In 2022, the average American will own a smart home that is powered by WORX. This guide for new homeowners and seasoned professionals alike covers various aspects of what to expect in this world

The “worx vs ego blower” is a guide for the 2022. The EGO vs WORX Lawnmower: A Guide for 2022.

The EGO vs WORX lawnmower is the subject of this helpful guide, which compares the mowers supplied by two significant brands in the business. By comparing each of their goods, you may determine each manufacturer’s strengths and shortcomings, allowing you to make an educated selection for the benefit of your grass.

Since its creation in the nineteenth century, the lawnmower has been a household need. It was created to assist suburban inhabitants who had abandoned their agricultural background and no longer had barn animals to keep the grass surrounding their homes trimmed and neat.

The first lawnmower models were basic metal push mowers that depended only on the strength of the person operating the machine. Thin metal blades sliced through the grass with care, yet they often left rough and uneven areas.

Gas-powered machinery eventually supplanted these push mowers. Until the twenty-first century, when a new competitor emerged: the cordless electric mower.

Electric mowers that operate without the need of fuel, oil, or heavy gear are all the rage these days. Rather, they rely on batteries. But how can you know which brands to trust when there are so many on the market?


A Cordless Mower’s Basic Features

Electricity is used to power cordless lawnmowers, which are powered by batteries. They’re meant to be recharged in the garage or outside, and they don’t need the same level of upkeep as a gas model. The entire product is lightweight and easy to manage since there are fewer moving components and no internal combustion engine.

With this in mind, there are three primary reasons why someone would pick an electric mower over a gas-powered mower:

  1. Improved maneuverability
  2. Overall, expenses are lower.
  3. Maintenance is reduced.

We’ve already covered why there is Maintenance is reduced.: You will not be expected to maintain a tough gas-powered engine, which means no fiddling with spark plugs, gasoline, air filters, and oil changes. This is connected to lower costs as well since you will not need to buy gasoline or oil to keep this mower satisfied. The electricity to keep one of these models charged so only cost between $5 and $20 at most.

Last but not least, there’s the mobility. People choose cordless electric mowers because they are lightweight, have less vibration than gas mowers, and generally have self-propelling systems. The smaller variants are also simpler to spin, and the gadget as a whole is quiet.

This is fantastic news for anybody who lives in a neighborhood and is concerned about annoying their neighbors or accidently trimming their plants when turning in the yard.

Who are the EGO and WORX?

Who is EGO, and why should you purchase a lawnmower from them? This manufacturer is a subsidiary of the Chevron Corporation, which is headquartered in China. Chervon has over two decades of expertise and created EGO as a replacement for typical gas-powered equipment and machinery. It’s grown popular in the business sector, and it’s now making its way into residential versions that the regular person can use at home.

WORX, on the other hand, is a power tool and lawn equipment brand owned by Positec Tool Corporation, a considerably bigger company. WORX, like EGO, has its headquarters in China, where the bulk of the company’s goods are produced and consumed. Since its unique orange look, extended Life of the Batteries, and general affordability for the common person, the WORX brand has been a market mainstay since 2004.

So, simply by looking at the fundamentals, it seems that EGO and WORX are comparable. When you look at the companies’ general patterns, though, you may find certain distinctions that might help you figure out which one is right for you.


EGO and WORX both work on a similar level, with just slight changes between them. Overall, these cordless electric lawnmowers are intended to be semi-durable, powerful, and suitable for usage in residential areas. Both are quite maneuverable and may help you save money in the long term.

However, there are a few crucial distinctions that might help you decide which one to purchase.

  • On average, EGO models need just one lithium-ion battery, while WORX requires two (voltage varies based on mower)
  • WORX mowers often have a mulching feature, which is useful for persons who have a difficult yard or who need to mulch.
  • EGO develops mowers that are, on average, lighter and quicker.
  • The typical WORX guarantee is 4 years for components and 2 years for batteries; EGO devices have a 5-year body and parts warranty and a 3-year battery warranty.
  • The EGO batteries take around 30 minutes to charge, whereas the WORX cells require Time limit: 60 minutes.
  • Both items come with chargers, however the WORX charger is more straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It’s simpler to take out the EGO battery than it is to take out the WORX batteries.
  • The EGO cordless electric lawnmower is more likely than the WORX counterpart to be self-propelling on average.
  • WORX cordless mowers are more powerful and have greater adaptability, enabling them to target grass portions of varying lengths or hardness.
  • Batteries used by EGO may be exchanged across computers, however WORX batteries cannot.
  • Both models have greater Life of the Batteriestimes than the industry standard, with EGO batteries lasting 45-minute time limit and WORX batteries lasting Time limit: 60 minutes, respectively.

With this information in mind, it is difficult to determine which brand is better overall. While EGO wins when it comes to maneuverability and cost-effectiveness, it is WORX that takes the prize for Maintenance is reduced.. Plus, WORX is more powerful overall.

The outcome of this tournament is a draw.

Please see the chart below for a better understanding of the findings.

Features EGO WORX
Warranty Parts have a 5-year warranty, whereas batteries have a 3-year warranty. Parts have a four-year warranty, whereas batteries have a two-year warranty.
Count of Batteries 1 2
Life of the Batteries 45-minute time limit Time limit: 60 minutes
Self-Propelling? Yes Yes
Weight Average Average
Speed Fast Average
Mulching Included Included

Each brand has its own pros and cons, with the EGO being great because of its speed and warranty, and WORX being superior because of its longer Life of the Batteries. Whether you want power or speed, both of these brands will be able to provide.

These Brands’ Best-Selling Products

Whether you pick an EGO or a WORX cordless electric lawnmower, it is essential to do some preliminary research on the type you want to purchase. Because there are more WORX than EGO alternatives on the market, finding a product you genuinely appreciate might be more challenging. Here are some of the top mowers available from these businesses to make the task easier for you.


  1. 56-Volt EGO 21 in. Lithium-ion Self-propelled Walk Behind Cordless Mower

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    • Powered by a single lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 56 volts.
    • Self-propelled
    • Construction that is resistant to the elements
    • 60-minute Life of the Batteries
    • Capabilities for Mulching is included.
    • Dimensions of the product: 72 x 48 x 36 in.
    • It weighs 60 pounds.

  2. EGO 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Power

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    • Cutting capacity of 20 in.
    • Folds up for easy storage.
    • It is powered by a single lithium ion battery.
    • Capabilities for Mulching is included.
    • LED headlights are included.
    • Dimensions of the product: 37.4 x 21.6 x 16.1 in.
    • It weighs 56 pounds.


  1. WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17′′ Lawn Mower with Mulching WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17′′ Lawn Mower with Mulching


    WORX WG744 Cordless Lawn Mower WORX WG744 Cordless Lawn Mower WORX WG744

    • [GAS-LIKE EFFECTIVENESS] This mover gets 40V of power from two 20V PowerShare batteries, giving it double the run duration and gas-like performance.
    • [INTELLICUT] Increase the torque as you come across denser portions of the lawn, then reduce it to conserve battery life.
    • [EXPANDABLE POWER WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share works with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, as well as outdoor power and leisure items.
    • [2-IN-1] With this multi-purpose mower, you may mulch or bag. Mulching your lawn on a regular basis keeps it healthy, and the collecting bag can contain up to 1.1 bushels (40L)
    • [6 HEIGHT MODIFICATIONS] The single lever lets you choose how long or short you want your grass to be trimmed.

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    • 2 20V Lithium-ion batteries are a kind of rechargeable battery. are used.
    • Capabilities for Mulching
    • Per charge, it can cut up to 5445 sq. ft.
    • Dimensions of the product: 55.5 x 39.5 x 17.8 in.
    • It weighs 38 pounds.

  2. WORX WG774 Intellicut 56V Cordless 20″ Lawn Mower with Capabilities for Mulching


    Worx WG779 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower with 40V Power Share 4.0Ah

    • [6 HEIGHT MODIFICATIONS] You can adjust the height of your lawn with a single lever, depending on the season or your own choice.
    • For harsher situations, the [INTELLICUT] function gives torque on demand.
    • [EXPANDABLE POWER WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share works with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, as well as outdoor power and leisure items.
    • [BAG OR MULCH] You can either bag your grass or mulch it back into the earth with this 2-in-1 mower.
    • [BATTERY METER] [BATTERY METER] [BATTERY METER The on-board battery charge meter tells you how much battery life you have left before you have to return to the garage.

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    • A battery power level indicator is included for more accurate charging estimations.
    • Cutting deck made of steel
    • Handle is fully collapsible.
    • Lithium-ion batteries are a kind of rechargeable battery.
    • Up to 9,400 sq. ft. may be cut.
    • Dimensions of the product: 55 x 19 x 38 in.
    • It weighs 65 pounds.

All of these items are of good quality and will perform nicely in a typical backyard. While they are on the heavier side of cordless electric mowers, their lesser weight allows them to be maneuvered. Many of them also include foldable handles and dual batteries, allowing you to charge one while using the other.


EGO and WORX both make cordless electric lawnmowers that can be used by the ordinary person. It will be tough to choose which is the better bargain. This is why the lawnmower duel between EGO and WORX ended in a draw.

Both of these manufacturers provide high-quality lawnmowers at reasonable rates, making them excellent for anybody looking for a less expensive lawnmower that will last longer than a year. Each purchase comes with a set of batteries that are easy to remove and charge.

We can recommend both EGO and WORX to the ordinary customer at this point in their development.

The “ryobi vs ego mower 2021” is a comparison between the two lawnmowers. The EGO and the WORX are both in different price ranges, but offer similar features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EGO lawn mowers made in China?

What is better Greenworks or Worx?

A: Greenworks is a brand name. Worx is the company that produces it.

Is Greenworks and EGO the same company?

A: Yes. They are both part of the same company, Greenworks LLC.

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