The stump is gone, but the mess remains. Stump removal can be a time-consuming and expensive process if you don’t know what to do or where to look for advice. We’ve put together this list of our top three favorite stumpsucker
s for different types of stumps that are out there in 2022! Check it out!.

The “how to rot a tree stump fast” is a popular topic. There are many reviews on the best stump killer for this purpose, and they range from $20-$100.

Everyone enjoys a huge, well-kept backyard with swaying trees. When those trees fall down, you’re faced with the unpleasant duty of removing the stumps (unless you want to make a tree stump sculpture) – and it’s not necessarily the simplest of tasks.

The roots of a tree stump are frequently deeply embedded in the earth, making removal a difficult task. Fortunately, there’s a tiny item called tree stump killer that can make the job a little easier.

We’ll go over the top 5 best tree stump killers in this post for all of your tree stump removal requirements.


Our Pick

1. Herbicide Tordon RTU



Tordon RTU Herbicide RTU548 Dow AgroSciences QT Size

  • Effective: Kills cut stumps on fence lines&non-cropland areas. Control unwanted trees by cut surface treatments in forest&non-crop areas such as fence rows, roadsides&rights-of-way
  • Superior Results: Prevents the spread of more than 20 woody species. To prevent resprouts, it translocates into the tree’s root system.
  • Easy-to-use: The product flows easily thanks to the no-freeze composition. The blue dye helps you keep track of which stumps have been treated.
  • Instructions: There’s no need to mix or measure anything, and you may use it almost all year. Simply squirt it into the handy squirt bottle applicator and get to work.
  • Brush control is ideal for both in-season and off-season use.

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The Tordon RTU Herbicide is effective against 20 different tree and woody plant species. It works best when applied to the exposed interior (top) of the tree trunk, allowing the chemicals to soak in and spread throughout the root system.

The herbicide is a free-flowing liquid that is conveniently coloured a deep blue to make it easy to see regions that have previously been treated to. The method doesn’t need any mixing or exact measurements, so you can get straight to work as soon as you’re ready.

For a year or longer, this herbicide will prevent new trees and undesirables from growing, so be cautious near flowers or plants you want to maintain.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • To keep up with sprayed regions, it’s dyed blue.
  • It seeps deep into the root system, inhibiting the emergence of new sprouts.
  • Formula that is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and effective.
  • There is no need to measure or mix the recipe.
  • For over a year, there has been no regrowth.
  • Hundreds of good feedback and satisfied customers

Other Effective Tree Stump Removers

2. Fertilome Brush & Stump Killer



Brush Killer Stump Killer Fertilome (11485) (32 oz)

  • This stump and brush remover will destroy stumps as well as woody plants such as vines and weeds.
  • Use in its present condition to apply to stumps and brush on with the provided brush applicator.
  • Mix 8 oz. of the concentrate with 1 gallon of water and sprinkle over leaves with a brush.
  • Apply the product to newly cut stumps within 45 minutes after cutting.
  • The entire list of woody plants and vines targeted by this product may be seen on the product label.

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The Fertilome Brush & Stump Killer is an ideal herbicide for not only killing tree stumps, but for killing various woody plants, unruly vines, and invasive plant species. This formula is made to be painted directly on a fresh cut stump, all over the surface.

While this chemical may be deceived to kill vines and other less hardy plants, it does not need to be deluded or metered when used to destroy tree stumps – which means you can get straight to work without any preparation!

This tree stump killer soaks into the roots of the tree, killing the whole tree system and preventing regrowth for up to a year. To prevent poisoning, it’s advisable not to grow any other plants in the vicinity for that period of time.

You may use this herbicide to kill stumps that have been cut for many weeks before being treated with a lethal solution – just be sure you drill holes in the top of the stump and pour the chemical into them for the greatest effects.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Not only does it eliminate stumps, but it also eliminates other woody plants, vines, and invasive species.
  • When applying to tree stumps, there is no need to dilute or mix the mixture.
  • Can destroy stumps that have been there for weeks.
  • Penetrates all the way down to the tree’s roots, eradicating all traces of the tree.
  • Plant regrowth is prevented for up to a year or longer.
  • It won’t cost you a fortune – For the price, you get excellent quality and a reasonable quantity of solution.

3. Brush Killer with BioAdvanced Technology


BioAdvanced 704640B 704640 Brush Killer, 32-Ounce Concentrate BioAdvanced 704640B 704640 Brush Killer, 32-Ounce Concentrate BioAdvanced 704640B 70

  • Special penetrating solution destroys even the toughest plants right down to the root.
  • Kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, blackberry, bramble, and over 70 other varieties of weeds and brush are all killed with brush killer.
  • In 1- 6 weeks, you should notice visible effects.
  • Protection against rain: rainproof in 4 hours
  • COVERAGE AREA: Up to 4,000 square feet may be treated.

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The BioAdvanced Brush Killer is designed to eliminate 70 different woody and recalcitrant plant species, as well as large tree stumps. For simply a few dollars, you can make 8 gallons of lethal herbicide — enough to cover 4,000 sq. feet – with this 32-ounce container of concentrate.

This powerful formula should be applied to the whole exposed top of the tree trunk. Apply the chemical undeluded for the best results. This herbicide, like the previous two, will penetrate deep into the root system of the tree stump, killing it completely and preventing sprouting.

Unlike the other stump killer we examined, this herbicide is kind on the grass while yet being powerful enough to destroy the toughest trees. The surrounding grass may turn yellow for a short time, but it will not die totally.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Trees take a beating, but grass gets a break.
  • 32 oz. concentrated liquid – enough to cover 4,000 sq. ft. of undesired plants and trees
  • Kills all the way down to the root system, blocking sprouting and renewal.
  • Excellent value for the quality and quantity of solution.

4. Granules of Spectracide Stump Remover



Case Pack of 1 Spectracide HG-66420 Stump Remover, Black

  • Destroys stumps by speeding up the breakdown process and making the stump permeable.
  • Use with brush killer: kill newly cut stumps with a brush killer product before applying Spectracide stump remover granules.
  • Easy to pour: grains may be readily poured into holes drilled in the stump.
  • Stump burning: after the stump has become porous, it may simply be removed or burnt – check the product label for further information.
  • Money-back guarantee: if you don’t get results, you’ll get your money back. Details may be found on the product label.

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The Spectracide Stump Remover Granules, the most economical choice on our list, are designed to be used in conjunction with a liquid herbicide. This killer made our list mostly due of its acceleration abilities.

This herbicide is designed to hasten the deterioration of tree stumps, making them porous and therefore simpler to remove. The granules will not injure or disrupt nearby vegetation or desirable plants, such as flowers, since they will be poured into pre-drilled holes on the top of the stump.

Though it may take weeks to months for the stump to decay, this product performs a fantastic job of speeding up the process as compared to letting the stump decay naturally after using a liquid tree stump killer.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • For those who don’t want to spend a bunch, this is an excellent option.
  • When used with a decent liquid tree stump remover, it works brilliantly.
  • Makes stump removal easier by speeding up the rotting process.
  • Plants that are fragile and desirable vegetation should be treated with care.
  • Granules are simple to pour, which implies less effort on your part.
  • When granules come into touch with warm water, they dissolve swiftly into the stump.

5. Bonide Vine & Stump Killer



Bonide 274 728639280241 Vine & Stump Killer, 1, Brown/A

  • Bonide # 274 8 ounce, concentrated, vine & stump Killer
  • Kills vines & stumps without harming desirable plants
  • Keeps stumps from re-sprouting after cutting, effective & Economical
  • Brush-top applicator makes applying easy & accurate
  • The state of Vermont prohibits the sale or shipment of this product.

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The Bonide Vine & Stump Killer is great for obliterating tree stumps but is gentle enough as to not harm any desirable plants around the application site.

This herbicide, which comes with an attached brush-top, is easy to use and penetrates deep into the base of the tree stump, destroying it from the inside out. It’s a cost-efficient and effective method for reducing regrowth and tree sprouts.

This technique works best on a stump that has just been cut. Though it may be effective to kill less resilient plants, you’ll want to apply this poison to the exposed interior portion of the tree stump for greatest effects.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Kills trees from the ground up without damaging or yellowing adjacent blooms or fragile plant life.
  • A cost-effective and effective solution
  • Prevents sprouting and renewal

Before you buy, think about this.

Let’s take a look at a few essential aspects now that we’ve examined the finest stump killer on the market:

Location of Tree Stump

It’s critical that you examine the position of the tree stump you wish to remove. Tree stump killers are powerful chemicals that have the potential to harm any plants you want to save. Though some are grass and flower-safe, it’s advisable to be cautious when using the solution near plants you wish to save.

Keep in mind that the grass surrounding the decaying tree stump will most likely turn yellow or maybe die altogether. However, although the tree will die and not grow back, grass will grow back in the area where the solution was applied.

Methods of Implementation

A tree stump killing treatment may be applied in two methods that are both effective.

Drilling holes into the exposed interior of the stump is the first and most recommended method. The chemical may then be poured deep into the stump. The solution will then enter the wood effectively and soak down to the roots.

The chemical is simply applied to the newly cut stump in the second approach. The stump will be killed by the tree stump killer, although it may not be as successful as the prior procedure.

Regardless of whatever approach you choose, remember that stump killer should be poured into the stump or applied with a paintbrush.

Safety Precautions

Tree stump killers are exactly what they sound like: murderers. They’re created using harmful chemicals that may kill trees, therefore they’re likely to kill you as well. Always be cautious and use common sense while working with chemicals.

Wear thick, protective gloves, goggles, and closed-toed shoes at all times. To prevent splashback, cover exposed flesh such as the arms, feet, and legs.

Allowing oneself to inhale the toxins directly is never a good idea. If you’re concerned about breathing in toxins, an inexpensive facemask might be handy.

After handling the tree stump killer, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

When storing stump killer, keep it out of reach of children. The chemicals are dangerous and even lethal if swallowed, therefore it’s critical to keep youngsters away while the poison is being used.

If you want to learn more about how to use herbicides properly, check out this helpful article.

Brands of Tree Stump Killer

  1. Fertilome has been inventing and providing excellent gardening and planting materials to the market since 1968. They specialize in herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers to aid you in your quest to take control of your backyard.
  2. BioAdvanced, also known as the SBM Company, has specialized in fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides since 1994, allowing you to develop, change, and defend your land from unwelcome natural invaders. They are continually inventing and innovating new things to provide to their devoted clients.
  3. Spectracide: For years, Spectracide has been committed to providing households with effective weed and grass killers, insect killers, and fungal control solutions. In all things pest control, they try to be the finest of the best.
  4. Bonide has been determined to achieve since the company’s inception in 1926. Bonide has been developing products for than a century, covering a broad range of lawn and garden care. Bonide provides everything from fertilizers and plant care to natural and synthetic herbicides and insecticides.


Q: Will my stump killer hurt the grass or other plants in the area?

A: A few of the solutions on our list are safe for the plants that surround the stump. Tree stump killers, on the other hand, are incredibly powerful treatments that may kill any plant from the root up, preventing regrowth for a year or more.

We strongly advise you to apply the solution solely to the interior of the stump and avoid allowing the chemical to come into touch with any plants you want to maintain.

Q: Is it necessary to dilute tree stump killer with water?

A: In most cases, no. Trees are highly hardy plants that need really powerful remedies to entirely destroy them down to the root. When applying the solution to a tree stump, it’s advisable not to dilute it unless the product description says otherwise.

A concentrated and efficient method for killing a stump will always be more concentrated and effective than a diluted chemical.

Q: How long until tree stump killers are safe to use in the rain?

A: Within a few hours (about 4) to a day, stump killer is safe to be rained on. However, it’s better to keep an eye on the weather and apply the killer to a warm, dry stump on a bright day with no rain in the forecast.

It’s preferable than being trapped with a tree stump.

Q: Will a stump killer keep regrowth at bay indefinitely?

No, it isn’t. For about a year, a stump killer will inhibit regrowth. Then grasses and other plants should begin to grow again. The tree, however, should not resprout.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

A: The time it takes for a product to provide a result varies. It usually takes 2-10 days before you observe noticeable changes in the look of the tree stump. The stump should be totally died off and ready for removal within a few weeks to a month.

Q: How long does stump killer last?

A: In most cases, no. If a product has an expiry date, it will be specified on the bottle. Even after opening, you should be able to keep a tree stump killer for many years. Just keep in mind to carefully store the bottle.

Wrap Up

Tree stumps may be a real annoyance. They’re unattractive, take up precious yard space, and are generally exceedingly difficult to get rid of. As a result, we’ve explored the finest stump killer in this post to make your dreaded work a little simpler.

Hopefully, after reading the reviews and gathering some information, you were able to choose which tree stump killer best meets your needs!

The “gordon’s stump killer” is a tool that can be used to remove stumps from the ground. The reviews for this product are mostly positive, with one customer writing that it is “the best stump killer I’ve ever used.”

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