Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Snow Blower Review

For a recently arrived brand in the market, the Greenworks Pro 80V Battery-Powered Snow Blower blows the rivals away like an experienced boss. Since its release in 2014, this model has been extremely well received by customers and made its own name in the cordless snowblower world. Because it matches and sometimes overdoes the strength of a gas snowblower, common users and professionals notice the worth of getting the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Snow Blower.

When going shopping for a snow thrower, customers usually search for easiness and operability. Well, they don’t want to deal with a shovel anymore. What they often disregard is that a certain model meets a certain range of needs.

What we really like about the Greenworks Pro 80V is that it can cover most of those needs without leaving a hole in your wallet. Nimble and well-fitted, this model is probably the ultimate snow commodity, in the case that you live in a region with frequent snowfalls.

When deciding to go for a snow thrower, you will be forced to make some important decisions. As well as there are shovels and mechanic shovels, you have also different blower for different applications to choose from.

You have gas blowers, electric blowers, and battery blowers. The Greenworks Pro 80V is a battery-powered snowblower. Within each class, there are different capacities and features. This blower made it to narrow the gap between the different powers and capacities for blowing.

It also depends on your property area, and in order to ascertain which is the proper model for you, you must evaluate the area you will be clearing. To know if the Greenworks 80V meets your needs, first you should consider the mass of the snow you typically get. If you frequently find large blocks of dense and icy snow, then you will be better off with a two-stage gas snowblower.

Since the Greenworks 80V uses batteries, it is not suitable for clearing exceedingly heavy snowfalls. But it is still powerful enough to handle quite bigger blocks of snow than its electric counterparts. Considering that, if your area usually gets small to medium amounts of snowfall, and it is rather snowier than icy, you will be fully satisfied with the capacity of this device.

Is it made for me?

Having such a wide range of snowblowers to choose from, it is a puzzle to ascertain which models are perfect for you and which models are a waste of time. The average of users want something that is handy and trustworthy.

No matter how old you are, shoveling can ruin your back, then it is worth spending a little time searching for your ideal snowblower. You want to store away your shovel to give your back a break and still have a clear driveway. Why would you buy a tricky and heavy machine then? The perfect blower must be nimble and easy to operate.

By the way, you may find that battery snowblowers are more adequate for common homeowners. Gas blowers are mostly heavy and need some frequent maintenance. Changing oil and refilling the tank should be reserved for people with a considerably large property to clear.

Standard electric snowblowers have a cable that limits your path and hinders your maneuvering. These machines force you to plug out and re-plug in another socket and you can also get tangled up with the cable. A battery blower guarantees lightness and an unhindered working. This way you will be able to do your task faster and with less frustrations.

A good snowblower must have a decent runtime that allows you to do your job at your pace. At least a 40-minute runtime, or else you’ll be in a hurry to clear the whole driveway before the battery dies and you have to stop to recharge. Even if the blower clears fast, you should be able to complete your task comfortably and not afraid of getting stopped halfway.

Does it come with a good warranty?

This blower comes with a 4-year warranty on manufacturing defects, service and parts. Another 2-yaer warranty goes for the battery and the charge kit.

A great product comes with a great warranty. It is always a good sign when the brand has trust in their item. That means that the manufacturer expects you to use the machine for at least four years without breaking it or having any issue with any of the parts.

Will it be nice to my floor?

A machine must be tough to clear snow, and some are as tough as to scratch your beautiful patio floor or wooden deck, which can result very damaged. This snowblower is tough to the snowfalls an gentle to your deck and driveway.

How safe is it?

Very safe.

It is fitted with a switch that turns the machine off automatically. The Greenworks Pro 80V will shut off as well if any object hits the spinning impeller violently. This will protect you from splinters that can fly out to you and hurt you.

How good is the battery?

The lithium-ion 2AH battery has a runtime of about 45 minutes, which is enough to clear a medium sized property without even thinking to stop. If you really need a longer lasting battery, you can replace the 2AH battery for a 4AH which lasts twice as long. The other option is, well, stopping for a moment to charge the battery.

Does the battery last long enough?

It may vary on each condition, but the average runtime of the battery is 45 minutes. You can also get a spare battery, that will come in handy when your job is likely to take longer than 45 minutes. With a spare battery you can also exchange batteries without waiting to have a fully empty battery.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A full charge of the 2AH battery only takes half an hour, much shorter than other battery snowblowers. You can also use this battery in other Greenworks 80-volt appliances. A 4AH battery takes a whole hour to charge, and is 1/3 heavier. The brand itself says that the 4AH is the best option for blowers and mowers, and it is kind of weird that they don’t give the 4AH as the standard battery. It is probably due to the additional cost it would imply.

Does it work for other Greenworks appliances?

It does. You will find the same battery in all the 80-volt Greenworks Pro tools. If you are planning to buy a leaf blower, a trimmer, or a mower from Greenworks, you can save money by getting only one battery and charger for all of them.

Does is come with Panasonic Battery System?

Yes, it comes with Panasonic battery cells.

Is it available without battery and charger?

The snowblower numbered 2601302 is available without them and you can find it on Amazon through the following link.

How loud is it?

It is amazingly quiet and don’t vibrate much either. You will be able to clear your driveway early in the morning or late at night without annoying your neighbors.

Comes with light?

Yes. Not just one, but two LED lights that are placed at the front of the handlebar.

These can illuminate a larger surface than similar blowers from other brands. Now you can clear your driveway before the sun rises without hurting your eyes.

Is the snow chute rotary?

Yes. You can turn the chute of this Greenworks 180 degrees and you can throw the snow at a distance of 20 feet. Moreover, the chute can be vertically modified as well, so that you can change the throwing angle too.

What kind of impeller does it have?

It has a polyethylene impeller which is amazingly strong and at the same time very gentle to your floor.

If it happens that the casing gets damaged or chipped by any flying object, it is covered by the warranty.


Brushless engine that will provide power to this blower for a very long time. Brushless engines are much more convenient than standard brushed engines. You will get a durable, good-performing machine with more torque and that keeps cooler. This makes the battery live longer, since the engine requires less energy to keep running.

Also, maneuverability and lack of cable make it a more suitable blower for the common user. Most machines are either limited by a cable or heavy because of a gas feeding system. The strong battery system makes battery blowers comparable to gas blowers in terms of power without the attachment of any annoying cord or the weight of a gas blower.

Because it keeps always cool, you won’t have any issue with melted snow and ice piling up in the unit. Many blowers have to deal with snow piling inside of them, so their owners frequently need to stop and remove the snow with their hands. With the Greenworks 80V you won’t have this issue and the white material will slide through the unit.


Many have concerns about the plastic body and components of the machine, since they don’t seem to be durable. This is understandable, but the truth is that the unit isn’t covered by a 4-year warranty just because, and this is by itself a good insurance in case that something happens. Plastic is also a versatile material that makes the unit lightweight and prevents corrosion.

Some have reviewed that the chute angle rod doesn’t stay firmly in the slot. It might not be a major problem but it can turn into a headache for some users.


It is a rule-changing snowblower. If you live in a place where you receive small to medium amounts of snow during winter, the Greenworks 80V is a great option for you. It is powerful without being heavy nor loud. In other words, you should buy it before winter comes.

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