One of the most popular DIY projects for homeowners is building a fence. It can be used to create privacy or protection around your yard, and it’s fairly easy to make yourself with only some wood, metal lattice panels, and hinges.

The “decorative wooden gates for outdoors” is a perfect idea for homeowners who want to make their property look unique and different. The fence gate ideas are also versatile, so you can use them in several places around your yard.

A gate may enhance the appearance of your home or property while also providing seclusion and security. Here are 29 fence gate ideas to help you design a one-of-a-kind gate that will stand out from the crowd.

When constructing your own gate, pay special attention to the supports, posts, gate hinges, and the direction in which you want the gate to open.

First-time gate builders seem to have a nearly 50% probability of installing part of the gate backward, so be sure to pay close attention to this detail.

To be a part of the design process, you don’t have to create your own gate. The material, stain, color, and design embellishments are all things that may make a gate stand out. Color is a terrific way to personalize the appearance of your gate. Different colors may also influence your emotions. Fancy locks and hinges are another fantastic method to give your gate a new appearance.

A new or updated fence and gate will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but it will also increase home security. Your gate adds another impediment to entrance. It’s also an excellent method to set limits for children, dogs, cats, and other pets. Whatever your purpose for constructing a new gate, maybe these ideas will serve as motivation.

There are several possibilities for incorporating a new fence gate into your outdoor area’s overall design. Many of our favorite alternatives will be discussed in this post. However, it is ultimately a matter of personal choice. So take some time to figure out what you want and how to select the ideal gate for you.

Continue reading to learn more about our picks for 29 fence gate designs that can inspire you.


Picket Fence Gates in the Old Fashioned Style

Shrubs Surround a White Picket Gate


This classic white picket fence gate transports us to the English countryside or maybe to Grandma’s home. A white picket fence shouts “home” like nothing else. With white pickets, cross boards, and a few of decorative posts, you can easily replicate this look. The bushes are just decorative. A white picket fence is about as old as it gets when it comes to a classic/nostalgic aesthetic.

Brown Picket Gate with Arched Pickets


Another white picket gate may be seen here. The pickets have been clipped into an arch form, and the supports are in a z pattern. It comes with a beautiful looped gate handle. Brown poles support the structure, which is surrounded by an intriguing brown wood fence design. This simply proves that any gate and fence can be utilized to create a unique yard entry. In fact, having your gate stand out from your fence might be the ideal approach to give your outdoor area a personal touch!

Gate with an Archway


A lovely elegant white wood entrance may be seen here. With a u-shaped curving top, x supports, and straight pickets, the gate is rather straightforward. Then it’s joined to a pergola-shaped frame with arched posts. The lattice design on the fence is square. To top it off, the white gate and fence are flanked by vibrant flowers and vines. Although it is a little difficult to construct, it has a timeless beauty, and the gate attracts attention.

Gates for Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Railed Gate in White


Vinyl fences have gone a long way since their inception. These fences are resistant to the sun and weather, and may be revived with a simple spray of the home. They stay far longer and look just as good as or better than typical wood fences. This is a simple up and down picket in a railed frame construction.

If you want something that can withstand the weather while maintaining a traditional aesthetic, a vinyl gate is a perfect option. This kind of fence gate may be more expensive, but it will endure far longer, making it a wise investment.

Vinyl Gate with Double White Pickets


Here’s a more upscale vinyl alternative. On a z-patterned support frame, this is a double gate with up and down pickets. The clasp and handle are both huge and ornamental. The articles are lengthy and in-depth. In this lovely flower-filled yard and garden, they truly make the fence pop. If you want a vintage aesthetic with all the advantages of vinyl, this is a wonderful choice.

Vinyl Privacy Gate


This vinyl gate and fence creates a privacy barrier by using touching slats between the frame and posts. This is a great way to hide unsightly utility locations or keep pets contained. The contrast between the white fence and the black hinges and latch makes the fence stand out and looks wonderful in a well-kept yard. If you’re having trouble coming up with privacy fence gate ideas, this vinyl alternative could be the answer.

Gates for Wooden Fences

Gate made of wood poles


This gate is built of natural poles and branches and has a rustic appearance. The z-shaped supports are also made of natural poles. It features a staggered top and metal hinges. The gate is surrounded by a piled stone fence, giving it a rustic fairytale appearance. This simply goes to show that you can make a fence out of anything you have on hand. This is a low-cost DIY project, and the simpler materials may sometimes make a fence gate appear even more attractive.

Gate made of solid wood


This is a beautiful Gate made of solid wood. The rectangular frame forms a point at the top creating a unique twist on the typical arched fence gate. The posts are sturdy, and it really offsets the old natural wood pickets in the fence. This gate style can be finished with a built-in sliding wood latch or a fancy brass or metal latch.

Gate to a Vintage Fence


Finding a gate like this at a thrift store or antique shop would be fantastic. With a stylized wood design and metal bars, this is a vintage saloon door swinging-gate. Chipped paint, rusted hinges, and vestiges of earlier hues only add to its charm and character. If you are an accomplished carpenter, you could surely recreate this design, but sometimes age lends a gate a charm that is tough to duplicate.

Wooden Slatted Gate


The simple design of the Wooden Slatted Gate not only makes building it easy, but it is strong and durable. Create a wooden frame, then add slats with a top and bottom support board. Mount it to fence boards and add a nice matching black latch and hinges. The stone pillars only add to the strong appearance of this gate and fence.

Metal Supports for a Decorative Wood Gate


This is a one-of-a-kind and useful design. It’s a robust privacy fence with thick timber planks and black metal supports and frames, for starters. If you look closely, you’ll see that the slats are staggered in width and that there’s a little design feature carved into the top. On top of the pointed arch is a white board.

This is an illustration of how a tiny modification in overall design may make a tremendous effect. There are a variety of tiny changes you can make to your fence boards that will make a visible difference in the overall product.

Backyard Gate for Privacy


This is a strong wooden privacy gate and fence with a rectangular frame constructed of wooden pickets. It features a basic cross support as well as an additional diagonal support. Simple silver hinges and a looped lock complete the look. This will prevent prying eyes, wandering individuals, and your dog from fleeing from your yard or garden!

Pergola Framed Arched Gate


This is a beautiful wooden slatted arched gate. The design is set off by the fact that it is framed in a sophisticated pergola frame with ornamental beams on top. With its offset heights and rock accents, the fence is a stained lattice fence that contributes to the overall aesthetic of the landscape design. The right frame may sometimes bring attention to your gate in a subtle manner.

Wooden Gate with Elegance


A massive double gate built of several materials, including painted brown wood and iron accents, is seen here. This regal gate opens inside brick pillars, giving it the appearance of being impenetrable. Trespassers will think twice before passing through this gate. If you have a huge fence and require a large gate opening, this design can be a good fit.

This gate is a bold decision, but sometimes you want to make a statement with your design choices. These big gates are often used as Gate for the Driveways, perimeter fence gates, or privacy gates.

Gate made of natural logs


This is a one-of-a-kind design that would look great in a mountain house, lake house, or ranch. This gate is built of slats and logs of natural wood. The arch and supports are built of big logs, and the hinges have ornate embellishments as well. This gate may be an option if you want to live in a log cabin.

Gate for the Driveway


This gate style is suitable for a driveway or a huge fence entrance. A wooden frame is intertwined with smaller pieces of wood to create an exquisite checkered pattern on the double fence. This gate is secured with a wrap-around chain and padlock, but it might be dressed up with a beautiful latch. Simply attach a latch with screws, and your gate will suddenly look better.

Gate made of bamboo

Bamboo is an excellent material for gate construction, and it also offers the distinctive, tropical beauty that you may be seeking. Bamboo is a highly sturdy material, so your gate will be safe and durable. Because the bamboo is sturdy and thick, it may also be used as a privacy gate. Most people are drawn to bamboo because of its unusual appearance, but it is also a highly functional material. Just make sure your winters aren’t too severe, since bamboo may be damaged by extreme cold.

Ivy Gate

Climbing plants and vines thrive on the surface of a wooden gate. Vines that climb your fence, gate, or both will add even more nature to your outdoor environment. There are many different varieties of ivy and vines to select from, so do some study and choose one that best suits your garden’s aesthetic and environment.

Wicket Gate is a place in Wicket, England,

A Wicket Gate is a place in Wicket, England, is a handy door that is built into a larger gate. It can be built into abigger gate, such as a Gate for the Driveway, and allow a person to access the door without going through the trouble of opening the entire gate. It requires an extra bit of craftsmanship, but if you find yourselfcoming and going a lot, it can save you a major pain. Be sure to take your time and have this built properly, as a Wicket Gate is a place in Wicket, England, that doesn’t function as intended can be a major headache over time.

Moon Gate

Perhaps the most unusual gate on our list! A moon gate is generally built of stone or other materials, although it may also be made of wood. A moon gate isn’t really a gate by conventional criteria, but it can be just what you’re searching for.

A moon gate is a circular entranceway to a yard, garden, courtyard, or other area. While it isn’t technically a “gate” since it isn’t in the way of anybody, it still functions as an entrance and is a wonderful method to plainly indicate an entrance. Look no farther than the moon gate if you’re seeking for the most daring choice on our list.

Gates for Farm Fences

Farm Gate Made of Logs


A Gate for the Driveway is a necessity out in rural areas. Here is an example of a large Gate for the Driveway made from natural logs put in an a-frame with slats going across it. This would be a great addition to any farm or cabin area, and it’s really set off by the large log gate posts. This gate is great because the materials are accessible, it is easy to make, and it can cover a large area. It has that rustic look without all the extra effort.

Farm Fence Gate with Wooden Slats


Another farm fence gate built of wooden slats may be seen here. With a rectangular frame and vertical slats, it is a straightforward design. The a-frame appearance is created by diagonal support slats. It has metal hinges and a metal lock and is mounted on solid support columns. This is a simple and practical gate design. Snow isn’t required.

Once again, a fantastic fence gate design that is simple to construct and covers a large area. It’s the perfect complement for the sort of fence that efficiently covers a vast outdoor region.

Square Gate with a Simple Design


Here is a Square Gate with a Simple Design made from a square frame with diagonal supports. This double gate is mounted on a post on each side. This simple design would look great on any ranch, horse corral, or your backyard. Even without the sunset this gate is a beauty. This is another gate design that is function over form. A simple design, with affordable materials, to cover and enclose a large space. Perfect for the purpose that it serves.

Fence Gates in Various Colors

Beautiful Red Gate


The right design for this brilliant red gate is a rounded top and slats carved in rounded forms. Get your woodworking tools out and let your creative juices flow. Decorative gate designs that have been built and painted can make your gate stand out. The slats may be formed in whatever way you like, so use your creativity. This is the ideal place to include your own preferences and create something unique.

Gate with Blue Pickets


If intricate carpentry isn’t your style, a splash of color may still give your yard and gate a distinctive flair. With a coat of blue paint, this basic picket gate truly pops. Paint can make an old home appear new again, and it may also give your old or new gate a new lease of life. We like blue, but you may use whatever color you choose as long as it fits your fence!

Beach Gate with Purple Pickets


Bring the beach to you if you can’t go to the beach. A basic picket gate painted in a gorgeous purple, monogrammed with the home’s name, and embellished with a rope lock for that beach appeal is seen here. Colors and decorations may make your gate stand out and give it a personal touch. It may also assist new acquaintances in locating your home if you are planning a party.

Gate to the Green Ranch


Here’s a splash of color if you live in Ireland, or if you just want a nice wooden farm, ranch, or Gate for the Driveway. This one is set in a stone fence, but you can use this gate design with a simple wooden fence or let your imagination run wild. It’s a simple slatted frame with diagonal supports painted a rustic blue-green color. The fence is wide and ideal if you have animals or a big truck.

Texas Spirit Gate is located in Austin, Texas.


This is a terrific example of personalizing a gate to make it your own, whether you’re making a new iron fence gate or already have one that needs to be dressed up. This red, white, and blue lone star state gate shouts, “We live in Texas, and we love it!” This is an excellent illustration of how a little paint and creativity can make a big difference. Of course, if you’re not from Texas, you may paint this gate to symbolize any country you wish.

Gate to the Green Farmhouse


Green fields, green barns, and green gates conjure up images of the countryside and agricultural life. A fresh coat of green paint may give your old gate new life and add a touch of country to the city. A excellent illustration of this is this conventional slatted double gate with diagonal supports. A basic gate that is both practical and evocative of old agricultural memories.

Final Thoughts

We hope that some of the above fence gate ideas have given you some inspiration for designing a new gate that matches your unique lifestyle. A new fence and gate system may provide more privacy, security, and increased value.

It will come down to what you need a gate (and fence) for, as well as your own design preferences, as with any choice of this kind. A gate might be the ideal item to bring the design of your outdoor space together, whether you have a basic chain-link fence or a complex privacy fence.

Having a distinctive gate may help your property stand out and convey your unique individuality, regardless of whether you have a vast backyard, a little front yard, live in the city, or live in the country. Hopefully, these gate designs have sparked your interest in creating your own.

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