Toy-Biltis an excellent company to rely on on, and the Arctic Storm is an excellent product. While it is considered to be a commercial grade low end, it is quite powerful. It has a 4-cycle, 357cc engine. One of the best features this model has to offer is the Touch’n’Turn Power Steering,with which you can turn the steering wheel and way with just one finger. This helps a lot with its convenient 200 degree turning radius.

It also has all-wheeldrive, making it very easy touse on any terrain no matter how bad the conditions are. The wheels have hefty tread to give you enough traction, even on ice, and helps you clear snow on both pavement and gravel.

It has a clearance amplitude of 31 inches, meaning it can cover a larger area at the same time and handle in any condition. In addition, the fact that it can clean up to 2 feet of snow at the same time gives you great reliability and comfort, even in the toughest and heaviest snowstorms. The handles heat up for more comfort, and it features a reinforced steel cover to make this product last for years.

The best thing about this snowblower is its power steering, its four-wheeldrive, has 8 quite convenient speeds, and total has great power. However, it turns out to be quite heavy and expensive.

The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm is a machine that keeps moving even through the densest and heavier ice and snow. It has an added polymer protection so that it is prone to oxidation damage and deterioration by use. The warranty is also pretty good. While it looks somewhat expensive at first glance, when you start to see the specs you realize the great benefits of the Troy-Bilt compared to other similar products on the market, which makes it worth the extra money, over considering whether you have large amounts of snow falling into your home every year.

For larger streets and heavier snowfall, we recommend the 30-inch Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm. This great two-stage machine is great for anyone who regularly experiences snowfall of 15 inches or more. It’s great for streets, whether paved or gravel, up to 70 feet in length. With this model you can be totally confident that you will not be unable to do the job of cleaning the snow. It has a highly resistant steel hopper, heated handles, an impressive 357cc engine, and a handy control to handle the hopper with your finger. The advantage of this model over others is based on its durability and reliability to handle the heaviest work.

The two-stage, 30-inch Arctic Storm has a very powerful 357cc Engine from the Troy-Bilt with the Touch’n’Turn power steering. It features a 14-inch serrated bore made of steel. This snowblower can easily make its way through wet, dense and heavy snow. This unit has a clearance capacity of 30 inches wide and 23 inches high. It’s also too easy to manoeuvre as it features the Touch’n’Turn power steering self-propelled system that gives you enough control speed. At the same time the 16-inch x 6.5-inch X-Trac wheels provide you with excellent traction on your snowblower. In addition, it has a 4-way joystcik control with which you can adjust the height and direction of the hopper for snow discharge. It has a 3 year warranty for the unit, and a 5 year warranty for the auger.

If you don’t have a very large street or sidewalk, this is very model that you can discard. This unit is one of the big ones. It has a clearance capacity of 30 inches wide and powerful engine that can crush heavy and icy snow without any difficulty.

It is built with high strength parts that include a sawn steel auger, as well as a steel hopper as well. It has 16 x 6.5 inch X-Trac wheels that are much larger than those of most models. It is designed to perform in very harsh conditions for extended periods of time, and the 5-year warranty gives you confidence that this is true. The manufacturer added heated handles to make it feel more comfortable in your hands during the cold winter, and counts the Touch’n’Turnpower steering to make it much easier to handle.

You can adjust the hopper in 4 different ways using the joystick control on the control panel. It comes with a set of high-impact polymer skid soes that prevents the street or sidewalk from scratching down the snowblower.

The power steering the provides 6 speeds forward and two backwards so you can work efficiently no matter the snow conditions. The Arctic Storm has free steering, so you can choose to unhook the wheels. The best thing about this machine is the great control that gives the user and the ease of spinning. It has great ease of manoeuvre.

The Troy Bilt Arctic Storm is an excellent choice if you need a large and powerful machine like snowblower but don’t want to buy a three-stage machine. However, it does not come with a very economical price. This product is available and on sale in the largest stores, so you can visit several and compare prices.

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