELUXE: Players of all sizes may utilize the full-size 35-inch handles; Comfort grip is wrapped around the handles for better control and convenience. Each croquet ball weighs ten ounces and has a diameter of three inches.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Mallets are made of premium hardwoods for long-lasting use and have a contemporary style that will complement any lawn or garden.
  • CARRYING CASE: The set comes with a nice storage bag so you can store it neatly and carry it to the park or gatherings.

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The GoSports Six Player Croquet Set is a high-quality product that works well as a family game. You may choose between the premium package, which contains 35-inch mallets, and the ordinary package, which includes 28-inch mallets. Six balls, nine wickets, and two stakes are also included. The corporation is also located in the United States. We’d categorize this item as a kid’s merchandise rather than an adult’s.


  • The mallets are well-made and have a comfortable grip.
  • The maker guarantees your complete satisfaction.
  • The balls are well-balanced and come in a variety of vibrant colors.


  • The wickets are barely 6 inches in height.

3. Juegoal Croquet Set for Six Players


For Lawn, Backyard, and Park, Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets Colored Balls, 28 Inch

  • 6 x 28″ Burlywood hardwood handles, 6 x 8″ hardwood mallets with caps for increased protection, 2 x 18″ hardwood ending stakes, 6 x 2.8″ weather resistant molded balls, and 9 x steel wickets with vinyl covering are included.
  • Easy to assemble, the hardwood handle and mallet are simple to assemble; just screw the handle into the mallet, which takes only a few seconds.
  • All mallets and balls may be readily stored without disassembly, thanks to an additional drawing bag. This smart bag makes it easy to store and carry your croquet equipment.
  • Design that is both durable and long-lasting, ideal for 2-6 players, and loved by individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • For your parents and friends as a recreational activity. Perfect for family get-togethers, picnics, and celebrations, among other things. Ages 6 and higher are advised by the manufacturer.

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The Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set checks off a lot of boxes in terms of quality. The mallets feature a 26-inch handle and an 8-inch, 2-inch high head. It also includes covers on the ends to keep it and the balls safe. Unlike related items, they do not need disassembly to store. They’re lightweight yet well-balanced, making them ideal for kids.


  • The set was created with children in mind, with a comfortable size and caps on the heads.
  • The carrying case is sturdy and spacious.
  • The stakes are well-made.


  • Although well-made, the set isn’t appropriate for older children.

4. ROPODA Croquet Set for Six Players



ropoda Six-Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, Sturdy Carrying Bag for Adults &Kids, Perfect for Lawn,Backyard,Park and More.

  • 【EASY & FUNNY FOR EVERYONE】 – ROPODA croquet set for families/adults/kids is quite easy to learn and funny, also a great croquet set for lawn and backyard games. It can be played with 2 to 6 players and provide hours of funny.
  • ROPODA crocket game set comprises six handles, six mallets with protective covers, six balls, two ending stakes, nine steel wickets, and a carry bag. Here are all of the things you’ll need to play croquet.
  • 【UNBEATABLE QUALITY & EASY SET-UP】 – Handles and mallets are made of premium hardwood and easy to install. Croquet balls are made from resin that’s crack and damage resistant so it can keep looking new for long-term.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE – The ROPODA croquet set comes with a sturdy carrying case for convenient storage and transportation. It’s a great yard/outdoor game for kids and adults alike.
  • Customer satisfaction is our first goal at ROPODA HELP. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would be delighted to assist you.

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The ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set is a fantastic bargain. Six 31-inch mallets, six 3-inch diameter balls, two 21-inch stakes, and nine 8.5-inch tall by 6.7-inch broad wickets are included. The mallet head has caps on both ends, much as the prior version. A carrying case is also included. Overall, the components are well-made and should withstand child abuse.


  • The balls are well-balanced in weight.
  • The mallets are long-lasting.
  • The materials are of excellent quality.


  • The carrying case is shoddy at best.

5. Toybox of the Amish Deluxe Croquet Game Set for 8 Players

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The Toybox of the Amish Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set is designed for serious croquet players. We wouldn’t often use the term “beautiful” to describe this kind of product, yet it fits. The complete set is constructed by hand. Everyone can play since it has both 28 and 32-inch maple handles. The set is long-lasting and well-made. The mallets and balls are well-balanced.


  • The item is beautiful and well-made.
  • More than similar items, this one allows up to eight people to join in the action.
  • The rack is useful for storing items.


Buying a Croquet Set for Kids

The finest attributes of a kids’ croquet set are durability and accessibility. Croquet regulations include sportsmanship and good behavior toward both other players and spectators. Nonetheless, you’re surely aware that your kids will push the limits, putting a strain on the equipment.

When it comes to mallets and wickets, durability is likely to be the most important factor. You’ll need this characteristic to deal with the abuse they’ll almost certainly get. They’re like sitting ducks. If you wish to keep it official, the official rules address these problems with requirements on the size, material, and diameter of all essential equipment.

Let’s go through each one in depth, with suggestions for the finest items for kids.


Hardwood is the most prevalent kind of material used. That adequately addresses the issue of long-term viability. Plastic may be used by younger children since it is more durable and lighter. We recommend inspecting the entire structure, particularly the head’s connection to the shaft. If at all feasible, choose things that come with a guarantee.

Another consideration when selecting the best kids’ croquet set is height. Product descriptions will usually state if the item is appropriate for children, adults, or both. The regular length is around 3 feet. Shorter ones, at 30 inches or less, are popular among younger players.


The iron wickets, sometimes known as hoops, are 12 inches long. Steel is often used in recreational sets, which are generally covered with a weather-resistant substance like as vinyl. Pay attention to the number of items that come with your transaction. To play Association Croquet, you’ll need a group of six people. However, having spares on hand is always welcomed.

When it comes to wickets, some teams cut corners. They may be fragile and difficult to position. We suggest upgrading to a more robust product if any get bent.


Croquet balls are made of a variety of materials, including hard plastic and polymer. The conventional United States Croquet Association (USCA) colors of blue, black, red, yellow, orange, and green are used by several manufacturers. For your children, the options are probably insignificant. At least four, and in some cases six, pieces are included in most sets.


Because players must smash their balls against the stakes, it is another piece of equipment that may be subjected to abuse. The most common material is wood, while less priced goods may use plastic instead. To make installation simpler, most have pointed ends. It’s probably a good idea to include a rubber mallet with the kit just in case.

Other Components

A carrying case holds all of the equipment in the finest kids’ croquet set. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to keeping things in order. If you don’t get all you need with your kit, you may add a few more. Some things to think about are:

  • Marking borders using flags
  • String
  • Measurement tape
  • Scorecards

If you want to take the game seriously, you should also consider obtaining a deadness board. It keeps track of the balls a player is unable to hit or roquet. In most cases, you must wait until you score again before striking the ones you’ve already struck.

You may upgrade to professional-grade equipment if your youngster enjoys the activity. One word of caution: despite its reputation as a backyard game, serious croquet is not a cheap sport. Even wickets may cost more than $100.

Croquet Instructions

The game is simple to play since most items include instructions for setting up the court and playing the game. The goal is to get your ball through all of the wickets in the proper order, both forward and backward, before striking the stake. You may choose to play with six or nine wickets. The layout and size of the two versions differ.

A standard sized court is 105 feet long by 84 feet wide. If you don’t have that much space, you can scale it back, trying to keep it with a 5:4 ratio between the dimensions. For example, a 50 foot by 40-foot area will fit the bill so that you can place the wickets correctly. That’s where the Measurement tape comes in handy. You can set up stakes with string to mark the boundaries.

The only other requirement is that it be flat. The balls must be able to glide over the surface with ease. Indoors, we don’t advocate playing the game. Most croquet sets come with weighted balls, which may quickly harm flooring.

Gameplay and Rules

Each player has one swing every turn to get their ball through a wicket entirely. One point is awarded for each one. If you score or hit another player’s ball with your striking ball, you may win additional shots. You receive one continuation shot for each of these situations. It’s at this point when your plan comes into play.

Despite its laid-back demeanor, croquet has a set of rules that govern how you may and cannot play. Many mask the horseplay that you’d see if they didn’t exist, so parents will welcome this teaching opportunity. Players may only use their mallet to hit the ball. Even if you construct a roquet, you should not hit any of them out of limits. It’s a punishment in certain forms.

If your children are older, you may play several variations to make it more entertaining. It becomes more competitive by allowing a rover or poison ball to be used. The gameplay is same. Instead of staking out, you decide to wait and play spoiler. You may still strike your opponents’ balls with a roquet shot to allow your teammate time to catch up and win the game. A rover ball is what it’s called.

Making it a poison ball will increase the stakes even further. Any ball you hit in this circumstance is out of the game. If yours is struck, the same thing happens to you. The game is won by the last player on the court.

Golf croquet is another enjoyable variation. This game is played similarly to Association Croquet, which is a six-wicket contest. The setup is similar, as is the order of the wickets. Only one participant, this time, scores a point by passing through the wicket. The game is won by the first player to achieve seven points.

Brands of Croquet Sets


From baseball to bocce ball to cornhole—and everything in between—GoSports specializes in a wide range of team sports. Since 2007, the California-based firm has been producing its range of items, which are entirely designed and manufactured in the United States.

Toybox of the Amish

Toybox of the Amish is a small, family-based business that manufactures high-quality wooden toys. Their products are handmade and built to last. The company began as a furniture company before taking up croquet equipment production. They make a full line of games and toys.

Oakley Woods is a neighborhood in Oakley, California.

Oakley Woods is a neighborhood in Oakley, California. produces a wide line of croquet equipment for both the recreational and serious player. The Ontario-based company has extensive experience with croquet and the USCA. The founder was on the boards of both the USCA and Croquet Canada.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is included in a croquet set?

A: A recreational set will most likely include six mallets, six balls, nine wickets, and two stakes. The majority of goods come with game rules and a carrying case. Four balls and mallets are common in professional equipment. Clips and a deadness board will be included in some of these sets.

Q: How do you begin a croquet game?

A: The game begins with a coin toss. The winner may choose between blue-black and red-yellow balls. The blue ball is the first to leave. However, it makes no difference whether you go first or second. The color scheme is blue-red-black-yellow.

Q: What is the length of a croquet mallet?

A: The average adult mallet is 3 feet long. Depending on the age range, recreational sets are often shorter, measuring 30 inches or less. We suggest searching for a product that comes in many sizes so that adults and children alike may enjoy the game.

Last Thoughts

The finest croquet set for kids makes it simple for kids and their parents to enjoy this enjoyable garden activity together. It features equipment that can be used by people of all ages. For gamers who want to take it to the next level, we also enjoy items that employ the actual rules. Playing as a youngster is only the beginning. It may be the start of a lovely relationship.

The “plastic croquet set” is a great option for family game day. It is also easy to clean, and comes with everything you need to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good brand of croquet set?

A: This is an excellent question. If you are looking for a quality brand, then the best would be

How do you choose a croquet set?

A: There are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the perfect croquet set. These include what type of surface is available, how many people will be playing the game and where it will be played at. Other considerations may also include size or brand preferences

What age is croquet for?

A: Croquet is a game for all ages.

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