Toro Snow Master review

If you get a small to moderate amount of snow every winter, that you usually take out of your deck and driveway with a shovel in an hour or two, you should buy a great snow blower that can do the job in a matter of minutes. Here you have an honest Toro Snow Master review that could make you decide for this portentous beast.

You could have doubts about purchasing a great snowblower because you think that it will cost you an arm and a leg. That could be truth with some other blowers or throwers (they’re not the same), but the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE is very affordable and also very friendly for the homeowner. But that’s not what we really like about this model.

At a reasonable cost, the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE is a snowblower for starters with capacity for handling fresh and foamy snow or moderate snowfall, which is near the limit for what we call a job for a single-stage. This machine is self-propelled, so how fast it moves depends on how fast you walk.



  • Quick Stick® Chute Adjustment
  • 24-Inch Clearing Deck
  • Personal Pace® Self-Propulsion
  • Strong 212cc Premium Motor
  • 11-Inch Tires


  • Not suitable for uneven ground
  • Starts only manually
  • No lights included

If you feel that more power would make the blower take off and less would imply an exertion on your part that could hurt your back, the self-propelled system is just fine. There are other heavier models that can deal with larger snowdrifts, but are harder to operate as well. You will like the fact that the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE is not only nimble and easy to handle, but also has a very friendly chute adjustment.

Some other things that most users look at on a snow blower is operability and chute angle adjustment. Many machines have complicated lever and gear adjustments in order to set the height and angle of the chute. This blower offers something better. The Quick Stick allows you to effortlessly change the height and discharge angle with a couple of clicks as you wish. When you have understood its system, you won’t have to check the user manual again to operate the Quick Stick.

Before you start it for the first time, read the user manual that will tell you how to “warm it up”. Once the process is done, pull a few times the pull cord and you can start blowing snow.

The Toro Snow Master 724 QXE blower has a 24” clearing deck on even grounds.

It throws the snow at a distance of 40 feet. This is awesome for huge driveways because the snow will be piled where you want it.

Toro Snow Master 724 QXE Features


11” deep lug bigger wheels designed for more traction for a more efficient pull. You will seldom need to use the tire chains.

Automatic Steering

The whole steering system is automatic, so you can just look at your job instead of struggling to maneuver the machine. It doesn’t have any lever nor trigger, no extra effort nor learning needed, so all you have to do is starting the engine, adjusting the chute, and moving the unit toward your target. You will have a clear driveway in a matter of minutes.

Efficient Clearing System

The Toro Snow Master 724 QXE boasts of a clearing capacity 25% larger than most other models.

The chute is the main reason of this pride. The clearing deck is wide and tall to take big mouthfuls of snow. Thanks to this, the unit clears a larger surface in one pass.

Easy Rotating Chute Adjustment

Many throwers make you adjust and essay with complicated controls to obtain the desired angle and height of the discharge chute. This takes your precious time and overwhelms you when you are just hurried to clear your driveway and go to work. The Toro Snow Master 724 QXE features the Quick Stick which allows you to simply adjust the chute’s height and angle to throw the snow where you want it. You set it once, and then you can think of something else. Nothing complicated.

A Snow Blower for Light to Moderate Snowfall

Some blowers are more suitable for a certain kind of snow than others.

I and many reviewers noticed that though it can remove almost any kind of snow like a boss, it is particularly good when the snow is dry and powdery. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t deal with wet and dense snow too. Thanks to the wide and tall auger deck, the snow is less likely to get packed and jam the unit, which can happen with dense and wet snowfalls.

Self-Propelled at Your Own Pace

The self-propelled system is nothing new and Toro is no pioneer in the matter, but is a great feature to talk about. Self-propelled means that you can move the unit at the speed you want without the annoyance of levers and gears. The bar can feel your weight so while you push, the unit decides whether you want it to go faster or slower. All you have to do to use this feature is walk behind the blower at your own pace and push the unit as much as you need. The snow blower will go with you.

Not So Nice Things About the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE

The Quick Stick is not closed to the handle bar which may be uncomfortable for some.

You have to lean over the blower to reach the control and adjust it manually, which is no big deal either.

Another downside is that the blower leaves a thin sheet of snow on paved asphalt or similar surfaces, that can eventually become ice. The skid guides can’t be adjusted, so I haven’t found yet anything that can fix this issue.

When you’re on irregular ground, clearing is not so nice

Uneven ground is a headache for this blower. You should be careful if your driveway isn’t all even. It does remove the snow, but it also lifts stones and anything else that it runs into, and throws it to the rear window of your neighbor’s car, at best.

If your driveway is set up on a hill, you can of course clear it, but take into account that this model lacks a back-drive that has the job to prevent the unit from running by itself down a slope. On a pronounced slope, it is better to use a two-stage Toro blower that works well on uneven terrain.

No electric start. Forget about it.

An electric start may be your salvation on gelid mornings where starting the unit is an impossible task. Here you have a pulling cord instead. Many reviewers say that the engine starts within two pulls, but it is important to properly prime it and also have the choke on.


Unlike most units at a similar price, the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE Snow Blower can handle light to moderately heavy snow. The gears are very easy to understand and the panel is not crammed with controls that you have to study and learn. You will read the entire user manual in half an hour or less. Instructions are impressively simple and accompanied with graphic illustrations that will guide you through any process. If you are looking for an affordable blower and don’t care about fancy features, the Toro Snow Master 724 QXE Snow Blower may be your best option.

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