Blowers are a part of home improvement and maintenance, providing both benefits to homeowners. With the right blower in your toolkit, you can make quick work of cleaning up leaves or debris before they have time to turn into a bigger problem. The top picks for 2022 include Black & Decker’s 20-volt Lithium Ion Blower.

The “toro vs black and decker hedge trimmer” is a debate that has been going on for years. The two brands have benefits of both and top picks in 2022.

A leaf blower may significantly increase your capacity to clean up your yard fast and effectively. You probably don’t want to spend hours picking up leaves in the autumn when they seem to be everywhere. Many blowers also have additional features like vacuuming and mulching. There seem to be two brands that are the most popular. Toro and Black & Decker is a manufacturer of power tools. are two brands that provide dependable yard cleaning solutions. In the Toro vs. Black & Decker is a manufacturer of power tools. blower comparison, who comes out on top? Here, we’ll look at five different possibilities, focusing on the aspects that set them apart.


1. Black & Decker BEBL7000



3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, and Mulcher by BLACK+DECKER (BEBL7000)

  • 3 IN 1 DESIGN – Converts easily to a corded leaf blower, leaf vacuum, or mulcher for multi-purpose application.
  • POWERFUL AIR SPEED AND AIRFLOW – With speeds up to 250 mph and airflow up to 400 cfm, you’ll have all the power you need to clear quickly and effectively.
  • BACKPACK STYLE — Hands-free operation with an easy-to-wear backpack with up to 2x the bag capacity.
  • POWERBOOST – Boost your performance with the touch of a button.
  • When vacuuming leaves and debris, the FLEXI-TUBE allows for more flexibility.

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This model from Black & Decker gives you 250 miles per hour and 400 CFM so you’ll get plenty of power out of it. You get plenty of components with this model including a backpack bag, blow tub, and vacuum tube.

This device switches simply from a vacuum to a blower and has a zipper-free bag that is easy to empty thanks to the large aperture. In one tool, you get three functionalities. It has three functions: blower, vacuum, and mulcher.

This model has a power boost function that allows you to receive a boost of power when you need it. It’s especially useful for clearing rubbish from your yard or other hard surfaces.

Things we enjoy:

  • When you need it, the power boost button provides you an extra boost.
  • The bag is simple to empty since it does not have a zipper.
  • A comfortable backpack is supplied.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • When switching modes, the hose might be difficult to separate.
  • With a weight of 11.1 pounds, this model isn’t for the faint of heart.

2. Toro 51619 Ultra Blower Vac

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Toro’s choice is really potent. It’s a blower with a top speed of 250 miles per hour, but that’s not all. It’s a three-in-one gadget that also serves as a leaf shredder and a high-speed vacuum. Along with the blower, you’ll get a bottom-zip bag, a vacuum tube, a concentrator nozzle, and a power insert.

In both the vacuum and blower modes, you’ll have variable speed for better control. A quick-release clasp enables you to turn your vacuum into a blower in a matter of seconds and without the need of any equipment.

This variant has a metal impeller instead of a plastic one, which is a nice feature. It grinds, shreds, and disposes of leaves and tiny twigs that might otherwise shatter a plastic impeller.

You can keep the cable tied to the blower thanks to a built-in cord lock. There is also a cable storage hook, and this blower is very simple to store. Simply place all of the components in the vacuum bag, which can then be hung on the wall.

The vacuum bag is a good feature, although it isn’t very long-lasting. Once the bag gets a fair weight of leaves in it, the zipper on the bottom of the bag seems to fail. This might have a significant impact on your productivity.

Things we enjoy:

  • Shredding leaves is simple because to the durable metal impeller.
  • It’s simple to switch from blower to vacuum mode.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • Because the vacuum bag is not long-lasting, don’t overfill it. This might cause you to fall behind on your responsibilities.

3. Black & Decker BV6600


BLACK+DECKER 12-Amp 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Mulcher (BV6600)

  • The 12-amp motor powers a three-in-one blower, vacuum, and mulcher.
  • Variable-speed blower with a maximum speed of 250 mph
  • Leaf bag system that can be thrown away
  • Up to 16 bags of mulch may be reduced to one.
  • BV6600 12 Amp Blower Vac, (1) Blow Tube, (1) Vacuum Tube, (1) EZ Empty Reusable Collection Bag, (1) Concentrator; Mulch Ratio: 16:1; Power Source: Electric; Type: Blower Vac; Bag: 1.5 Bushels; Decibels: 68 dBA; Included Components: BV6600 12 Amp Blower Vac, (1) Blow Tube, (1) Vacuum Tube, (1) EZ Empty Re

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Another 3-in-1 choice, this one has a blower, mulcher, and vacuum in one equipment. Up to 16 bags of mulch may be ground down into a single bag. If you often collect a lot of leaves and need to transform them into mulch, this might be really useful.

It has a maximum air blowing speed of 250 miles per hour and changeable speed settings. Airspeeds ranging from 140 miles per hour to 250 miles per hour may be arranged. It has a power draw of 12 amps and weighs 8.1 pounds. A blow tube, vacuum tube, concentrator, and reusable collecting bag are included with the gadget.

In just a few seconds, you may go from blower to vacuum mode, and the high-impact metal fan will help you avoid blockages when mulching. When it comes to the durability and lifetime of a product, a metal fan is preferable over a plastic one.

Things we enjoy:

  • Variable speeds make it simple to work on a variety of tasks.
  • The strong grinder results in much fewer mulch sacks. The grinder is also quite long-lasting.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • The bag isn’t particularly long-lasting, and you’ll have to change it before you need a new blower.

51585 Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro

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This blower has a speed of 160 miles per hour, which is rather impressive for such a little machine. It’s also a rather light alternative, weighing just 4.6 pounds. There are two speeds to choose from, and it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Those two speeds may be selected using an easy-to-reach control switch positioned on the handle. It’s directly under your thumb, so all you have to do is twist it to change speeds. When you need more control or are working in a tight location, utilize the low-speed option. When you need more power or are working in wider areas, choose the high-speed preset.

Because the warranty covers practically everything, you may work with the manufacturer to get the device fixed or replaced if anything goes wrong.

Things we enjoy:

  • Because it is so light, almost anybody can use it for an extended amount of time.
  • Because it has two speeds, it may be used for a variety of tasks.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • It comes with a pretty short chord, so you’ll need to use an extension cord that isn’t included with the blower. This may be really inconvenient.
  • There are no accessories or various nozzles included with this.

5. Black & Decker LSW 321


20V MAX* Cordless Sweeper with Power Boost by BLACK+DECKER (LSW321)

  • A sweeper with a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour quickly removes trash from hard surfaces.
  • Quiet operation is possible thanks to the low-noise design.
  • You may perform a range of activities in up to 25 minutes of playtime.
  • POWERBOOST boosts the power to get rid of tenacious debris.
  • One System – Endless Tasks; part of the 20V MAX System. Your Style’s Strength

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The speed of this blower is 130 miles per hour. One of this model’s most remarkable attributes is its very quiet functioning. If you live in a peaceful area and don’t want to disturb your neighbors, this is the way to go.

This model is cordless, and you may use it for up to 25 minutes before needing to charge it again. When you need a little extra power, there’s also a power boost option. You’ll also receive a Lithium-Ion battery, blow tube, and charger in addition to the blower. Keep in mind that 25 minutes will not enable you to accomplish a lengthy task, therefore this model is best suited for little tasks.

With a weight of about 3.7 pounds, this blower is very portable. It may be used by almost anybody and is quite simple to maneuver. This is a really light alternative, so if you need it, it may be the best choice.

Things we enjoy:

  • It’s really light, so anybody may use it.
  • Because it is cordless, you are not restricted in where you may work.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • With a run duration of about 25 minutes, this is a very short run. To do bigger tasks, you’ll most likely need to take pauses.


When it comes to selecting the ideal blower for your requirements, there are several factors to consider. When comparing Toro vs. Black & Decker is a manufacturer of power tools. blowers, there are a few factors to bear in mind regarding each model as well as the brand.

In the evaluations above, we’ve emphasized each of these key aspects. When you’re going through the possibilities and deciding on your best decision, keep these things in mind.

To begin, you must choose which sort of blower is most suited to your requirements. Then you’ll need to look at the features and qualities of that kind to get the blower that will help you do your duties the most efficiently.

Blowers of Various Types

The first thing to think about is the sort of blower you need. There are many sorts to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’ll look at the many options accessible to you, as well as their individual benefits and drawbacks.

Electricity with a Cord

A Electricity with a Cord blower will usually weigh somewhere around 8 pounds and is typically made for use with just one hand. These models also usually have a start feature that is no-hassle, such as a simple push-button to get it going. There are pretty powerful and have zero exhaust emissions.

The downside of this sort of blower is that, due to the cable, you are restricted in your movement. If you know you’ll always be within 100 feet of an outlet, this is an excellent alternative. This can be a nice alternative for you if you have a little yard. If you need to wander around more to do your duties, you should probably look at a different sort of blower that doesn’t need you to be near a power source.

Of course, if you have power outlets somewhere outdoors, you may utilize them as well.

Electricity without a cord

Electricity without a cord models are often pretty lightweight as well, but they are generally a bit heavier than the corded options. These are usually somewhere around ten pounds in weight, which is similar to the Gas-Powered models.

If you don’t want to utilize a Gas-Powered machine but don’t want to be restricted in your movement, they are a decent alternative. However, gaining additional mobility comes at the cost of a little loss of power.

You’ll also reduce the amount of time you may operate the blower. Rechargeable batteries have a maximum life of an hour. If you have a job that will take longer than that, you’ll need to stop and charge the blower. These versions are ideal for someone with a small yard who won’t be using the blower for an extended amount of time.


The advantage of a gas-powered model is that you can take it anywhere you want and it will never need to be charged. To start it, you’ll need to pull a chord, and it’ll need to be tuned up on a regular basis. The majority of them are approximately 10 pounds in weight. It’s also true that they will last longer than versions that need to be recharged.

Keep in mind that, even if they’ve improved quieter in recent years, gas models are still very noisy. The majority of them have two-stroke engines, which means you’ll have to mix oil and gasoline. You don’t have to do this with four-stroke engines, and they run cleaner. They are also typically more costly, but if you want to bypass the mixing step, it may be worth it.


You should really consider how much your selected blower weighs. This is an important factor to consider, particularly if you want to use it for time-consuming tasks.

Although ten pounds may not seem to be a significant amount of weight to carry, it will become so after twenty minutes of exertion. The weight of each model varies, as you can see from our list. You’ll also notice that the weight of your blower is highly dependent on the kind of blower you choose. A five-pound blower is often fairly light, but a ten-pound blower is on the heavier side. You’ll need to figure out what weight is right for you, taking into account how long you’ll be holding and carrying the blower.


In general, the larger the blower, the louder it will be. This isn’t simply an issue of how easy the tool is to use. In certain areas, decibel levels and operating hours are even restricted. As a result, you’ll want to bear it in mind while selecting a model.

Because certain blower models may be rather noisy, you should consider how much noise you are prepared to put up with when doing your duties. Gas-powered versions are the loudest in general, and they may grow fairly loud. It is recommended that you avoid using that sort of blower if you do not want to cope with the noise.

Finally, you must strike a balance between the amount of electricity you need and the amount of noise you are prepared to tolerate, or that you believe your neighbors will tolerate on a Saturday or Sunday morning.


If you’re concerned about the effect of vibration while operating your blower, various versions are available with decreased vibration. These noise-cancelling features might increase your overall comfort.

Vibration, on the other hand, is present in practically every model. It’s just the result of air traveling at a rapid pace through the blower. You’ll get accustomed to the vibrations eventually, but you must be okay with the quantity of vibration your blower produces.

Because you have to take a break to charge the model, a model that needs you to take a break, such as a battery-powered model, might sometimes assist you lessen the effect of vibration.

Multiple Purposes

As you can see from our list, we have straight blower models as well as ones that can also be used as mulchers and vacuums. You’ll have to pick which features are most important to you. A 34-in-1 model may be the ideal option for you if you also want to vacuum and mulch.

Light trash, such as leaves and twigs, may be collected directly into an attached bag using the blowers that convert to vacuums. Blowers that also serve as mulchers will allow you to grind the waste. Cleanup and disposal will be considerably simpler and faster as a result of this. With only one tool, you can effectively complete the task.

Some types are also capable of cleaning gutters and spraying trees. You just need to figure out what you want to accomplish with the blower and then choose a model that will enable you to fulfill all of your tasks. This might help you cut down on the number of different tools you need to buy.

The more functionalities a tool has, the more costly it will be in the long run. However, buying a single tool rather than three or four distinct ones will likely save you money.

Brands of Blowers to Consider

Black & Decker

Black & Decker has been manufacturing products since 1910. Those products range from things for the home to outdoor yard care equipment to power tools. This manufacturer was the first to create a portable electric drill with a trigger switch and pistol grip.

The firm started as a modest store in Baltimore, Maryland, and has now expanded to become a worldwide maker of well-known items.


Toro has been creating things for almost a century. These goods range from lawn care products to landscape solutions, irrigation, outdoor lighting systems, and snow and ice management solutions.

Toro takes pride in designing products that are environmentally friendly, such as biofuel, propane, and electric technology.


Is it possible to remove snow using a leaf blower?

A: A leaf blower can remove light, powdery snow from locations such as driveways, automobiles, walkways, and stairs rather well. However, you’ll need a lot of electricity to do so. Furthermore, you won’t be able to move snow that is more than an inch deep or is moist and heavy.

Acorns may be blown away using a leaf blower.

A: This is a difficult question to answer. It all relies on the size and weight of the acorns, as well as the power of your blower. You may also use a blower that transforms into a vacuum and collects the trash in a bag.

Is it possible for a leaf blower to become wet?

A: Using your leaf blower in the rain is not recommended. This is because it isn’t regarded safe to do so. Wet ground is more slick, making it more likely for you to slide, slip, and fall. Furthermore, since wet leaves are much heavier than dry leaves, your leaf blower will not operate as efficiently and will take more effort on your part.

Q: Can a leaf blower be used on grass?

A: When you need to sweep grass clippings, dirt, or leaves off a hard surface like a sidewalk, driveway, or patio, a leaf blower might be a suitable solution.

Is it true that leaf blowers are dangerous?

A: Air pollution is one of the most serious risks associated with leaf blower operation. Gas-powered solutions produce pollution that is quite comparable to that produced by automobiles. Furthermore, the scents emitted by gas-powered motors may be quite bothersome to individuals who live nearby.

Wrap Up

When it comes to Toro vs. Black & Decker blowers, the decision is really difficult. Both firms provide high-quality products. With both, there are several models to pick from. With that stated, Black and Decker has a minor edge for various reasons.

We opted to highlight models that were closely aligned, including 3-in-1 options from both manufacturers as well as a straight blower option from each. In most categories, Black & Decker simply wins out, which is why we’ve selected Black & Decker as the winner over Toro.

The accessories are easier to use and handle and everything you need to get going is included with your purchase. If interested in trying out one of the models highlighted in our review list, you can find them at Black & Decker BEBL7000, Black & Decker BV6600, and Black & Decker LSW 321. Black & Decker is well-known and has been a household name for years. You can’t really go wrong purchasing one of these models. Clean up your yard in next to no time at all and if you opt for the 3-in-1 model, you’ll find that you save even more time.

The “ego leaf blower” is a product that has been created by Toro and Black & Decker. The two companies have come together to create this product, which has many benefits.

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