When you’re looking for a new trampoline, it can be difficult to know what will suit your child just right. There’s not much on the market that really focuses on toddlers and they’ll often outgrow their first one even before reaching age three! If you want to get them something safe, sturdy and well-made then this is an ideal choice.

The “toddler trampoline with net” is the best toddler trampoline for your tiny tot in 2022. It is a great way to keep them active and healthy.

Toddlers like running and jumping about, and selecting the finest toddler trampoline will help them wear out so they can sleep comfortably through the night. We’ve studied and chosen our top five selections, as well as a detailed buyer’s guide, so you’ll know what to look for and which alternatives are best for the toddlers in your life.


1. Trampolines Skywalker Enclosure Net Mini Trampoline



Skywalker Trampolines are a kind of trampoline that is used to jump 60-Inch Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

  • Our first goal is safety: Children are protected from pinch points and apertures by a patented enclosure that avoids gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface. All of our products are safety and durability tested to ensure that they meet or exceed all ASTM requirements.
  • This kid’s trampoline has a 360-degree cushioned grip bar that helps youngsters stay stable when jumping. Enclosure net is sewed directly to the jump mat, so there are no gaps.
  • Jump and learn with a theme: This 60-inch spherical coastal adventure mini trampoline comes with a colorful, ocean-themed bouncing surface that promotes animal awareness. The frame is made of powder-coated steel.
  • Jump for joy: These little trampolines are exclusively intended for indoor usage at home. To safeguard your children’s joints, stretch bands are employed instead of springs. It has a mellow color scheme that you and your children will like.
  • Warranty: We provide a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on all other materials to back up our quality promise.

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This Skywalker trampoline is a great alternative for toddlers who are concerned about safety. Because the product is completely enclosed, you can be certain that your children will not fall off and injure themselves while using it. The netting is sewed to the trampoline and has a zipper entrance for easy entry and egress. The netting will wrap around the whole unit once the zipper is closed, keeping your child secure from tumbling out. This option can accommodate children aged 2 to 7.

The netting also has a cushioned Bar of Safety in the middle that they may grab when required and that gives further protection if they run into it. Despite the fact that this trampoline is constructed of polyethylene fabric, it is not intended for outdoor usage and should not be exposed to the elements. This option allows you to choose from a variety of color schemes, each of which includes a distinctive jumping mat that the kids will appreciate.


  • For enhanced safety, the netting is completely enclosed.
  • For convenient entry and exit, there is a closed netting door with a zipper.
  • Handlebar is padded for further protection against injury.
  • There are a variety of color selections to pick from.
  • Fabric is sturdy and will last a long time.
  • A reasonable price that won’t break the bank


  • This product is not meant for usage outside.
  • The complete netting and zipper door may be too much for older toddlers.

2. Toddler Trampoline for Ages 1+, Galt Nursery Trampoline



Nursery Trampoline – Turtle, Galt Toys, Trampolines for Kids, Ages 1 Year and Up

  • With its quirky tortoise design, this attractive toddler trampoline is an excellent first trampoline for children.
  • Safe, steady, and enjoyable bouncing is ensured with the padded cover, easy grasp handle, and non-slip Rubber-soled shoes.
  • Helps develop balance, coordination and confidence. Plus a fun way to improve your child’s health & Fitness.
  • Frame is strong and long-lasting. Capable of holding a maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds while bouncing (20 kg). It takes two people to put this together.
  • From the age of 12 months onwards, this product is appropriate.

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This Galt nursery trampoline is a terrific choice for the little ones, with children as young as one year old being able to use it securely. This trampoline is the most appealing to children because of the turtle design and the Bar of Safety, which enables them to hang on to anything while jumping. This device will not only provide them with an enjoyable activity, but it will also assist them in improving their balance and hand-eye coordination.

The trampoline is made of a sturdy frame that can support up to 44 pounds of weight at a time, and the feet have rubber bottoms to protect it from rolling about on the floor. The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate your toddler’s precise height, so they don’t have to reach too far to grab it. To adjust the bar, just loosen the knobs at the base of the handlebar where it joins the trampoline and move it up and down.


  • Kids will love playing on this fun design.
  • For optimal safety, the handle bar is adjustable for the child’s height.
  • For prolonged usage, it can hold up to 44 pounds of weight.
  • It has Rubber-soled shoes to keep it from sliding around on the floor.
  • It may aid in the development of coordination and balance in youngsters who use it on a daily basis.
  • The lower end of the pricing range is particularly cost-effective.


  • This product is not meant for usage outside. and won’t withstand different weather conditions
  • There is no netting or a full-circle Bar of Safety to provide further protection.

3. The Toy Company’s Origins Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)



The Toy Company’s Origins Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)

  • IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES, GO FROM BOX TO BOUNCE: Set up your trampoline. – Attach the handle to the legs – Bounce – Repeat
  • EASY DISASSEMBLY: Assembles quickly and effortlessly, making it ideal for travel or storage.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Can assist youngsters with ADHD and autism in expending their natural excess of energy.
  • ALL CURRENT UNITED STATES SAFETY STANDARDS ARE MEETED OR EXCEEDED: HR4040, as well as ASTM Safety Certifications 1, 2, and 3. For added safety, a circular safety mat may be easily attached.
  • SIZE AND RATING: 36 inch diameter, 150 pound capacity

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The Toy Company’s Origins has created a fold-and-go option that enables you to fold the trampoline in half and transport it anywhere you need to go. This type likewise has a simple installation process that just needs you to screw on the legs and Bar of Safety before you can use it. The Bar of Safety is ideal for younger toddlers who need a little more assistance staying balanced, and it’s a terrific method to help them improve their coordination.

The trampoline has a diameter of 36 inches and can support up to 150 pounds. The Bar of Safety is not adjustable, however it does have cushioning around the top half of the handle to prevent children from grasping the metal. Because of the Features of Safety of this alternative, it is suitable for use with special needs children, who may enjoy jumping on it as well. This solution complies with all US safety regulations and is ASTM approved.


  • For convenient transit and storage, it folds in two.
  • For speedy installation, the assembly is basic and straightforward.
  • The trampoline can support up to 150 pounds of weight.
  • Meets all U.S. safety regulations and is suitable for youngsters with special needs.
  • Priced in the middle, it’s ideal for budget-conscious families.


  • Not recommended for children under the age of three.
  • When older children use the handle, their leg may elevate slightly off the ground.

4. SereneLife Portable Fitness Trampoline, 36 Inch



SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline – Sports Trampoline for Indoor and Outdoor Use – Professional Round Jumping Cardio Trampoline – Safe for Kids w/Padded Frame Cover and Handlebar SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline – Sports Trampoline for Indoor and Outdoor Use – Professional Round Jumping Cardio Trampoline –

  • SereneLife’s circular jump mat is composed of heavy-duty polypropylene for long-lasting bouncing and flexibility, with a safety diameter of 36″. Assemble a super safe zone measuring 36″ x 32″ from ground to top. cheers to leaping
  • Cushioned HANDLEBAR AND FRAME COVER: The padded handlebar is 24″ high and adjusts to the height of the rider. Kids can regulate their bounce by gripping the handle bar. The frame cover is also padded and springless, making the jump pad surface safer.
  • The SereneLife elastic trampoline is both portable and collapsible, saving you space. Folds up easily and fits into tiny areas at the playground, gym, or at home. Its small size makes it easy to transport from one location to another.
  • UNIQUE AND DURABLE: The perfect rebounder sport and fitness trainer for anyone looking to improve their strength and endurance. This heavy-duty trampoline is built to last and can hold up to 150 pounds. For your youngster, this is the ideal fitness goal workout.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: We’ve provided a step-by-step assembly guide. Each exact assembly process and all components were mentioned, and the procedures were shown in pictures. It also includes a complimentary kit bag. Now is the time to get your child their own trampoline.

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The SereneLife exercise trampoline is a great option for children since it’s easy to put up and take down. The construction is quick and straightforward, requiring simply the attachment of the handlebar and six legs to complete the setup. This trampoline includes Rubber-soled shoes on the bottom of each leg to prevent it from slipping on slippery surfaces and to keep the trampoline stable as the youngsters bounce. For increased protection, the model has cushioning around the upper half of the handlebar.

This type has a 36-inch circumference and stands 32 inches from the ground, which is a wonderful height for smaller children who won’t require assistance climbing into it. This trampoline folds in half and can be simply stored or carried to a new place, allowing you to take it on vacation or relocate it about the home. This type also comes with a carrying case that can fit the full trampoline inside, making transportation even simpler. It can also be used both inside and outdoors.


  • Assembly is quick and simple, allowing for practically immediate usage after purchase.
  • Legs include Rubber-soled shoes to avoid slipping on slippery flooring.
  • The handlebar is padded for further comfort while gripping it.
  • For convenient travelling and storage, folds in half and fits into a carrying bag.
  • For safe usage outdoors, it can survive outdoor conditions.
  • It costs less than other solutions and is a cost-effective option.


  • There is no netting to prevent children from slipping out.
  • The trampoline’s cushioned cover is prone to tearing.

5. Trampoline with Safety Enclosure by Fashionsport Outfitters is a company that specializes in clothing for athletes

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This Fashionsport Outfitters is a company that specializes in clothing for athletes toddler trampoline is a huge alternative that can accommodate two or three children at once. Ideal for larger families or playdates with friends and neighbors. Because the trampoline is totally encircled by a full netting that is roughly 4 feet high, you may feel safe allowing small children to play on it without worry of falling off. The netting is kept up by six safety poles, each of which is padded and keeps the netting up and out of the way when they jump.

This big size version has a 5 foot diameter and three horseshoe-shaped legs that hook directly to the Bar of Safetys for more sturdiness and give superior stability for its size. The legs are made of rust-resistant metal that may be used both inside and out. With a total weight restriction of 220 pounds, you may have up to three children play on this model at the same time, eliminating the need for them to take turns.


  • A 5-foot diameter allows for a bigger jumping platform that can accommodate more children.
  • A 220 pound Weight Restrictions fits taller children.
  • Netting and Bar of Safetys provide further fall and injury prevention.
  • This type may be utilized both indoors and outside.
  • Horseshoe-shaped legs provide better stability by covering a larger area of the floor.


  • The padding is foam and may easily break apart if children pick at it while jumping.
  • The netting is not as long-lasting and is prone to fraying.
  • This is a high-priced choice that is not suitable for families on a limited budget.

Trampoline Training

Purchasing a new toddle trampoline can be intimidating when you consider the numerous ways your child could be injured, but because these products are designed with young children in mind, they include Features of Safety and measurements that help ensure that your child does not sustain serious injuries. When determining which choice to buy, make sure you’re buying the greatest toddler trampoline for your requirements and those of your child.

If you just need a model to suit one kid at a time, a durable but small model will likely save you money. A bigger and sturdier type would be ideal if you wanted a larger choice that could handle your youngest kid and their older sibling. Before you spend your money, you should think about a few factors before making your ultimate selection.

Features of Safety

The number one thing that you should look at when thinking about purchasing a toddler trampoline is the Features of Safety it comes with. Although there is no way to ensure that absolutely no accidents will occur, knowing that all the precautions that could be taken were, you can help keep them safe by buying a trampoline with the proper Features of Safety.


Padding around the trampoline’s metal sections reduces the chances of your youngster stumbling over the metal bar or tripping on the metal springs when climbing on it. All of the options on our list have trampoline covers that disguise the springs, which is a vital feature that keeps youngsters safe while using it.


If the trampoline is surrounded by netting, this feature will protect your youngster from going over the side. Leg and foot injuries are among the most frequent trampoline injuries, which generally result from landing on the ground after falling or leaping from the trampoline and onto hard ground. Netting will prevent both of these incidents, ensuring your child’s safety.

Bar of Safety

Toddlers all develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination at different rates, and with the increased use of their hands to grab onto the Bar of Safety, they are able to hold on and keep themselves from falling. As children get better wrist stability, which allows them to have more control over the use of their fingers, they can hold tightly to the bar and will keep ahold of it better.

Having a Bar of Safety will also keep them from moving around the trampoline without holding onto anything, which could increase their risk of falling down, and will help them to develop their motor skills even more as they develop the muscle memory to hold onto the bar more precisely.

Rubber-soled shoes

The legs of trampolines are made from steel or another type of metal. This makes them susceptible to sliding if placed on a tile, laminate, or wood flooring. However, with the addition of Rubber-soled shoes to stop the legs from moving around, you can decrease the chances of movement while the trampoline is in use. This will reduce the risk of accidents by keeping the unit in its place and stopping it from bumping into walls or other furniture nearby while sliding.


When purchasing a product, the price is always a big consideration in determining which option to choose. It’s a major choice to decide whether the premium option with more features is worth the money, or whether the cheaper one will save you money while providing the fundamentals of what you need. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, more costly solutions may not be out of the question.

The Frame’s Quality

However, understanding exactly what you’re getting for the money is crucial. You want to be able to tell if a less expensive product is of high quality or whether a more expensive choice is just a pretty face that isn’t constructed to last. Since a result, ensuring that the frame is made of galvanized steel bars ensures that the frame will be durable and long-lasting, as this is the industry standard for high-quality.

Material of Good Quality

The mat’s or trampoline’s jumping area’s material is another something you should consider. Because of its strength and capacity to withstand persistent bending, polypropylene is used in the majority of models. Though a less expensive material is utilized, even if the model seems to be robust, the material may not last as long.

Weight Restrictions

Although your toddler may seem to be a baby in your mind, they may grow and outgrow things rapidly. The majority of trampoline models for small children can support up to 150 pounds. With the typical 21-month-old weighing just approximately 25 pounds, this provides you a lot of room for development.

There are some options that have a much lower limit, like some options that only allows for up to around 30-35 pounds. These will not last you very long, as your child may grow out of that weight stage quickly. So, getting the most for your money means buying an option that they will be able to use for a much longer time. Searching for a trampoline that offers a 150-pound Weight Restrictions would be ideal.

Top Brands

Skywalker Trampolines are a kind of trampoline that is used to jump

Skywalker Trampolines are a kind of trampoline that is used to jump is a Utah-based business has been accredited by the BBB since 2014 and has been committed to ensuring the quality and safety needed for children to play. A big supporter of the community, this company focuses on making products that are accessible for all differently-abled children and builds trampolines that you can trust in.

Galt Toys

Galt Toys has been creating toys of various types in Manchester, England, since 1961. They started selling toys and trampolines in the United States in 2013, and have since created toys and trampolines that help youngsters improve motor skills while having fun.

The Toy Company’s Origins

This company has been in the toy business since 1997, and The Toy Company’s Origins was originally known as Galt America. However, they have grown themselves to be one of the major toy distributors in America and provide safe, non-toxic toys and trampolines for children of all ages and abilities.


SereneLife is a firm that manufactures and distributes a variety of goods for home usage and décor via online merchants. They produce anything from child trampolines to treadmills with the best quality materials and safety in mind.

Fashionsport Outfitters is a company that specializes in clothing for athletes

Fashionsport Outfitters is a company that specializes in clothing for athletes is a business that makes and sells its trampolines through online retailers and focuses on fitness and health. With toddler trampolines with Features of Safety and durable materials, their items are made to last.

Toys for Kids

The Toys for Kids brand has been around since 1969 and has manufactured and sold toys of all kinds for children of different ages and stages of development. With the goal of encouraging kids to live an active lifestyle, their trampoline gets them moving and keeps them safe while doing it.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe for a child to jump on a trampoline?

A: Yes. Toddlers are developing new skills every day, and with the ability to hold onto a Bar of Safety and jump around and be active, they will develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination while doing it. This will also keep them active and living a healthy lifestyle from a young age, as well as improve their heart and bone health.

Q: Is it safe to let a child under the age of six to use a trampoline?

A: The average age for children to use a trampoline is often said to be 6 years old, but this is meant for trampolines that are full size – 10 feet or larger. Toddler trampolines are designed to be safe for younger users come with extra Features of Safety that protect them. With Bar of Safetys, netting, and closer proximity to the floor means that you don’t need to worry as long as you keep an eye on them.

Q: Does the trampoline’s form make a difference, or is it simply for show?

Yes, the form is important since round versions have a lower bounce height. Bouncers that are square or rectangular are designed to elevate the bouncer higher into the air, which is dangerous for children. Most toddler trampolines account for this, and you’d be hard pressed to find one that isn’t round owing to the safety concerns.


With all this information given to you, it is best to remember the most important parts. With our top pick being the Skywalker Mini Trampoline because of its enclosed safety netting with zipper door, padded enclosed Bar of Safety, and high-quality build, this option will work for any toddler. And, with a mid-range price point, this is very affordable for families on a tight budget.

However, even if you choose to go with another option, any on this list will make a great choice. Also, now that you know what to look for, if you decide to buy another option that isn’t listed here, you will know what to look for to get the best quality option. If you are interested in purchasing our top choice, then check out Skywalker Trampolines are a kind of trampoline that is used to jump using the button below to find out more information and to make your final purchase and get the best toddler trampoline.

The “indoor trampoline toddler” is a type of trampoline that can be used inside the home. They are perfect for toddlers and children who want to jump indoors.

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