Husqvarna ST230P 30 Inch Two Stage Snow Blower

Hi again, just like other models from Husqvarna, the ST230 P provides the best quality when it comes to snow blowing action. It features remote and deflector controls, power steering, heated handgrips and LED headlights. Now we will show you its features with more detail. Let’s get started

Husqvarna ST230P: Key Features

  • 30-inch snow clearing width
  • Two-stage system with ribbon auger and impeller
  • Gas-powered snow blower with 291 cc 4-cycle engine
  • Friction disc transmission: six forward speeds and one reverse
  • Handle height is adjustable to a comfortable level
  • Power steering with trigger levers for tight turns
  • Electric starter connects to power outlet for starting engine
  • Dual LED headlights provide better illumination than a single light
  • Heated handle grips with on/off button
  • 16-inch heavy-tread tires for good traction in the snow
  • Plastic skid shoes can be raised, lowered or reversed
  • Remote chute rotator adjusts snow throwing direction
  • Remote chute deflector changes snow throwing angle
  • Clearing stick is stored within easy reach on the auger housing
  • Quiet muffler: sound level at your ear is about 88 dB(A)


This model usually comes in a box on a pallet so it needs some minor assembly. We recommend you to read the product manual since it has the information needed to assembly and set up the snow blower. You will have to assemble the chute and the handles an you will also have to fuel and oil the engine. Remember to check the nuts and bolts so the snow blower can operate correctly.


First, we recommend you to keep your gloves on since the handlegrips don’t heat too much. You can adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height and you can plug the electric starter to an outlet and press the button if you need to start the snow blower. The recoil starter will allow you to restart a warm engine and works as a backup starting method.

Since this snow blower is 30-inch width, you will need less time to clear a driveway when compared with smaller snow blowers such as the Husqvarna ST224.

The power steering can be adjusted to two levers that disengage the specific wheel, one to the left and one to the right. The left lever can be used to turn left and the right lever to turn right, and the snow blower can make a tight self-propelled turn.

The friction disc transmission and the speed lever feature six forward speeds, but would rather use the lower speeds in most cases. The first forward speed is already too fast indeed, but the reverse speed is quite slow, so keep that in mind.

Some users have reported problems with the belt drive system of the auger since it falls off or is shredded to pieces, so you should keep that in mind and replace the belt after minimal use.

Adjustable Glider Feet

This features is great because you will be able to adjust the gap between the ground and the shroud so you can avoid obstacles and potential damages to the snow thrower, and the shoes will glide across the ground while the machine scoops up the snow and tosses it away.

However, this system is not perfect and some small rocks and gravel can get scraped, leaving a layer of unwanted snow, so keep in mind the type of material under the snow when you want to adjust the glider feet.


The snow blowers need some maintenance just like any other machine, so you will have to take some time to repair, clean and check it status. However, the good news are that you won’t have to replace the filters after every use.

If you have a gas-powered model, you will have to check the oil and gas before using it and change de spark plug once every season along with the air filter.

You must also check the pressure of the tires, inspect the shoes and the shear bolts and the pins frequently, but the frequency of these operations is up to you.

Another important consideration is how far the snow can be tossed away from the clearing area, since you want the snow to be shot into the right area so it doesn’t topple onto the driveway.

And here’s another lovely benefit from this snow blower: this powerful model can eat up the snow and toss it where you need it to go.

However, you should take care of the place where you want the snow to be thrown to since this model can toss it to your neighbor’s yard or hit your own house with the snow and can potentially break windows, so we recommend you to choose the direction wisely.

Power Steering

Like father, like son. The power steering is very powerful to move this huge monster anywhere you want it to go and makes much easier to steer the machine exactly where you need to go, so in spite of the size of this snow blower, it comes out to be really maneuverable


This 30-inch model is too big for small tasks so you should buy it only if you have a large driveway or entrance road.

Moreover, the biggest problem of this (and other Husqvarna models) is the tendency to destroy belts, so you will have to replace the auger drive belt once in a while and buy extra belts always.

However, the ST230 P is a powerful machine that can be used even in snow storms and can be useful in northern areas, and its size can help you to complete the tasks quickly.

It has some convenience features such as the LED lights that will help you to see during snow storms, the heated handlebars that will keep your hands warm while you use the machine during the cold winter.

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