Troy Bilt Storm 2410 Review

Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 If you have to have the least expensive 2-stage snow blower on the market this is the one. The 208cc 24 inch Storm 2410 is most like your old 5 hp Troy-Bilt, Craftsman or Murray that you are replacing it with. It’s a simple snow blower capable of handling 8 to 12-inch snows and can clear that end-of-driveway drift. This snow blower will take you longer to clear your driveway than any other 24 inch that Troy-Bilt sells – but it will still get the job done. It’s a much better snow blower for most people than a single stage snow thrower and built better than the Chinese imports. It’s one of the few snow blowers in this price range with electric start. The intake is higher than your 20-year-old Murray which means it can clear that 21-inch snow plow drift the snow plows left you overnight. This is a decent snow blower if you have a 2 car driveway about 40-50 feet long, (or single car equivalent) get an average snowfall of 50 inches or less a year. It’s designed to work on gravel, turf, cement and blacktop. The deep lug tires are the right size for this snow blower. It also has the poly skid shoes so it won’t scratch your stamped and decorative driveways and patio. This model does not have power steering but is light enough for most people to use. Don’t expect this model to clear heavy, wet snow well, throw the snow more than 25 feet or have a lot of traction for clearing the snow plow drift.

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