Squirrels are known to eat bird eggs and other small animals in order to survive, but some species of birds have developed natural defenses against the predators. In this article, we will be exploring these adaptations through a series of questions about which animal eats what.

The “do squirrels eat bird eggs or baby birds” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is simple, yes they do.

We know that snakes and foxes eat bird eggs, and that certain birds, such as buzzards and hawks, do as well — but do squirrels?

It may surprise you to learn that squirrels do consume bird eggs on occasion, however it is not a regular component of their diet. Furthermore, squirrels have been known to consume birds. I know they’re meant to be vegetarians, but many species aren’t.

Continue reading to learn more about squirrels, their nutrition, and why they consume bird eggs.


Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs, Right?


Fruits, nuts, and vegetables make up the majority of a squirrel’s diet. Some are omnivores, which means they can consume both vegetables and meat. Some squirrels are carnivorous, and their diet consists mostly of meat.

However, they are just a few species, and the bulk of them have a vegetarian or omnivorous diet.

Squirrels do, however, devour bird eggs in large numbers. Not just squirrels, but even ground squirrels and chipmunks do it to supplement their diet with protein.

Squirrels benefit much from the calcium in the shell of a bird egg. Because of their rapid speed and tiny size, they may readily take eggs.

Why Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs, Right?

Bird eggs are eaten by squirrels for a variety of reasons. You may find the idea ludicrous, but the small organisms have their own motivations for snatching eggs. For starters, eggs have a high protein and calcium content due to the shell, making them a good dietary source when nuts are limited.

Eggs are also useful for squirrels since they come across them often. Squirrels spend the most of their time hopping from one tree to the next. As a result, they come into bird nests without even trying, making eggs an easy food source for them.

Squirrels are likewise compelled to hunt for bird eggs under certain conditions. Pregnant female squirrels, for example, have higher nutritional requirements, prompting them to seek out nutrient-rich foods such as bird eggs.

Furthermore, most of the plants that squirrels eat are deficient in uncommon elements like calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Their bodies need every ounce of nutrients they can get, and a bird egg supplies all of it.

Finally, nuts and fruits become rare throughout the colder months of the year. As a result, squirrels have little choice but to investigate alternative food sources, including bird eggs. Bird eggs are plentiful throughout the year, so they should be simple to come by at any time.

All of this isn’t to say that squirrels eat bird eggs as a normal component of their diet. They’re just an excellent source of nutrients that regularly falls into a squirrel’s path.

Do Squirrels Also Eat Baby Birds?


Squirrels already eat bird eggs while they’re young. Isn’t it possible that they’ll consume the chicks when they hatch?

To some degree, you are correct, although it is not a common occurrence. When squirrels have the opportunity, they’ll take a bird’s nestlings, and there’s a good possibility they’ll eat the young birds inside.

Squirrels do this only when the mother bird isn’t there. Squirrels have no chance of fighting it while it’s guarding its kids in the nest since they’re not swift or powerful enough. They’re a cunning bunch!

You may have always thought of squirrels as cute vegetarians who eat nuts. When their hands come into contact with an active nest that they may feed on, they can become rather aggressive.

Which Birds’ Eggs Are Most Likely to Be Stolen?

Squirrels are more inclined to attack newborn birds and nestlings when their moms aren’t there. There are, however, a number of additional characteristics that make birds more vulnerable to their eggs being eaten.

For begin, birds who build their nests above ground with no vegetation to hide them are an open invitation for squirrels and other small animals. If they’re breeding in open forest areas, they’re at much greater danger.

Furthermore, birds who construct their nests between tree branches, namely at the fork of the tree, are more prone to have their nests taken. These are out in the open with no protection, and squirrels are known for jumping up trees.

Birds that nest in locations with large squirrel populations, as well as birds that nest in places where squirrels have no other food sources, are more at danger.

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs Only for the Purpose of Stealing?

Monkeys, for example, are notorious for stealing. I’m sure many of us have fond memories of visiting the zoo and having a lunch or two stolen by a monkey who finds it amusing!

Similarly, numerous animals have the similar tendency of stealing birds’ nests since they are easy to steal. Are squirrels the same as humans?

You won’t believe this, but several research have been conducted to determine if squirrels have a secretive nature. Squirrels, it turns out, like stealing. They’ll stockpile enough food to get through the winter, but they’ll still steal cones and nuts from other squirrels.

The same is true with bird eggs, only they don’t consume them just for that purpose. They eat eggs because they are protein-rich, but they also like stealing. The fact that they don’t get the eggs while the mother birds are nearby is the greatest proof.

They don’t bother when they come with a difficulty. They wouldn’t mind a battle if it was only for the food.

Squirrel Species That Are More Likely to Consume Bird Eggs


Some squirrel species eat bird eggs on a regular basis, whereas others do not. It’s sometimes due to the squirrel’s nature. It might, however, be due to the environment or the availability of food.

Because some squirrels live in areas where cones and nuts are sparse, they must locate other sources of food. Here’s a list of the animals most likely to steal an egg from a bird’s nest.

Squirrels in Red

Squirrels in Red have small bodies covered by reddish-grey coats. Their most distinctive feature is their creamy white underbellies, and there’s some white around their eyes, as well. Squirrels in Red don’t have the same bushy, long tail as tree squirrels. Instead, theirs is shorter and less fluffy.

They’re well recognized for being carnivorous, meaning they consume meat as their primary source of nutrition. They commonly consume bird eggs, and if they come upon a newborn bird, they will devour it as well. When it comes to obtaining food, these squirrels have a reputation for being destructive. They spend the majority of their time looking for it and are notorious nest robbers.

If you’re concerned about their locations, they have a vast range, spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, as well as Mongolia, Northwest China, and Russia.

Squirrels in the Air

Squirrels in the Air have smaller bodies than most species. Their bodies don’t exceed 10 inches long, and that’s including the length of their heads and tails. They’re known for their quick ‘flight,’ thanks to two skin folds placed between their front and rear legs.

They have white underbellies like Squirrels in Red, except their bodies are covered with a soft brown coat. Squirrels in the Air are native to North and Central America, but some populations live in Northern Europe.

Fruits, nuts, vegetables, and berries are the major sources of nutrition for these squirrels. They are, however, opportunistic eaters, which means they will eat a bird egg if they encounter one, which they do often due to their leaping behaviors and rapid speeds.

If they locate a newborn bird in the nest without protection, they won’t hesitate to consume it.

Gray Squirrels are a species of squirrel that lives in the United States.

Gray Squirrels are a species of squirrel that lives in the United States. have some bold eating habits. They feed on dead birds a lot, but they’ll attack an alive baby bird, too, if they had the chance. Plus, they love raiding nests, so feeding on bird eggs is a usual occurrence for them.

They’re shrewd foragers who consume just about everything that comes their way. You may be surprised to learn that these squirrels have been known to devour other squirrels of the same species.

Why would they stop at a bird egg if they consume their neighbors of the same species?

Gray Squirrels are a species of squirrel that lives in the United States. have silver-grey coats, and their faces lean on the brown side. They’re mostly seen nibbling on cones and hazelnuts, but they eat meat, as well. Their range extends from the Eastern USA, reaching Northern Canada. There are also some populations in the Western USA.

Last Thoughts

So, Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs, Right?

Squirrels may seem to be the vegetarian, fluffy, and charming creatures who are always nibbling on hazelnuts. However, when it comes to food, these pals — particularly the carnivorous ones — may be ruthless.

They’ll devour bird eggs anytime they come upon them, and they’ll even consume young birds if they’re left alone. The good news is that they aren’t fast enough to attack and kill adult birds, so the moms will be protected.

The “will red squirrels eat bird eggs” is a question that has been asked for many years. The answer to this question is no, and it’s because the red squirrels are too small to eat an egg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will squirrels eat birds eggs?

A: It is unknown if a squirrel would eat an egg.

Do squirrels eat eggs out of birds nests?

A: No, they do not. They only eat their own eggs and those of other animals which include birds nests themselves.

Do squirrels steal eggs?

A: No, squirrels do not steal eggs.

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