This manufacturer provides reliable power equipment for outdoor use since seven decades ago in factories across the south. Poulan Pro has been now working toward innovation in design and convenience, and are constantly providing new models for commercial use from mowers and hedge trimmers to chainsaws of the best quality, including snow blowers that can assist in clearing things up during winter.

Now let’s talk about its origins. Poulan Pro started as a manufacturer of two-man chainsaws and was founded by Claude Poulan, and was known as the Pulan Saw Company by then. It built a reputation in its hometown in Shreverport, Louisiana and innovated in the market with a series of fast and powerful one-man chainsaws and then became very popular in the logging community.



Snow blowers come in three types- single, dual and three-stage throwers, being the last type a commercial product that Is far more expensive.


This basic model is ideal for the average homeowner. It’s great for small driveways and clear your pavement, including porches decks and sidewalks, and they are meant for the lighter snow that typically falls in areas where winters aren’t so harsh.

This model has one auger which spins to break up the snow and then sucks the comped snow into a single impeller and throws it out of a chute at around 30 feet from where it started, sending snow to areas that don’t affect your travel.

Moreover, it’s gas fueled and it has a lightweight and compact design so it can be stored in a garage or shed without difficulty. They come in various mouth sizes and clearance depths so you can pick the best size for you.


This models are usually more powerful than the single stage counterparts, however, they are also heavier and larger so they have a self-propulsion benefit to compensate that. They are best suited for a large space to clear such as a wide driveway covered with wet snow and ice, so it’s ideal for homeowners who live in areas with harsh winters.

This model features two augers to make chunks of snow and break the ice as well, and then send the busted up snow and ice through and impeller and chute, but they can’t throw the snow to long distances since wet snow and ice are heavier than the light snow single stage snow blowers are designed to deal with.

Since heavy snow falls are very common in several regions of the country, this type is ideal to deal with the wet snow and will help you to clean it up easily and quickly, even out of the cities where long gravel driveways and large plots of lands are common. The Pulan Pro PR300 30- inch 254 cc Two-Stage Electric Start with Poer Seering Snow Blower is the right choice for you.

It features a 30-inch mouth that reduces your trips up and down the driveway and console mounted controls for chute rotation and deflection, and it’s easy to use thanks to its power steering and self-propulsion. Moreover, the electric start feature is designed to be very efficient and start the snow blower in one try.

The power steering and 16 inch- deep tread tires makes this machine very easy to maneuver, and in spite of its weight, it’s really fast and will clean your way efficiently.

Poulan Pro Electric Start Single Stage Snow Thrower


  • Works well in any snow
  • Includes electric start
  • Self-propelling
  • Extremely powerful


  • Very heavy


While the need to save may override your sense of adventure, others feel like going all the way, and they’re ready to get the beastly equipment that makes life a breeze. The great thing about this model is that it can work for anyone.

  • Type: Gas
  • Electric start: Yes
  • Self-propelling: 6 forward speeds; 1 reverse speed
  • Width clearance: 30 inches
  • Depth clearance: 23 inches
  • Weight: 270 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years product, 4 years engine

The Poulan PRO PR300 is ideal for large, paved and gravel areas offering 30-inch clearing with 21-inch wide intake height, and it uses a two-step process to clear snow. It’s equipped with a powerful 254cc Poulan Pro OVH engine with a fuel capacity of 2.7 Liters designed to withstand harsh winter condition and deliver 12.5 foot-pounds of torque which is enough power to clear heavy snow falls with ease.

It’s gas powered and also features clear lens headlights to maximize your visibility of engine and pathway, especially in the night. It also comes with an advanced ribbon auger for the improved mixing of snow and air to make the snow easier to handle and reduce clearing time. On top of this, it features a friction disc transmission to lessen the risk of damage and provides improved power steering with four positions adjustable handle height and features a 180-degree remote chute rotation with the help of a remote deflector.

It’s equipped with plastic skid shoes for smother operation and less damage on delicate grounds. Thanks to its fuel capacity (2.7 Liters) you will get six forward and one reverse speed. Starting the engine is very easy with the electric start button, so you will just have to plug it in, push the button and that’s it, and you will be able to direct the snow where you want thanks to the console mounted chute at the top.

Specifications of Poulan PRO PR300

  • Equipped with 254cc 2.7 Liter fuel capacity engine
  • 180-degree remote chute rotation
  • Six forward and one reverse speed
  • Works on two-step cleaning process
  • 30-inch clearing width & 23-inch wide intake height
  • Four positions adjustable handle
  • Advanced ribbon auger
  • Equipped with plastic skid shoes

So, if you are looking to buy a good snow blower with wide clearing width and good intake height, then the Poulan PRO PR300 is the best choice.

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