Kids everywhere are always on the go, whether it be a school day or an overnight sleepover. Nowadays kids have more options than ever when it comes to playing games! The best thing about these 13 parachute games for kids is that they’re all fairly easy to learn and understand-meaning you’ll likely only need one of your young ones’ help. Once you’ve found something your child likes, let them explore their imagination by doing whatever they want: jumping off furniture in front of your eyes while pretending like they’re flying; pretending as though there’s no room in this world except themselves and their own imaginary worlds; or just wiggling around with excitement at how high up they feel!
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The “parachute games for adults” is a list of the best parachute games that are available on the market. The article includes images and examples of each game, as well as a brief description.

One of the most popular hobbies among elementary school students is parachute games. The beauty of playing with a parachute is that it is virtually a blank canvas; the only constraint is your imagination. This, we feel, is what attracts to children the most, particularly since little toddlers are boiling creative bombs ready to erupt. If you give them a parachute for a couple of hours, they’ll come up with their own unique method to play with it – but coming up with your own games might be difficult at times. But don’t be concerned! We have you covered.

We’re going to go through some of the finest parachute games for kids in this post.

Play Parachute Games in 13 Different Ways

13 of our favorite parachute games are listed here. You may teach them to your children as is or add some variations to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. Most parents use these activities as a starting point to get their children interested in parachute play, and then encourage them to create their own games and develop their creativity.

If you’re searching for more excellent games to play in your backyard, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of 106 backyard games!



Let’s start with one of the most popular parachute games on the market. Popcorn requires numerous little balls and a parachute to play. Make the parachute tight by having all of the youngsters hang on to the ends. All of the balls are thrown onto the parachute by one of the grownups. This will be the starting position.

When the signal is given, all of the children shake the parachute, which causes the balls to fly into the air as if they were on a trampoline. The youngsters strive to bounce the balls as long as possible while keeping them on the parachute. You start afresh once all of the balls have fallen off.

Popcorn is a fun way to kill time that is very easy to play. Most young toddlers struggle to understand games with complex themes. This isn’t a problem in this case.



To play Mushroom, have all of the children stand up and hang on to the parachute’s sides. One supervisor will be in charge of calling the game. It is preferable to have an adult supervise the children. Everyone should hoist the parachute above when the supervisor yells “up.” When the supervisor yells “down,” everyone simultaneously pulls the parachute to the ground.

If everyone pulls down at the same moment, the parachute will enlarge due to trapped air below it. This gives the shute the appearance of a mushroom bulb. This is a simple and enjoyable game for youngsters to play to pass the time.

Make a splash


This game is very similar to popcorn. To play, the players hold on to the edges of the parachute and create small movements to Make a splash on the parachute. Some kids may want to create giant waves while others may want a flurry of small ones – that’s okay. The movements of the children do not have to be synchronized and they can all play individually. Making waves is a great game for kids to focus on having fun and is a break from most games where there is a clear winner.

Break the bubble

To play Break the bubble, you’ll need to have the kids stand on top of the parachute. The adults then hold on to the side of the chute and move it around to create an air bubble. The kids try to Break the bubbles with their feet as soon as they appear. In many ways, this game is similar to another 90’s classic: Whack-a-Mole.


It goes without saying that children dislike studying or being indoors. We don’t blame them for preferring to be outdoors playing with their buddies. How many young children would choose to spend their days indoors rather than playing in their yard?

One of the most difficult challenges most parents confront is motivating their children to study. We believe we have found a solution to your issue. Combining the joy of playing with a parachute with some educational principles is a terrific approach to encourage your kids to learn new things without them realizing it.

To begin, lay out the parachute naked on the ground with the youngsters standing on it. The supervisor will be an adult who will provide directions. The majority of instructions follow the “touch the color that…” approach. If your youngster is still learning about colors, this is a fun method to introduce them to them and give them commands like “touch the red stripe.”

You may also use the following examples:

  • To the left of the red stripe, touch the color.
  • Place your left leg and hand on the green and yellow stripes, respectively.
  • To the left of violet, touch the 2+2nd color.

Colors is unique in that it may be played by a youngster alone, in addition to being both entertaining and instructive. All you need is one adult to give the orders and one child to obey them.



Camping is quite similar to Mushroom and may be considered as a small modification of it in many aspects. You’ll need to have all of the kids grab on to the sides of the parachute, just as in Mushroom, while an adult gives directions. The youngsters should hoist the parachute above when the adult yells “up.” However, the youngsters lift the sheet in a somewhat different manner than Mushroom. The kids lift the chute slightly in front of them while playing Mushroom, but the chute will be kept over them when Camping.

The youngsters lower the parachute and dive under it when the signal is given. They turn the chute into a temporary tent in this way. If no supervisor is available, one of the children holding the chute may act as the leader and provide the directions.

Below the Bridge

All you need is a parachute to play Below the Bridge. Appoint one player to play the role of the supervisor – if there is a parent present they can play this role in the place of one of the kids. To begin the game you’ll need to have all of the kids hold on to the sides of the parachute and raise it overhead. The supervisor will then randomly call out a player.

The selected participant must attempt to go below the chute from one side to the other. However, there is a catch: the other players will attempt to trap him or her beneath the parachute as they move. If caught, he or she must become the next supervisor, and the game must be restarted from the beginning.

However, if the player makes it to the opposite side, the game will restart without the supervisor changing.

Ensure that the supervisors rotate often and that everyone has an opportunity to participate. If most youngsters make it through the parachute without being caught, modify the rules such that a player who makes it through becomes a supervisor rather than the other way around.

It’s great if an adult plays the position of supervisor all of the time to make the game more enjoyable for the youngsters.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world (Parachute Game)

A group of at least 8-10 players is required to play basketball. To begin, divide the participants into two pairs and give each couple a tiny (baseball-sized) ball. The ball should ideally be tiny enough to fit through the parachute’s central hole without difficulty.

Make a mushroom with one player from each couple holding on to the parachute’s sides (see the guide on Mushroom). The other ball-carrying players will then take up a foot behind each player in their partnership. The participants will next attempt to hurl the ball through the parachute’s hole. If a team is successful in throwing the ball through the hole, the players trade roles, with the shooter becoming the new shooter.

The game is won by the first team to make the ball fall down the chute ten times.

Situps Circular

Situps Circular are a great way to incorporate some fun activities in your child’s typical exercise routine. Not only will this game help kids get fit but it’s also fun to play.

To play, have all of the children sit along the chute’s edge with their legs below it. Those on one side will lean backward on your order, while players on the other side will lean forward. The participants must keep doing this until a seesaw effect is created.

The motions will seem chaotic and disorderly at first, but there is no need to adjust them. After a few moves, the children will develop their own beat and begin to move in perfect unison. Attempting to reprimand the children too soon will just disrupt their rhythm. However, you may need to tell which child needs to lean back or go quicker in other circumstances.

You may advise the kids to move in a circular manner from the waist to make the game somewhat more difficult (or as a little variation). If all of the players follow the instructions properly, the parachute will follow a circular course as well.


Mousetrap is a fun game in which players collaborate to trap a specific player under a parachute. To begin, assign each participant a number and instruct them to hang on to the parachute’s sides. Each participant should hold the parachute as high as they can. You should also make sure the parachute is tight. Asking each participant to take a step back after they pick up the chute is a wonderful method to ensure this.

Now one of the players’ numbers is called out by a coordinator (ideally an adult). The athlete whose number has been called will attempt to crawl under the parachute and out the other side. The remaining players will attempt to capture the mouse by pulling the parachute to the ground as soon as he is beneath it. However, there is a catch: you can only draw the parachute down if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. You’re standing next to the player of your choice.
  2. The parachute has been brought down by the player next to you.

The selected player loses if the players can pull the parachute down before the “mouse” escapes. Otherwise, the game is won by the mouse.


The majority of children’s games are amusing in some way. Alligator is no exception; it’s a silly, lighthearted game that’s a lot of fun. It’ll be a hit with your kids!

To play Alligator, you’ll need at least 4-5 children and a parent or adult to supervise the game. Ask the kids to lay down on the ground and, like a blanket, bring the chute up to their chin. At the coordinator’s signal, all of the children will shut their eyes and pretend to sleep. After then, the coordinator will stroll around the circle, tapping one of the players on the shoulder.

The Alligator will be this player. The Alligator must now slither under the parachute to ‘devour’ the sleeping children by drawing them inside. The pupil must shout as loudly as possible while being dragged to alert others. The player will change into an alligator after being devoured by it.

The game continues until all of the children have transformed into alligators. If all of the players are turned to Alligators, the game is won by the original Alligator. The participants win if the remaining players correctly identify the original alligator.

The Weatherman

Children have some of the most vivid imaginations in the world. The Weatherman is a unique game that encourages a kid’s imagination in their play. To play the game, the players hold on to the sides of the parachute and pretend that it is an ocean. One of the players plays the role of the weatherman and calls out weather reports. The players must move the parachute according to the weather report they hear.

The youngsters will reply by producing little waves in the chute if the weatherman says, “the weather forecast predicts today we’ll have a mild wind over the Atlantic ocean.” The youngsters, on the other hand, will frantically shake the parachute if they hear a powerful wind or a tornado.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no right or wrong solution; the kids will move the waves in any manner they conceive, and you should encourage them to think outside the box, even if you believe they are incorrect.


Switcheroo is a coordination game that is a terrific method to see how effectively the players can work together. To begin, split the players into two groups. Each squad is given a parachute and instructed to keep it held aloft. Make sure that each group is standing as two adjacent circles next to each other.

One group should walk in a clockwise manner, while the other should walk in an anti-clockwise way. When a player from one group gets close enough to a member of the other group, they leave their parachute and swap to the other group’s parachute, thereby joining the other circle. The player in the opposite group will do the same, and the two groups will swap places. When done correctly, the players should seem to be strolling in a gigantic figure eight.

To play this game properly, the participants must cooperate and plan when they will drop their own parachute and lunge for the next. You may advise the participants to step up the pace – or even start running – if the game becomes too easy or dull to play. After some time, you might instruct the participants to go in the other way.

The Advantages of Parachute Sports

It encourages social interaction.

Unlike most modern games, parachute games encourage children to interact with one another. Because they foster social connection, parachute games are an excellent method to get youngsters to engage. As the children laugh and giggle with one another, they will rapidly become excellent friends.

Encourages children to collaborate

In addition to encouraging social connection, parachute games require children to collaborate. Many studies have shown that people who work together are significantly better and happier than those who work alone. Even though the lone wolf is much superior than the team member, this is true.

Parachute games are one of the most effective methods to inspire children to collaborate and teach them that they can only win if they all work together.

Torso development

To produce waves, most parachute games need a lot of upper body movement. This is really beneficial to a growing youngster. In early children, increasing upper body strength leads to increased bone density, self-confidence, and hand-eye coordination.

Produces a Rhythmic Effect

To Make a splash or create a mushroom, kids need to have a sense of when and how to move. This is especially true in games like Situps Circular which are overly reliant on the rhythm. Playing such games will eventually hone the rhythm within the kids that play them. This is incredibly useful and is a great way to develop this way of movement in children.


So there you have it: 14 of the finest parachute games for kids to have a great time playing. These games are guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. We’d also want to know about any variations you have to offer. Leave a comment below with your favorite parachute games, either from this list or from your own personal collection. Enjoy yourselves!

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