A paintballer’s barrel is their most important gear. They will put it through a lot, and last for years with proper care. In the future, there may be less manufacturing of barrels as robots can slowly churn out them faster than ever before. We decided to take an educated guess at what might happen in five years time–what are we getting right? What could change?

The “best barrel for luxe x” is a paintball barrel that is designed to be used by beginners and professionals alike. With an aluminum body, this barrel will last long and provide you with the best performance possible.

We’ve spoken about backyard games a lot. We previously compiled a list of 106 of them in a single piece. Few activities, however, can compare to the thrill and adrenaline of a paintball battle. It’s like laser tag, except with a little more boom when you pull the trigger and a little more spatter when you hit someone. Even the most experienced player, though, will profit from improved equipment. That is why we have set out to locate the finest paintball barrel available. This might be difficult to figure out, particularly if you’re new to paintballing. So, in addition to our evaluations, we’ve put up a quick shopping guide to assist you.

Let’s get going!


1. Back Kit for Planet Eclipse Shaft FR

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The Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit isn’t a whole barrel, but it’s a good start. It’s a back kit with many insert options. This gives you the option of selecting your bore size (anything up to .680 caliber). It also means you may personalize the barrel to your liking. You’ll get a ported barrel if you desire one. You may change the length of the barrel by modifying the Shaft FR. GOG Freak inserts, which are among the most popular on the market, are also accepted.

This barrel back is made of aluminum and comes in either black or silver to complement your style. It’s well-designed and has a joiner portion. The joiner portion provides for even greater customization by allowing non-standard inserts to be attached. This is made feasible by the fast threads that come with the package. Essentially, this is a “dummy” barrel that can be transformed into almost anything.

The Shaft FR’s sole drawback is that it needs an insert. This is only natural given that it isn’t a full barrel assembly. Beginners, who may prefer a “plug and play” barrel, may find it complicated.


  • Freak inserts are accepted.
  • Bore selection is customizable.
  • Installation and removal are simple.


  • Operation requires the use of an insert.

2. GOG Paintball Freak 14′′

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GOG is one of the most well-known paintball brands. Even among paintballers who utilize barrels from other companies, their Freak inserts have proven quite popular. This is due to the fact that they are just smoother, better constructed, and more reasonably priced than the competitors. So we had to add one of their barrels in our collection.

The 14″ Freak is a single-piece, non-ported aluminum barrel. It has a smooth bore that can take a broad range of calibers and is black in color. You may simply personalize this barrel with a Freak insert if you wish to.

The barrel itself is fairly light, at little over 10 ounces. This barrel is light enough to carry all day and won’t make your paintball marker front-heavy. It’s 14 inches long, which puts it just where accuracy and muzzle velocity meet. This length is also gas-efficient, so you won’t be wasting CO2 by having an extra-long barrel.

The 14″ Freak’s only flaw is that it isn’t ported, so it’s a little louder than some other alternatives. This isn’t a sniper barrel, however. Because your opponents are more than likely aware of your location, noise is less of an issue.


  • All Freak inserts are accepted.
  • The middle length gives you a lot of options.
  • Aluminum structure for durability


3. Paintball Driver XX Empire

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The Empire Paintball Driver XX is made up of two pieces. Although it functions perfectly as is, the two-piece design allows you to change either the front or rear section with another component. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that the Driver XX is only compatible with Autococker paintball markers with spyder threading. Other threads will not be compatible, including Freak threading.

The bore is a normal 6.88, which is a little on the big side. Additional pipe backs in.678,.683, and a larger.693 are available if you desire to utilize a lesser caliber. These are only a few of Empire Paintball’s products. Different calibers from other manufacturers are acceptable as long as they are spyder threaded.

The entire length is 14 inches, which is about average. This gives you an excellent balance of control and precision. Spiral porting is used in the 7.5-inch control bore. While it isn’t a genuine backspin porting, it does provide some spin to the ball. This offers more range and accuracy than conventional 14-inch paintball marker barrels can provide.


  • Extremely light
  • Ported
  • Affordable


  • Only threaded Autococker spyder barrels will fit.

4. Kingman 14′′ Deadlywind Null

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A carbon fiber barrel is the only way to get the maximum potential muzzle velocity. This substance has almost little friction, so your paintballs will not slow down as they escape the barrel. Carbon fiber is also more lightweight than any other Barrel Construction. The barrel is small 1.76 ounces, so you won’t even notice it. When you’re carrying your marker about all day, that’s a big plus.

Carbon fiber is also a long-lasting material. As a consequence, the Kingman 14″ may last for years without needing to be replaced. It’s 14 inches long, as the name suggests, which is one of the most frequent lengths. The disadvantage is that it is not ported. You also won’t be able to add ports later on since it’s a single-piece barrel.

The bore measures.688″ in diameter, which is rather huge. It does, however, accommodate a broad range of inserts, including the DLX Luxe, NXT, eXTCy, and Ion XE. You’ll have lots of alternatives if you need to change calibers. If you don’t utilize a carbon fiber insert, you’ll miss out on some of the Kingman 14″‘s most compelling features.


  • There’s hardly no friction.
  • Extremely light weight
  • Medium length and versatile


5. Planet Eclipse FL Tip Shaft

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The Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip, like the Null – Kingman 14″, is made of carbon fiber. This minimizes friction, allowing your paintballs to streak towards your opponent at maximum speed.

The Shaft FL Tip is a two-piece design that is 14.5 inches in length. As a consequence, you may switch either the front or rear as needed. You’ll have lots of alternatives whether you want to add porting or switch to a different bore. The front and rear parts, on the other hand, feature a distinctive reverse-threaded design. If you wish to make any changes, you’ll need to utilize Shaft FL replacement components because of this decision.

The carbon fiber is reinforced with aluminum, which helps to bulk out the structure. This adds to the overall weight. Despite this, the Shaft FL Tip is just 3.2 ounces in weight. That makes it significantly more lightweight than any metal barrel on the market and well worth your attention.


  • There’s hardly no friction.
  • Construction is light.
  • Personalized two-piece design


Buying a Paintball Barrel

You undoubtedly have a few worries now that you’ve read the reviews. So we’ve put together this handy shopping guide to assist you in determining which barrel is ideal for you.

Length of Barrel

Most paintball barrels are either 14 or 16 inches long. This is the optimal length for most purposes. However, different Length of Barrels have different advantages. A long barrel, for example, is more accurate, and also quieter. This is because it allows the gas to bleed out a bit more slowly. However, shorter barrels can improve your efficiency, since they require less gas for each shot.

Bore Size

The bore size refers to the interior diameter of the barrel. Your paintball gun’s bore must match the caliber of paintball you’re using, or it won’t shoot correctly. Longer ranges and a greater impact are possible with a bigger caliber. A smaller caliber, on the other hand, is more gas efficient since it takes less gas to fill the barrel.

Barrels with and without ports

Small holes are bored in the barrel’s end to provide porting. These apertures function similarly to a muzzle brake on a traditional weapon, allowing gas to escape from the barrel’s sidewalls and minimizing perceived recoil. Because part of the gas will flow out softly, they also minimize noise.

Around halfway down the barrel, some barrels include a second set of ports holes. These are meant to boost accuracy and speed by adding backspin to your shot.

Barrel Construction

Possibly the most important decision you’ll have to make is the material of your paintball barrel. This affects the weight of your marker, as well as the accuracy of your shots. In addition, some Barrel Constructions are more durable than others and can handle more abuse.

Barrels of aluminum

Barrels of aluminum provide a good balance of weight and durability. They’re lighter than steel, but they can take more of a beating than ceramic. Aluminum is also an Affordable metal, which means you can buy a well-engineered aluminum barrel for less than you’d spend on most materials. When in doubt, an aluminum barrel provides the best balance of features.

Barrels of stainless steel

Barrels of stainless steel take the durability of aluminum and turn it up to 11. They can take a serious beating, regardless of how rough you are with your equipment. For this reason, many professional paintballers often use Barrels of stainless steel. The downside of steel is that it’s heavy. Switching from aluminum to steel can easily add 1 or 2 pounds to your marker.

Ceramic containers

Ceramic containers are almost as lightweight as aluminum. Unfortunately, they’re also fragile, which makes them a poor choice if you’re rough on your marker. The main benefit of Ceramic containers is that they’re self-cleaning. If a broken paintball fouls your barrel, the next shot will clear the mess. This can save you the trouble of clearing your barrel in the field.

Barrels of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is the lightest Barrel Construction available. It’s also exceptionally durable. The main benefit, though, is that a carbon fiber barrel has almost zero friction on the inside. This ensures that your paintballs will travel as far and as fast as possible. That said, carbon fiber is relatively expensive compared to other options.

Barrels: One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

All barrels were manufactured as a single piece in the early days of paintball. This is very understandable. Paintball was invented as a method for gun aficionados to let off steam with their buddies, and all normal weapons have single-piece barrels. Two-piece barrels, on the other hand, provide a few unique benefits over their single-piece counterparts.

A one-piece barrel is exactly what it says. Because the single-piece design prevents gas leakage, you’ll get the most out of whatever gas pressure you’re using. It also offers ease of maintenance since whether constructing or dismantling your marker, you’ll only have to worry about one component.

Two-piece barrels, on the other hand, allow for more customization. The most obvious benefit is that you can remove the second piece if you want to shorten your barrel. This enables you to change Length of Barrels without changing the entire barrel.

They’re also less expensive. The rationale for this is because an open, ported end piece may be used with various caliber base parts. This permits you to switch calibers without having to replace half of the barrel. A two-piece barrel is the way to go if you often convert between various paintball calibers.

More distinctions exist between one-piece and two-piece barrels, the most of which are outside the scope of this guide. If you want to learn more, check out this thread, which includes a few of sample movies.

Paintball Barrel Manufacturers

It’s crucial to know who made your paintball barrel, just as it is with any other purchase. After all, a company’s past may reveal a lot about its quality.

  • Planet Eclipse was created in 1991 in Manchester, England. They gained popular across the globe in 2002 when they launched the Eblade, an electronic update to the Autococker paintball marker. They’ve built a reputation for producing high-quality electro-pneumatic paintball markers, as well as a range of components and accessories, since then.
  • GOG Paintball is a Pennsylvania-based paintball company. They started creating and selling their own gear after starting out as a local vendor. Their Freak system, in example, is well-liked and employed by a number of professional sports teams.
  • The headquarters of Empire Paintball are in Sewell, New Jersey. They’ve been in business for decades and are well-known for producing high-quality products. G.I. Sportz, a Canadian paintball company, just purchased them. Empire Paintball, on the other hand, continues to function as its own brand owing to its unique heritage.
  • Deadlywind is a small company that makes carbon fiber paintball barrels. They prioritize this above other accessories, making their barrels some of the most sought-after modifications in the paintball game.


There are a few more questions before we finish things up. Don’t be concerned. We have solutions. Here are a few questions that remain unanswered.

Q: How about the kits?

A: A paintball barrel kit is something you’ve undoubtedly seen, even if it’s not on our list. Kits are typically two-piece barrels that enable you to mix and match various components. This allows you to tailor your marker to the caliber, range, and kind of game you’re playing.

Various alternatives are available depending on the kit. You’ll usually get a front piece and two or more rear sections at the very least. The sole disadvantage of a kit over a single barrel is that it usually costs more. Before you buy a kit, be sure you’ll really utilize the various possibilities.

What is a Backspin Paintball Barrel, exactly?

A backspin barrel spins the paintball by using apertures halfway down the barrel. This accomplishes two goals. For starters, it improves the accuracy of your barrel. Second, it broadens the variety of possibilities. This is related to the Magnus effect, which states that a spinning item is more stable and faces less resistance while spinning.

If you’ve ever played paintball, you’ll quickly see the benefit. Because paintball guns have a curved trajectory, you’ll have to aim higher than your target to strike it. Furthermore, the average range is roughly 50 yards. Ranges of up to 75 yards are possible with a backspin barrel. You’ll also notice a flatter trajectory, which makes aiming much simpler.


Which of these paintball barrels is the best? It all depends on your requirements. The Deadlywind Null – Kingman 14″ is a difficult act to follow if you want the finest overall performance straight out of the box. It not only has a very smoothbore, but it also weights almost little.

However, you may prefer certain characteristics over others. Consider the Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip if you want a low-friction barrel with additional customizing possibilities. It’s a little pricy for a new barrel, but it comes in two pieces. This permits you to update your system later. It also implies that you may turn the Shaft FL Tip into a ported barrel if you like.

If you’re looking for a low-cost barrel, the Empire Paintball Driver XX is the finest option. It’s not only two-pieced, but it’s also ported straight out of the box. The threading, though, is a little strange. You’ll need to pick another option unless you have a suitable paintball marker.

The “carbon fiber paintball barrel” is a type of paintball barrel that has been used for many years. It is made from carbon fiber, which makes it light and strong. This gives the user the ability to move faster and shoot harder without the risk of breaking their gun.

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