The top trends in outdoor shelving are modern minimalist designs. The trend is most popular for decks, porches, and patios. If you’re looking to get a new outdoor shelving unit today or next year, many stores offer same day delivery on these items!

The “outdoor decor trends 2022” is a blog post that lists the top home trends for the year of 2022. The post also includes photos and examples of these trends in action.

Raking leaves, carving pumpkins, and planting gorgeous mums are all activities associated with autumn. Do you have trouble finding enough room to cultivate and show your potted plants? If that’s the case, try adding outdoor bookshelves to your patio or deck. We have some fantastic bamboo or wood free-standing foldable shelves that will provide useful room for potted plants to develop, flourish, and thrive.

If you wish to start your plants from seeds or seedlings in a protected environment, we’ll propose a few portable greenhouses in addition to free-standing shelves. These outdoor shelf units have a particular mesh covering that provides a perfect place for container gardening in harsh conditions, as well as additional room to exhibit your final goods. Continue reading to learn about the finest outdoor shelves for every season!


Outdoor Bamboo Shelving

Bamboo is a beautiful and long-lasting material that is naturally resistant to insects and most forms of rot, making it our first choice for outdoor shelves. To achieve a smoother, more refined look, the bamboo is polished and then coated with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, odor-free varnish. Some units include wheels, while others are collapsible and portable, allowing them to be used both inside and out. If you want to bring your potted plants inside for the winter, this provides you another choice.

In addition, bamboo also has a warm tone and an appealing texture. Here are a few of our picks for Outdoor Bamboo Shelving:

COPREE Bamboo 6-Tier Rolling Plant Stand



Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Indoor Outdoor Planter Display Shelving Unit for Patio Garden Corner Balcony Living Room Bamboo Rolling 6 Tier Plant Stand Rack

  • Indoor Outdoor Flower Stands: This attractive pot rack may be used to showcase succulents, daffodils, cactus, roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, and other plants.
  • This plant rack comes with four casters, two of which are locking wheels, for easy mobility.
  • Simple & Practical: This planter shelf showing of your plants very well, and let your lovely plants enjoying the sunshine in a comfortable environment
  • Fine craftsmanship: made of anti-corrosion and insect-resistant bamboo that is simple to assemble
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not pleased with our items or have any concerns with the things you have received, please contact us and we will assist you in replacing the products or refunding your purchase in full, as needed.

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Because the whole unit is on wheels, the COPREE Bamboo mobile plant stand makes it simple to transfer your shelving unit from one location to another. Its six layers, which are distinctive and modern in design, will offer enough sunshine to each of the potted plants you select to show. While working outdoors on your patio or deck, it may even function as a moveable storage cart for your equipment, a pitcher of lemonade, a stack of magazines, or your tablet. This bamboo shelf unit is both durable and ecologically beneficial, since it is made entirely of natural bamboo.

What We Enjoy:

  • Bamboo is a very long-lasting material.
  • Plants will have plenty of space with 6 levels.
  • Because it’s on wheels, it’s quite portable.
  • The design is fresh and contemporary.

We don’t have:

  • It may roll on a windy day, and your potted plants may tumble off.

2. MallBoo Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand with Three Tiers


3-Tier Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand, Plant Shelf with Foldable and Multipurpose for Outdoor/Indoor by MallBoo

  • The flower pot stand is constructed of high-altitude carbonized bamboo, which is healthful, ecologically beneficial, and long-lasting. The surface is smooth, waterproof, and simple to maintain thanks to the polishing process and ecologically safe varnish coating. The natural tones are enhanced by the exquisite bamboo texture.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: The 3-tier flower pot rack has various levels of high and low design, maximizing the amount of space available for flower pot placement and enabling plants to get more sunlight for improved development. The plant holder’s triangular construction adds stability, and the rear bezel keeps your flower pot from tumbling out.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & SAVE SPACE: The rattan plant stand is easy to install. You can easily assemble it with the installation instructions and installation tools in the package without any other tools. You can easily fold it up when not in use, which will take up very little storage space.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE: If you just use it as a flower stand, you’re wasting your time. It may be used as a shoe rack, a storage rack, or a showcase stand, among other things. Expand your creativity and apply it in a variety of ways; there is always a method for you.
  • RELIABLE GUARANTEE: The product’s quality is guaranteed to be 100 percent. Our 3-layer flower stand is designed to be assembled continuously. We will replace it with a new flower stand if anything occurs within the first two years. There are no extra requirements for resolving client issues.

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The MallBoo Three-Tier Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand also has numerous shelf levels for plant storage. These shelves, on the other hand, are in a quite different layout. Your plants will still get enough of sunlight since the three shelves are small yet tiered, ensuring maximum development. This shelf unit is simple to put together, however gloves should be worn throughout the procedure. Even though the unit has been varnished, some of the rougher sections of the bamboo may still splinter. It also comes with a two-year reliability warranty, which means that if you have any issues, the manufacturer will replace it within two years of purchase.

What We Enjoy:

  • Portable, collapsible, and simple to put together
  • The triangular form adds to the stability.
  • It may be utilized both outside and indoors.
  • The color of bamboo is warm.

We don’t have:

  • Bamboo isn’t totally resistant to the elements.
  • On a windy day, this shelf may fly over since it is light and movable.

3. Gigantex Bamboo Plant Stand, Three Tiers



Giantex 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand Storage Shelf, Folding Flower Pot Organizer Display Storage Rack, Adjustable Hanger Rod, Bamboo Planters Shelves is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1. Patio Garden Balcony Bathroom Potted Holder

  • Beautiful Hanging Design A superb design that enables plants to hang and provides lots of exhibition space is equipped with an attractive hanging rod. The plant stand includes three levels, each with a variable height and breadth and the ability to hold plants of various sizes. The triangular construction improves the plant stand’s stability and prevents it from wobbling.
  • Design that is adjustable and foldable When not in use, the plant stand may be rapidly folded to conserve room. The lightweight design makes it simple to transport. The hanger rod’s height may be modified as required. You can simply construct it in a short time if you follow the directions.
  • Designing Safe Details The plants are kept from collapsing thanks to the rear crossbar design. The bottom layer’s hollowed-out form allows for adequate light while also providing drainage and ventilation, which is important to plant development. The smooth surface and rounded edges prevent scratches and are simple to clean.
  • a multipurpose application It may be used as a plant stand, storage shelf, exhibition stand, and clothing hanging, among other things. Plant pots, shoes, books, toys, and decorations, as well as hanging garments, trousers, hats, and umbrellas, may all be stored in it.
  • Our plant stand is composed of natural bamboo that has a great toughness. The structure is stable and long-lasting after carbonization. To satisfy your various demands, you may place it in the living room, bedroom, balcony, courtyard, workplace, and flower store.

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The Gigantex Three-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand, meanwhile, includes three shelves for plant storage and an additional bamboo bar at the top for hanging plants. Depending on the size of your plant pots, the height of the bar may be modified. Overall, this item is simple to set up, transport, and store. Simply fold it away when not in use, or leave your potted plants on it all year.

What We Enjoy:

  • It’s Portable, collapsible, and simple to put together
  • Your plants will get more sunshine thanks to the tiered design.
  • Bamboo is a durable material that integrates nicely with other furnishings.

We don’t have:

  • Mold may grow on bamboo, particularly in damp or rainy environments.
  • When it comes to matching holes and putting screws, assembly might be challenging.
  • If you hang large plants from the top bar, the unit may topple because to the unequal weight distribution.

Foldable Firwood Shelving

A foldable plant stand made of 100% Fir wood is another fantastic option for utilitarian outdoor storage. Firwood shelving complements your flora all year with its attractive wood grain tone. From vividly colored potted blooming plants to the gentle, subdued hues of drought-resistant succulents to the rich, deep colors of winter topiaries packed with evergreens and colorful berries, you may play around with various presentations.

You can, of course, leave your shelf unit outside all year. During the fall months, try decorating your shelf unit with potted mums and pumpkins for a festive display, then switch them out for evergreen garlands laden with berries in the winter. In the spring, you may refresh your display with potted blooming plants that will last all summer.

4. Fir Wood Foldable Plant Stand by Yaheetech



Yaheetech Wooden Foldable Ladder Shelf 4-Tier Magazine Holder Book Rack Plant Stand Folding Flower Display Pot Decorative Storage Yaheetech Wooden Foldable Ladder Shelf 4-Tier Magazine Holder Book Rustic Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Brown No Assembly Required

  • Green plants planted in the wooden flower rack will attract nature into your house and cleanse the air, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks great in your living room, bedroom, balcony, or any other outside living area such as a patio, garden, or backyard.
  • Design that folds When not in use, the tier panels and foldable frame may be folded into a small and thin form that takes up little room and can be stored in any confined spot. This design also makes transportation extremely easy.
  • The goods is well-protected by numerous layers of wrapping materials, and the packaging has passed 10 drop tests to guarantee that the product remains intact throughout delivery.
  • Treatment with carbon This hardwood plant shelf’s carbonized treatment improves the structure’s stability and extends its service life. It may be used both inside and outdoors. Carbonized fir wood at a high temperature guarantees a smooth surface and strong deformation resistance.
  • Enhanced stability Our plant stand has a solid A-shaped hardwood construction that provides excellent stability and bearing capability.

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The Yaheetech Foldable Plant Stand is strong thanks to its triangular shape, and its tiered form allows your potted plants to get the most sunshine. This device may be utilized both inside and out, and can be placed in your hallway, foyer, or mudroom – wherever that plants can serve to brighten up a small area. They’re also perfect for rooftop gardens and outdoor balconies.

If you prefer to move this unit inside, mix it up with other objects like books, pictures, candles, and artwork. It would look great in a living room or bedroom, and it would also work nicely in an office setting. Depending on your preferred height, Yaheetech provides three-tiered and four-tiered options.

What We Enjoy:

  • Firwood has a lovely look to it.
  • Optional outdoor/indoor shelving
  • No assembly needed, foldable
  • The design is appealing.

We don’t have:

  • When taking the device from the box, the varnish may rub off on your hands.
  • No installation is necessary, although after packaging the item, you may wish to tighten the fasteners.

Shelving for a Portable Greenhouse

Are you seeking for outdoor shelves that double as plant nurseries rather than ornamental display areas? Do you need a defined area inside the protected environment of a portable greenhouse to start your plants from seeds or seedlings?

If that’s the case, we have a few outstanding outdoor shelving unit alternatives that feature protective polyethylene (PE) mesh covers to protect against the weather. You can open the PE mesh covering to care to your plants while also providing them with plenty of sunlight to help them develop.

We believe that portable greenhouses will be appropriate for your gardening requirements, and that they will save you money over a typical glass-style greenhouse. Furthermore, some possibilities are big enough for you to stroll through. Your plants have their own walk-in closet.

Extra Wide Four-Tier Mini-Greenhouse by Gardman


4 layer Gardman USA 7600 Greenhouse

  • Mini greenhouse with extra wide opening
  • Simple to use
  • China is where this product is made.
  • Construction and materials of high quality that will endure for many seasons
  • Cover made of reinforced polyethylene.

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The Gardman Extra Wide Four-Tier Mini-Greenhouse has four large shelves for your seedlings and plants, as well as a zip-door for quick access to water your plants as required. Whether you’re an experienced gardener who uses your backyard as an at-home nursery for plants or a novice gardener who wants to try growing plants from seeds for the first time, this portable greenhouse can assist. It won’t take long to install this outdoor storage unit, and it will appear neat and tidy once completed.

The green protective mesh covering serves an additional use. It will preserve your plants from being overwatered by heavy rain, as well as keeping them warm at night by retaining the warmth of the sun from earlier in the day. Because this is one of the major goals of a greenhouse, placing your plants inside a portable greenhouse shelf unit like this, rather than other forms of open shelves with no protective covering, will provide them an edge.

What We Enjoy:

  • Assembly is simple and fast.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Protective mesh on the zippered door

We don’t have:

  • After a period of usage, the covering may break free at the seams.

Planting in Containers: Some Ideas

Choosing the Correct Soil

Plants grown in pots or containers have their own set of needs. For starters, you’ll need to buy a potting mix that isn’t made with garden soil. This is due to the fact that garden soil is too heavy for the roots of potted plants. If you use standard garden soil, you risk depriving your potted plants of oxygen.

Peat moss and vermiculite, among other materials, are used to make potting soil mixtures. This not only assures appropriate water drainage, but it also helps your plant retain moisture and develop by providing the ideal circumstances. Succulents, too, need a particular potting soil combination to guarantee optimal aeration and drainage.

Taking Care of Your Potted Plants

A word of caution to all container gardeners: do not overwater your plants. Excessive overwatering is a virtual death sentence for your potted plants. According to University of Missouri specialists, incorrect watering kills or harms more potted plants than any other issue. Although you may believe that being watchful with a watering can demonstrates that you are a loving and attentive gardener, your plant may be locked in its container asking for mercy.

Your plants will also prefer room temperature water to frigid tap or hose water, which may harm the roots and foliage of your plants. Tap water, unlike spring water or rainfall, includes chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. While they are unlikely to harm your plants, they aren’t entirely natural either. Fill a watering can or bucket halfway with tap water and set it alone for several hours. This allows the pesticides to dissolve before your plant is exposed to any possibly dangerous components in the tap water.

When Should You Water?

Early in the morning is the optimum time to water your potted plants. This gives any water droplets remaining on the leaves ample time to evaporate in the sunshine. If you water your plants when you come home from work in the evening, the leaves may remain moist throughout the night, exposing them to extra disease risks and making them more vulnerable to the cooler temperatures after the sun sets.

It’s particularly vital, according to Better Homes and Gardens’ gardening experts, to keep the leaves of your rosebushes and tomato plants somewhat dry. Always water these plants first thing in the morning.

Is it better to water or not to water?

A drooping plant might not necessarily be a sign that your plant needs more water. Sometimes, the soil can appear dry on the surface, but below the surface the roots of the plant are waterlogged. This causes them to suffocate. Test the soil before Taking Care of Your Potted Plants by poking it gently with your finger.

Don’t overwater your plant once again! You risk losing the plant, as well as throwing money down the sink. As a general rule, it’s preferable to water less often but more thoroughly than to water regularly but just lightly.

Naturally, some plants use less water than others. Cacti and succulents are well-known for their drought resistance. Dry conditions and severe temperatures are no match for these desert-loving plants. Plants with waxy leaves, such as begonias, are also better able to live with inadequate water supply than those with fragile leaves, at least in comparison to their counterparts. Plants with fuzzy silver foliage, like Lamb’s Ear, can also withstand less water than other species.

Meanwhile, tropical plants like Canna are used to high-humidity conditions, so it should come as no surprise that they demand continual wet soil.

Potted Plants with Good Drainage

Drainage holes must also be included in your pots so that any surplus water may drain naturally down the bottom of the container. Your plants will be left lying in wet water every time it rains if you don’t drill holes in the bottom of your pots. This may cause their roots to rot, endangering the general health of your plants.

Clay pots need more regular watering than ceramic or plastic pots because to their porous nature. The weather will always play a role, and you’ll want to be aware of the atmospheric conditions in your location on a daily basis. Remember that depending on the kind, size, and container of your plants, they will likely have various needs.

How to Rejuvenate Withered Plants

Don’t worry if you forget to water or if you leave on vacation and return to find your potted plants entirely dried out. Instead, revive your plant by soaking its container in a pail of water as part of an emergency resuscitation strategy. Allow the water to rise to the top of the pot’s ridge and sit there for many hours.

This kind of emersion enables the plant to progressively absorb water from the bottom up, allowing its roots to acclimatize to the unexpected supply of water after days or weeks of thirst. Some plants could surprise you with how robust and tenacious they are. Don’t give up on potted plants that seem to be on their last legs. They may be able to totally recover after a nice sip of water.

Last Thoughts

With our picks for the finest outdoor shelving units, you’ll adore growing and exhibiting your plants in pots and containers, from folding plant stands to portable greenhouses. Plus, you can always combine your potted plants with other objects to make festive and creative displays, giving you plenty of options throughout the year. We know you’ll be able to construct a backyard setting that is ideal to container gardening while also making the most of the additional room to show off your greens with numerous terrific alternatives for outdoor shelves.

The “outdoor living 2022” is a popular trend for the coming years. It includes outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more!

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