Your first squirrel might be an adorable ball of fluff, but the truth is that he’s going to grow up quickly. In just a few years, your baby will have reached adulthood and no longer need you for food or care. Find out what type of diet it needs so you can ensure its long and healthy life.

The “baby squirrel age guide” is a helpful article that will help you determine the age of your baby squirrel.

Baby squirrels, unlike many wild animals, cannot live on their own and need constant care until they are mature enough to leave the nest. If you stumble across a newborn squirrel, understanding what it should eat is an important aspect of caring for it. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re wondering what to feed newborn squirrels.

This page explains how to feed newborn squirrels the appropriate food based on their age, as well as what to do if you come across an abandoned baby squirrel.


Identifying the Baby Squirrel’s Age

What-To-Feed-Baby-Squirrels-A-Complete-Guide-For-2022Knowing the age of a newborn squirrel is crucial to establishing an appropriate food for it. This will assist you in determining the appropriate food quantity to feed it in order to satisfy its nutritional requirements.

If you’re trying to figure out how old a newborn squirrel is based on its appearance and behavior, the following advice can help you out:

Age Features
From birth to seven days Skin that is pink in tone and has no fur

The eyes are still shut.

It has a body length of roughly three inches, not including its tail.

The nose of an American red squirrel has a black stripe along the middle, but the snout of an Eastern grey squirrel has not.

2 weeks On the back, fur begins to emerge.

On the belly and bottom, there is no hair.

The eyes are still shut.

3 weeks It has a body length of roughly four inches, not including its tail.

On the front lower jaw, teeth are beginning to appear.

The eyes are still shut.

4 weeks It has a body length of roughly five inches, not including its tail.

On the belly and underbelly, fur begins to grow.

The eyes are wide open.

5 weeks It has a body length of roughly six inches, not including its tail.

On the front upper part, teeth are beginning to appear.

6 weeks At the rear of the mouth, teeth are beginning to appear (cheeks)

It can carry food with its front paws.

able to stand up without help

Approximately Approximately 7 to 8 weeks Its body is roughly seven or eight inches in length, not including its tail.

Fur has sprouted all over its body.

Increased levels of physical activity

Approximately Approximately 8 to 12 weeks teaches himself to climb

The body is smaller than that of fully grown squirrels.

If they’re in good health, they may be released back into the wild.

What Should I Feed a Squirrel Baby?

When it comes to feeding young squirrels a healthy diet, there are a few possibilities. Here are our top two suggestions:

1. Goat Milk Formula (Homemade)

  • a third of a cup of goat milk
  • three tablespoons plain yogurt
  • a couple of teaspoons of heavy cream
  • an egg yolk (half)

Goat milk is widely accessible in supermarkets and marketplaces. If you don’t have access to fresh goat milk, you may use powdered or canned milk.

Remember to dilute powdered, canned, or whole milk with water first. For accurate measures, follow the guidelines on the container.

Furthermore, you should not use this mixture for more than a few weeks since it will not provide all of the necessary vitamins and minerals as the squirrel grows older.

Stages of Powdered Puppy Milk

Powdered puppy milk made as follows may be given to young squirrels:

  • Stage 1: Mix one part powder with three parts salt and sugar water or Pedialyte drink during the first stage.
  • Stage 2: Mix two parts powder and two parts of either solution in a mixing bowl.
  • Stage 3: Mix three parts powder and one part of each solution in a mixing bowl.
  • Stage 4: Replace the diluted puppy milk with unadulterated puppy milk.

Each stage should endure for two feedings, and the solution should be given to the young squirrel every two and a half hours. If feasible, feed the young squirrel throughout the night to provide an additional boost of nutrition.

To ensure that the powder is completely dissolved, carefully follow the guidelines on the puppy milk bottle.

Avoid cooling the mixture to encourage the newborn squirrel to eat. Before feeding it to the newborn squirrel, make sure it’s at room temperature.

What Is the Appropriate Feeding Rate for a Baby Squirrel?

1647071634_569_What-To-Feed-Baby-Squirrels-A-Complete-Guide-For-2022The quantity of food you should feed a young squirrel depends on its age and species. A basic guide to the frequency and dosage of a newborn squirrel’s food is as follows:

Age Amount for red squirrels in the United States Amount for grey squirrels in the Eastern United States Interval
From birth to seven days 0.5 cc From 0.75 to 1.25 cc about every 2.5 hours
2 weeks Approximately 1 cc to 1.5 cc 3 cc to 2.5 cc 3 times a day
3 weeks Approximately 1.75 cc to 2 cc 3.5 cc – 5.5 cc 3 times a day
4 weeks Approximately 2 cc to 2.5 cc 6 to 9 cc (cubic centimeters) about every 3.5 hours
5 weeks Approximately 3 to 4 cc 10 to 12 cc (cubic centimeters) 4 times a day
6 weeks 4 to 6 cc (cubic centimeters) 12 to 14 cc (cubic centimeters) 4 times a day
Approximately Approximately 7 to 8 weeks 7 to 8 cc (cubic centimeters) 14 cc to 16 cc (cubic centimeters per cubic centimeter) 8 times a day
Approximately Approximately 8 to 12 weeks Approximately 9 cc to 10 cc 16 to 18 cc (cubic centimeters) 12 times a day

In comparison to Eastern grey squirrels, American red squirrels should be fed less food, as shown in the table. Because American reds are smaller, their nutritional requirements aren’t as high.

If you’re caring for a starving young squirrel, keep in mind that it’ll need to acquire a significant amount of strength before it can withstand a full feeding regimen.

Don’t forget to wash the young squirrel’s face and neck after each feeding session. Continue to encourage urinating as well.

If You Find a Baby Squirrel, What Should You Do?

Don’t feel awful if you stumble upon a newborn squirrel and don’t have the resources to care for it. It has the greatest chance of surviving if it is cared for by its mother, therefore you should assist it in returning to its home.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the newborn squirrel in the nesting tree where it belongs. This tree should be close to where the squirrel was discovered. If you’re not sure where the nesting tree is, or if you think the nest has been destroyed, choose the tree that’s closest to where you discovered the squirrel.

Squirrels may make nests in tree cavities or dreys towards the tops of trees.

  • Examine the eyes of the infant squirrel. If they’re open, the squirrel will most likely climb, so you may encourage it by placing it on the tree trunk.

If the squirrel will not climb, put it in a box and hang it from the tree trunk. If the newborn squirrel’s eyes are still closed, repeat the procedure.

Wrap Up

1647071635_279_What-To-Feed-Baby-Squirrels-A-Complete-Guide-For-2022That concludes our comprehensive guide on what to feed newborn squirrels.

Remember that newborn squirrels will need your attention for around three months. The best method to help them after that is to release them and provide a squirrel feeder outside so they have a supply of nourishment while they learn to hunt food on their own.

Baby squirrels are not able to drink water until they are about 1 month old. When can squirrels start drinking water? Reference: when can squirrels start drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I feed a baby squirrel?

A: I dont know.

What do 12 week old squirrels eat?

A: Generally, 12 week old squirrels eat a mix of dry and wet food. They will most likely be eating on the ground for this time around. As they have just started to venture out, their diet is going to consist mostly of seeds that are found in the leaf litter on the ground or fallen from trees.

What do 7 week old squirrels eat?

A: They mostly eat leaves, nuts and berries.

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