This is the definitive guide to paintball guns, with reviews of some of the best models on the market. The range covers everything from beginner level entry-level sniper rifles for those who are just starting out in their game, all the way up to top-of-the line pro guns that will suit even experienced players.

The “best paintball markers 2022” is a paintball rifle that is designed for all abilities. It has a high rate of fire, and can be used by both beginners and experts.

Paintball is an exciting sport that almost anybody may enjoy. Using a sniper rifle while playing is an excellent technique to defeat your opponents and become victorious. Finding the greatest paintball gun, regardless of your skill level, may be tough. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five paintball sniper rifles on the market right now! All of these weapons are of good quality and provide something different.


1. Tippmann Project Salvo Paintball Gun for the US Army

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This paintball sniper rifle is one of the most realistic looking paintball sniper guns available. It’s made to look like an AR15 Army weapon. The Tippmann Salvo paintball pistol has four Picatinny rails, which are ideal for customizing. It also has front and rear sights that are both adjustable and detachable. The gas line is composed of stainless steel, which increases the gun’s durability.

It’s not too heavy, weighing in at roughly seven pounds. The aluminum die-cast receiver of this paintball pistol is popular among users. The one-year guarantee included is also a nice touch. Whether you’re a novice, an expert, or somewhere in between, you can utilize this paintball sniper rifle. As your abilities grow, you will be able to upgrade this pistol.

Tippmann paintball guns are sturdy and trustworthy because to its inline bolting mechanism. A handy barrel cover is offered, which some users may find useful. When shooting, this.68 caliber paintball sniper rifle is far from quiet. The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball gun may also be used straight out of the box!

What we enjoy:

  • Four Picatinny rails are included.
  • The sights may be adjusted and removed.
  • It is suitable for gamers of all skill levels.
  • It’s small and portable, making it simple to use.
  • During extended games, the handle is pleasant to grasp.

What we don’t care for:

  • Tightening the handguard might be tricky.
  • It isn’t the quickest paintball sniper weapon available.

2. Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set from the US Army


Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Olive Starter Package

  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Olive Starter Package
  • THE BEST OPTION FOR BEGINNER PAINTBALLERS! It is one of the most popular paintball markers in the world because to its high performance, little Maintenance, dependability, and exceptional longevity. The marker’s high-impact, composite design is incredibly lightweight and has molded-rubber handles and an internal gas line for increased control and agility, making it ideal for paintballers. Four Picatinny rails are included for quick and simple customizing.
  • Semi-Automatic – Adjustable from 250-325 FPS – Barrel Thread: A5 – Proven, In-line Bolt Design – Internal Gas Line – Multiple Picatinny Rails – High-Performance Ported Barrel – and MORE!
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD PAINTBALL ACCESSORIES – Starter Package Includes: 20 oz. CO2 Tank (Shipped Empty), 200 Round Paintball Hopper, Anti-Fog Paintball Mask, 4+1 Paintball Harness, (4) 140 Round Pods, & Jerk Barrel Squeegee
  • REMOVE THE PAIN FROM PAINTBALL! EASY TO USE, ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE! Fill your tank with paint and you’re ready to go! Tippmann’s Cronus Paintball Marker comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, as well as Tippmann’s DEDICATED Cerfified Technical Support Department, which is available all year long to help you and your marker!

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This Tippmann paintball sniper rifle is not to be confused with other US Army paintball sniper rifles. It comes with everything you need to get started playing paintball. Genx goggles, a hopper with 200 paintballs, a harness, a CO2 tank, and other items are included in the package. This sniper rifle has a realistic aesthetic that will set you apart from the other players on the field. It is built of high-quality materials, making it a durable and dependable product.

You have complete influence over whether or not the stock will crash. No of your skill level, the built-in sight may help you accomplish amazingly precise shots. This paintball sniper rifle is also quite simple to maintain. The 11-inch barrel makes this a relatively small rifle paintball gun.

There is no need for a case since there is a built-in carrying handle. Because of the stainless steel and aluminum, this device weighs roughly 12 pounds, making it a tad hefty for a paintball gun. Tippmann paintball pistols are excellent for both novice and experienced players. Add-ons and attachments may be added to their firearms, enabling you to have a gun that improves with you.

What we enjoy:

  • The built-in sight is incredible.
  • The weight is evenly distributed.
  • Everything you’ll need is included in the package.
  • The stock may be adjusted.

What we don’t care for:

  • In certain zip codes, this product is prohibited.
  • Because of the e-trigger, this rifle is prone to jamming.

3. Dust Black/Polished Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit

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Professional paintball players choose to utilize this high-end pump paintball sniper rifle. This is a paintball gun that you may want to add to your arsenal if you participate in a lot of competitions. The operation is low-pressure, and there isn’t a lot of blowback. Two heavy-duty metal sections make up the barrel.

Users may shoot paintballs quickly thanks to an auto-trigger function. This might be an excellent alternative for a team’s forward or back players. It’s very tough and boasts cutting-edge performance capabilities. It features a simple on/off switch. You won’t have to be concerned about your accuracy since this pistol comes with a built-in scope. The pump handle has a hitman mod that may be readily removed if required.

The stick magazine and elbow of this paintball pistol are praised by many users. The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is tough and may last for years if properly cared for. A ten-round adapter and a barrel kit are provided. This is one of the most stylish paintball sniper guns available. Consider this product while purchasing your next paintball pistol if looks are important to you.

What we enjoy:

  • It runs on a low-pressure system.
  • Aluminum is a robust and long-lasting material.
  • It’s just around four pounds.
  • Quick shots are possible because to the auto-trigger.
  • It distinguishes itself by its appearance.

What we don’t care for:

  • It doesn’t come with a lot of extras for a kit.
  • The barrel kit could be a little undersized.
  • It’s difficult to pinpoint a certain pace.

Paintball Marker Gun Tippmann Cronus Player Package


Paintball Marker Gun Tippmann Cronus Player Package

  • Cronus Tippmann Paintball Marker 68 Caliber Package
  • THE BEST OPTION FOR BEGINNER PAINTBALLERS! It is one of the most popular paintball markers in the world because to its high performance, little Maintenance, dependability, and exceptional longevity. The marker’s high-impact, composite design is incredibly lightweight and has molded-rubber handles and an internal gas line for increased control and agility, making it ideal for paintballers. Four Picatinny rails are included for quick and simple customizing.
  • Semi-Automatic – Adjustable from 250-325 FPS – Barrel Thread: A5 – Proven, In-line Bolt Design – Internal Gas Line – Multiple Picatinny Rails – High-Performance Ported Barrel – and MORE!
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD PAINTBALL ACCESSORIES – This kit includes the following items: GenX Stealth Anti Fog Paintball Mask, 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader, and Maddog 6+1 Paintball Harness with (6) Standard Paintball Pods, 20 Oz. CO2 tank (Shipped Empty)
  • REMOVE THE PAIN FROM PAINTBALL! Maddog brings you the best paintball accessories in the industry in one convenient package! Fill your tank with paint and you’re ready to go! Tippmann’s Cronus Paintball Marker comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, as well as Tippmann’s DEDICATED Cerfified Technical Support Department, which is available all year long to help you and your marker!

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Tippmann Cronus is without a doubt one of the greatest paintball sniper rifles available. For starters, it takes extremely little upkeep while remaining dependable. This paintball sniper rifle is very sturdy and performs well. It’s difficult to tell it’s exceptionally lightweight just by looking at it. With a weight of less than 10 pounds, this paintball pistol will be easy to carry for hours of fun.

The ergonomic handle has molded rubber grips. One of the finest features of this product is the availability of Picatinny rails, which allow for unlimited modification. Semi-automatic, this.68 caliber paintball pistol can fire between 250 and 325 feet per second. An anti-fog paintball mask, CO2 tanks, paintball harness, and more are included in this set. It also comes in three distinct colors: basic tan, tactical olive, and a tactical tan.

At any one moment, the hopper can contain 200 paintballs. This is the only paintball gun many individuals have or will ever possess. By adding more barrels, canisters, and other accessories, you may quickly modify it. This is an excellent sniper rifle to add to your collection, whether it’s your first time playing paintball or you’ve competed in the past.

What we enjoy:

  • The CO2 canister has a lengthy life span.
  • Learning how to utilize it is simple.
  • The handle’s contoured grips give you better control.
  • It takes little upkeep.

What we don’t care for:

  • The gunstock might obstruct the sight.
  • It has a tendency to be back-heavy.

5. Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun Package Kit from Village of Action


Tippmann Village of Action Paintball Gun Package Kit for the US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot

  • Tippmann Alpha Elite Marker with Red Dot Sight AND Carry Handle for the US Army
  • Village of Action Folding Grip and 20 oz CO2 Tank
  • 4+1 Paintball Harness (Black) with (QTY 4) 140 Round Paintball Pods from Village of Action (Smoke)
  • Village of Action Pull Through Squeegee with GXG 200 Round Loader (Black) (Assorted Color)
  • Assorted Color Play Paintball Wrist Band with GXG XVSN Paintball Mask (Black)

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A red dot sight and a carrying handle are included with this paintball sniper rifle. In a matter of seconds, the red dot sight may be adjusted. A 20-ounce CO2 tank and a folding handle are included with the rifle. The CO2 tank will last a long time before it has to be replenished. Paintball pods and a squeegee are among the other items included.

A Tippmann semi-automatic sniper rifle is the weapon in question. It works with.68 caliber paintballs and is easy to use. It’s simple to carry and comfy to hold for lengthy periods of time. Many people are impressed by how strong this weapon is. The Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot rifle may come in handy if you’re a back player. The built-in sight makes taking clean and precise shots a breeze.

Despite the fact that it seems to be a true military weapon, it is most usually employed by teens who are new to the sport. This is most likely due to the fact that it is simple to clean and set up. If you don’t already have paintball equipment, this gun is a wonderful place to start. It includes almost everything you’ll need to hit the fields. All you have to do now is purchase safety equipment and form a team!

What we enjoy:

  • It’s simple to put together.
  • The red dot sight may be adjusted fast.
  • The air tank may be used for several battles.
  • It’s pleasant to hold.

What we don’t care for:

  • The air hose’s threads might wear out.

Purchasing Advice

Some of the most common factors to consider while looking for your new paintball sniper rifle are listed below. When comparing products, this may be really useful.

Paintball Techniques

Many newcomers are unaware that there are many different types of paintball games to choose from. While there are others, the most popular are speedball and woodsball. From game to game, the kind of paintball gun and particular specifications may differ.


Speedball, the most popular game, is played on a field with enormous obstacles all around it. Speedball is probably the paintball you’ve seen in movies or TV programs. For this game, speed is something you’ll want to look for in a paintball gun. You need to strike your target swiftly before they can get behind one of the barriers. It’s also worth noting that Speedball utilizes paintballs at a far quicker rate than most other sports. Find one that shoots swiftly and can be used for a long time.


Woodsball players often utilize a tactical-style rifle. Woodsball is a sport played in the woods or a forest, as the name implies. You’ll need an accurate shooting weapon for this game. A scope or Picatinny rails are often included with these paintball guns. When people see a tactical-style paintball gun, they often mistake it for a real gun.

You should also make sure that the weapon you select for a game of Woodsball has a long range so that you can strike targets that are far away. All five of the finest paintball sniper rifles listed above are excellent choices for Woodsball and may also be utilized in Speedball.

Used or new

Buying old paintball equipment might be a good option if you’re new to paintball or have a limited budget. New equipment is more costly, but it is guaranteed to function. New equipment, particularly paintball guns, often comes with a guarantee. If you use the marker multiple times a month, this will come in useful.

Used equipment is more likely to fail or have difficulties, resulting in higher long-term costs, but it’s reasonable that not everyone has a huge budget when they first start playing. Purchase a paintball gun that can be updated and changed.

Feed for Rifles

When buying one of the best paintball sniper rifles, you have to consider the Feed for Rifles. There are two different types of feed, center and offset. Many people don’t use this as a comparison point when shopping around, but it is important.

The feed of the gun will affect where the hopper is that holds the paintballs. Having a Feed for Rifles that you don’t like can make it hard to shoot and quite uncomfortable to hold the gun in general.

Feeding from the center

With a Feeding from the center, the paintball hopper is on the center of the weapon. This is great for people who switch dominant hands or if you share your paintball gun with another person. Feeding from the centers are also better balanced than Feed Offsets.

Feed Offset

Feed Offsets can often be found with the hopper on the right side of the gun. This type of feed gives you a better scope and can improve your shot accuracy. If you’re just getting into paintball but have experience with real guns, this feed will feed the most comfortable for you.


You must do routine maintenance on your paintball sniper rifle if you possess one. This will guarantee that your paintball gun lasts as long as possible and continues to work properly. Depending on how often you play, you may want to change your paintball gun from time to time to ensure that you’re using a reliable weapon.

Some paintball guns may only be repaired with particular manufacturer components, while others need very costly parts. This is something to consider while you’re out shopping. Find a paintball gun that meets your requirements and offers simple maintenance alternatives. Finding a pistol that you can repair and maintain is also vital. This will help you save a lot of money and time in the long run.


Extras and accessories are available for purchase, just as they are for many other items. If your paintball gun does not come with a carrying bag, you may want to consider purchasing one. People often need to keep air tanks filled since they are a required accessory.

Safety equipment is required whether you are a regular paintball player or just play every few months. Padded jackets, vests, helmets, eye shields, barrel guards, and other protective gear are available. Because you’re contemplating a paintball sniper rifle, you’ll need to think about additional attachments like optics.

The Game’s Location

If you’re playing in a public area, the sort of gun you have is important to consider. Some paintball grounds demand that all players use the same gun, while others do not. When it comes to what sort of weapon you may employ, check the laws and regulations of your chosen field.

This information is generally accessible on their website or by contacting one of their referrals. You’ll notice stuff like sniper rifles exclusively or the requirement that the gun be mechanical. Some paintball fields provide days when you can use any weapon and get free air and gas refills in addition to cheap paintballs.

With being stated, unless you intend on carrying additional tanks, you may not want to use a CO2 gun if you’re playing paintball in a field in the middle of nowhere.

How Often Will You Use It?

The frequency with which you will use the paintball gun is something to consider. If you only play a few times a year, renting rather than buying can be a better option. When you rent, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date equipment and won’t have to worry about upkeep.

Owning your own paintball sniper rifle, on the other hand, provides several advantages. The major reason individuals purchase their own is so they can play whenever they want. You may also personalize it to create your own paintball pistol. Furthermore, not everyone lives near a location that rents paintball guns. Having your own home eliminates the stress of attempting to locate a rental.

Brands of Paintball Sniper Rifles


Tippmann was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1986. It is one of the world’s biggest paintball gun manufacturers, plus they also create sewing machines! They sell the most popular paintball pistol in the world, the 98 model.


This business produces high-quality paintball equipment. Empire paintball weapons have been more popular in recent years. During contests, many individuals utilize it to make anything from weapons to goggles to hoppers.

Village of Action

Village of Action makes gear for extreme sports including paintball, skateboarding, and real guns. They are best known for their amazing customer service and competitive prices.


What is the range of a paintball sniper rifle?

Though paintball sniper rifles are available in a variety of ranges, the majority of them fire between 150 and 200 feet. When combined with a fast-firing weapon, you’ll be able to strike your targets in under 12 seconds.

Q: What is the maximum number of shots a paintball gun can fire?

A: Paintball weapons are recognized for their rapid fire. The number of rounds a gun can fire is determined on the sort of trigger pull or circuit board it has. Paintball guns fire five to six rounds per second on the low end. Many Tippmann devices, for example, can fire over 30 bullets per second.

Q: Can a paintball gun shatter a vehicle or home window?

A: Yes, a paintball may shatter a window. It will be determined by the kind of window. House windows will be more simpler to smash than those in cars or commercial buildings. It’s advisable to play paintball on an open field away from the glass in any case.

Q: Does paintball or airsoft hurt more?

A: Paintballs hurt a little more, however this varies from person to person. This is mostly due to the difference in size. Paintballs are substantially larger and have a lot milder impact than airsoft pellets. Paintballs have damaged skin in the past, which is why wearing protective gear is essential.

Q: Can you be killed by a paintball?

Paintball weapons, however, may be lethal. Safety equipment should be worn at all times. When paintball guns are used recklessly or when individuals play without safety equipment, significant injury or death may occur.

A: How quickly can a paintball gun fire?

A paintball gun can fire at speeds of 240 to 280 feet per second. This translates to between 165 to 190 miles per hour!

Q: Will a paintball stain my skin or clothes?

No, thank goodness. Paintballs have been designed with the environment in mind. They’re also water-soluble, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Paintball paint may take up to 24 hours to remove off your skin. It will also simply wash out of clothes and equipment.

Q: How does it feel to get struck by a paintball?

A: Depending on your pain threshold, a paintball impact may seem insignificant. People describe it as a stinging feeling akin to being stung with a rubber band on average. The pain isn’t long-lasting, but if you’re struck hard enough, you can get a welt or bruise.

Q: Can paintballs be frozen?

A: It’s a frequent myth that freezing paintballs would make them last longer. Surprisingly, this is not the case. Paintballs become very brittle when they are frozen. As soon as they’re fired, they’ll dimple and separate. When a paintball is frozen, it tends to morph and alter form. As a result, it will not shoot in a straight line.


Using high-quality paintball guns may make a world of difference in your games, whether you’re an experienced paintball gun user or this is your first time. One of the primary reasons individuals prefer using sniper rifles is because they resemble US Army firearms. Most sniper rifles have built-in sights that enable you to readily see your target, aim, and strike with pinpoint precision.

When looking for one of these goods, there are various factors to keep in mind, but certain qualities are more vital than others. Tippmann’s U.S. Army Alpha Foxtrot, for example, is certainly one of the greatest paintball sniper rifles available owing to its several impressive features. A well-distributed weight, ergonomic grip, huge hopper, adjustable stock, and built-in scope are among the features.

If you’re not a fan of Tippmann products, the Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Rifle comes in at a close second. Remember to consider where you’ll be playing, what type of game, how often, and the type of Feed for Rifles. Lastly, please be safe and mindful of your surroundings when you’re using a paintball gun. We’re confident that you’ve found an amazing paintball sniper rifle (or two) today. Before you know it, you’ll be having a blast playing paintball with your friends!

The “50 cal paintball sniper rifle” is a paintball gun that is used for sniping. It has been made to be accurate and powerful, making it the best choice for snipers.

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