For many people, gardening is a summer pastime. With the growing number of climate change-related ills like droughts and floods, it’s becoming more difficult for some gardeners to grow plants in their yards year round. But with these new ideas from experts on how we can channel our energy into greenhouses that will help us continue gardening all year long.,

Greenhouse ideas for year-round gardening in 2022. The “how to build a backyard greenhouse” is a popular article on the website of Popular Mechanics.

Any garden would benefit from the addition of a greenhouse. Here are 28 greenhouse ideas to help you design and construct the ideal greenhouse for your yard or garden. The mere sight of a greenhouse conjures up images of opulent organic gardens and English country gardens. A greenhouse might be the ideal solution for feeding your gardening needs while also fitting nicely with your lifestyle.

A greenhouse provides a longer growing season, the ability to plant more exotic plants, and a safe, warm, pest-free environment in which to start seeds. It may also be a stress-relieving winter retreat for those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

There are a variety of kits available to help you create a Greenhouse in the Backyard. You may also construct your own greenhouse using free greenhouse blueprints. You are free to use whichever materials you like. Wood, aluminum, iron, and plastic frames are common greenhouse materials.

A side of a greenhouse may even be attached to an existing building, such as your home, garage, or garden shed. Glass, different kinds of transparent plastic, fiberglass, PVC, and acrylic may all be used for the clear coating. You want to allow the light in while keeping out the cold and bugs.

You may be creative and use repurposed windows or antique doors and gates to provide a personalized aspect to your greenhouse if you want it to be nicer or more rustic. For extra appeal, you might add bricks or rocks to the base or foundation.

If you want to add a new pastime to your life, a greenhouse is an excellent option. Building a greenhouse is just as enjoyable as growing in one, and you may be surprised at how inexpensive they are. So, if you want to get inspired by our greenhouse ideas to spice up your gardening pastime, keep reading.


Greenhouse Designs in White

Greenhouse with White Wood and Glass


This is a lovely greenhouse. The white gives the garden a classy, country feel. With glass windows, it seems to be constructed of painted wood or white vinyl. It’s not necessary for all greenhouses to be this elegant, but it definitely is pleasant.

Greenhouse made of bricks and glass


This gorgeous greenhouse features a brick foundation, a vinyl or metal frame, and glass windows on the top with skylights. The elegance of white vinyl and glass is combined with the firmness of a brick base in this design. It has a very traditional appearance and would look fantastic in a traditional garden.

White Wood Greenhouse with a Touch of Elegance


This greenhouse is built of glass and painted white wood. The foundation is made up of stacked boards that look like 26 boards (or even shiplap). The inside has enough room for a potting table with flowers in pots and equipment placed underneath it.

Greenhouse Designs for the Garden

A Green Framed Greenhouse


This greenhouse’s green frame complements any garden. This is the ideal touch of design and color to make your garden truly sparkle, whether you have it in a tropical location like the one seen above or in your backyard. It goes without saying that a green-colored greenhouse would blend in well with your landscape, giving it that “deep in the forest” impression.

Greenhouse with Stained Wood


Stained wood frames this opulent greenhouse. It features a rock or cement base with stairs, glass cladding, and an open-air roof with skylights. Bamboo blinds are also included to limit the quantity of light that reaches your plants. This greenhouse has a distinctive design that will undoubtedly bring a nice touch to your landscape.

Greenhouse in the Backyard


The frame of this miniature greenhouse is made of green plastic or metal, while the walls are made of plastic or acrylic. This seems to be the ideal kit for constructing a modest backyard greenhouse.

Plastic Greenhouse in the Backyard


Another little greenhouse that would look great in a backyard or on a patio. The light green frame, together with the plastic walls and canopy, creates the ideal pleasant and inviting environment for growing your favorite plants. It’s a simple greenhouse to construct, and the use of plastic makes it affordable, which is always a plus.

Greenhouse made of metal


A bigger construction with a brick base and a metal frame may be seen here. The exterior looks to be worn acrylic or fiberglass, while the roof appears to be formed of glass panels. For a bigger area, this is a long-lasting and large-capacity greenhouse design. So, if you’re seeking for a cost-effective approach to create a vast growing area, this may be the answer.

Greenhouse at Night


This is a lovely dome-shaped kit that can brighten up any garden area. This greenhouse is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. This greenhouse may provide a nice glow to the whole yard.

Ideas for a DIY Greenhouse

Greenhouse made from recycled bottles


Whether you buy a kit or hire a contractor, someone is building your greenhouse. Many people build their own as it often saves money, and this Greenhouse made from recycled bottles takes DIY to the next level.

While it isn’t the most practical greenhouse since the bottles aren’t very good at insulating against cold temperatures, it is undoubtedly one of the most unusual. So, if you want to give your garden a one-of-a-kind appearance, the bottle greenhouse can be the way to go.

Greenhouse with a Plastic Dome


Covering your raised garden beds with plastic domes is a terrific method to protect them from the elements. A wooden frame with PVC tubing wrapped over it and then coated with plastic makes up this DIY project. It’s straightforward, low-cost, and effective. This is a terrific method to have the best of both worlds if you want a greenhouse but don’t want to pay the additional money.

Greenhouse Kit Made of White Plastic


This is a basic kit that you can put together yourself. It comes with a frame, as well as plastic paneling and roofing. This is the ideal year-round DIY greenhouse for beginning seeds or growing flowers.

Greenhouse Kit with Black Frame


A black metal or plastic frame enclosed in plastic makes up the basic DIY greenhouse. This approach is quick, easy, and affordable, and it allows you to plant all year.

Greenhouse with a Wooden Frame and a Plastic Roof


You can always make a wooden frame if you have some old boards lying around. Cover the shoddily constructed structure with plastic and you’ve got yourself a greenhouse. This example is certainly prettier at night than it is during the day, but it gets the job done. This might be the greenhouse for you if all you desire is basic functionality.


This is pure inventiveness, and it’s probably not what you imagine when you think of a greenhouse. You may successfully create your own “little greenhouse” to preserve your tiny plant by simply inserting a plastic bottle in the soil of your garden and growing anything inside it. Sure, it’s a simple, low-cost solution, and it’ll be a fun conversation starter for anybody who comes over to look at your garden.

Ideas for Wooden Greenhouses

Greenhouse with a lot of wood and glass


This greenhouse has a wood frame and a pergola roof with vines hanging from it. The vast interior contains elevated gardens and strolling routes, and the entryway has frosted glass. This greenhouse is ideal for a vast area. So, if you want to cultivate enormous plants and spend a lot of time in your greenhouse, a large one can be the ideal choice.

Stone Greenhouse with Rustic Accents


Stone, wood, and glass make up this lovely, ancient, rustic greenhouse. The patina simply adds to its charm. The enormous vines and lush vegetation in this amazing design contrast with the gorgeous stone flooring. It could be difficult to recreate this in a greenhouse. However, you can be certain that if you construct your greenhouse properly, it will be a wonderful addition to your garden for many years to come.

Greenhouse Made of Wood and Plastic


This design is reminiscent of a long shed with a wooden structure and plastic siding. The inside offers lots of space for raised beds where you can grow all of your veggies all year. This is ideal for the organic farmer or small business owner.

Greenhouse in the Shape of a Pyramid


If you go to Denmark, you just might come across a unique Greenhouse in the Shape of a Pyramid. This design is small and unique, but it creates enough space to grow year-round. As a bonus, it’s neat shape makes it a perfect choice to add a trendy twist to your outdoor space.

Greenhouse Designs with Domes

Lettuce Garden with a Domed Roof


This huge dome has enough room to provide you with green vegetables throughout the summer and winter. The enclosed enclosure has the additional advantage of keeping pests away from your produce’s delicate leaves.

Herb Hothouse for Small Spaces


Herbs need the correct amount of light and as few pests as possible to thrive. This compact, spherical dome is ideal for growing fresh herbs for yourself, your family, or the farmers market.

Greenhouse with a Geodesic Dome


Geodesic domes have always been popular, from yurts to 3D printed homes. This is a geodesic greenhouse that can handle both indoor and outdoor gardening. Its one-of-a-kind design implies it won’t appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to a large number of people.

Sunset Dome is a place where you may see the sunset


Another oblong dome greenhouse with a basic frame and plastic covering is seen here. It’s the ideal size for all of your growing requirements, and it shines wonderfully in the late evening.

The Greenhouse of Your Grandfather


Gardening may be made accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities with the use of greenhouses and raised beds. This year-round growing environment may help anybody develop a green thumb, regardless of the weather. For people seeking a consistent routine, having a pastime that does not change with the seasons might be beneficial.

The First Greenhouse for Babies


When it comes to maintaining and respecting the land and our bodies, there are no age restrictions. There’s no reason not to start planting as soon as possible when you have a huge, raised-bed greenhouse like this.

Ideas for a Commercial Greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouse of a Large Size


This massive dome provides the ideal growth environment for enormous commercial crops. With enterprises like these, you can receive flowers and veggies all year. This isn’t always appropriate for everyone’s yard, but it offers you an idea of what you can do. This isn’t a cheap choice, but if you’re seeking to go into commercial growing, this might be the way to go.

Greenhouse in a triangle


Another huge procedure that should be left to the pros is this one. Views of this massive greenhouse complex provide a breathtaking look into man’s and nature’s partnership.

Greenhouse from the past


This beautiful Greenhouse from the past has mature plants and plenty of room for those young seedlings. Constructed of quality materials, this greenhouse has stood the test of time. After many years, it’s still beautiful and functional. The only thing that would make it look better is outdoor lighting (speaking of that, check out our rope light ideas).

Final Thoughts

Greenhouses have existed for almost as long as people have been gardening. Cucumbers were grown by Roman doctors in a building built for cultivating plants about 30 AD. It was known as a specularium. In the 1800s, French botanists in Holland employed greenhouses to produce therapeutic plants. Greenhouses are used by organic farmers, huge farms, and amateurs to produce plants and flowers all year. A greenhouse is ideal for sprouting seeds prior to planting season or growing succulents in the winter. Exotic plants and flowers that demand a warmer environment may also be grown in a greenhouse. Pineapples, for example, may be grown all year in warm regions or in locations where they are kept in a greenhouse throughout the winter. A greenhouse can enhance the appearance of your yard or garden while also providing you with organic herbs and veggies throughout the year. If you want to turn your summer gardening love into a full-time job, a greenhouse is a terrific option! After all, your activity shouldn’t be dependent on the weather. We hope this post provided you with some great greenhouse ideas! Good luck with your planting!

The “build your own greenhouse kit” is a green house idea for year round gardening in 2022. It’s a simple, affordable and easy to build greenhouse kit that can be put up in just minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you garden year-round in a greenhouse?

A: Yes, but it takes a lot of work. I would recommend starting with a small greenhouse and doing research on what plants can survive the colder temperatures outside before you decide to build something larger.

What can you grow in a greenhouse all year-round?

A: This is a difficult question, because what one person thinks can be grown in the greenhouse may not work for someone else. For example, many people would consider strawberries to be something that could grow all year-round in a greenhouse as long as you maintain proper humidity levels and temperature. However, some other plants are sensitive to these factors and will only succeed if they have cool nights during their growing season.

How do you make a greenhouse year-round?

A: In order to make a greenhouse year-round, you first need to decide what type of greenhouse you want. There are several different types of greenhouses that can be used for various purposes. The most popular is the hard or cold frame design which is made from sheets of metal and glass panes set on top of wooden frames with insulation in between them. This construction allows light into the structure but minimizes heat loss during colder months when plants inside may not require as much sunlight exposure as they do during warmer weathers.

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