Some homeowners are turning their fire pits into stone, brick or concrete bases. This allows them to put the fire pit on a raised bed of grass or gravel that will better protect the ground next to it from eroding away because of water and heat. Whether you have one under your patio, in your garden or inside your home, this is an important safety concern for anyone who wants peace-of-mind while they’re enjoying their outdoor space with friends.

A fire pit mat is a great way to protect your grass from getting burned up by the fire. They are also easy to clean and can be used for other purposes like picnics, barbecues, or just sitting around.

While we all want our lawns to remain green and well-kept, a number of factors and occurrences will stymie our plans. A portable fire pit in your backyard on the lawn is a fast and simple method to scorch the grass due to heat stress. Unless you have a purpose-built outdoor firepit that has been carefully put up in its location, your fire may be best placed on the grass. A no-burn zone must be established under and around your fire pit.

It’s important to think about what to place beneath a fire pit on grass. If your fire pit is positioned directly on the grass, the tremendous heat created by the fire pit might harm the floor surface underneath it. To avoid burning the grass under your fire pit, take precautions to safeguard surfaces by isolating them from direct heat contact with a protective heat resistant barrier.


On Grass, the Best Fire Pits

Consider the numerous different varieties of fire pits available that are elevated and adjustable to smaller backyards whether you’re in the market for a new fire pit or simply thinking about buying one. It’s worth looking around to locate one that’s just right for your lawn area so you can enjoy your fire outside. It is critical to choose a strong stand. Steel-coated supports that have been powder-coated can withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees.

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the On Grass, the Best Fire Pits!

KINGSO Fire Pit No. 1

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The KINGSO Fire Pit Bowl has almost 6,000 excellent ratings and is safer and simpler to handle than standard outdoor fire pits. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, because it sits on four robust legs, away from the ground and fire bowl. A spark guard is included to keep the flames confined.

What We Enjoy:

  • There have been over 6,000 good reviews.
  • Affordable
  • The fire bowl sits on a raised platform above the ground.
  • The fire bowl is supported by four metal legs.
  • A spark guard is included.

2. Fire Pit with Big Sky Stars and Moons by Landmann

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This fire pit for use on the grass is also elevated and is made with sturdy steel material. It A spark guard is included. to protect you and your grass from the fire and this set also include a cooking grate for the nights when you want a fire-cooked meal.

What We Enjoy:

  • Steel construction
  • Fire pit on a higher level
  • A spark guard is included.
  • Design is adorable.
  • Handle with a full circle and a safety ring
  • It includes a cooking grate.

3. Sunnydaze Outdoor Crossweave Fire Pit – 36 Inch Large Firepit



Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Large Outdoor Fire Pit – 36-Inch Heavy-Duty Wood-Burning Fire Pit with Spark Screen for Patio & Backyard Bonfires – Includes Poker & Round Fire Pit Cover

  • Ideal for big gatherings: This enormous fire pit is perfect for gathering friends and family for a backyard or patio campfire. The diameter of this fire pit is 36 inches (with a 31-inch inner diameter), the height is 24 inches, and the depth is 11 inches. Without the spark screen, this crossweave fire pit is 16 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds.
  • Rust-resistant and heavy-duty design: This heavy-duty fire pit is built of 1.7 millimeter gauge steel. This fire pit is finished in black high-temperature paint for long-lasting quality and corrosion resistance. This fireplace can be moved about thanks to its movable feature. This fire pit has a stylish crossweave design that goes with any outdoor décor.
  • The whole collection includes the following items: The black crossweave fire pit set comes with a metal spark screen for increased protection from flying sparks, a weather-resistant spherical cover, a built-in wood-burning grate for greater air flow, and a poker tool for easy flame management.
  • Quick and simple installation enables this 36-inch fire pit to be put together in no time. Simply connect the three legs and the outer rim, and you’re ready to make warm memories in the backyard or when camping.
  • Purchase with confidence: Sunnydaze Decor offers a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all of its items.

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This huge fire pit has a lovely cross-weave pattern with a Wood grate built-in for better air circulation and a hotter, longer-burning fire. This is a comprehensive set at an inexpensive price that includes a fire poker, a spark guard for added safety surrounding the fire, and a weather cover to keep your fire pit protected when not in use.

Due to the unique woven design, the sides of this Fire pit on a higher level are more open than the other two options reviewed above. When placing this fire pit on grass, ensure you have a fire pit mat or sand underneath the fire pit to protect your lawn.

What We Enjoy:

  • Stunning cross-weave pattern
  • A spark guard is included.
  • Excellent for big yards.
  • Rust-resistant and heavy-duty design
  • It has a fire poker and a weather cover.
  • Wood grate built-in

Safety Suggestions

Find out whether your town permits open flames and, if so, what the restrictions are for the minimum distance from buildings and other objects before you set up your firepit and campfire accessories. If you have the option of choosing between a wood or gas fire, bear in mind that wood produces greater heat. Consult your insurance agent to see whether your fire pit has to be declared on your homeowner’s policy.

Make sure you have a hose or a fire extinguisher handy since fire safety is paramount. The greatest fire extinguisher is one that can be used for several purposes. It can put out flames made of wood, paper, plastic, rubbish, fuel, oil, or electrical equipment. Maintain control over your blazing fire by keeping it to a moderate size. Rake off any rubbish or dead grass that might catch fire if an ember escapes, reducing the amount of fuel available for any fire.

Avoid using lighter fluid or other fuels that produce smoldering fires. It’s preferable if the wood burns organically and gently, forming hot coals at the base. There are a variety of alternative fire starters on the market. You might use an electric fire starter to quickly and effectively ignite your charcoal. This flameless and environmentally safe fire starter allows you to better manage the flames in your fire bowl.

What to Put Under a Grass Fire Pit

There are a variety of reasons to place anything beneath a grass-fire pit, with one of the most important being the safety of persons who will be around the fire pit and the blazing fire.

Fill the bottom of the fire pit with sand. Sand will function as an insulator, allowing the heat to be distributed more evenly. Another alternative is to fill the bottom of your fire pit with lava rocks. These obsidian-based rocks, which were formed by lava, are very heat-resistant. Wet the grass around the fire pit. Once the flames have been formed, place a spark screen on top of the fire pit. This enables you to watch and enjoy the fire while also catching the sparks and preventing them from flying into the air and burning the grass.

Above all, avoid putting inappropriate items beneath your portable fire pits, such as wood or a picnic blanket, since they might become the fuel for the fire on your lawn, which you are attempting to preserve.

Protecting Your Artificial Grass in General

Concerns about the environment, drought, the enhanced appearance and feel of synthetic grass, pet friendliness, and the lack of upkeep needed have all contributed to an increase in the use of artificial grass in backyards. On the artificial grass area, you may still use your campfire, but you must take some measures. The majority of synthetic grass is created from high-quality synthetic fibers that are non-toxic and non-flammable. This grass will not burn or catch fire. Artificial blades will melt in the presence of an open fire or intense heat. The grass melts, forming a barrier that keeps the fire from spreading.

While it’s great to know that your fake grass isn’t flammable, keep in mind that a spark, ember, or hot meal might melt the grass in that location. Place your fire pit away from the artificial grass. Make an island patio space next to or inside the grass area. Natural stone, Pavers made of bricks, or any non-flammable material that mixes in with the surrounding environment might be used. Make your island big enough to accommodate the fire pit as well as some comfy sitting.

Before you plan any activity that might expose your fake grass to open flames, be sure to speak with artificial grass safety specialists.

Surfaces that are resistant to heat

Pavers made of bricks

One way of protecting your grass from the heat of the firepit is by raising the pit onto a platform of bricks pavers. These will create some extra distance, and they will act as a heat shield. The platform provides a very flat and stable area to place the fire pit on. The Pavers made of bricks should create an area slightly larger than the fire pit. If you place pavers in a grid formation under the firepit, they can provide an inexpensive, but robust, temporary barrier between your fire pit bowl and your grass. Place the portable fire pit in the middle of the patio block platform.

Remember to remove the fire pit and the Pavers made of bricks afterward so they don’t suffocate the grass. If you or your guests smoke, make sure an ash-tray is on hand to put out cigarettes and dispose of cigarette butts safely.

Pads for Fire Pits

To ensure safety and protection as you burn your fire pit on the grass or your wood deck, consider using a protective fire mat or a deck protector. Protective fire mats are specifically designed for fire pits for ground use or as a deck protector. The fire pit mat will catch any hot drippings that may spill or splatter when cooking. They are made with heat resistant materials such as carbon fiber or volcanic rock fiber. Some are made of a combination of materials. Technology has increased the efficiency of design and protection offered. Some Pads for Fire Pits are made from the same material used in military aircraft to protect them from heat and fire.

It’s possible that the fire pit pad will have a reflective surface for further safety. A hand-crafted all-metal fire pad intended to defend against intense heat might be purchased for added elegance and durability. Multiple layers of metals with air space between them provide a natural insulating effect in these extremely protective pads. Rust-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum is utilized in the construction of these durable fire pit mats.

The material it is constructed of will influence how much protection your mat will provide for your lawn, as well as the price you will spend. When exposed to direct flame, the mat will not burn, melt, or allow heat to permeate. Place the fire pit cushion at least an inch away from the bottom of the fire pit bowl as an additional precaution to maintain durability and long-term use. These campfire mats come in a variety of sizes and forms to fit your firepit’s dimensions and budget. Others are round, while others are rectangular. The size of the mat is critical in relation to the size of your fire pit.



Protect Your Deck, Patio, Lawn, or Campsite from Popping Embers with the Original Ember Mat | 67″ x 60″ | USA Made | Fire Pit Mat | Grill Mat

  • The Ember Mat is intended to protect the surface surrounding your fire pit or grill from damage caused by exploding embers or dripping oil.
  • The Ember Mat’s food-grade silicone coating prevents irritation and fibers from getting into your meal in the case of a runaway hot dog.
  • 8 stainless steel edge grommets enable the mat to be fixed to the ground in windy situations. High fluorescent edging for visibility at night.
  • WARNING: Any falling or burning ember must be extinguished within 30 minutes after landing on the Ember Mat. When used with fire pits with fewer than 10-inches of airspace between the mat and the bottom of the fire pit, the Ember Mat will not prevent heat transmission to the ground surface. When burning on grass or heat-sensitive decking, always use a heat shield, such as pavers.
  • Meets all USFS & BLM fire blanket regulations – 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Heat Shields for Fire Pits

A fire pit heat shield is an alternative to a fire pit mat. A fire pit heat shield is simple to use, particularly because it does not need any assembly. Check the heat shield’s maximum heat capacity and make sure you stick to the specified heat capacity. A decent heat shield should be able to reflect more than 90% of the radiant heat. This indicates that the heat shield can endure continuous radiant heat of roughly 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and direct heat contact of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat shield for your campfire not only safeguards your grass or works as a deck protector, but it also helps your firepit perform more effectively by venting heat upwards and outwards.

A quarter-inch ceramic inner cushion is sandwiched between two heavy-duty foils to create these goods. The stainless steel mesh is then added around the edges.

Heat shields for fires are usually quite flexible and may be molded into any form. The stainless steel edges contribute to the flexibility of the product by increasing its movement. High-quality materials are used to construct fire heat shields. These shields might also be used as a heat barrier for the outdoor pit fire on your deck.

Optimal Procedure

Fire pits are fantastic for gathering friends and family, but they must be used with caution. Consider the following concerns when deciding whether or not to put a fire pit in your green garden or on your patio:

  • Do not construct a fire pit without first obtaining permission from the local government.
  • When selecting a fire pit size, keep accessibility in mind.
  • Place the fire pit on a level, sturdy platform in a well-lit location.
  • Place your fire pit at least 10 feet away from your home, trees, and anything combustible on a flat stone, concrete, or brick surface.
  • Consider how you’ll safeguard the grass if you pick a grass surface for your fire pit.
  • Find a good deck protector if you want a wooden deck for your fire pit.
  • When deciding on a fuel type, keep in mind the fuel supply equipment and pollutants.
  • Invest in fire safety equipment to safeguard yourself and your property.

With these Safety Suggestions, you and your family can have peace of mind when using your fire pit on a chilly day!

Last Thoughts

If you don’t take the right measures while building a fire pit on the grass, there are several problems. If you’re not cautious, a single spark on a dry grass lawn may quickly engulf the whole yard in flames. You may avoid a tragedy and preserve your grass from being burnt by the tremendous heat of the flames by using the proper materials in and below your fire pit.

Protecting your grass from flames, heat, and scorching may be as simple as using firepit mats, heat shields, or installing your fire pit on top of pavers in your yard. By filling the bottom of your fire pit with sand or lava rocks, you may assist the heat spread more evenly, away from the grass and toward the fire pit’s edges. Remember to moisten the grass just under and around the fire pit as an added safety precaution.

We hope our guide helped you to understand What to Put Under a Grass Fire Pit for the best and safest results!

“How to make a fire pit on grass” is the question that was asked. The answer, which can be found in the article “What to Put Under a Fire Pit on Grass for Safety and Design 2022,” tells you what to put under your fire pit so that it doesn’t kill your lawn. Reference: how to make a fire pit on grass.

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