This guide will give you some ideas for fun games to play with your family and friends. These are perfect for holidays, summer camps, or school breaks! Hopefully this will help make a great day even better.

Picnic games are a great way to spend time with family and friends. They can be old fashioned or even more modern, but no matter what, they are always fun!

A picnic in the open air, with pleasant weather and excellent people, is the ideal formula for any size gathering. At any big picnic gathering, games are a must-have. For big gatherings such as church groups, field days, workplace celebrations, and family reunions, we’ve compiled a list of 20 thrilling picnic games.

Our large-group picnic games will have your guests conversing, competing, and enjoying the day outside!


Sporting Events

1. The Giant Soccer Ball

Soccer is a fun picnic game to play while you wait for your meal. Instead of playing soccer as you normally would, give it a fun twist by using a gigantic soccer ball! The huge soccer ball will level the playing field for all players. Even the grown-ups will want to participate in the schoolyard fun!

Create two goals using cones or whatever you have on hand to put up your field. Soccer’s objective is to kick the ball past the opponent’s goal without deflecting it. During play, no hands are permitted to come into touch with the ball.

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Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate Frisbee) is a sport

A frisbee and something to indicate the endzones are the only items required for ultimate frisbee. Choose a large open field, roughly the size of a soccer field, and designate the endzones with cones or whatever you have on hand.

The frisbee is thrown by one team at the other end of the field. During play, the frisbee may be intercepted, caught, or deflected by the teams. The aim is to catch the frisbee in the endzone of your opponent at the other end of the field. More particular regulations may be found here.

Wiffle Ball is number three.

Wiffle ball is a sport similar to baseball but requires fewer equipment. A wiffle bat and ball are all that is required to play wiffle ball.

Wiffle ball’s official regulations specify that you are not allowed to run the bases. You may, however, modify the rules to fit your group’s requirements, such as include base running. If the location where you’re holding your picnic has a baseball field, you may play wiffle ball there. To build your own, follow the instructions in this article on how to construct a wiffle ball field.

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4. Playing kickball

Do you recall playing kickball during recess in elementary school? Kickball is a game that may be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Kickball is commonly played using a red rubber ball that is spherical in shape. You may also use a large kickball to prevent the ball from being kicked too far (pictured below).

You may play kickball on any softball or baseball field, or you can create your own boundaries and bases. To begin, split your group into two teams: one in the outfield and the other on the kickoff team. After each inning, the teams trade roles.

The number of innings or the amount of time you have will determine how long you keep your game. Maintain a level playing field by allowing each side the same number of opportunities to kick.

Kickball’s Basic Rules:

  • You’re out after three strikes!
  • The ball must be rolling while throwing and must not bounce more than twice before reaching home plate.
  • It counts as a strike if the thrown ball rolls past the strike zone without being properly booted.
  • Balls are any balls that do not cross the striking zone or bounce too many times.
  • The kicker is given a walk to first base after hitting four balls.
  • After the second strike, a foul ball counts as the third strike.
  • An out occurs when a fly ball is caught.

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5. Volleyball with water balloons

On a hot day, water balloon volleyball is a terrific picnic activity for big parties. Sheets or towels, a volleyball net, and water balloons are among the items needed. If you’re using sheets, divide the participants into groups of four to eight on each page. Beach towels may also be used for couples. On their side, each team might have many towel partners.

To play, at least one group on each side of the net is required. A water balloon will be placed in the middle of the serving side’s sheet or towel. The aim is to launch the balloon into the fair borders on the opposite side of the net by working together.

The opposing squad must safely capture and return an undamaged balloon to the other team. Continue volleying until the balloon bursts or is dropped. The opposite team receives a point if the balloon explodes on your side.


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These classic racing games are suitable for guests of all ages! Who do you think will be the first to reach the finish line?

6. Races with Potato Sacks

In this old-fashioned racing, you’ll find yourself chuckling. Huge burlap potato sacks or large bags purchased online may be used.

Set a starting point and an end point. “On your mark, go set, go!” says the narrator. The first person to reach the finish line in their bag wins! Turn it into a relay race to make it a team sport!


Burlap Potato Sacks (12 Pack), La Linen, 23″ x 40″

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  • To avoid wrinkles, we suggest rolling your potato sacks and keeping them in a dry, cold location.
  • 12 burlap sacks are included in the order.

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7. Race of the Four-Legged

A four-legged race is more than just a three-legged race. By connecting your group together in a four-legged race, you may make them closer and more comfortable. Four athletes will be linked at the ankles and will have to work together to reach the finish line. Who can stay on their feet while coordinating with their team?


4 Legged Race Bands Outdoor Game for Kids and Adults Birthday Team Party Games with Carry Bag by crayfomo (Red, 4 People)

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  • HIGH QUALITY – High-quality nylon and Velcro tape are used, which are tough and durable and can endure for many uses. This game may increase sports enthusiasm and make people happy.
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  • Game play methods: Every team has 4 members and each member fasten the hoop&loop around the left foot and all 4 members left foot are banded on one band walker. So do the right foot. Then 4 people cooperate with each other and run. Which team first arrives the finishing line wins.

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8. Compete in the Mat Race

Have you ever been enthralled by a hamster on a wheel? This run mat race will offer you a taste of how much fun a hamster wheel can be. As the mat spins beneath feet and over heads, work with your team to move it from the start to the finish line.



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Chariot Race No. 9

The chariot race dates back to the Roman Empire and is still played today in picnic games. The chariot race is contested in pairs. The first partner, also known as a charioteer, clutches the ankles of the second partner, also known as a charioteer, whose hands are on the ground.

The charioteer propels the chariot ahead as the charioteers walk forward with their hands. The team with the first charioteer and chariot to reach the finish line first wins! You may race as many chariots and riders as you like at the same time. It is customary to present the victors with some kind of reward.


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Games for Group Competition

Who doesn’t like some adept competition? These Games for Group Competition will have teams competing to be declared the champions.

Tug-of-War is number ten.

The traditional tug-of-war game is still as much fun as you remember! A long rope with a flag or ribbon wrapped around the middle is all you need. Make two intersecting lines that are approximately 4-6 feet apart.

Begin by putting the flagged end of the rope in the middle of the crossing lines. On their team’s side, all players should seize the rope. To ensure a long-lasting game, make sure the sides are evenly matched in strength.

Both teams pull in their respective directions on the count of three. The objective is to have the flag cross the line that is nearest to them.

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Capture the Flag (#11)

Tag and hide and seek are combined in capture the flag. It will put a player’s problem-solving abilities, endurance, strategic skills, and agility to the test. It is played with two to four teams. Your group should be split equally between the two teams.

Make a line along the center of the field to designate a territory for each team. Including playgrounds or forested areas in the regions increases the game’s difficulty. In their own zone, each side is assigned a flag to guard.

The object of the game is to grab the flag of the other side and return it safely to your own zone without being tagged.

You may be tagged and sent to “prison” if you cross into an enemy team’s area. The word “jail” is generally seen near the flag.

A teammate must safely reach the prison and tag you in order for you to be released. Both are given a “safe” stroll back to their starting point. More specific capture the flag regulations may be found on this page.


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  • PLAYING Outdoors AT NIGHT WITH BRIGHT LIGHTS IS AN EXCITING NIGHT TIME ACTIVITY: Set away your phones, iPads, and laptops and go outside at night with bright lights. Running, hiding, and chasing one other to win becomes part of the enjoyment.
  • PLAY IN BACKYARDS, PARKS & SCHOOLS: this group game is ideal for families or to play in schools (inside a gym with the lights off), youth organizations, sleepaway camps, summer camps, family reunions, sports teams and more
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: for kids, grandparents, and families; a fun alternative to laser tag, flashlight tag, light-up LED balls, lawn games, board games, foam bows, and other similar activities.

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Kan Jam is 12 years old.

Kan Jam is a fun and engaging game that is ideal for every occasion. You may buy a Kan Jam kit online, or you can create your own Kan Jam bucket using any frisbee.

You may play many Kan Jam games at once or build bracket contests for huge groups. It’s just as much fun to watch as it is to play this game! Here’s a video showing the rules in action:


13. Werewolves and Wizards

Tired of playing the same games over and again? Glow-in-the-dark Wizards and Werewolves can keep your large-group picnic activities going long after dark.

This game combines aspects like hide and seek, tag, and scavenger hunts into a role-playing game. This game is for you if you’ve ever been interested in LARP (live-action role play).

The wizards must locate glowing gems and defeat the alpha werewolf in order to win the game. The werewolves guard the alpha, conceal the crystals, and infect wizards.

The game offers many degrees of difficulty, making it a fun game for both youngsters and adults to play together. You can play with small or big groups thanks to game modifications.

In this brilliant action-packed game, will you hide, hunt, scream, or run?


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Scavenger Hunt (No. 14)

A scavenger hunt is a great way to go outside and explore nature. Pre-made versions are available for purchase, or you may create your own.

Make a list of the objects that each team must locate during the picnic. A flower, a hat-wearing person, an oak tree, a four-leaf clover, or a bird’s nest are some examples.

Teams may mark off things on a checklist that they have located. To add to the evidence, have teams snap pictures of each item on the list using their phones. The first team to return with a list of all the objects discovered wins!


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Reverse Charades is a fun game to play.

Since the 18th century, charades, or mystery games, have been popular. Reverse charades takes the traditional game and transforms it into a fun addition to our large-group picnic activities.

It is switched from having one individual get the team to guess the answer to having the team guess the solution. The whole team works together to get one individual to predict as many right phrases as possible within the time limit. Each properly guessed word or phrase earns the team one point.

We suggest playing a reverse charades game in which all of the concepts are written on cards for you. Prepare to capture some amusing team moments with your camera!

There were no items found.

Giant Twister (number 16)

Get twisted up in a twister game. This massive outdoor Tangled game is a fantastic take on the classic Twister game. You may arrange the parts as close together or as far away as you choose. You may also customize the color arrangement on the board.

Simply spin the spinner and leap onto the game board! The winner is the last one remaining!

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Games that do not need the use of any equipment

With these activities in your back pocket, you can go right to the picnic! With these game ideas, you won’t have to bother about loading equipment or setting anything up.

17. Elves, Giants, and Wizards

The conventional game of paper, rock, scissors is transformed into an exciting picnic game for big parties by giants, wizards, and elves. Divide your party into two teams to begin. Arrange the teams in two parallel lines facing each other. Each team will choose whether to be giants, wizards, or elves in secret. Each team makes the sign associated with their character on the count of three.

  • Giants: Raise their hands over their heads, stand on tiptoes, and shout “Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Wizards should crouch slightly, extend their arms straight out, and twitch their fingers as if performing a spell before saying “Shazam!”
  • Squat down, cup their hands about their ears, and yell “Eeeee!”

The winner is determined by the following rules. The Elves are defeated by Giants because they can step on them. The Wizards are outwitted by the Elves. The Giants were defeated by a spell performed by the Wizards. Following that, the victorious team pursues the losing team to a “safe” line. Anyone who gets tagged before crossing the finish line is now on the opposing side. The game may go on until one team’s whole roster has been taken.

Sardines, no. 18

Sardines is the polar opposite of Hide and Seek. Rather than everyone hiding and one person searching, one person conceals while the rest of the group searches. When someone locates him, they join him and hide in the same location. The game goes on until everyone has figured out who is “it.” For the following round, the last person to locate the hiding group is “it.”

Piggy is looking for a signal.

Piggy Wants a Signal is a fun game to play when you have a lot of hiding spots around an open space. In the open space, the person who is “it,” or the wolf, draws a circle. The wolf then counts to 10 aloud. The piggies, or the remainder of the gang, flee and hide.

After counting to 10, the wolf starts looking for the pigs. “1, 2, 3 on (name of piggy) by the (where the pig is seen),” he simply has to spot the pig and yell. The pig is trapped and must stand in the circle if the wolf has properly identified the pig.

“Piggy needs a signal!” exclaims the pig in the circle. Waving their hands or arms in front of the pig in the circle, another pig provides a signal. When the wolf isn’t looking, they may slip out of the circle and hide again.

The game is ended when a pig is captured three times, and they are “it” for the following round. The wolf wins and the game is done if all of the pigs are captured.


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I’ve never done anything like this before.

This game is available in a variety of formats, including board game sets with pre-made questions. You may, however, simply generate your own queries. In certain versions, you may just raise your fingers and then lower them after you’ve completed your task. For picnic games with big parties, however, we recommend the lively version.

To begin, gather your audience in a circle. One person will stand in the center and declare, “Never have I ever…” followed by something they have never done. “I’ve never fractured a bone,” for example.

Anyone who has done so in the circle must get up and swap places with anyone person who gets up. In the meanwhile, the individual in the center attempts to take one of the empty seats. Everyone who has fractured a bone, in our case, would get up and transfer seats.

The individual who is left standing without a seat must think up a new “Never have I ever…” remark. There is no winner in this game, but everyone will have a fantastic time and get to know each other better!



Classic Edition, Never Have I Ever Party Card Game, Ages 17 and Up

  • “Why did I DO that?” you may wonder. You have, of course! Have you ever wished you might be rewarded for your most irrational decisions? Now’s your opportunity to shine! Never Have I Ever is the best party game for sharing stories about your wacky life with your buddies. Simply deal the cards, answer the questions, and laugh at your buddies who are just as amusing as you!
  • Never Have I Ever is the best way to find amusing truths about individuals you thought you knew out of all the card games, board games, and party games out there. It’s quick, entertaining, and ideal for your next game night.
  • Stick to the basic principles and you’ll be rewarded for making some of the worst judgments you’ve ever made. What could be better than that?!
  • Hundreds of cards have been particularly crafted for a great fun night and are included inside one box. Just keep in mind that the more you’ve done and the more you admit, the better. So leave your embarrassment at the door and have a good time!
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Game on!

With these 20 thrilling picnic games for big groups, your next picnic is guaranteed to be a success. With sports, races, competitions, and no-equipment activities, we offer something for everyone. Water balloon volleyball, tug-of-war, and “Never Have I Ever” are a few of our favorites. Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our list of 33 Outdoor Games for Large Groups.

With these enjoyable activities, you can have a stress-free picnic day with friends, family, and church groups! Head to the park with your checkered blankets and picnic baskets! Your visitors will want you to play these big group picnic games again!

Picnic Games for Large Groups: 20 Awesome Ideas! is a blog that has 20 ideas on how to plan and organize an outdoor picnic. Reference: indoor picnic games for adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games do people play at picnics?

A: People play games like cornhole and tetherball at picnics.

What do you do in a group picnic?

A: A group picnic is generally a gathering of individuals and the entire group will have lunch or dinner together.

What games can you play with a large group?

A: You can play games like Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox with a large group.

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