The sport of ultimate frisbee has taken the world by storm over the past decade. With its ability to bring people together on a field, it appears primed for mass adoption.

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that requires a lot of skill, and the best ultimate frisbee cleats for wide feet are important to have. Ultimate Frisbee is a game that involves throwing a disc into a goal, and the best ultimate frisbee cleats for wide feet allow you to move freely on the field.

If you want to take your Ultimate game to the next level, investing in a good pair of cleats (and a good set of Ultimate Frisbee Discs, as discussed in our Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs article) can help you enhance your agility and stability on the field. It might be difficult to find the appropriate pair of cleats with so many available and so few built expressly for the requirements of Ultimate players. Fortunately, we’ve already completed all of the difficult tasks!

Here are our recommendations for the finest Ultimate Frisbee cleats available.


Men’s Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe with Performance


Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats by adidas for Men

  • For stability on solid natural terrain, legendary soccer cleats
  • Comfort and flexibility are provided by a leather top with quality K-leather in the forefoot.
  • The Firm Ground outsole provides rapid speed and traction on dry natural grass.
  • Lightweight comfort with a die-cut EVA midsole
  • Synthetic lining is soft and long-lasting. Closure with lace

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The Adidas Copa Mundial is a popular cleat for a variety of sports, not only soccer. These multi-purpose cleats are composed of high-quality materials and have been proven to survive for years of heavy usage. The longevity and quality of these shoes have been praised by users, and they have been claimed to endure for over a decade of regular usage.

Premium kangaroo leather is used for the forefoot, which adapts to your feet. A die-cut EVA mid-sole cushioning your steps while also distributing stud pressure equally throughout the sole. The low-cut, lightweight cleats are incredibly maneuverable and perfect for cutting, and the rubberized out-sole contains molded studs to aid boost your stability.

They’re made of high-quality materials and secured with strong adhesives to ensure their long-term endurance. Although the price tag suggests quality, it’s worth it to invest a little more on a pair of cleats that will last many seasons.

Things We Enjoy

  • The forefoot is made of high-quality kangaroo leather, which is exceptionally soft and molds to your foot.
  • Die-cut The EVA mid-sole evenly distributes pressure over your sole and shields you from the studs.
  • Molded studs are long-lasting and strategically located for rapid direction changes and high speeds.

Soccer Cleats Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG


NIKE Jr. Mercurial Victory VI FG Soccer Cleat (Sz. 6Y) NIKE Jr. Mercurial Victory VI FG Soccer Cleat (Sz. 6Y) NIKE Jr. Mercurial Victory VI FG Soccer Cl

  • The Youth Mercurial Victory VI is designed with a synthetic leather upper with embossed horizontal ridges to assist a player keep control of the ball while sprinting past the defenders.
  • This lightweight cleat has a low-profile toe box that allows players to get beneath the ball and direct their shoots and passes where they want them to go.
  • The Youth Mercurial Victory VI is the ideal cleat to enable a youngster to maximize on his or her natural speed, with a contoured, perforated sockliner to provide comfort through the underfoot and an in-your-face orange, black, white, and volt colorway that any kid will fall in love with.

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The Nike Mercurial Victory Soccer Cleats are comprised of a minimal microfibre material that molds to the contour of your foot while providing a compressive fit. It’s as though you’re walking around barefoot. The synthetic leather top is very durable, and a contoured sock liner may be added for extra cushioning and to lessen cleat pressure.

The studs themselves are built with a lightweight, durable chevron pattern that is particularly meant to aid in rapid starts and unexpected stops, allowing you to boost your speed and cuts.

The Nike Mercurial Victory comes in a variety of trendy hues, allowing you to customize your style or wear your favorite color, with or without the sock liner. They’re a terrific option if you want a cleat that will help you enhance your game without making you feel like you’re walking around with something heavy on your feet. I definitely suggest them, and they also come in a women’s version, so they’re suitable for both male and female Ultimate players.

Things We Enjoy

  • Design that is very light. It’s as though you’re walking around with nothing on your feet.
  • There’s no space for slippage since the synthetic material conforms to the foot with a compression fit.
  • Stubs with a chevron design grab the ground for improved traction and mobility.

Men’s Football Cleats, Under Armour Nitro Mid MC


Black (001)/White, 16 Under Armour Men’s Nitro Mid MC Football Shoe

  • Combination of coated textile with strategically placed synthetic creates a support cage that provides superior stability, ventilation & comfort
  • Soft, padded foam collar for a secure & comfortable fit around your ankle
  • Mesh tongue with open holes for improved ventilation
  • Molded toe cap for increased protection & durability
  • TPU heel clip offers additional support & stability

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Because they’re built for football rather than soccer, these cleats are a bit different from the others on our list, but they’re just as excellent as their competition and have an advantage on artificial grass. They’re a wonderful option if you usually play on a synthetic field. Don’t worry if you want to play in a more natural location; they work wonderfully anywhere!

The molded TPU plate includes skinnier studs than standard cleats, as well as a second set of studs for increased cutting and acceleration stability. They may perform better on artificial surfaces because of their specialities.

They’re also really comfy. The UA Clutchfit has a “second skin” design for increased support and a snug fit, as well as a molded 4D foam sole to keep your foot from sliding inside the shoe. In addition, being a mid-cut cleat, the Nitro provides more ankle support than its soccer cleat counterparts.

Things We Enjoy

  • Even with strong cuts and play, UA Clutchfit ensures the fit is snug, comfy, and keeps your toes secure from slippage.
  • Sleek studs are molded into the TPU plate for enhanced stability and grip on artificial surfaces.
  • No matter who you are, the sleek and clean style is fashionable.

Ultimate Frisbee Cleat from Universe Point


The best cleat you can get isn’t available on Amazon. It’s a cleat specifically designed by Ultimate lovers, for Ultimate players, keeping in mind the need for quick movements and multi-directional cuts that is unique to the sport. The Ultimate Frisbee Cleat from Universe Point is one of a kind and, compared to the costs of most other sport cleats, is super affordable. You can check out their promo video here.

These cleats are made of a thick TPU that has extra elasticity at the forefoot and bends readily without losing their form, making them both durable and comfortable. This enables for better turning, leaping, and sprinting while also eliminating the need to break in the shoes. Additionally, the material is antibacterial, antifungal, and water resistant.

The cleat system was created exclusively for Ultimate, thus each portion of the foot has its own stud arrangement in an omni-directional pattern. Because the spikes are thicker than many other cleats, there is less give, allowing you to accelerate more quickly. The Universal Point Cleats also include a toe-spike, similar to a football cleat, that aids forward acceleration while simultaneously serving as a pivoting tool.

If you’re searching for a cleat that’s particularly made for Ultimate, this is the finest option. Every aspect of its design was conceived with Ultimate players in mind, and the response has been extremely favorable.

Things We Enjoy

  • Extra flexibility lowers muscular stress when moving, indicating that the cleats are already broken in.
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the durable and water-resistant material help to keep your shoes cleaner for longer.
  • This shoe is meant to cut forward and backward, side to side, and pivot easily and with optimal grip and stability thanks to its specially designed stud pattern for Ultimate.

What’s the point of Ultimate?

Everyone who enjoys Ultimate has a different motivation for doing so. Maybe it’s the sense of belonging, or maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of competitiveness. However, there are other reasons why Ultimate is a sport that everyone can enjoy.

Make New Friends

Ultimate is a sport that encourages people to interact with one another. Although it is a team sport, many players come to believe that their squad is more than that; it is a family. You may build your network while having a wonderful time by spending hours playing together, getting to know each other, and hanging out with a large group of individuals who share a same passion and a variety of other interests.

The Game’s Attitude

There is no referee in ultimate, which makes it unusual among team sports. Instead, the players are the referees, and a strong emphasis is placed on accepting responsibility for your actions and maintaining the “Spirit of the Game.” This means that, even if it’s competitive, and you could be playing in leagues, there’s an emphasis on ensuring that the game’s primary delight comes from playing a fair game where competitiveness doesn’t foster hostility. “Play hard, play fair,” as one player puts it.

Become fitter

Ultimate is a fantastic method to improve your fitness. It incorporates a variety of activities to work out your whole body, from running to leaping to throwing, you’re always moving in various directions. Ultimate is a wonderful workout, but more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. Because you’re enjoying the game, the outdoors, and spending time with your pals, you don’t feel like you’re working out.

There is no dress code.

Unlike many other sports, which need the wearing of jerseys or the usage of certain equipment, all you truly need to play Ultimate is a disc and a group of friends. In reality, the sport promotes uniqueness. Players dress in anything they choose, whether it’s sportswear, costumes, or onesies. The more bizarre, the better!

When purchasing cleats, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Cleat Classification

Because Ultimate is still a new sport, with specialized cleats just recently appearing on the market, there’s a high chance you’ll want to get a pair of tried-and-true cleats that weren’t made specifically for Ultimate. To properly choose your cleats, you must first understand the distinctions between cleats designed for various sports. We’ve covered the fundamentals of the most common cleat types here, but here’s a more in-depth look at the variations between various sports cleats.


The majority of these cleats are made with forward mobility in mind. They often include a front toe stud for traction, which soccer and lacrosse cleats lack. Football cleats are also often heavier and have a high or mid-cut, which means the shoe rises higher around the ankle, providing more support at the expense of agility. Their studs can usually be screwed in and bladed, giving you more traction and speed, particularly in bad weather, although this isn’t always optimal for an Ultimate player.


Soccer cleats are the most adaptable and, in most cases, the finest option. They’re usually shorter and lighter in weight, and they’re made for fast changes of direction. Their studs are usually conical and spread more widely, which improves stability and prevents dirt and grass from getting stuck in the studs. The rounded studs allow for easier pivoting, which is crucial for Ultimate!


The studs on your cleats are typically made of one of three materials: plastic, rubber, or metal. You’re searching for rubber and plastic studs in this case. They’re lighter than metal studs, which is essential since metal studs aren’t permitted in Ultimate.


While a low-rise soccer cleat is normally the greatest choice for any Ultimate player, if you have damaged or weak ankles, a low-rise cleat will not provide adequate support. Mid- and high-cut cleats, although sacrificing some agility due to their heavier and somewhat more restricting nature, will give extra support to your ankles and help keep them safe and healthy.

Here are some suggestions for avoiding injuries in Ultimate.

Top Brands

Adidas has just one ambition: to be the top sports brand on the planet. Their commitment to that objective is shown in the high quality of their goods and their global renown.

Nike is another well-known athletics firm that creates high-quality sports equipment while attempting to do it in a sustainable manner. They’re known for their high-quality (and fashionable!) items.

Under Armour is a multinational sports apparel brand dedicated to helping individuals reach their full physical potential via their products.

Universe Point is a firm founded by Ultimate aficionados who collaborate with players to develop cleats that will transform the game and elevate the competition.

Wrap Up

The Universe Point cleats are your best choice if you want to take your Ultimate game to the next level by investing in some cleats. They’re really well-designed with Ultimate mobility in mind, as well as sturdy and long-lasting. They’re an incredible bargain given the relatively modest price you can get a pair for.

Plus, when you purchase one from Ultimate Point, you’re helping to support the Ultimate community by donating money to better goods and teams. It’s a fantastic investment for both you and the community.

So, what do you have to lose? Go play Ultimate Frisbee in your finest cleats!

Do you have a passion for sports in general? Check out our posts on the Best Soccer Rebounder and Basketball Court Ideas.

The “universe point cleats” is a brand of cleats that are used by Ultimate Frisbee players. The company has released their new line for the 2022 season, which includes a variety of colors and designs.

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