Simplicity at its Best

If you have the need to say goodbye to your old 5 hp workhorse snow blower but feel overwhelmed with the super tech-savvy-machines out in the market, this model is just but right for you. This humble yet equally strong machine can clear your single or double car driveway from an overnight build-up of snow. Clearing up 6 inches to a foot of snow in a 60-foot driveway is as easy as pie! In comparison to other snow blowers, it may take you a few hours to get the job done but not with this machine, as it can be done in less than or up to 15 minutes tops. Wow! That is even shorter than your trip to the barbershop for a trim or a wait in line at a fast food drive through. With this out of the way, you can have a focus on more important stuff or finally experience that postponed leisure time watching your favorite sports program over a hot mug of coffee or tea without the guilt of neglecting the driveway obstruction.

Easy to purchase and assemble

Whether bought online or through the nearest Home Depot, this machine is well equipped for transport. The weight is roughly between 180-195lbs that actually takes much from the sturdy engine.  For walk-in purchase, it is suggested to get ready with a pick-up truck or minivan to accommodate this powerful machine. On the other hand, the Storm 2410 snow blower when ordered online is packaged with a wooden frame around the product to ensure protection during shipment. The total box measures up to a 48.25″ in length, 26.75″ in width and 32.5″ in height. It is fairly easy to put together when you receive it at home. The task can be done in barely between 15-30 minutes with a handy ratchet wrench available. Only three parts needed assembly; the chute controller, the chute itself and the two knob handles that directs or control the movement of the snow blower. When all of this is taken care of, you are set and ready to drive down to wrestle with the boulders of snow or ice.

Classic Controls with Powerful Engine

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 was built with 208 cc OHV engine that runs on regular gas. Generally bought with a tank filled with oil, specifically that which is the manufacturer’s recommendation to be the 5W30 oil and 87 Octane Fuel. It is versatile in tough weather conditions due to the built-in six to two forward and reverses speed adjustments of the wheel drive having a self-propelling function for precise control even on an uphill climb.

Fuel Optimization

Here are some suggestions with regards to fuel safety and efficiency. The general rule for fuel amount would be to add in just enough needed for the total job to be done but yet one may not be so accurate with this, you may end up having extra volume left after operations. Some problems arise when oil is left on the tank. It is known that aged fuel may become oxidized and give ineffective burning that results in clogging and possible damage to the engine. This can be remedied by adding stabilizers for the fuel to prevent degradation when in storage for less or more than 30 days. It is more sensible to pour in stabilizers because of several reasons. Firstly, if there is oil left after operation draining it out could cause rusting. Secondly, it will prevent oxidization of the fuel for a long time as most stabilizers can last up 15 months thereby saving you both time and money for the work ahead.

Excellent Performance

The machine starts off easily with an electric push button eliminating the traditional back-breaking and shoulder straining pull out string models. The Storm 2410 from Troy-Bilt is a 2Stage snow blower that can breeze through huge drifts of ice and snow. It is designed and built with 13 inches by 4 inches tires for reliable traction and convenient steering on the slippery ground. The machine is powered by a 4cycle OHV engine capable of giving a satisfying full speed operation. Charging through the driveway, it can clear a decent path of 24 inches in width with its 21 inches intake height over 12 inches serrated steel augers.  The chute is easily controlled and very accessible to the driver through a remote. The crank chute handle has a functionality of 180° rotation to choose discharge throw direction of cleared ice and snow. 

It can tackle outstanding operations over cement, gravel, sandy turf or blacktop ground on a 40-50 feet driveway that receives an estimated snowfall of more or less 50 inches annually.  This is a way better investment when compared to single stage snow blowers that have limited capacity for operations. 

Storage and Maintenance

The machine is coated with steel housing to ensure durability and endurance for tough workmanship for several years to come. It has a 2-year warranty guarantee with available accessories that are encouraged to be added as a sound investment to totally enhance operations. A cover for the snow thrower alongside the snow cab protects it from harsh weather conditions during operations or at storage. It has adjustable impact resistant skid shoes made from a reliable polymer material that eliminates the possible marks or damage on surfaces during operations. The fully assembled machine now measures 49 inches in length, 33 inches in height and 25 inches in width.  With this in mind, it can take up space in your garage or storage room, so it is best to be prepared and keep in a place easily accessible for use without the need to haul over a ramp or any similar device.

Quality in the Price Range

On a budget yet needing reliable equipment is the usual dilemma for consumers. On such great fortune, Home Depot retails the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 snow blower under $600. Such an amazing deal indeed that could mark down up to $399 on Black Friday sale. The manufacturer takes pride in their 2-stage electric start snowblower because of its impressive construction and unparalleled capacity to clear up snow under limitless weather conditions. Proven to be the most affordable piece of snow blower in the market nowadays but with the most efficient engine power and capacity. Rated as top among its competitors by a reputable household magazine, one can be sure of getting your money’s worth.

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