As the world has become a more technologically advanced place, there are new ways to have fun and explore that are perfect for outdoor gatherings. These ideas will make your next get-together spectacular!

The “hilarious outdoor party games” are a list of 33 spectacular ideas for 2022. The list was compiled by the author and is designed to be used as a guide for planning your next outdoor party.

You’ll need activities to keep your visitors engaged whether you’re throwing a BBQ, a party, or a general get-together. You’ll also want games that everyone can play if you’re having a big number of people. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of alternatives available, including kid-friendly games, seasonal games, and classic games. We’ve sifted through all of the possibilities and developed a list of our favorite outdoor group games!

Let’s get this party started!


Games that are GIANT-SIZED

If you’re having a giant-sized group over, why not have some Games that are GIANT-SIZED to play? These outdoor games for large groups are a fun twist on the originals, and they’re sure to be twice as fun as the normal-sized versions.

1. The game of Yahtzee


Yahtzee, a staple in outdoor group games, is a traditional enjoyable game that may be played with as many people as you wish. Learning to play is simple, and because you can purchase your set online, getting started is even easier!



Splinter Woodworking Co. Yardzee, Farkle & 20+ Games – Giant Yard Dice Set (All Weather) with Collapsible Bucket, Lid, 5 Big Laminated Score Cards & Marker – Backyard Lawn Game – Indoor/Outdoor

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  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED NEW ZEALAND PINE – Guaranteed not to split, fracture, twist, or warp, these extra big wooden dice are made from sustainably harvested New Zealand pine. With this tough bucket, you’ll never have to deal with ripped or torn bags again.
  • GIANT SIZE – Over 150 times larger than conventional dice! Each 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ large die measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″. Bucket is 10″ tall and collapses to 3″. Despite its enormous size, the complete set weighs just 6 pounds, making it ideal for families.

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2. Jenga


If you like regular Jenga, you’ll like gigantic Jenga. The basic principles are the same: each player must remove a Jenga block without causing the whole construction to collapse. You may purchase Jenga parts online and construct them yourself, much like Yahtzee.

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3. Chess


For a really competitive group, giant-sized chess is ideal. The players are split into two teams and must plan to figure out the best strategies for this yard game. Teammates will not always agree, so brace yourself for some tough games!



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4. Playing Dominoes


With dominoes, you may play a variety of games, each of which is more enjoyable than the previous. These games may be played by a large group, but they’re also ideal for smaller groups of two to four individuals. Plus, if your youngster is interested in playing, they will be able to take up the game quickly.



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Games for Children in Groups

We’ve previously provided some ideas for fall-themed children’s games, but if you have many children (or they have numerous friends around), you may want more options. While these enjoyable outdoor group activities are geared at children, there’s no reason adults can’t participate as well.

5. Tag


Tag is a game that every youngster enjoys — it’s essentially a law of childhood! The good thing about tag is that game doesn’t need any special equipment or materials; all you need are some energetic children and a vigilant adult.

To play tag, one kid will be designated as “It,” and they will run about attempting to catch and tag other children by tapping their shoulders. Whoever “It” tags becomes the new “It,” and it’s up to them to tag someone else!

Tag #6: Freeze


Freeze tag is identical to regular tag, with the exception that everyone who is tagged by “It” must immediately halt and freeze. They may then be unfrozen by being touched on the shoulder by another player. If “It” manages to freeze all of the players before time runs out, they win; but, if the players manage to wind down the clock, everyone except “It” wins!

Hide and Seek is a fun game to play.


Hide and seek, like tag, is a popular children’s game that may go for hours. You may play the game in the usual way or with numerous seekers. In any case, this game can accommodate a large number of players (though they might have to get creative with hiding spots).

Simon Says #8


You’ll need at least three people for Simon Says, however more players usually means more fun. Everyone else will have to complete the action following “Simon says…” since only one person will be Simon. If, for example, player Simon says, “Simon says, touch your nose!” the players must touch their noses until Simon instructs them to do something else.

“Simon states” that if a player executes an action without hearing, that player is out. The one who remains in the longest becomes the new Simon.

9. (Mother, may I?) Red Light, Green Light


This next game is often played during camp and recess, indicating that it is a popular with children. The traffic officer will be picked from among the players. Everyone must sprint toward the traffic officer when he announces, “Greenlight!” The traffic officer might yell “Red light!” at any time, and everyone must come to a complete stop.

If someone moves when they hear “Red light,” they are out of the game and must restart. However, if someone can tag the traffic officer without being seen, they will become the new traffic cop and the next round will begin.

Mother May I? is a version of the game in which one person plays as “Mother” and the other players play as her “children.” Each child’s purpose is to approach Mother without being discovered, and they do this by asking, “Mother, may I…” followed by an action. “Yes, you may,” or “No, you may not,” Mother might answer, and the children must obey her choice. If a player is detected moving when they aren’t meant to, they are kicked out and must restart the game from the beginning.

Red Rover (nine)


Red Rover teams must have at least three members, however more may easily join in. Each team member will hold the hand of another team member and form a chain. They’ll next summon an opponent who will attempt to break the chain.

If an opponent breaks the chain, they are returned to their previous team. However, if they are unable to break the other team’s chain, they will quit their previous team and join the chain. In this manner, the game will continue until one team has just one player remaining.

Musical Chairs (#11)


The majority of children have played musical chairs before, and if they haven’t, it’s a simple game to pick up. A music player will be turned on by an adult, and the youngsters will run around a set of chairs. The number of chairs in the set should be one fewer than the total number of participants. Each youngster must sit on a chair when the music stops. Those who are left without a chair are eliminated.

Remove one chair at a time when players bow out, until there is only one chair (and two players) remaining. The player who is the last one standing wins!

12. Soccer with Crabs


Crab soccer is similar to conventional soccer… in certain ways.

The players will begin in a “crab posture,” with their feet and hands on the ground, attempting to kick the ball into a goal. They won’t be able to use their hands, so they’ll have to walk in the crab posture. You may either split the participants into teams or play as a free-for-all with one goal for everyone to aim at. In any case, this game will almost certainly result in laughter, multiple falls, and a wonderful time for those who participate.

Sports in the Mainstream

Outdoor group activities including sports are usually a lot of fun. They promote fitness, cooperation, and competitiveness, and team sizes may be readily adjusted so that everyone can participate! While there are many sports to select from, some work particularly well for larger groups. Here are the ones we think are the best:

Bocce Ball (13).


If you’ve never tried bocce ball before, this is your opportunity to learn about one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyable sports. (And if you’ve previously played but need a new set, we’ve got some ideas for your next party.)

The participants will be divided into two teams, each of which may include up to four players. The foul line will be set up by the players, and the starting team will be determined by a coin flip. Once you’ve made your decision, look through the rules and start playing!

Kickball is number fourteen.


Kickball is a popular activity for both children and adults, and it’s a wonderful option for larger groups. A ball, four bases, and around eighteen players are all you’ll need. You’ll have to be cautious not to kick the ball into your neighbor’s yard, but inviting the neighbors over and having them play with you is a simple solution!

Badminton (15.)


Although badminton may be played with a smaller group, having more players adds to the challenge, making the game even more enjoyable. If you’ve never played badminton before, check out our racket and shoe recommendations, and if you’re a seasoned player, here are some techniques to improve your game.

Volleyball (16.)


All you need for this enjoyable outdoor game for big groups is a volleyball net and a volleyball. Although the ideal number of players is twelve (six on each side), you may play with less or more people by making minor rule changes.

You can even do rid of the net and just have a ball fight with your guests. Whatever variation of volleyball you choose, it’ll be an enjoyable outdoor game for everyone who participates.

17. Football with a Flag


Another enjoyable outdoor activity for big groups is flag football. It’s a safer alternative to regular football, yet it may be played with the same number of people. There’s certain to be one variation that’s right for you and your guests, with several ways to play for different ages and skill levels.

Basketball (nineteen)


If you have a basketball, you have a variety of exciting outdoor group activities to choose from. In your driveway, you may play HORSE, Knockout, or even have a scrimmage. You may even throw the ball around and create a game out of avoiding dropping it, much like in volleyball.

Prepare for an exciting, competitive game, which may lead to numerous more games, whatever choice you pick.

Games of Light Competition

Sports have a tendency to bring out our competitive side, which is terrific – but every now and then, you’ll want to do something a little less intense and more soothing. These games are more laid-back, making them suitable for informal get-togethers. So, if you want games that your visitors will like and may play at their leisure, consider the following:

Cornhole (19.)


Cornhole is a traditional game that can keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Take a peek at our best options if you need to stock up on cornhole bags. We also have some board ideas.

Cornhole is just a game of tossing little bags onto wooden platforms. You may compete with another team or just throw the bags about without keeping score. Set a time limit and see how many people can land their bags before the time runs out if you have a big party.

Horseshoes (number 20)


Horseshoes is a simple game that may be enjoyed alone or with friends. We can help you locate the ideal horseshoe set for any occasion, and you’ll be sure to surprise your visitors if you employ any of these horseshoe throwing techniques.

Horseshoes, like cornhole, is a soothing game. The rules are simple: take a horseshoe and hurl it at a target. If you miss the target the first time, try again and keep throwing horseshoes until you score. See who emerges triumphant after trading with a partner or competing with pals.

Croquet is number twenty-one.


Whether you’re a croquet rookie or a seasoned pro, you’ll have a great time playing, and your visitors will as well. It takes some effort to set up this game, but it’s well worth it if you want to have a nice time.

If you go through our selection of the top croquet sets, you’ll find everything you need for your next occasion. Also, when the weather is beautiful, play croquet; it’s the ideal way for you and your visitors to enjoy it.

When the Weather Is Hot, Play These Games

If you’re having visitors around during the summer, you may want to play some specialized activities to keep everyone cool. Fortunately, we have several very entertaining outdoor group activities that are perfect for the summer. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Water Balloon Games (number 22)


Water balloon games are the subject of an entire essay, and some of these possibilities are particularly good for outdoor activities for big crowds. There’s likely to be a game (or games!) that your visitors will enjoy, from dodgeball to duck, duck, goose, and balloon pick-up.

Fight with a Water Gun (number 23)


An all-out water cannon war is a great method for a big group to cool off. To play, you’ll need numerous water cannons, however you may easily use water balloons or buckets instead. And be cautious with all that water – you don’t want your lawn to get flooded or someone to slide!

Frozen T-Shirt Race, No. 24


This game should not be played in the winter, but it is acceptable in all other seasons. Players will be sorted into teams of five or more once again. The first participant will put on an ice-covered t-shirt, which they must then pass to their buddy while holding hands. They’ll lose (and freeze!) if they break the link; if they can’t hand the shirt across, they’ll also lose (and freeze!).

Although it seems simple, moving a frozen garment is more difficult than it appears. And the longer it takes for the game to transfer, the more difficult (and colder) it gets!

Sharks and Minnows (No. 25)


This entertaining outdoor game for big parties is best played in a pool and may accommodate up to 11 players. You’re sure to discover a Sharks and Minnows variant that you and your guests appreciate with so many ways to play for so many different sorts of occasions!


Racing against or with your friends is one of the finest outdoor sports for big groups. With so many racing games to select from, we’ve whittled down our favorites to the following:

Obstacle Course (No. 26)


We’ve talked about obstacle courses previously since they’re a fantastic choice for so many different events. It’s simple to turn these courses into a game by timing each player’s run and seeing who can finish the course the quickest. You may also divide people into teams for a relay race to see who comes in first.

Make your own obstacle course out of traffic cones and wooden boards, or purchase a large inflatable version. Both options are guaranteed to please your visitors, and you’ll have a good time along with them!


Large Bouncing Area with Long Slide, Climbing Wall, Basketball Hoop, UL 1HP Blower Included, 15 ft x 13 ft x 8.3 ft H, Pop Star Kids Party Theme, Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer, Large Bouncing Area with Long Slide, Climbing Wall, Basketball Hoop, UL 1HP Blower Included, 15 ft x 13 ft x 8.3 ft H,

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  • [Perfect Present] The ideal present for youngsters who want to be healthy and active. Screen time should be replaced with physical activity and social connection with friends.

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The Three-legged Race is number 27 on the list.


A three-legged race, like an obstacle course, includes dividing participants into teams and seeing who can complete the race first. The twist is that each team must tie their legs together and sprint to the finish line together.

You may make this game much more difficult by forming three teams instead of two. This technically implies you’ll have a four-legged race rather than a three-legged race, but we’re certain your visitors will love either. Furthermore, the four-legged version accommodates more players at once, which is extremely beneficial for organizing a big gathering.

Blanket Race (#28)


You’ll need numerous blankets (such as picnic blankets) as well as some strong players and some smaller players for a blanket race. The weaker players will grip one end of the blanket, while the smaller players will sit on it. The bigger players will then pull the lesser ones across the yard, attempting to reach the finish line first. Because the pullers must utilize their power and the sitters must hang on, the game is enjoyable yet challenging for all participants.

There Are Even More Games!

We couldn’t wrap up our list without including a couple more enjoyable outdoor group activities. These games aren’t limited to a particular age group or season; instead, they may be enjoyed by everyone at any time of year.

Tossing Marshmallows (No. 29)


Marshmallow throw is a competitive activity in which competitors form two-person teams and attempt to capture as many marshmallows as they can. One player will be the quarterback, while the other will be the receiver. However, the marshmallows are not caught by the recipient with their hands. They’ll use their mouths instead!

When all of the marshmallows have been tossed, the round will come to a close, and you may count how many are remaining to see who wins. It’s only fair that the thrower and receiver trade positions for the following round. As a result, the game may double as a food break for your visitors (at least for those who can catch the marshmallows)!

Tug of War (number 30)


We all enjoyed playing this game in school, and it’s only logical that you’d want to play it with your pals in your garden. You’ll need a rope, which will have to sustain a lot of weight depending on how many people are participating.

Place the rope in the middle of your yard and have one team hold one end while the other team holds the other. Then give the signal to the players and instruct each side to pull.

If teams aren’t evenly matched in terms of age and strength, pick teams at random or switch them up each round. If you’re going to play numerous times, you may wish to provide players chalk for their hands.

31. Keep your distance! (The Middle Monkey)


Keep your distance! Both Monkey in the Middle and and Monkey in the Middle are incredibly enjoyable outdoor group activities. Each game includes two or more players tossing a ball and attempting to prevent the ball from being caught by another player.

Two or more players strive to keep the ball away from several players in a variant of Monkey in the Middle. If one of the monkeys obtains the ball, they swap with another player, who then turns into a monkey. The game may go on for as long as you wish, with people coming in and out all the time.

Phone number 32.


Telephone is a fun outdoor game for big groups that becomes increasingly better as more players join in. Form a circle with all of the participants, and the first person will whisper a statement to the player next to them. The second player, in turn, will whisper this statement to the person on the opposite side of them, and so on, until the initial player is whispered to.

The statement will most certainly have developed into something unintelligible by the time it reaches the original player. It’s certain to be amusing to hear how much it’s altered, particularly if the statement featured another player.

33. Trivia for Movie Night


This game is technically more of an event followed by a game, and it necessitates the use of a large movie screen. You may invite your friends over to watch a movie together and then separate into teams to answer movie trivia after the credits have rolled.

You may design your own trivia or look for trivia for some famous movies on the internet. And don’t forget that no movie trivia night is complete without friends, popcorn, and Coke beneath the stars.


If you’re going to throw a big gathering, it’s important to be prepared with a variety of games for guests. You can pick between Games that are GIANT-SIZED, kid-friendly games, and even weather-specific games. No matter what you choose, our fun outdoor group games are perfect for almost any occasion, and they’ll have your guests excited about your upcoming meet-up. The larger the group, the more options you’ll have, which means more fun for you and your guests.

The “fun outdoor games for large groups social distancing” is a list of 33 spectacular ideas for 2022. The list includes games like cornhole, hot potato, and tug-o-war.

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