If you are ever tired of shoveling piles of snow for many times a day in long months of winter, a snow blower is a great helper for you. Just as the lawn mower tractor is to a busy husband tending the front or backyard, the snow blower is a savior for a busy bee husband.

Majority of consumers start off asking around which product would be a good investment. As most of them are a bit costly, every purchase should be a balance of quality and value. Then we start to look through the maker and scrutinize their reputation the top list among snow blower geniuses are from the company called Ariens. And so we look through first how long had they been in the market and what impact did they give to improve the lives of the people all over the world.



The Ariens company has been up and making machines to help people way before World War II in 1945. It took life in a thriving town Brillion, Wisconsin in 1933 when the founder created his first ever rototiller for the lawn right inside his garage. This was their ticket to the garden market shortly and gained the Midwestern household name. The company also received recognition for developing mobile mortar cases that served well during the war. It is evident that the company will go far as it continues to develop and create products to improve the lives of people all over the world. The company soon crossed the bridge to market another remarkable product. It was in 1960 when they launched their first ever snow blower after seeing the difficulty in this area of undertaking. The snow can pile up a height of several feet in their area, making it both an impossible and inconvenient task for the local people to clear enough snow right before more falls in and add to the job at hand. The cherry on top of their profile is that they continue to move forward and take their ideas and vision everywhere they can bringing intact their goal of improving the lives of their customers. To commemorate such, as the family takes much pride in their family history a museum was constructed to showcase how their inventions influence the American landscape.


The Ariens Deluxe is a product among the best with an adjustable six-speed self-propelled operation on two reverse making you ready for whatever kind of snowfall. The combination of such makes it a winning piece to tackle even heavy snowfall. It has a remote control chute on full rotation of up to 200 degrees single adjustment lever that functions on a wide 28-inch clearing path capable of moving as much as 65 tons of snow under a full hour.  The size is comparable to that of two to three car suburban driveways. This feature is so convenient for working on sidewalks as well as on driveways and even on walkways. The product is a self-propelled 254 cc AX engine with both forward and reverses speeds on steel serrated augers. Working against a height of up to 50 feet, this heavy duty serrated steel auger can easily turn ice under fresh snow into powder easy to be blown away to the side.

In comparison to traditional models, it has a two-belt impeller drive that which is covered in cast iron providing top-notch power amidst extreme snow conditions. It also has an impressive braced gearbox on new Auto-Turn steering that can correspondingly adjust the inside wheel power when direction changes. The Auto-Turn makes it easy to maneuver in addition to the integrated two wheels. The dual wheel with the self-propelling feature on forward and reverse makes handling it easy as pie. Such a design makes it easy for operators to minimize and better yet avoid the strenuous task of pulling on curves as well as guide the snow blower accordingly without the need to slow down. The Auto-Turn steering feature does not involve further manual adjustments like pulling levers or triggers making it conveniently a one-handed operation. This is such a hit that it was incorporated into other models. To add such powerful and reliable performance the product was designed to have the shearing pins break when resistance happens preventing damage to the blades.


An add on criterion prior to most purchase, is the need for a warranty on possible repairs or parts and materials exchange due to unforeseen damage. This assurance is common for 2 to 3 years that which depends on the type of model you use and the purpose of handling the product. The materials used to manufacture the product has indeed been tested and approved in quality but workmanship may take part in depleting performance. The company licensed dealers to process the repair or replacement of the machine’s parts free of charge provided it was presented within the limits of time and circumstance. In addition to these privileges, personal touch-ups can be added with a minimal fee or cost. The company believes that they give due service to each and even more of your money’s worth.


Most patrons would say it is such a dream product that one couldn’t ask for more especially in reference to the performance. Yet a few expressed their criticisms to make the whole experience of having a new Ariens Deluxe 28 a total five-star product package. The machine itself is remarkable but the consumers mentioned two concern that indirectly affects the performance but for starters and a not so handyman husbands assembly requires the adjustment with a 13mm wrench not included in the package. The second one involves the absence of spare shearing pins which in my opinion is such a shout out banner on their confidence of the steel blade resistance design. And lastly the machine is indeed on easy ignition style yet the electric start works only when it is plugged on.

Amidst these minor suggestions from the buyers, the product is such a wonderful investment and a great deal of lifesaver for the hardworking handyman. Whether for commercial purposes or personal use, this product has the extra power and dependability you cannot find elsewhere.

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