A high-quality white picket fence will not just enhance your home’s appearance, but provide practical benefits such as keeping out insects and providing privacy. You can choose any number of variations in terms of the materials used for construction, style, and height.

The “cheap fence ideas for backyard” is a blog that provides information on the best white picket fence ideas, designs, pictures in 2022. The blog also has helpful tips and tricks to help you get started with your own yard projects.

Close your eyes and visualize the house of your dreams.

Is there a white picket fence included?

A magnificent white picket fence and a lush green front yard have come to represent the perfect suburban house. After all, why not? A picket fence has a certain charm that helps you feel at ease.

It creates an obvious barrier of seclusion between your home and the outside world (see our post for additional Backyard Privacy ideas), while also adding elegance. A fence is similar to a belt in many respects. It’s functional while also adding to the overall aesthetic.

While you may pay someone to install the fence for you, it is rather simple to do so yourself.

The picket fence’s clean, simple look serves as a blank canvas. You may modify it by adding your own touches. To get you started, we’ve gathered some beautiful white picket fence designs.


Styles of Open Picket Fencing

Architecture with a Greek influence


In Greek tradition, columns represent a gateway to the spiritual realm. The Greeks and Romans used them to support structures and demonstrate power. Although the columns seen above will not be used to support any buildings, they will give your barrier a feeling of power.

The columns may also be utilized to hang decorations during festivals. This leads me to my next point…

The Garden at Home


Have you longed to establish a garden at home but never got around to it?

Adding greenery to your property by growing vines along your picket fence is a terrific method to do it. They also serve to reduce the harshness of a white picket fence’s look.

The climbing rose is one of the most popular plants. They have an elegant aspect that contrasts well with the picket fence’s clean industrial style. The greatest aspect is that they’re simple to maintain.

Just remember to water the plants on a regular basis, and you’ll have a home garden in no time.

Vintage Style


Do you want to give your house a rustic chic look? Why don’t we start with the front door?

Distressed wood (wood that seems to have aged) is one of the most popular home design trends nowadays. This distressed wood provides your fence that much-desired old appearance while also adding character.

You receive a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is unlike any other in the world, rather than a boring mass-produced fence.

What’s amazing about this is that it’s something you can accomplish on your own. Such crafts are inexpensive and may be completed with just sandpaper.

Symmetrical Barrier


The most beautiful fences don’t have to be flashy all of the time. Look at this basic yet beautiful fence.

The symmetry of the fence inspires a natural feeling of tranquility and order.

ASymmetrical Barrier


While Symmetrical Barriers are comforting to look at, they might get too predictable for some. They also look really unnatural. If you prefer something more chaotic then we’re sure the above fence is going to suit your flow.

Asymmetrical fences, such as the one seen above, provide variety to the scene. They have a fun and lively air about them.

Picket Fence in Black


Color has a significant impact on how we view things. Simply altering the color of your fence to black transforms it from good to outstanding.

Take a cue from your neighbors and paint your fence black. Demonstrate to the world that you aren’t going to blend in. This is a fence that was designed to be noticed.

The Good ‘Old-Fashioned’


Since colonial times, white picket fences have been a cornerstone of American society. Why not stick to the tried-and-true?

With a picket fence that epitomizes contemporary minimalism style, you can keep your front yard simple.

Picket Fence in Dalton


Patterns that repeat themselves fascinate us. In architecture, fractals are often employed to produce some very unique works.

To make this lovely patterned picket fence, arrange your pickets in ascending heights.

Picket Fence in the Style of Springfield


Don’t like the way the picket fences converge? Perhaps a divergent design is more your style.

To make this divergence, arrange your pickets in diminishing lengths.

Bonus tip: You can even combine the two styles to make a beautiful wave-like picket fence.

Country Picket Fence with Three Rails


Prior to advertising, picket fences were established as a suburban ideal. They were formerly used in farms to prevent animals from escaping.

This gorgeous wood carved picket fence pays attention to the classic picket fence design.

Picket Fence in the Style of Florida


Although picket fences originated in the countryside, they swiftly spread throughout the United States. A home with a white picket fence is as American as the Super Bowl nowadays.

As the barrier extended throughout the United States, each area contributed its own distinct culture to it. Southern culture is reflected in this spiked picket fence design.

Fence with two bars


Reliable. Durable and Stunning!  You cannot go wrong with the Fence with two bars. The extra horizontal bar adds to the stability of the fence and making it more durable than your usual picket fence.

This basic but elegant fence is simple to maintain yet strong.



Being present without being intrusive is one of the major ideals of current minimalistic design. This is what you get with an Alton-style fence.

This design is long-lasting, simple to maintain, and cost-effective. Nowadays, most Alton style fences are built of wrought iron rather than the conventional wood pickets.

An Old Station’s Picket Fence


Photographed in a tiny New Zealand town. The juxtaposition of a sterile white fence and a deep crimson railway cabin seemed to be too wonderful to be true.

Even if you don’t have a railroad cabin in your front yard, you can still recreate this sight. You may borrow this concept by placing your picket fence’s white against a bright backdrop.

Diamond in the Pacific


Relieve the nostalgia of southern style chicken and a walk on the beach. The Diamond in the Pacific style fence finds its roots in Jacksonville where it was first used at beach houses.

One of the coolest advantages of the Diamond in the Pacific fence style design is that you can adjust its height as needed.

Wild Shrubs and a Rustic Fence


Rustic and lovely. The varying lengths of pickets keep things new and intriguing. The unruly, uneven garden adds to the allure.

This is a low-maintenance design that becomes better with age as the plants grow and the fence deteriorates.

Styles of Picket Fences for Privacy

While it may seem good to show off your front yard to the rest of the world, it’s not a good idea. Sometimes all you want is a little solitude.

These picket fences are ideal for when you want to relax in your yard without being judged by passers-by.



Simple, adaptable, and useful. The Melbourne gives your yard maximum seclusion while yet allowing air to travel through.

Small openings in the vertical pickets enable cool air from outside to enter your yard.

Melbourne fashion is incredibly adaptable. You have complete control over the design. If the above-mentioned design is too plain for you, just add a lattice to the top to give some interest.

This kind of fence is great for swimming pools or other areas where you don’t want your neighbors to see you.

The Picket Fence at the Playhouse


Do you have a whimsy? That itch should be scratched by this multi-colored picket fence. It’s great for brightening up the ambiance in schools and other play places.

Engraving on the Heart


With an unique engraved design, you may transform your old and dull fence. You can do various types of engravings using contemporary instruments.

So go ahead and carve your initials or the coat of arms of your family on your fence. This way, you’ll have a fence that’s completely unique to you.

Picket Fence in the Montauk Style


When you need your own space, here is the place to be. No one will be able to see inside your house thanks to this massive fence. This contemporary fence has a minimalist design and a modern form.

Its big size also makes it an excellent choice for keeping intruders out of your yard.

As Seen On TV (added bonus)

The House of Dunphy – A Modern Family


The modern family is one of our favorite TV shows. While Jay and Gloria win the award for the home we’d all want to live in, the Dunphys have one of the best(and most realistic) front yards on the show.  The Dunphy house features an asymmetrical Picket Fence in the Style of Florida with ornate exposed brick pillars at the entrance. Just Gorgeous!!

That’s all there is to it! There are 21 fantastic white picket fence designs to try at home. Not all of them will be useful or appealing to you. However, perhaps, this article has given you some amazing ideas. You may take these designs as a starting point and then personalize the fence to make it uniquely yours. When you’re finished, remember to post a picture on social media to inspire the next person who wants to construct a fence.

Do you have any more suggestions? To share it with the rest of the world, leave a comment below.

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