This year, we will see the release of models that are smaller and more energy efficient than ever before. We’ll also start to see coolers with built-in fans becoming a popular option for nearly all types of users from PC enthusiasts to gamers.

The “best cooler for ice retention 2021” is a very important feature to have when you are going on outdoor trips. The best way to keep your food cold and drinks cool is by using a rotomoled cooler.

Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Are you a fisherman who wants to preserve your catch from being spoiled?

Alternatively, someone who enjoys a cold beer on a hot summer day. With a rotomolded cooler, you can’t go wrong.

The greatest coolers in the world are rotomolded coolers, and today we’re looking at the best of the finest rotomolded coolers available.

Note: When it comes to the best rotomolded coolers for the money, performance is key. As a result, they tend to be more expensive. Check out our post on the best budget coolers if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a cooler.

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Few things compare to the agony of sipping a warm beer when camping or returning home after a fishing weekend to discover a cooler full of damaged fish and melting ice (stepping on a lego comes close). If you want to prevent this at all costs, the only option is to use a rotomolded cooler. We’ll take a look at some of the greatest rotomolded coolers available today.


Our top selection is the Qrca 58QT Cooler.

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Because the Yeti dominates the rotomolded cooler industry, I’d be shocked (and quite impressed) if you’ve never heard of the Orca 58 QT. However, most cooler experts consider the orca to be one of the greatest coolers available.

Cooler Orcas come with a lifetime guarantee, which is one of our favorite features. This is something that all orca products have, and it much outweighs any claims made by the competitors (5 years)

Cheaper coolers often have drains that protrude from the body. This makes draining all of the water quite difficult until you pick it upside down to get the final bit out. Cooler Orcas, on the other hand, feature a really beautiful drain vent that makes it easy to drain all of the water from the cooler.

It’s also one of the roomiest coolers you’ll find, easily holding your drinks and leaving space for more.

What we enjoy:

  • The cooler is made in the United States.
  • The cooler has both rigid and roped handles on the sides, giving you the freedom to carry it however you want.
  • The whale tail-shaped latches you use to close the lid are designed like whale tails.

What we don’t care for:

  • The cooler weights a ton when it’s empty, with a total weight of 34 pounds.
  • Because to the tremendous demand, Cooler Orcas sometimes run out of stock.

The market leader is the Tundra of the Yetis 45.


Tundra 45 Cooler by YETI

  • With a suggested 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio, the Tundra of the Yetis 35 is portable enough for one person to transport while yet having a remarkable carrying capacity of up to 20 cans.
  • Frozen remains ice due to PermaFrost Insulation up to 3 inches thick and an extra thick FatWall construction that is certified Bear-Resistant.
  • The Tundra’s Rotomolded Structure makes it almost unbreakable and armored to the core, so no matter where you take it, the Tundra’s tough construction will withstand the rigors of the voyage.
  • Tundra coolers are all equipped with T-Rex Lid Latches are made of heavy-duty rubber and have unique keeper technology, so you’ll never have another burst latch.
  • The Tundra 35 is 20 inches long, 16 1/8 inches wide, and 15 1/4 inches tall, with an empty weight of 20 pounds. NOTE: One dry goods basket is standard on all Tundra models.

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The Tundra of the Yetis is not only the obvious market leader in luxury coolers, but it’s also the one who started the rotomolded cooler craze. Is it any wonder, therefore, that this cooler reached our top ten list?

The Tundra is a tank that can take practically any punishment you can dish out. You still don’t trust us? Check out this video of a Yeti Cooler taking on a 500-pound guy. In a combat between a bear and the Tundra 45, the Tundra 45 is even confirmed as grizzly proof. The Tundra is victorious.

They created a unique locking and unlocking system to reach this level of grizzly bear toughness. A ball and latch mechanism is used to do this. All of this toughness, however, comes at a cost: even when empty, the tundra weights a whopping 24 pounds. Another disadvantage of all this additional cushioning is that tundra coolers take far less room than similar-sized coolers.

If it’s any consolation, the tundra coolers are available in a number of colors and have a sleek, robust construction. The knotted handles make carrying the cooler a breeze.

Warning: The Cooler is labeled as a 45, although this might be deceiving. This is only a model number, and the cooler’s real holding capacity is just 38 quarts.

Important: Due to its great demand, the cooler is highly likely to be stolen. If you’re going to leave this cooler unattended for an extended period of time, make sure it’s strapped to the rear of your jeep. In fact, while it’s not in use, you should consider locking it down. Below, we’ve detailed the best technique to lock your cooler, so be sure to take a look.

What we enjoy:

  • The Yeti coolers have been shown to endure at least 5 days in almost every test.
  • The simple drain plug makes it simple to drain all of the water from the cooler.
  • It’s a really long-lasting cooler.

What we don’t care for:

  • The 45 is only a model number, which might be misleading.
  • You’re paying a premium for the Yeti brand.
  • The drain cap is not fastened to the coolers and may get dislodged if not handled carefully.

The Deep Blue Engel Series 50Q is a cost-effective choice.


ENG35 High-Performance Cooler – Tan Engel ENG35 High-Performance Cooler

  • “IGBC Bear Resistant Container” is molded on the cooler’s back lid.
  • Retention of ice for up to ten days
  • Compatible with dry ice
  • Rotationally molded, seamless structure
  • The first and first high-performance cooler

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The Engel cooler is one of the most reasonably priced rotomolded coolers available. However, just because something is inexpensive does not imply it will break quickly. In fact, when evaluated for real-world situations, the Deep Blue Engel cooler was consistently one of the best coolers for insulation.

This is mostly due to the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation walls, but it is also due to the seals employed, which are similar to those used in freezers. This helps to keep food fresh for a longer period of time. However, since Engel is still a new brand, they are unable to compete with established brands such as Yeti in some areas (like colors to choose from).

What we enjoy:

  • The Engel cooler is available in a variety of sizes, including an enormous one with a capacity of 320 quarts.
  • Engel provides outstanding ice retention of 8 to 10 days, which is the greatest we’ve observed so far.
  • In comparison to any other cooler on the market, it offers the finest value for money.

What we don’t care for:

  • A few of Amazon customers complained about having trouble sealing the cooler.
  • Engel is not as well-known as some of the other brands of coolers available.
  • There aren’t many color selections available to you.

The Pelican IM Elite 45 is the toughest option.


(Dark Grey/Green) Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler

  • EXTREME ICE RETENTION: Extreme ice retention is achieved by combining 2 inches of polyurethane insulation with a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket. Interior dimensions (LWD): 17.50 x 11.00 x 13.70 in. Can Holding Capacity: 38 cans (). 1.53 ft3 (0.043 m3) total volume
  • Overmolded carry handle, 3 inch locking latches, strengthened lockable hasp, stainless steel bottle opener, anti-shear hinge system, and molded-in tie-down holes are just a few of the features.
  • FEATURES: 4 cup holders with self-draining bottoms, non-skid rubber feet
  • MADE IN THE USA: Pelican’s famed lifetime warranty is included “We’ll replace it if you damage it. Forever!”

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The majority of coolers utilize a T-Latch method to open them, while Pelican coolers feature a unique push and pull latch. This is something we haven’t seen in other companies’ coolers.

According to the manufacturer, this makes the coolers more difficult to open for animals. In fact, Popular Mechanics put some of the most popular coolers to the test against a grizzly bear assault, and the Pelican IM Elite 45 was the only one that survived.

Another interesting feature is that the manufacturers made sure the latches were broad enough to be utilized even with gloved hands. You receive a hearty 40.7 quarts of volume, which is more than enough for two people throughout the weekend.

You also get two handles (one built in and one movable hinge) so you can carry your cooler whichever you like.

What we enjoy:

  • Only the one-of-a-kind locking mechanism can resist a bear assault.
  • The cooler has a twin handle system for easy transportation.
  • It performs well and is one of the finest coolers on the list.

What we don’t care for:

  • The cooler is really hefty.
  • For its size, the pelican is incredibly bulky.
  • Some of the other coolers on our list are more durable than this one.

Purchasing a cooler is mostly a pragmatic option. You want a long-lasting cooler that will keep your belongings cold for a long period. Every maker claims weeks of ice retention and a level of durability that is unrivaled. Is there any substance to what they’re saying, though?

We’ll test how these coolers operate in the real world to determine whether the manufacturer promises are true.


Model with a Cooler Ice Retention Days
Cooler Orca 7 days
Deep Blue Engel 6.5 days
Tundra of the Yetis 6 days
Pelican Pro Gear is a company that makes professional gear. 6 days

Coolers on sale conducted this test, and you can read more about it here.

Popular Mechanics also conducted a fascinating experiment in which they put coolers to the test against a real grizzly bear. Despite the fact that the test was done some time ago, the full experiment is fascinating and well worth seeing.

Before you buy a cooler, there are a few things you should know.


One size does not fit all when it comes to coolers. Choose a cooler that fits your needs. Consider the following questions:

What is the expected number of individuals who will use the cooler?

What is the maximum capacity of the cooler?

A modest cooler will enough for a day trip, but larger coolers will be required for longer excursions. Also, keep in mind that ice will take up 30 to 50 percent of your cooler’s capacity. Keep this in mind when you choose the perfect cooler for you.

The capacity of a cooler is expressed in quarts by the manufacturer. This may be quite perplexing. Remember that 1 quart equals 0.75 cans of beer, thus a 24-quart cooler can contain around 18 cans of beer.

If all of this is too much for you to handle, a 40-quart cooler will suffice. This should last three people through the weekend.

Keep in mind that you’ll be lugging this cooler about with you all the time, so make sure it’s not too heavy. Which takes me to the second point I’d want to make.

It’s possible that two coolers are better than one.

Let’s say you and your buddies are planning a five-day camping trip. You want to go all out and get a Tundra of the Yetis 110. But consider this, a Tundra of the Yetis 110 when fully loaded with ice, drinks, and food can weigh up to 200 pounds!! This can be quite difficult to carry and you’re better off with 2 smaller coolers – one for drinks and one for food.

Another benefit of this method is that you open the food cooler far less often than the beverages cooler. The ice in the food cooler will melt much more slowly, allowing the food to last longer.

a few “awesome” ideas

If you want your coolers to keep ice for as long as possible, be sure you follow these guidelines. They will aid in the retention of ice and the overall functioning of your cooler.

  • Pre-chill the cooler with ice the night before you want to use it.
  • Before placing the food and drinks inside the cooler, chill them first.
  • It’s tempting to constantly checking to see whether your meal is warming up. Maintain your composure. The less times you open the lid, the longer your food will remain chilled.
  • When closing the cooler, always remember to secure the handles.
  • Keep the cooler in the shade if feasible, although this isn’t always practical.
  • Put a moist towel on top of your cooler if you can’t keep it in the shade.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make the contents as compact as possible, with as little air as possible. If you’re going fishing with your cooler, though, this may not be doable.

Yeti coolers were created in response to a need for high-end luxury coolers that people would be pleased to possess. To fulfill this purpose, the creators (Roy and Ryan Seiders) developed indestructible coolers. Yeti has risen to the top of the cooler industry as a result of its commitment to quality.

It has become the standard by which all other coolers are judged.

Cooler Orcas offer one of best warranties in the cooler market. The lifetime warranty is unmatched across almost all manufacturers. The cool thing about Cooler Orcas is that every single one of them is manufactured right here in the U.SA.

Different manufacturers have different market-capture methods. Some charge an exorbitant amount to develop a luxury brand, while others provide a wealth of features at a modest cost. The latter is Engel. They provide high-quality, high-performance coolers at a reasonable price. Engel coolers frequently operate as well as or better than coolers that cost considerably more.

Engel coolers, on the other hand, are more robust than most inexpensive coolers. With this one, you won’t be left with any damaged hinges or lids. Engel was really the first to offer the rotomolded cooler.

What is the definition of a rotomolded cooler?

While a standard cooler can be purchased for less than $20 at Walmart. Coolers made of rotomolded plastic may cost up to $200. What makes them so unique?

Rotation molding is the procedure used to create a rotomolded cooler (explained below). This procedure produces coolers that are free of flaws and are significantly more effective at keeping items cold.

What is the process of making Rotomolded Coolers?

A procedure known as roto-molding is used to create roto-molded coolers. It starts with a powdered plastic poly-material being poured into a heated mold. The plastic is then rotated in this mold (thus the name) until it is fully melted.

What you receive is a product with no flaws and no voids in the plastic (outside or inside). Kayaks, for example, are made using this technology. Companies have lately began to produce rotomolded coolers as well.

Is it true that rotomolded coolers are superior?

It’s like comparing an F1 vehicle to a Honda when it comes to rotomolded coolers.

In terms of ice retention and durability, rotomolded coolers outperform traditional coolers.

While a standard cooler can keep your ice cold for a day or two, a specialized cooler can keep your ice frozen for up to two days. The ice retention of rotomolded coolers is over a week. That’s 500% more than a standard chiller. This is due to the poor quality of the insulation. Regular coolers come with no seal to keep the heat out, however rotomolded coolers employ a freezer grade rubber gasket. The insulation is also substantially thicker (2 inches on average).

Rotomolded coolers have a distinct feel than normal coolers since they are built to last. In fact, most rotomolded coolers come with a 5-year guarantee, while standard coolers hardly survive a year.

While rotomolded coolers are more expensive than standard coolers, they are well worth the investment. One thing to keep in mind is that having a cooler like this for your outdoor activities will save you time and money in the long run.

How do you secure your cooler?

You’ve just spent a significant amount of money on a brand-new cooler. Let’s maintain it that way. One of the most usually stolen things on camping trips is coolers. If you’re planning to leave your cooler unattended for an extended period of time, you should lock it.

Although most coolers may be securely locked with a basic padlock, a chain lock is a better alternative. A deny lock is a wonderful choice for folks who are really paranoid (like myself).

One of our favorite cooler locks is the Python Keyed cable lock. It is inexpensive. It’s long-lasting and effective.


1 pack of Master Lock 8417D Python Cable Locks with Key

  • The trail camera lock, kayak locking cable, bike locking cable, tools and work boxes lock, and other outdoor equipment may all be secured with this outdoor adjustable cable lock with key.
  • The unique locking mechanism on this adjustable cable bike lock with key keeps the cable tight in any position for a perfect fit.
  • For strength and flexibility, the cable lock is composed of braided steel, and the rust-resistant lock and vinyl coated cable offer great weather and scratch resistance.
  • The bike lock cable is 6 feet (1.8 meters) long and 3/16 inch (5 mm) broad.
  • One adjustable cable lock and two keys are included.

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Is it true that bigger coolers keep ice for longer?

A widespread misunderstanding is that bigger coolers keep ice for longer. Although this is somewhat accurate, the size does not have a significant influence. Pre-chilling a cooler is generally more important than its size when it comes to ice retention.

If you are going on a camping trip you want your cooler to work as expected(especially after you spend a ton of money on it). This is why the Tundra of the Yetis 45 has to be the go-to option for us, not only is it extremely durable but they also have a ton of accessories. Yeti already has a great reputation for creating reliable coolers and is a brand we can trust.

The Engel, on the other hand, is a wonderful choice if you want to get the most bang for your dollars.

The “best budget cooler” is the best rotomoled cooler for the money in 2022. This article will take a look at what to buy, and how much it will cost.

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