Paintball guns are made of many different materials, and it’s important to use the correct lubricant for optimal performance. There is a wide variety of products on the market that can be used with paintball gun lube in order to provide comfort, protection against rusting, or simply reduce friction so your barrel won’t get too hot.

“Dow 33 grease” is a paintball gun lube that is designed to help protect the gun from rust and corrosion. It also helps with optimal performance in the paintball gun.

If you’re a serious paintballer, you’ll want to invest in the finest paintball lubrication for gun cleaning. This keeps your pistol clean and precise, as well as ensuring smooth fire and fewer snags when out in the woods. Any serious paintball player knows to bring a clean and ready paintball gun to a game.

Otherwise, you can discover that your paintball gun isn’t working when you go to shoot since it hasn’t been properly maintained. That is why we have produced a list of the finest paintball lube for you.


Grease (Eclipse)

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The eclipse paintball gun grease is brand new and is an excellent lubricant for your paintball gun’s inner workings. This oil should only be used on paintball guns with a spool valve indicator. If you have that kind of paintball gun, this lubricant may be used on just about every mechanical component.

However, if you have any Ego/Etek assembly, you should avoid using this paintball gun lubrication since it may harm your marker over time.

When dealing with your paintball gun, you should always be cautious. Make sure your Co2 or other propellant cartridge is removed before cleaning. When cleaning your paintball weapons, you should always be cautious and use gloves to avoid making a mess.

What We Enjoy:

  • Excellent for certain firearms
  • It may be utilized almost everywhere.

We don’t like:

  • Paintball lubricant is not universal.

2. Gr33se GOG Smart Parts

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Another option on our best paintball lube list is GOG’s Gr33se. It comes with 2.4 ounces of grease and seems to be a universal grease for lubricating markings, barrels, air systems, and o-rings on your firearms. Overall, this grease is silicone, and it may be passed through your marker to maintain cleanliness and accuracy.

With this grease, a little goes a long way; you only need a little amount to adequately lubricate.

It is compatible with a broad range of co2 paintball guns. The greatest part is that no one has had a negative experience with this paintball lubricant. Everyone who has tried it so far has been really pleased with the overall quality and quantity of this lubricant.

What We Enjoy:

  • Versatility
  • Per usage, a little quantity is required.

We don’t like:

3. Captain O’Ring Paintball Grease (Pure)

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This one-ounce jar packs a punch and is recommended by the vast majority of paintball makers. It’s an excellent grease solution that compares well to both Gr33se and Sl33k, making it one of the finest paintball lubrication alternatives available. It’s a small, lightweight jar with a bright color that may be easily transferred from game to game for cleaning.

This lubricant can readily meet the lubricating demands of the vast majority of paintball guns, so you’ll be hard-pressed to discover one that won’t operate. The only disadvantage is that you may sometimes get an unopened tube with a big portion of the contents gone.

This may be a huge disadvantage in the long run, however dialogue with the vendor seems to remedy the problem rather fast. Aside from that, this is a great lubricant for your paintball gun.

What We Enjoy:

  • Adaptable grease
  • It works with almost any paintball gun.
  • Very efficient

We don’t like:

  • It seems messed with on occasion.

4. Vitamin E Empire

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This one-ounce container of paintball lube is one of the finest paintball lube solutions available, owing to the fact that it is a mess-free lubricant. It’s simple to use without generating a big mess, which is challenging with other grease-based Lubricant for paintball gunss. This lubricant works effectively to prevent o-ring wear and reduce any swelling or degradation caused by usage in all types of climates.

It also has a low coefficient of friction, which reduces or eliminates bolt stick and first shot drop-off. This makes it a great lubricant to keep on hand and use with your paintball guns. With this one tube, you won’t create a mess, and you can conveniently store and transport it from game to game.

What We Enjoy:

We don’t like:

  • Nothing! There are no complaints about this lubrication.

TechT Paintball Grease No. 5

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You’ll never lose this lubricant since it comes in a bright pink bottle! It is one of the finest paintball lubrication solutions on the market since it works well in all temperatures, is very slippery, and is safe for all paintball weapons. It provides a wide area of coverage and enables you to disassemble your rifle less often, allowing you to play more regularly.

This lubricant makes the crucial task of maintaining your paintball gun really simple and uncomplicated by guaranteeing that you don’t have to worry about compatibility, components, or even locating the lube since it’s in such a visually appealing bottle! Overall, a fantastic product with which no one seems to have any genuine complaints.

What We Enjoy:

  • Universal lubricant
  • Container with bright colors

We don’t like:

Lubricant for paintball guns

Some individuals like gun oil, while others prefer grease, but everyone believes that in order to get the most out of your paintball gun, you must clean it periodically and lubricate it.

Paintball oil is beneficial since it glides more easily over the desired area, while grease has a longer-lasting impact, allowing you to lubricate your paintball gun more often. To assist you in deciding what to chose, consider which you would like for yourself.

Lubricant Types

There are two forms of lubricants: oil and grease, with grease being the more prevalent, yet neither is inherently bad. Either one can help you properly lubricate your pistol, as long as your rifle contains the appropriate lubricant.

You should be able to disassemble your paintball gun with ease so that you may apply the lubricant yourself.

Preference for Markers

Your paintball gun won’t always line up with your preferred lubricant. Always double-check that the lubricant you’re buying is compatible with your paintball gun, not the other way around.

Some lubricants are universal, so if you’re not sure what sort of lubricant will work with your gun, your best bet is to pick one that will work with any paintball gun, enabling you to oil your paintball gun without worrying about compatibility.

Cleaning Locations

That depends entirely on the lubricant you’re using, however you can normally use it on any internal operations of the gun, with the trigger and barrel being excellent examples. Otherwise, you risk entirely destroying your marker if you don’t use the proper lubrication.

When cleaning your paintball gun, be cautious; you don’t want the grease to go into areas it shouldn’t, and you don’t want to lose or destroy a component.


Q: Will WD40 work on my paintball gun?

A: No way! Wd40 will consume a lot of the internal components of your pistol, including the rubber hoses, so only clean it with air tools.

Q: How frequently should my paintball gun be cleaned?

A: You should clean it after each usage, not every shot, but after every game, to maintain accuracy.

Q: Can a paintball gun have too much lube?

A: Yes, however just a minimal quantity should be used while cleaning your paintball pistol.

Q: Can I clean a paintball gun with any other cleaning materials?

A: You should never use any other kind of cleanser inside your paintball gun since it might react with the gun’s materials or the paint in the paintballs.

Q: Is there anything I should know about cleaning before I begin?

A: Make sure your CO2 cartridge or HPA tank isn’t in there! From there, you should be able to wipe clean the exterior of your pistol to remove any leftover paint.

Last Thoughts

Make sure you have the finest paintball lube while playing paintball. Regularly playing paintball may be a lot of fun since you might end yourself in other states and playing regions with individuals you’ve never met before.

Paintball is a terrific opportunity to meet new people while getting a constant surge of excitement. So, before you decide to go out and have some fun, make sure you have the proper stuff with you. You may as well be asking for disappointment on the firing line if you don’t use the proper paintball gun lubrication.

Empire Axe 2.0 Grease is a paintball gun lube that is highly recommended for optimal performance in the paintball field. This grease will not only lubricate and protect your paintball gun, but it also helps with consistency, accuracy, and speed. Reference: empire axe 2.0 grease.

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